Asset management is a very important part of any business. It helps you to keep track of your inventory and other assets in your company. This can be done manually or with the help of software.

There are a lot of different asset management software available but not all of them will be useful for your business.

What Is The Best Asset Management Software?

If you want to find the best asset management software then you need to consider a few things before making your decision.

Here are some questions that you need to ask yourself before choosing an asset management software:

What Is Your Company’s Size?

The first thing that you need to consider when choosing an asset management software is the size of your company.

If it’s a small business then you may not need something as complex as large corporations do, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t have access to these types of programs either!

There are many options available that can be used by small businesses as well as large corporations.

How Much Is It Going To Cost You?

Another important consideration is how much it’s going to cost you to implement this software into your business operations.

You want something that is affordable but also effective enough for what you need it for without costing too much money or time on implementation or maintenance costs.

1. AssetExplorer

 AssetExplorer is a web-based asset management software that makes it easy to track your company’s assets, including physical items and digital assets. You can create your own asset categories, add or edit properties of the assets, and attach documents such as receipts and photos.

AssetExplorer also allows you to assign an asset to multiple users, so each user can see their own items assigned to them. AssetExplorer has a very simple interface that makes it easy to use even without any training.

The main window features a sidebar on the left that you can use to browse through your assets and categories.

The main area of the window shows details about the selected asset. There are also tabs for viewing additional information about the selected category or property value.

Best For IT Asset Management

 IT Asset Management (ITAM) is one of the most important aspects of IT management. The better your IT assets are managed, the more efficient your company will be.

This saves time and money, and it also helps prevent data loss and other problems that can occur when hardware is not properly managed.

There are many different tools available for IT asset management, but some are better than others. Here are the top three:

  1. HP Asset Manager Suite

HP Asset Manager Suite is a comprehensive asset management solution from Hewlett-Packard (HP). It provides an easy way to track all of your company’s physical assets, including servers, storage devices, printers, desktops and laptops.

It also includes integrated software to help manage these assets as well as inventory tracking capabilities.

  1. Dell OpenManage Essentials

Dell OpenManage Essentials is another comprehensive solution for tracking IT assets in your company’s network environment. It provides both software and hardware functionality that lets you manage everything from licensing to inventory management with ease


– AssetExplorer is the only asset management software that runs all your business systems in one place. No more complicated integrations or spreadsheets!

– AssetExplorer is easy to use for your staff, but powerful enough for your IT team to support large scale implementations.

– AssetExplorer is a complete solution, so there are no extra add ons or modules to buy.

– AssetExplorer easily integrates with your existing systems, including Salesforce, NetSuite and Quickbooks Online.


 AssetExplorer pricing is based on the number of assets that you want to track. The price range varies, depending on the number of assets you want to track.

You may also choose to purchase a package that includes additional features and benefits at a discounted price.

AssetExplorer pricing is based on the number of assets that you want to track. The price range varies, depending on the number of assets you want to track. You may also choose to purchase a package that includes additional features and benefits at a discounted price.

AssetExplorer has two packages available: Basic Pack and Premium Pack. The Premium Pack offers additional features such as asset tracking for vehicles, home appliances, and other equipment.

2. Asset Panda

 Asset Panda is an easy-to-use, powerful and intuitive asset management software that helps you manage your assets. With Asset Panda, you can create all kinds of documents, from purchase orders to invoices.

It also lets you easily track the status of each of your assets and find out which assets need maintenance or repair. The software comes with a built-in barcode scanner that allows you to easily scan in new assets, so you don’t have to type everything in manually.

And as your company grows, Asset Panda can be easily extended to accommodate more users or additional locations.

Best For Complete Asset Management

 The best asset management software should be able to help you manage all of your business assets from one central location.

It should also provide a range of powerful features to help you better manage those assets, including but not limited to:

An inventory management system that can track the location and condition of each item

A mobile app for managing inventory on the go

A reporting tool that allows you to measure how effectively your assets are being used in real time

The ability to integrate with other systems (such as accounting or payroll software)

If you’re looking for a complete asset management solution that can help save time and money, check out these options:

Best For Asset Tracking & Management: SnapLogic SnapLogic is an enterprise-level solution for asset tracking and management. It’s designed for businesses with multiple locations who want to connect disparate data sources so they can gain a single view of their entire business.

