Why There’s No Time Like The Present

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Last time around, we looked at hustle and how it relates to filmmaking and business, focusing specifically on three sporting greats – Pete Rose, Roger Federer and Tiger Woods. We talked about gamification and seeing your life and business as a sporting event. We looked at how you can imagine your business and success as a tough sports season, for … Read More

How To Think The Right Way As a Filmmaker

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We’re going to get down into the rabbit hole with today’s post. This is one of the most detailed posts I’ve ever written about success and mindset. This post is all about getting your mind right and thinking in the right way to maximize business and filmmaking success. YOUR MIND IS A POWERFUL THING I don’t think you need me … Read More

It’s A Funny Old World…Make ‘Em Laugh

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How you are on set is massively important. As is how you are around clients and when doing business if you own a videography business. The social side of filmmaking and business is such an important aspect, but it’s one that doesn’t get talked about very often. Take, for example, the classic ‘moody artist’ character that you might have seen … Read More

Filmmaking and The Law of Abundance

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In my work with people’s business mindsets, there’s an issue that comes up more than pretty much any other. It’s something which can really get inside people’s heads and make them slip up when they could be celebrating success after success. That issue? Success neediness. Neediness holds back more people from success in business than anything else. WHAT EXACTLY IS SUCCESS NEEDINESS? Like … Read More

Failure Is Just Feedback And Reframing

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Welcome to today’s post. I’m going to be covering the idea of failure as just being feedback today. Not only that, but I have a great NLP technique to share with you that has improved my life greatly. I also want to give you a quality exercise that can help you Reframe just about anything in your life. So with … Read More

Welcome To Your Reality And Acting In The Moment

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Today’s topic is quite hardcore and certainly not for the squeamish. We’re going to really get into the nitty-gritty detail of having a successful mindset. We’re also going to touch on some subjects that might sound kind of egotistical. It’s not as ego based as it might first sound. Just roll with it – we’re building our mindsets, so a … Read More