Unpaid Invoices? 7 Tips When Clients Don’t Pay

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unpaid invoices

I often get questions along the lines of, “What do I do if my client doesn’t pay me?” Or, “Are there special methods for chasing up unpaid invoices?” So what happens when a client/customer doesn’t pay you? Not all clients are great clients and occasionally you meet a client that doesn’t pay you. It’s rare, but it sometimes happens. When … Read More

7 Tips to Remove Barriers to Success in Filmmaking and Video Production

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Want to know how to have success in your filmmaking career or video business as fast as possible? You need to remove any barriers to success. Cut out all distractions. I get a lot of questions from readers regularly asking something along the lines of, “I have X issue that’s taking up so much of my time. I’m worried that it’s … Read More

Getting into Filmmaking: 5 Reasons Why You Need to Start Filming Right Now

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We have Helen Clark here today with an article on getting into filmmaking. This post is written with the intention of encouraging and inspiring newbies to get into filmmaking. You’re not going to find advanced business strategies or tactics here, so if you’re looking for that, I suggest you checkout a few of our recent posts here on Filmmaking Lifestyle. … Read More

How to Charge More For Video: Get $10,000+ For Every Video, Part I

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I came across with Q&A with Henry Finn of Blueprint World Media, a top San Fransisco based video production company. In this Q&A, Henry responds to questions about how to charge more for video, and specifically how to get $10,000+ for every video that you make. Note: I’ve edited the original Q&A for readability reasons. The answers are still Henry’s, but … Read More

5 High-Powered Marketing Tips For Videographers

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To keep your marketing pipeline full with video project leads, you must create and execute a solid marketing strategy. Now, to some of you, just reading that last sentence raised your blood pressure a couple of notches and your head is starting to hurt. You don’t need to worry because there are small, incremental steps you can take to drastically … Read More

5 Tips to Make More In the Video Production Editing Suite By Doing Less

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How can you become more efficient in the video production editing suite resulting in more profit? How can you maximize the time you invest in a video production edit? These are questions that any video production company owner asks themselves from time to time. As editing is such an involved and time consuming process, it’s important to get the most … Read More

5 Unique Methods For Keeping Your Video Production Business on Track In a Bad Economy

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During a bad economy, you’ll find it difficult to get a loan from banks when you need it to fund your video production business. And why is that? It’s because they believe that you won’t have enough resources to pay for the loan. That’s just how things work and unless you learn how to go with the flow, you won’t be … Read More

11 Tips to Improve Your Filmmaking Skills And Take Them to the Next Level

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So, you’ve been making movies for a while now; maybe it’s just home videos, maybe you’ve made your own short film, or maybe you’ve even been working with clients for a year or two. Here’s 11 steps to help you hone your filmmaking skills, that go far beyond just watching a lot of movies and practicing. 1. BE YOUR OWN WORST … Read More

5 Ways to Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy

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There is no bigger threat on your journey to success than you. Most of us are our own worst enemy. This week’s guest article by Gio Orellana covers this issue in detail. Even if you have Internal Locus of Control, you will still suffer from procrastination, doubt, fear, bad habits, and limiting beliefs. I was, and still am, plagued by every … Read More