It includes a variety of features that make it easy for users to organize their data, including: A secure web portal where users can access information about their assets from any device;

A mobile app that lets users monitor critical equipment from anywhere; A robust search feature that helps users find information about equipment quickly; And powerful analytics tools that let them measure how well their assets are performing


 The Asset Panda app is a free tool that enables you to track your property, monitor real estate investments, and manage your portfolio. With this app you can:

-See how much your home is worth in real time

-Get alerts when the value of your home changes

-Monitor the performance of your investment properties

-See how much rent you’re collecting from each property

-View historical data on each property’s performance


 Asset Panda Pricing

Asset Panda is a subscription based software that you can use to find and manage your assets. You can use Asset Panda to find all the assets in your company, and then use the app to manage those assets.

We have three pricing tiers:

Free – Free users can create up to 5 asset groups, and add up to 10 items per group. They also get unlimited access to our support team.

If you want more than 10 items per group or want to create more than 5 asset groups, you need a paid account.

Subscription – We offer monthly subscriptions for $5/month or $50/year for individuals and small businesses (1-5 employees). You can upgrade at any time by logging into your account and upgrading from there.

Enterprise – We also offer enterprise plans for larger companies looking for more customizations or advanced reporting capabilities. Please contact us if you’re interested in learning more about these plans

3. InvGate Assets

 This is the end of the line. You’ve made it through the trials and tribulations of your first few weeks as a new player on InvGate Assets. You’ve learned about the game, its mechanics, and how to play it well. Now you’re ready for a more advanced guide that will take you from level 1 to 10 in no time at all!

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Best For Small And Medium Businesses

 For small and medium businesses, the best type of insurance is one that provides coverage for the risks that your business faces. If you are a new company, you may not know what these risks are.

You can start by asking yourself questions such as:

What kind of business am I in?

How much money could an accident or disaster cost me?

What kinds of claims would be risky to my business?

Can I afford to pay for these types of losses out of pocket?

The answers to these questions can help you determine what types of insurance coverage you need. For example, if you’re in a high-risk industry like construction or manufacturing and have employees who could get injured on the job, then workers’ compensation insurance would be necessary.

Workers’ comp will cover medical expenses related to an accident or illness as well as lost wages if an employee can’t work due to injury or illness.

Workers’ comp covers accidents that occur during work hours and even some that happen outside work hours but occur because of work activities (for example, if a customer trips on pavement outside a retail store).


 InvGate Assets is a free and open source software for Windows, Linux, macOS and Android operating systems. It can be used to create your own cryptocurrency and blockchain.

InvGate Assets has the following features:

– Create your own cryptocurrency with the help of InvGate Assets (for example Bitcoin).

– Create a blockchain based on Ethereum or NEO.

– No need to install any software – all you need is your web browser!


 InvGate Assets is a decentralized marketplace for tokenized securities. The InvGate platform provides an opportunity for the crypto community to invest in traditional assets and access opportunities previously unavailable due to geographical, legal or other restrictions.

InvGate Assets is designed as a digital representation of real-world assets, with all the benefits of blockchain technology such as transparency, security and low fees. The INV token allows you to transact on the platform and use our services.


By tokenizing traditional assets, we hope to increase liquidity for investors and make it easier for them to buy and sell their shares faster than ever before.

In addition, we plan to offer investors a range of different options when it comes to asset classes they can invest in – from stocks to bonds, commodities and real estate – while also providing them with access to new markets that have previously been inaccessible due to geographical or legal restrictions

4. GoCodes

 GoCodes is a mobile application that allows you to have access to important information at your fingertips. It will allow you to easily find nearby stores, restaurants and other locations in your area.

GoCodes will also be able to show you how far away they are from your current location as well as give you directions on how to get there.

GoCodes was created by a team of developers who were looking for a way to make their lives easier.

They found themselves having to look up their location every time they wanted to find out where something was located, so they decided that it would be better if there were an app that did all of this for them.

The team then spent months coming up with different ideas about how this app could work and designing it so that it would be simple enough for anyone to use.

