11 Tips to Improve Your Filmmaking Skills And Take Them to the Next Level

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So, you’ve been making movies for a while now; maybe it’s just home videos, maybe you’ve made your own short film, or maybe you’ve even been working with clients for a year or two. Here’s 11 steps to help you hone your filmmaking skills, that go far beyond just watching a lot of movies and practicing. 1. BE YOUR OWN WORST … Read More

5 Ways to Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy

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There is no bigger threat on your journey to success than you. Most of us are our own worst enemy. This week’s guest article by Gio Orellana covers this issue in detail. Even if you have Internal Locus of Control, you will still suffer from procrastination, doubt, fear, bad habits, and limiting beliefs. I was, and still am, plagued by every … Read More

5 Tips to Avoid Information Overload in Your Video Business

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I want to talk a little about information overload today. How it pertains to business, to life, to filmmaking and everything else. We live in an information saturated world these days. The internet is awash in information and our inboxes are flooded with new ways to take in more of the stuff. We’re bombarded by it on our smart phones, … Read More

3 Tips To Find Your Video Business Internal Locus of Control

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Hi, I’m Giordany. I’m writing a book on starting your own video business. Every week, I’ll be releasing exclusive new chapters here on Filmmaking Lifestyle. Join me in the discussion – hate it or love it, I’d like to know.  A good friend of mine died recently. Let’s call him Richard. He had what is called external locus of control. I … Read More

How I Messed Up 3 Film Interviews…And How You Can Avoid Doing the Same

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Here’s another article from Gio Orellana of Giordany.com. He’s a filmmaker based in the United States who writes in-depth articles about his trials and tribulations in film production. This time around, Gio is here to discuss film interviews. Here’s Gio with his tips on avoiding some of the mistakes he’s made at film interviews over the years. We’ve all been nervous at interviews. … Read More

Horror Filmmaking: 10 Things I learned from Shooting My First Horror Feature

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Here’s Gio Orellana again with another article about his filmmaking experiences. A couple of weeks ago, we heard about his 10 Reasons Why Most Filmmaking Partners Are Bad For You. This time around, Gio has thoughts and advice on horror filmmaking with his experiences making a first horror feature film. Here’s Gio: I was hired to write and direct a horror feature … Read More

The 3 Types of Filmmaking Confidence

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Today I want to let you in on the Two Types of Filmmaking Confidence. As with most things we discuss here, these types of confidence can be seen in all walks of life – whether it be business, career, sport – we see it everywhere. Knowing these Two Types of Confidence will enable you to not just work on them in … Read More

Seeing Through The Matrix Of Business Dynamics

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Today’s post is another quite in-depth one. It’s not particularly long compared to some other recent posts, but we’re going to go deep down the rabbit hole again. We’ve talked about flow state before and how this can benefit us as business people. I’ll be talking about that again today, as well as touching on some other thoughts and ideas. … Read More

Media, Reality TV and It’s Effect on Your Filmmaking and Business

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We’ve touched on social conditioning and how it affects our business decisions and identity before. Social conditioning affects all areas on life on all levels. There’s actually evidence that suggests that people grow old and die because of social conditioning. Teachers like Deepak Chopra in his book Ageless Body, Timeless Mind, describe a situation in which people are taught to grow old and die. … Read More