Artificial intelligence has completely transformed the way businesses operate.. A recent study found that 64% of businesses around the world already use some type of AI technology.

As AI continues to grow in popularity, we are likely to see it expand into all types of industries and sectors. According to Market Watch, the AI market is expected to grow to $190.6 billion by 2025, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 42.3%.

One sector where artificial intelligence is particularly applicable is human resources. Many recruiting agencies have already started using AI to help them manage their processes.

Although these systems can be expensive, there is a range of affordable recruiting software on the market that can help you improve your business’s efficiency without breaking the bank.

This article will look at some of the best affordable AI recruiting software available in 2022 so you can decide which one will work best for your company.


Best AI Recruiting Software

What Are AI Recruiting Software?

AI Recruiting Software is software that helps find the best candidate for a job. It’s designed to automate tasks and make the process of hiring more efficient.

The best part is that it does not require you to go through tedious manual processes like traditional recruitment methods.

AI Recruiting Software has been developed with the needs of organizations and job seekers in mind.

It helps companies reduce costs while maintaining high-quality standards.. 

As a result, AI Recruiting Software improves productivity as well as profitability at your by helping you hire qualified candidates who are more likely to succeed at their jobs.



AI Recruiting Software – Introduction

In this article I will give you a primer on AI recruiting software so that you can become an expert in no time. 

The Basics of AI Recruiting Software 

AI recruiting software uses artificial intelligence to aid recruiters in their efforts to acquire talent.

The technology is designed to help recruiters perform menial tasks like sourcing, contacting, and assessing job candidates. This allows them to spend more time on things like developing new recruitment strategies and creating better candidate experiences.

Some examples of AI recruiting software include: 

Chatbots which can help job seekers learn more about a role, apply for a position, and automate the screening process. 

Talent Pipelines which can automatically track applicants across different channels and deliver personalized updates to candidates’ mobile devices.

Communication Tools – This can remind you when and how to reach out to candidates based on their previous responses and scheduling preferences.


What is the Best AI Recruiting Software?

No matter how skilled your recruiters are, AI recruiting software can help them find top talent for every open position. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) allows recruiting software to sift through massive amounts of candidate information, including resumes and social media profiles.

It then uses predictive analytics to give you a list of the best candidates for your open positions. Some of the features you should look for in AI recruiting software include:

Natural language processing (NLP) to sift through resumes and social media profiles. NLP takes into account everything from grammatical errors to education levels and job titles.

This helps you find candidates who meet all of your requirements, even when they don’t use the same keywords as someone else applying for the same job.

Predictive analytics take into account factors like previous job titles, skills, and experience level when pairing candidates with jobs.

In-depth assessments for pre-screening candidates or identifying which skills they need improvement on before hiring them for a certain position.

1. Arya


Arya is a new product that aims to be a next-generation personal assistant. Features of Arya: 

  • It can understand speech and text in multiple languages.
  • It responds using natural speech. 
  • It can translate between multiple languages.
  • It can converse with you about almost any topic. 
  • You can ask Arya to open apps, play music or videos on your device.
Arya is the first autonomous AI operating platform built for financial services to expedite the enterprise level adoption of autonomous systems.

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2. Hiretual

Hiretual is a recruiting platform that uses artificial intelligence to help recruiters find and hire the right candidates faster. Hiretual has its own AI robot, called Hirebot, which can search and classify millions of profiles in minutes.

Hiretual’s AI technology saves recruiters time by automatically searching social networks and other platforms for candidates who fit the recruiter’s needs. The Hiretual database includes more than 500 million profiles across social networks, job boards, and other platforms.

The platform combines AI technology with human intelligence to ensure accuracy. Hiretual’s features include resume database search, email outreach, CRM tracking, interview scheduling, and more. 

The platform uses artificial intelligence to find the best candidates for a job posting by analyzing their current profile, previous experience, skills, and other factors. 