GoCodes has been designed so that it can be used by anyone who owns a smartphone or tablet device with internet access.

All that is required is for users to download the app from their device’s app store and then sign up for an account by providing their email address and password.

Once this has been done, users will be able to start using GoCodes immediately!

GoCodes allows its users

Best For Physical Asset Tracking 

Asset tracking tools are used to monitor the location of physical assets. This can include tracking cars, trucks, boats and other vehicles as well as equipment such as forklifts or construction equipment.

The benefit of asset tracking software is that it can help businesses reduce theft and loss by allowing managers to know exactly where their assets are at any given time.

There are a number of different types of asset tracking systems available, including some that run on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

These types of tools allow you to track your items wherever they may be located. In some cases, they can even be used to track employees who may have access to your valuables. Here are some options for choosing the best tool for your needs:

GPS-based systems: GPS-based systems use a global positioning system (GPS) receiver in order to locate an object on a map. These systems often include a software application that allows managers to view where their assets are located in real time.

Many companies prefer this type of tool because it does not require any hardware installation or maintenance costs — all you need is an internet connection and a web browser! RFID tags: RFID tags use radio frequency identification (RFID) technology


 GoCodes is the best app to use for your business. It has a lot of features that no other apps have.

Here are some of GoCodes Features:

GoCodes Pro Features:

  1. Unlimited Subdomain or Domain Creation
  2. Unlimited Email Accounts Creation
  3. Unlimited Bandwidth Usage
  4. No Ads (for free users)


 GoCodes Pricing

GoCodes is a low-cost, high-quality product. The price of the software is $49 per month. This includes unlimited users, unlimited domains and unlimited transactions. You can upgrade the subscription for more features and more storage space.

The pricing below shows how much it would cost to use GoCodes on a monthly basis:

Basic Plan – $49/month (unlimited domains)

Pro Plan – $99/month (unlimited domains)

5. MMSoft Pulseway

 MMSoft Pulseway is a web based application that enables you to monitor your entire IT infrastructure from one place. You can monitor your servers, applications, network devices and workstations in real time.

MMSoft Pulseway is a web based application that enables you to monitor your entire IT infrastructure from one place. You can monitor your servers, applications, network devices and workstations in real time.

In addition to the standard monitoring features, MMSoft Pulseway has many unique features like flexible alerting mechanisms, custom reporting and alerting templates which will make your life easier by providing you with all the information required to fix problems before they happen.

Best For Mobile Asset Management

 The best mobile asset management software is the one that works best for you.

If you’re in the market for a new or upgraded mobile asset management (MAM) solution, it can be difficult to choose the right one. There are a number of factors to consider, including functionality and cost. But there are also some other considerations that might not be so obvious.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself before making your decision:

How much does it cost? Mobile asset management solutions can run from free to tens of thousands of dollars per year, depending on the features offered and the number of users who will need access. If your organization has multiple locations and employees, price may be an important factor for you.

What kind of support does it offer? Does it come with 24/7 support? Is there a help desk? What about training? If there’s ever an issue with your system, how quickly will someone respond?

The better these services are, the more likely they will keep your employees happy — which means less downtime and fewer problems down the line.

How much training do I need? Mobile workforces rely heavily on technology — but many people only know how to use certain apps or devices because they


 MMSoft Pulseway. Features

MMSoft Pulseway is a software that helps you manage your IT infrastructure with ease. It secures your servers, desktops and mobile devices and allows you to replicate all data in a secure way. In addition, it gives you access to all information about your company’s IT infrastructure at any time and from anywhere.

Main features:

– Access to all your servers, desktops and mobile devices from any location

– Protection against viruses, worms and other malicious software

– Centralized control of all updates on all systems

– Secure backup of your data


 MMSoft Pulseway. Pricing

MMSoft Pulseway is a complete Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for IT Managers and Engineers. It provides the most powerful remote management and monitoring capabilities, including flexible reporting tools and a monitoring dashboard.

The application is designed to be used by IT managers, engineers and support teams to manage their Windows Servers, physical or virtual machines (VM), Hyper-V clusters, storage systems and virtual machine hosts (Hyper-V Server/SCVMM).

