The 3 Types of Filmmaking Confidence

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Today I want to let you in on the Two Types of Filmmaking Confidence. As with most things we discuss here, these types of confidence can be seen in all walks of life – whether it be business, career, sport – we see it everywhere. Knowing these Two Types of Confidence will enable you to not just work on them in … Read More

Seeing Through The Matrix Of Business Dynamics

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Today’s post is another quite in-depth one. It’s not particularly long compared to some other recent posts, but we’re going to go deep down the rabbit hole again. We’ve talked about flow state before and how this can benefit us as business people. I’ll be talking about that again today, as well as touching on some other thoughts and ideas. … Read More

Media, Reality TV and It’s Effect on Your Filmmaking and Business

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We’ve touched on social conditioning and how it affects our business decisions and identity before. Social conditioning affects all areas on life on all levels. There’s actually evidence that suggests that people grow old and die because of social conditioning. Teachers like Deepak Chopra in his book Ageless Body, Timeless Mind, describe a situation in which people are taught to grow old and die. … Read More

Control Your Emotions, Or They Will Control You

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I wanted to take the opportunity to share a story from my background in today’s post. This is something from a while back, but it’s been very important to me throughout my life. It’s really one of the most important lessons that I’ve ever had the privilege of learning. It’s informed a lot of my business decisions and I credit a lot … Read More

Becoming Outcome Independent In Your Filmmaking And Business

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One of the best things you can do for your filmmaking or video business is to become outcome independent. When you do this, you get out of your head – you stop thinking and start doing. Without further ado, let’s get into it. BECOMING OUTCOME INDEPENDENT So often in the realms of filmmaking and business, opposites are important. Every action … Read More

6 Steps To Get Your Hustle On

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Welcome to another post here at Filmmaking Lifestyle. Glad to have you! I’ve been talking quite a bit recently about hustle and its importance in business terms. It’s important in any business, but especially in a filmmaking based business like running a video production business. I’ve covered hustle in quite a bit of detail lately, but I still have more … Read More

Filmmaking and The Fear of Failure

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Last time around, we talked about productivity and how some simple changes in the way you view things can make a world of different in your success. We learnt that action oriented self-talk is one of the best ways to get yourself out of a procrastination hump and starting to take action consistently. Let’s jump right into today’s post. FEAR … Read More

Productivity and Getting Things Done

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Today I want to talk about the very important concept of productivity and – more to the point – getting things done. We’re going to focus on a couple of theoretical points, including a look at one of the best self-development books of modern times, and then I’ll give you some rock-solid pointers on how you can be more productive … Read More

Liberation Methods For The Filmmaker

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I’ve tackled the issue of 
social conditioning a fair bit on this site. I think it’s important to be aware of social conditioning because it directly affects our business, the way we’re perceived and the way we treat others. This post might be a little more hardcore than some of my others on this topic, so be prepared. There’s lots of my … Read More