The company was founded in 2014 by Mark Cao and has raised a total of $4M in funding over 3 rounds. Investors include 500 Startups, Y Combinator and 8VC.


AI-Powered Search

Candidate profiles are automatically parsed and matched with your search, which means you can search for skills and qualifications without having to remember every single keyword.

one-Click Search

Search across all of your job boards, social sites, and Hiretual’s internal database with a single click. Our integrations will automatically pull in candidates that match your search.

Search Inbox

View results from all of your tools in one place – including LinkedIn, Indeed, AngelList and more. Add candidates to projects with a simple drag and drop.

Smart Sourcing Assistant

Hiretual’s smart sourcing assistant helps you save time by suggesting searches based on your keywords.It also provides up-to-date information on how many candidates are available for each search suggestion.

Candidate Profiles

Hiretual pulls data from over 60 sources to create detailed candidate profiles that include experience, availability, contact information, location, skills, and much more.


Save time by organizing candidates into projects based on their profile information or the job you’re trying to fill. You can even add notes about each candidate so you don’t

3. TurboHire

TurboHire is a recruitment platform using AI to help companies hire faster, better and cheaper. TurboHire’s Product Engineering team is working on building a new product line to address a different set of audience.

TurboHire is an AI-powered recruitment platform that makes it possible to close positions within days instead of months. They have built Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) that are customised for Small and Medium Enterprises, Startups and Recruitment Agencies.

The ATS is powered by AI, which makes sourcing, screening, interviewing, shortlisting and scheduling candidates a breeze. This means less time wasted on manual data entry and more time to focus on actually recruiting talent.


TurboHire makes it easy to communicate with candidates. The software is designed as a complete collaboration tool that allows users to add notes, comments, feedback, and upload files related to the candidate. 

Here are all the features of TurboHire:

Candidate Profile Management – With TurboHire you can manage candidate profiles through a customizable interface. You can create & manage multiple panels for different stages of the interview process.

Collaboration Tools – TurboHire allows recruiters to collaborate with other stakeholders in the hiring process by allowing them to add comments and notes on a particular candidate or add new references.

Resume Parser – TurboHire uses a powerful resume parser that can extract information from various file formats like .doc, .pdf, and .rtf etc.

This can be used to automatically populate candidate profiles with data extracted from their resume.

Organize Candidates – TurboHire allows recruiters to organize candidates into different categories by using filters like location, years of experience, educational qualifications etc. This makes it easier for users to search for candidates through these filters.

4. Fetcher


Fetcher is an online inventory management software that allows you to manage orders, customers, and inventory from all your channels in one place. 

Track all your inventory, everywhere. Fetcher lets you track stock levels for your entire catalog across multiple sales channels.

Automatically sync all your channel listings and update them when you sell or receive a new product. 

You can connect Fetcher with Amazon, eBay, Shopify, BigCommerce, and more to import all your inventory, orders, and customer data into one system. You can also list new products on any of these marketplaces right from Fetcher.

Fetcher lets you create customized branded packing slips and invoices which are automatically sent to customers when their order ships. This saves time and improves customer experience!


  • Search millions of jobs by location, job title, and company,
  • Get instant alerts when new jobs matching your search criteria become available,
  • Apply to jobs quickly,
  • Share jobs with friends,
  • Never lose a job application again! Fetcher automatically saves your applications in one place.

Fetcher is a full-service recruiting automation software for repetitive tasks including sourcing, candidate outreach and follow-up, and applicant sorting. 

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5. Humanly



  • User Profiles
  • Personalized Newsfeed
  • Custom Branding
  • Custom Skins & Themes
  • With Humanly by your side, you can deliver a seamless and personalized experience to each user while simultaneously expanding the reach of your brand.


Humanly improves your communication with your clients. Our scheduling tools make it easy for clients to find time on your schedule, our chat lets you talk in real time, and our document signing tool makes it easy for you to get contracts signed.