MMSoft Pulseway can be deployed on premise or in the cloud (Azure).

MMsoft Pulseway pricing is based on the number of monitored servers, VMs or Hyper-V clusters. For example: if you have 4 servers then license will cost 400 USD per year.

6. Ivanti Neurons For ITAM

 Ivanti Neurons for ITAM is a modern IT Asset Management solution that helps you manage IT assets from a single pane-of-glass. The software helps you track, manage, and report on everything from hardware and software licenses to the end user’s experience.

You can also use it to track the health and location of your business-critical hardware and software assets.

The solution is easy to set up and install, making it perfect for small businesses that need a simple way to automate their asset tracking processes.

Ivanti Neurons For ITAM Features:

Audit and Compliance: Audit your entire IT landscape, including hardware, software and licenses. Be compliant with industry best practices like Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) or PCI-DSS standards while reducing risk exposure related to compliance failures.

Asset Tracking: Track the location of all your assets with GPS tracking capabilities that work with any mobile device — even mobile mapping apps! Use this information to audit the physical location of your assets in real time, as well as see historical movement data for each asset over time.

Remote Management Tools: Manage devices remotely through SSH or RDP using secure web interfaces from anywhere on the internet — no VPN required! Get access when you need

Best For Customized Reports

 Our software offers the ability to customize your reports by adding or removing columns, changing the order of columns, and changing the fields displayed in each column. You can also add new fields and change the format of dates and numbers.

If you want to filter your data, our software makes it easy to add filters based on any criteria you choose. The filters can be applied to any field in any table, allowing you to view only the data that meets your needs.

You can also make changes to your data at any time without losing your original report. If you decide you want to add a new column of data or change an existing column’s format, simply open the report again and make the changes.


Ivanti Neurons for ITAM features include:

-Integration with existing ITAM systems

-Compliance with industry standards like SOX and PCI

-Support for multiple ITAM providers (such as Tufin, Novell and SolarWinds)

-Automation of ITAM processes to reduce manual effort and errors and improve productivity

-Automated data collection from disparate systems, including but not limited to configuration management (CMDB), change management (CMDB), asset management (CMDB), network monitoring and security event management (SIEM).


 Ivanti Neurons For ITAM Pricing

Ivanti Neurons for IT Asset Management (ITAM) provides you with a complete solution for managing your IT assets and optimizing your ITAM processes.

The software includes everything from asset discovery and data collection, to managing compliance requirements and reporting on asset usage. Ivanti Neurons is available in three editions:

Neuron Essentials – Designed for small-to-medium organizations with fewer than 250 devices. It supports up to 100 users.

Neuron Standard – Designed for mid-size organizations with 250-1,000 devices. It supports up to 500 users.

Neuron Enterprise – Designed for large enterprises with more than 1,000 devices. It supports up to 2,500 users.

7. ServiceNow ITAM

 ServiceNow ITAM is a cloud-native IT Asset Management (ITAM) solution that uses self-service to simplify the management of IT assets from purchase to disposal.

It’s built on ServiceNow’s platform and integrates with other ServiceNow products, such as ServiceNow ITSM, ServiceNow CMDB and ServiceNow Change Management.

ServiceNow ITAM offers a single view of your entire IT estate, including hardware, software licenses and contracts, virtual machines and more.

Best For Asset Lifecycle Automation

Asset management software is a must-have for any organization looking to streamline their business processes and maximize productivity.

This software can help you manage your assets from the moment they are created, until they are disposed of, providing a comprehensive view of your inventory at all times.

From tracking maintenance schedules to identifying missing or damaged equipment, asset management solutions can improve your business performance by automating manual tasks and freeing up valuable time for other important tasks.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite asset management solutions. Check them out below!

  1. iYogi’s Asset Management Software

iYogi’s asset management software helps organizations track their IT assets in real time and enables them to ensure they’re using their hardware optimally.

It provides detailed reports on every device connected to your network so that you know exactly what’s been used, when it was last used, what updates need to be applied and more.

You can also use this software to check if any user has accessed confidential information without authorization or if anyone has installed unauthorized apps on company computers.

