The Five Beliefs

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I want to tell you about a set of beliefs that I use myself and I’ve found great success with them. The beliefs I list below are things that I’ve told myself and they’ve become a real part of my world. At first, you might need to keep telling yourself them over and over in order to really feel them and believe … Read More

The P-Word And What Outcomes We Can Expect When Mastering The Business of Filmmaking

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When you start going down a path towards developing your filmmaking and your business, you’re going to want to focus a lot on your mindset. We’re not just talking positive thinking here. We’re going to look at focusing on overall self-development. You will come to rely on developing yourself as you carry on this journey. You’ll hit road-blocks and you’ll … Read More

How To Close Clients Using Great Communication

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I’ll be covering communication in this post and how it relates to business success. Communication is important for successfully delivering your message to potential clients, as well as talking with clients, vendors, etc. In fact, communication is so important in business that whole college courses have been devoted to it. We have plenty to cover, so let’s get going! YOUR … Read More

How To Find Your Voice, Your Market And Elevate Your Career In Filmmaking

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When it comes to learning any new skill, one of the big issues that a lot of people have from the beginning is too much information. We do, of course, live in the information age. We should feel special that we live in such a thriving and ever-growing era, where information about absolutely anything is at our finger tips. Gone are the days when someone would have to to wait until they could speak to someone face-to-face in order to find an answer to a problem.