Marlon Brando was one of the most influential actors in Hollywood. He’s been nominated for three Academy Awards, and has won two.

One of his first performances is as Stanley Kowalski in Tennessee Williams’ “A Streetcar Named Desire.” His performance is so raw and emotional that it helped him land a Best Actor Oscar nomination at the time.

Marlon Brando had many iconic roles throughout his career, but he will always be remembered for being an actor who brought to life some of America’s favorite literary characters such as Don Vito Corleone from Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather trilogy or Colonel Walter E Kurtz from Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now.

Best Marlon Brando Movies

Let’s start the list off with an absolute cinema classic, Apocalypse Now.

Apocalypse Now (1979)

Apocalypse Now is a cinematic masterpiece that takes the viewer on a journey into the heart of darkness.

The film, directed by Francis Ford Coppola, is a surreal and visceral exploration of the horrors of war and the human psyche.

The cinematography is stunning, with lush jungle landscapes and hauntingly beautiful images that stay with you long after the film has ended.

The performances are equally impressive, with Martin Sheen delivering a nuanced and intense portrayal of a man sent on a mission that tests his sanity.

The film’s soundtrack is also a standout, with iconic songs like “The End” and “Ride of the Valkyries” adding to the film’s already palpable tension.

Apocalypse Now is not an easy watch, but it is an important one. It forces us to confront the darker aspects of humanity and the cost of war.

It is a film that will stay with you long after the credits roll. Highly recommended for fans of thought-provoking cinema.


Apocalypse Now Final Cut [Blu-ray] [4K UHD]
  • Marlon Brando, Robert Duvall, Martin Sheen (Actors)
  • Francis Ford Coppola (Director)
  • English, French, Spanish (Subtitles)
  • Audience Rating: Unrated (Not Rated)

The Godfather (1972)

The Godfather is a cinematic masterpiece that has stood the test of time. Francis Ford Coppola’s direction, combined with Mario Puzo’s screenplay and a star-studded cast, creates a captivating and immersive experience that transports the viewer to the Corleone family’s world.

Marlon Brando’s performance as Vito Corleone is nothing short of legendary, and Al Pacino’s portrayal of Michael Corleone is equally impressive as he undergoes a dramatic transformation throughout the film.


The score by Nino Rota is iconic and sets the tone for each scene. The cinematography by Gordon Willis is breathtaking, with a mix of dark shadows and bright colors that perfectly capture the mood of the story.

The Godfather is a film that deserves its place in the pantheon of great cinema. It’s a gripping tale of power, family, and loyalty that will leave you speechless.

If you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favor and watch it immediately.

The Godfather
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, James Caan (Actors)
  • Francis Ford Coppola (Director) - Francis Ford Coppola (Writer) - Albert S. Ruddy (Producer)
  • English (Playback Language)
  • English (Subtitle)



Who Is Marlon Brando?

Marlon Brando is one of the most famous actors in American history.

He has been nominated for Academy Awards a record-setting eight times, winning two awards in the 1950s and early 1960s.



Last Tango In Paris (1973)

Last Tango In Paris is a provocative and controversial film that explores the raw and primal nature of human desire.

Directed by the legendary Italian filmmaker Bernardo Bertolucci, the film stars Marlon Brando in one of his most daring and intense performances.

Set in Paris, the film follows an American expatriate named Paul, who finds himself in a passionate and sexually charged relationship with a much younger woman named Jeanne.

As their relationship intensifies, the line between love and lust becomes increasingly blurred, leading to a shocking and tragic conclusion.

Bertolucci’s direction is masterful, capturing the raw emotions and sensuality of the characters with stunning visual style.

The film’s explicit sexual content and controversial themes have generated much debate and controversy over the years, but there is no denying the power and impact of Last Tango In Paris.

Brando delivers a tour-de-force performance, imbuing the character of Paul with an intensity and vulnerability that is both captivating and disturbing.


Maria Schneider is equally impressive as Jeanne, bringing a sense of youthful innocence and curiosity to her role.

Last Tango In Paris is a challenging and thought-provoking film that pushes the boundaries of cinematic storytelling. It’s not for everyone, but those willing to confront its controversial themes and explicit content will be rewarded with a film that is both captivating and unforgettable.


