Aerial Filming: 9 Tips To Take Your Drone Filming Game To The Next Level

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aerial filming

If you are just getting started with your drone and you are wondering why your shoots don’t exactly look like the ones you see in the movies, this article will be what you’re looking for. We are going to walk you through aerial filming and editing your next drone clip, so that it looks like a big budget production. Let’s get … Read More

5 Reasons Why a Camera Stabilizer is the New Must Have For Any Modern Filmmaker

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camera stabilizer

Today on Filmmaking Lifestyle, John Farrell of LUUV talks about why you need to get a camera stabilizer in your ‘bag of tricks’ as soon as possible (if you don’t have one already!) Demand for professional video production in general is increasing by the day. Marketers are seeing a jump in the effectiveness of video in their overall marketing mix with … Read More

How We Survived A Year in LA By Winning Video Contests & Built a Thriving Production Company

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Jake Bradbury is an expert with video contests. In this article, he takes you through his journey of making videos around LA for video contests. Stay tuned because as a special bonus, he’s going to let you know how to win a lifetime supply of Skittles! Take it away, Jake! Sometimes we back ourselves into corners, obsessing about the “right way” … Read More

Drones for Filming: 9 of the Best Drones For Filmmaking

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In recent years, drones for filming have come a long way with improved mechanisms and high-resolution cameras. Filmmakers both amateur and professional have taken notice. From magnificent landscape shots to action packed boat and car chases, drones have become an integral part of movie making. In the past, filmmakers were forced to use helicopters, zip lines, or even cranes to … Read More

9 Tips For Making Travel Films That Rock

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How does it feel to travel the world and make films? Nathan Buck of City Video tells all in this article on making travel films. He’ll cover equipment considerations, due diligence and many other important points when embarking on travel filmmaking projects. Take it away, Nathan! Note: All photos in this article are Nathan’s. 10 days, 6 cities, 20 three-minute … Read More

19 of the Best Filmmaking Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

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When learning filmmaking, a great source of inspiration and ideas is Instagram. These days, many top filmmakers and video production companies have accounts on Instagram. This article will list the best filmmaking Instagram accounts. Not only do top filmmakers and cinematographers the world offer post awesome photos to their Instagram accounts. But they also include great snippets of filmmaking advice … Read More

Horror Filmmaking: 10 Things I learned from Shooting My First Horror Feature

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Here’s Gio Orellana again with another article about his filmmaking experiences. A couple of weeks ago, we heard about his 10 Reasons Why Most Filmmaking Partners Are Bad For You. This time around, Gio has thoughts and advice on horror filmmaking with his experiences making a first horror feature film. Here’s Gio: I was hired to write and direct a horror feature … Read More

3 Key Tips To Making Next-Level Travel Videos

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Today, we have a special guest article from Thomas Alex Norman – Travel Filmmaker & Founder, In this article, Thomas goes in-depth on his philosophy, strategy and tactics for creating next-level travel videos. Ever been away travelling and wished you had a beautiful video to sum it all up? That you could look back on fondly every once in a … Read More

27 Best Filmmaker Quotes About Following Your Filmmaking Dreams

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It’s great to be inspired by other people who are doing what we’re doing. Or doing what we want to do. Maybe you’re already make films, or perhaps it’s a dream you’ve been holding for a while. That’s where filmmaker quotes come in! I pay special attention to what filmmakers say. Not only can I relate to them because they’re doing … Read More