This tool also supports compliance regulations like PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability


 ServiceNow ITAM is the ITAM solution for ServiceNow. It provides a complete set of ITAM capabilities that allow you to manage your entire IT asset lifecycle, from planning and procurement through retirement.

ServiceNow ITAM Features:

– Asset Lifecycle Management – Plan, track, and manage your entire asset portfolio. Manage your assets by category, location, vendor, business unit, or any other criteria that makes sense for the organization;

– Inventory & Maintenance – Inventory all hardware and software assets in your organization; track maintenance work orders automatically from the ServiceNow CMDB or manually through the portal; track warranty expiration dates for all assets;

– Asset Management – Monitor service level agreements for all hardware and software assets in your organization; monitor license compliance for all software licenses deployed in your environment; receive alerts when an asset exceeds service level agreement thresholds or when maintenance is due on an asset


 ServiceNow ITAM Pricing

ServiceNow has multiple pricing options. The first is based on the number of users you have, and the second is based on the number of “resources” you use.

The first option is very easy to understand: it’s based on the number of users you have. The more users you have, the more expensive your per-user price will be.

If you have 3,000 employees but only 1,000 are using ServiceNow, then only those 1,000 employees will cost money. If you want all 3,000 people using ServiceNow, then you need to pay for all 3,000 people — even if they’re not using it at all!

The second option is much more complex and involves a lot more math than simply counting up how many people are using it.

This pricing model is based on what we call “resources” in ITAM. A resource can be anything from an application server to a network device or even a Windows desktop computer running an application like Microsoft Office 365 or Adobe Acrobat Reader X Pro.

What Is Asset Management Software?

 Asset management software is a tool used to track and manage assets. These assets can be anything from vehicles and machinery to software licenses, contracts and inventory. Asset management software allows users to easily track their assets in one place, so they can quickly identify which assets are missing or need servicing.

Asset management software allows organizations to keep tabs on the location of all their assets at any given time, while also keeping track of who has access to them and how they’re being used.

This helps companies prevent theft and misuse of company resources, as well as manage risk.

Asset Management Software Benefits

Asset management software offers many benefits for businesses large and small:

Identify unauthorized use of company assets: Companies can use asset management software to track who has access to which vehicles or equipment, allowing them to identify unauthorized use immediately.

A manager might suspect that an employee is using the company van for personal errands after noticing several trips between home and work during regular business hours.

With asset management software, he could check the vehicle’s GPS tracking history and find out if this is indeed happening.

Track repair history: Businesses that rely heavily on heavy machinery may want to know when their machines were last serviced — particularly if they’re dealing with expensive equipment like tractors or excavators

How Can Asset Management Tools Help Your Business?

 Asset management tools are used by businesses to track their assets, ensuring that they are always in good condition. This helps to prevent accidents and other problems with your business’s machinery. It also allows you to use your assets more efficiently, saving money and time.

Asset management tools can help you keep track of your inventory and equipment, making sure that you have the right amount of supplies available at all times. This will help prevent shortages or overages that could cause problems with your supply chain or production lines.

The best asset management software will keep track of all the important details about your equipment and inventory, from their current location to their value and age.

This helps ensure that everything is accounted for properly so you can keep track of what equipment needs repair or replacement soon, which saves money on maintenance costs as well as preventing accidents due to poor maintenance practices or lack of preventive maintenance checks.

1. Optimum Asset Utilization

 Optimum Asset Utilization is the practice of using assets in the most effective way possible. The principle can be applied to all types of assets, including human, financial and physical ones.

Optimum Asset Utilization is important because it allows organizations to increase their productivity and efficiency. By ensuring that employees are being used in the best way possible, companies can increase their revenue and profits from any given level of resources.

The principle of optimum asset utilization is based on the idea that there is always a best use for any given resource. This means that there are many different ways that a company could utilize its resources, but only one optimal way.

Optimum Asset Utilization requires managers to think about their workforce as a whole rather than focusing on individual workers or teams. Managers must consider how each individual employee fits into the overall organization and what role they play in achieving organizational goals.

2. Reduction In Maintenance Expenses

 The need for maintenance is reduced.