Last Tango in Paris (Uncut Version) [Blu-ray]
  • Factory sealed DVD
  • Marlon Brando, Maria Schneider, Jean-Pierre Léaud (Actors)
  • Bernardo Bertolucci (Director) - Bernardo Bertolucci (Writer) - Alberto Grimaldi (Producer)
  • English, French (Subtitles)
  • English (Publication Language)

A Streetcar Named Desire (1951)

A Streetcar Named Desire is a cinematic masterpiece that is as relevant today as it was when it first hit theaters.

Directed by the legendary Elia Kazan and based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning play by Tennessee Williams, this film is a tour de force of acting, cinematography, and storytelling.

The film follows the journey of Blanche DuBois, a former schoolteacher who moves to New Orleans to live with her sister Stella and her husband Stanley.

Blanche is a complex character, haunted by her past and struggling to maintain her fragile grip on reality.

As she becomes entangled in the lives of Stella and Stanley, the tension between the characters builds to a devastating crescendo.

The acting in A Streetcar Named Desire is nothing short of phenomenal. Vivien Leigh delivers a career-defining performance as Blanche, capturing the character’s vulnerability and volatility with equal skill.


Marlon Brando is equally impressive as Stanley, bringing a raw intensity to the role that is both mesmerizing and terrifying.

The film’s cinematography is also a standout feature. The use of shadows and light creates a sense of claustrophobia that perfectly mirrors the characters’ emotional states.

A Streetcar Named Desire
  • Vivien Leigh, Marlon Brando, Kim Hunter (Actors)
  • Elia Kazan (Director)
  • English (Subtitle)
  • Audience Rating: PG (Parental Guidance Suggested)

On The Waterfront (1954)

On The Waterfront is a cinematic masterpiece that explores the gritty underly of New York’s dockyards in the 1950s. 

The film follows the story of Terry Malloy (Brando), a former boxer turned dockworker who finds himself caught between his loyalty to his corrupt union boss and his conscience.

When he witnesses a murder, his moral compass is put to the test as he struggles to do what’s right.

Brando gives a stunning performance as the conflicted and vulnerable Terry, capturing the character’s emotional turmoil with raw intensity.

The supporting cast, including Eva Marie Saint as Terry’s love interest and Lee J. Cobb as the ruthless union boss, also deliver exceptional performances that add depth and nuance to the story.

The film’s cinematography is equally impressive, with striking black and white visuals that capture the starkness and brutality of the dockyard environment.

The use of light and shadow creates an atmosphere of tension and unease, adding to the film’s overall sense of foreboding.

On The Waterfront is a timeless classic that remains relevant today, highlighting the importance of standing up against corruption and fighting for what’s right. 


On the Waterfront (Special Edition)
  • On The Waterfront (Special Edition) - DVD Brand New
  • Marlon Brando, Karl Malden, Lee J. Cobb (Actors)
  • Elia Kazan (Director) - Budd Schulberg (Writer) - Sam Spiegel (Producer)
  • Thai, Mandarin Chinese, Korean, English, Portuguese (Subtitles)
  • Audience Rating: NR (Not Rated)

The Wild One (1953)

The Wild One is a classic film that showcases the rebellious spirit of the 1950s.

Marlon Brando’s performance as the leader of a motorcycle gang is captivating, and his iconic leather jacket and slicked-back hair have become synonymous with the image of a rebel.

The film tackles themes of youth rebellion, masculinity, and societal norms, which were highly relevant during the time of its release.

The cinematography and direction by Laslo Benedek are impressive, as they capture the rough and tumble world of the motorcycle gang with authenticity and grit.

Despite its age, The Wild One still holds up as a relevant and thought-provoking film. It is a must-watch for anyone interested in the history of cinema and the cultural impact of rebellion.

The film’s impact is still felt today, with countless references and homages in popular culture. 

The Wild One
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Marlon Brando, Ray Teal, Peggy Maley (Actors)
  • Laslo Benedek (Director) - John Paxton (Writer) - Stanley Kramer (Producer)
  • French (Playback Languages)
  • French (Subtitle)

Reflections In A Golden Eye (1967)

Reflections In A Golden Eye is a haunting and atmospheric film that explores the inner turmoil and repressed desires of its characters.

