How to Start a Video Production Company

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This website is dedicated to helping those who want to learn how to start a video production company, or work as a freelance filmmaker. From buying your essential equipment, to getting your first client, and getting paid; this article will cover every you need to know to start and grow a successful video production company. There are many positive aspects to … Read More

9 Steps to Get More Clients For Your Video Company Than You Know What to Do With

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Do you know how many friends the average Facebook user has? The number seems to be between 155 to 200. This seems to support Dunbar’s number. He’s a British anthropologist that realized a correlation between primate brain size and average social group size. “By using the average human brain size and extrapolating from the results of primates, he proposed that … Read More

5 Best VOD (Video On Demand) Platforms and How to Distribute

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Independent film distribution is venturing into uncharted territory these days with the growing popularity in streaming video. In a highly saturated market that includes blockbuster movies, it is essential that any filmmaker interested in finding an audience for their film look into video-on-demand (VOD)  distribution platforms. The market is growing every year with revenue for independent film due to most … Read More

7 Tips On How To Conduct An Interview in Your Video Production Business

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As you get busier and busier with your video business, you’ll eventually get to a point where you’re looking to hire in additional people to help with the workload. Whether we’re talking freelancers here, or someone to add as a permanent part of your team, you’re going to need to learn how to conduct an interview. In video, most of us … Read More

7 Indie Filmmaker Tips To Help With Your Filmmaking

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Making a movie without a huge budget creates certain challenges, as anyone who has worked independently can no doubt attest to. Yet whether it’s work on a short piece, a feature length film or a short documentary, creativity eclipses expensive CGI and big-name actors. That’s where these indie filmmaker tips come in. Ingenuity reigns supreme in the world of independent … Read More

15 Tips to Start & Grow an Animation Video Company

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We’ve all seen them. Those witty animated videos that last about one minute, usually promoting a product or service. In fact, you’ve probably seen so many that you haven’t put much thought into their logistics. Video marketing is now an everyday part of our “internet lives”. Whether you were forced to watch one as a pop-up advertisement or as a … Read More

5 Tips to Avoid Information Overload in Your Video Business

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I want to talk a little about information overload today. How it pertains to business, to life, to filmmaking and everything else. We live in an information saturated world these days. The internet is awash in information and our inboxes are flooded with new ways to take in more of the stuff. We’re bombarded by it on our smart phones, … Read More