Humanly helps you manage your projects better. Collecting different types of information is essential for many professionals — architects need floor plans and measurements, for example — and Humanly’s forms can make that process easier.

6. Seekout

SeekOut gives you the tools to find developers at scale with unmatched precision, including passive candidate sourcing and people search. Find Developers SeekOut uses AI to identify millions of candidates based on their skills, experience, and job history.

Or use the Chrome extension to quickly identify potential candidates from any site like LinkedIn or GitHub. Schedule a demo now. You can search for candidates in SeekOut by using the Advanced Search functionality.

The Advanced Search functionality provides you with a rich set of filters that you can combine to drill down and find the candidates you are looking for.

You can access Advanced Search from the left sidebar by clicking on the icon placement. The Placement card allows you to filter candidates based on their current location and/or organization type.


Seekout is an AI-powered talent search engine for passive and active candidates. Find your next great hire with Seekout.

Professional Profiles

Get insight into people’s career history, current job, and skills. Boolean Search Use advanced Boolean logic to find the best candidates quickly.

Skills Search

Find candidates with expertise in niche areas like Python, Java, or Salesforce.

Candidate Discovery

Seekout’s AI finds the best candidates based on your search.

What Is AI Recruiting Software?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is redefining business. It has the ability to cut costs, improve efficiency and boost productivity.

The AI recruiting software market is set to reach $2.62 billion by 2025, and companies that adopt this technology are reaping the rewards.

What Is AI? Artificial intelligence refers to intelligent machines that replicate human cognitive functions such as learning, reasoning, and self-correction.

With the help of machine learning, these systems can accurately predict outcomes with minimal human input, process enormous amounts of data faster than humans, and perform repetitive tasks with greater accuracy.

The Benefits of AI Recruiting Software

Recruiting software powered by AI offers numerous benefits for businesses: It’s fast.

With more than 250 million Americans in the labor force today, manually sifting through thousands of resumes can take a significant amount of time and effort.

AI-powered tools can quickly analyze large datasets and identify potential employees who are a good fit for the company based on their skills and experience.

This helps recruiters focus on other aspects of their job while providing them with qualified talent within minutes rather than months.

It’s affordable. 

How Talent Acquisition Teams Are Using AI Software

Given the vast amounts of data available in the talent market, it’s no surprise that artificial intelligence is becoming a popular tool for companies. 

As more organizations enter the AI space, this technology will have a significant impact on the future of recruitment. 

Here are some of the ways AI is changing the way we recruit:

The rise of recruiting chatbots Chatbots have been around for some time and are used by many Fortune 500 companies to help speed up the hiring process. 

Recruiting chatbots to gather information from applicants, conduct initial screenings, and schedule interviews with candidates based on their responses.

These bots can also answer questions from candidates about job descriptions, and specific skills required and even provide details about company culture and benefits packages.

Improved sourcing through natural language processing. Natural language processing (NLP) uses machine learning to identify patterns in text-based documents and databases. 

This provides recruiters with better insights about candidates whose experiences may not be apparent from their resumes alone.

By analyzing a broader range of sources, such as social media profiles, blogs, and professional networking accounts, NLP can give recruiters a more holistic view of a candidate’s experience and qualifications.

AI And Writing Job Descriptions

Maybe you’re hiring a new employee to replace someone who’s retiring. Maybe an existing employee is getting promoted, and you need to fill his or her old position. 

Whatever your reasons, you’ll need to write a job description. 

It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it should include all the information that potential applicants will want to know. 

You need to help people decide if they’re both qualified and interested in applying for the job.

Job descriptions can vary widely from company to company and from industry to industry. They usually include information about required skills and education, the responsibilities that come with the job, compensation details and sometimes even information about benefits or perks.

The job description also sets the stage for what’s expected of the person who ultimately gets hired for the position.

AI Recruiting Software – Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to automated recruiting software, there are a lot of questions and not many answers.

This is understandable since the technology has only been on the market for a few years and is still being refined.