In the past, the supply of water in cities was a problem, so it was necessary to use water-saving fixtures and appliances. Nowadays we have plenty of water, so there’s no reason to use water-saving devices.

This can be seen in the shower heads that come with every new house or apartment. They are not designed to conserve water at all!

It’s important to understand that this is a good thing! We need more people using more water because this means that we’ll have less demand for energy-intensive desalination plants.

Reduction In Maintenance Expenses.

The reduction in maintenance expenses is one of the most important benefits of switching from electric heaters to gas heaters. Electric heaters require annual maintenance checks by professionals while gas heaters don’t require any maintenance at all.

3. Enables Real-time Asset Management

 Asset management software provides a centralized storage location for assets, and can be used to create customized reports. It allows you to track the location, condition and value of your assets, and also provides real-time visibility into the status of your inventory.

You can also use asset management software to create detailed reports and analyze trends in asset performance over time.

Asset management systems are typically used by large companies that have complex or extensive IT infrastructures, such as manufacturing plants or government agencies

Enables Real-time Asset Management.

Asset Management Software allows for real-time visibility into the status of your inventory. You can also use asset management software to create detailed reports and analyze trends in asset performance over time.

4. Detailed Asset Reports

 Why is it important?

Detailed asset reports are the foundation of your business. They help you identify opportunities to improve efficiency and profitability, and they provide a means of measuring overall success.

With detailed asset reports, you can also see how your company is performing against industry averages on key metrics. This helps you understand how well your company is performing compared to its peers.

How do I get them?

Detailed asset reports can be obtained from multiple sources, including:

Financial statements: These are the most common source of detailed asset reports. You’ll find financial statements in annual reports, quarterly earnings releases and 10-Ks (annual reports for public companies).

Financial statements provide a snapshot of the assets owned by a company at a specific point in time — usually the end of each reporting period — along with their valuation and classification (e.g., current assets include cash, accounts receivable and inventory).

They also provide insight into how much money was spent acquiring these assets during that same period — known as capital expenditures or capex — which can help you determine whether there might be an opportunity for cost savings down the road.

Accounting software: Accounting software systems like QuickBooks generate their own versions of detailed asset

5. Enhanced Productivity

Creating a better work environment can lead to enhanced productivity. You can make your office a more comfortable and inspiring place to work by improving the lighting, adding plants and greenery, and installing artwork.

These changes can also help reduce stress and improve concentration, which will result in an overall increase in productivity.

Improved Health & Wellness.

People who have access to natural light tend to be more productive in their jobs, according to research published by the University of Michigan School of Public Health. This is because sunlight has a positive effect on our circadian rhythms (our body clock), which affects our energy levels throughout the day.

Increased Productivity means Increased Profits!

If you want to boost your bottom line, then it pays to invest in good indoor air quality for your office space

6. Enables Better Asset Audits

 Asset management is a critical component in the success of any organization. It is essential that companies have a clear picture of their assets, including what they are, where they are and how much they are worth. To help with this, organizations often turn to asset audits.

Asset audits help companies identify their assets and ensure they have an accurate record of what they own.

The most common way to perform an audit is by walking through every part of the business – including storage areas and offices – and writing down everything you see or hear about. This can be time-consuming, but it is also one of the most effective ways to get an accurate inventory.

However, performing an audit manually can be time consuming and costly – especially if you’re trying to do it on multiple sites at once. That’s why many organizations rely on software solutions like AssetCentric to automate their asset management processes as much as possible.

AssetCentric enables better asset audits by allowing users to create customized inventories for different parts of their business.

Managers can then use these inventories when performing audits so that they don’t miss anything important during their inspections.

In addition, AssetCentric offers several other benefits for those looking for ways to improve their asset management strategies

Best Asset Management Software – Wrap Up

In this article, we’ve looked at the best asset management software on the market. We’ve examined each feature to help you pick the right one.

We’ve also given you some tips on how to choose an asset management tool, and why it is important to use one in the first place.

If you’re not sure where to start, our guide will help you find out more about what these programs can offer your business.

It’s important to remember that no single tool is going to suit every business, so we recommend that before investing any money into an asset management system, you speak with a specialist who can recommend a solution that will work for your needs.