However, with the right guidance and some basic education, you can learn how to use AI in recruiting to improve your hiring process and get better results.

What Is AI Recruitment Software?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science that enables machines to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence.

In recruitment and HR, AI refers to any task that is automated or aided by software — including candidate sourcing, interview scheduling, and resume screening.

AI recruitment tools use data from past hiring decisions to find patterns that can help predict which candidates are most likely to succeed on the job.

This automation aims to make the process more efficient for recruiters and HR managers, who often perform routine tasks manually when they could be spending their time on more strategic work.

AI recruitment software brings a human element to the recruitment process while still maintaining the transparency and speed of technology.

The AI recruiter will ask questions of candidates in video interviews, ask natural language questions that are both structured and unstructured, and ensure that job requirements are understood before matching candidates with open opportunities.

AI recruitment software can also help automate many of the administrative tasks required throughout the hiring process, such as scheduling interviews.

With AI recruitment software, recruiting teams are able to work more efficiently and find more qualified candidates faster.

Why Do Companies Use AI Recruiting Software?

Companies use AI recruiting software because it’s an effective way to find people. They’re using AI recruiting tools, which use machine learning algorithms to screen resumes and rank candidates, to find qualified job candidates more quickly.

AI recruiting software helps companies search through thousands of resumes in seconds, identify candidates with the right skills, and contact them for interviews. Because human recruiters can’t search through thousands of resumes in seconds.

Or identify candidates with the right skills. Or contact them for interviews.

It’s a lot easier for companies to use AI recruiting software than to train their recruiters how to do all that stuff on their own. And it’s faster and cheaper, too.

Using AI recruiting software means that companies don’t need to hire as many recruiters or pay them as much money as they otherwise would have had to pay them. That’s a win for both companies and job seekers who want jobs at those companies.

What Is A Talent Intelligence Platform?

Talent intelligence platforms are a relatively new type of software used by human resources (HR) departments. These platforms integrate with existing HR software and provide analytics that helps businesses improve their hiring process.

While the term “talent intelligence platform” may be new, the concept behind it is not.

A talent intelligence platform is simply an application that attempts to help businesses figure out how they could be better at hiring employees.

This is done by analyzing data related to the business’s existing workforce, such as job performance, employee retention rates, and other key performance indicators (KPIs).

The platform then provides recommendations for improving those KPIs. Such applications have been around for a while in the form of recruiting software.

However, most of these solutions focus on collecting data from potential hires rather than existing employees. 

Talent intelligence platforms attempt to change this by providing analytics that allows businesses to track KPIs for current employees, such as how long they have worked for the company, their job title, and whether they are likely to stay with the company for a long time or leave soon.

What Is The Best Recruitment Software?

There are many great tools out there, but most of them can only help you with certain tasks (e.g. sourcing candidates, tracking applications or interviews) and none of them can solve all your problems in one single platform.

So what I would do is look at the tools which are most relevant to your needs and then start using them. You can then integrate those tools so that they work together (e.g. by using Zapier or other similar services) and this will help you to be more efficient.

What Is AI? 

AI stands for artificial intelligence, which is an emerging field of computer science focused on creating machines that can mimic human behavior. 

The goal of AI is to make computers smarter so that they can solve problems more efficiently and accurately than people.

AI programs are typically designed to learn from their mistakes and adapt over time based on new information or experiences. 

Why Should I Use AI Recruiting Software? 

AI-powered recruitment tools help you identify candidates who have the skills and expertise needed for a job without wasting time interviewing unqualified applicants.

Best AI Recruiting Software – Summary

The recruitment process is time-consuming and expensive. It can be challenging for small businesses to deal with the hiring process.

The good news is that AI can help recruiters by automating their tasks. This allows business owners to focus on activities that add value to their business. 

AI helps companies hire faster than ever before by filtering through thousands of resumes with only a few clicks. This saves time and increases efficiency in the recruitment process.