Set on a military base in the South during the 1940s, the film follows a cast of complex characters as they navigate their way through a world that is suffocatingly rigid and oppressive.

Director John Huston masterfully captures the tension and unease that permeates throughout the film, using striking imagery and a moody, evocative score to create a sense of foreboding that never lets up.

The performances are uniformly excellent, with Marlon Brando and Elizabeth Taylor delivering standout turns as two troubled individuals whose lives intersect in unexpected ways.


Mutiny On The Bounty (1962)

Mutiny on the Bounty is a classic adventure film that will take you on a thrilling ride through the South Pacific seas.

Starring the legendary Brando as the charismatic Fletcher Christian and Trevor Howard as the strict Captain Bligh, the film tells the story of the infamous mutiny on the HMS Bounty.

The cinematography is breathtaking, capturing the beauty and danger of the ocean as well as the lush, tropical landscapes of the islands.

The attention to detail in the sets and costumes also adds to the authenticity of the film, transporting the viewer back to the late 18th century.

Brando delivers a powerful performance as the conflicted Christian, torn between his loyalty to his captain and his compassion for his fellow crew members.

Mutiny on the Bounty (Two-Disc Special Edition)
  • Mutiny On The Bounty (Two-Disc Special Edition) - DVD Brand New
  • Marlon Brando (Actor)
  • English, Spanish, French (Subtitles)
  • Audience Rating: NR (Not Rated)

Guys And Dolls (1955)

Guys And Dolls is a classic musical that’s sure to make you tap your feet and sing along. The film tells the story of a group of gamblers and their romantic entanglements in 1950s New York City.

Brando and Frank Sinatra shine as the two leading men, with Brando surprising audiences with his singing and dancing skills.

Meanwhile, Jean Simmons and Vivian Blaine add depth and humor to their roles as the love interests of the men.

The music in Guys And Dolls is catchy and memorable, with hits like “Luck Be a Lady” and “Sit Down, You’re Rockin’ the Boat” sure to linger in your head long after the credits roll.

The colorful sets and costumes add to the film’s charm, transporting viewers to a bygone era of glamour and romance.

While the plot may be a bit predictable, the performances and music make Guys And Dolls a joy to watch.

It’s a feel-good movie that’s perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon or a cozy night in with loved ones. If you’re a fan of classic musicals, this one is not to be missed.


Guys and Dolls
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Marlon Brando, Jean Simmons, Frank Sinatra (Actors)
  • Joseph L. Mankiewicz (Director) - Jo Swerling (Writer) - Samuel Goldwyn (Producer)
  • English (Playback Language)
  • English (Subtitle)

The Young Lions (1958)

The Young Lions is a powerful war film that explores the experiences of three soldiers from different backgrounds during World War II.

Brando, Montgomery Clift, and Dean Martin deliver standout performances as they navigate the hardships and moral dilemmas of war.

The film is beautifully shot, with sweeping landscapes and intense battle scenes that capture the chaos and brutality of war.

The script is well-written, providing insight into the characters’ motivations and inner struggles.

What sets “The Young Lions” apart from other war films is its focus on the personal experiences of the soldiers, rather than just the political or strategic aspects of the war. It’s a poignant examination of the toll that war takes on individuals and their relationships.

The Young Lions (Import, Ntsc, All Region)
  • dvd movies
  • Marlon Brando, Montgomery Clift, Dean Martin (Actors)
  • Edward Dmytryk (Director)
  • English, Spanish (Subtitles)
  • Audience Rating: NR (Not Rated)

Sayonara (1957)

Sayonara is a heartbreaking film that explores the complexities of love, war, and cultural differences.

Starring Brando and Miyoshi Umeki, the movie tells the story of an American airman who falls in love with a Japanese woman, but their relationship is challenged by the societal norms and prejudices of the time.

Director Joshua Logan masterfully captures the beauty and tragedy of the Japanese culture, as well as the struggle of the characters to find their place in a world torn apart by war.

Brando delivers a powerful performance as a conflicted man torn between his duty to his country and his love for a woman from a different culture.

The film’s exploration of racism and discrimination feels as relevant today as it did over 60 years ago. Sayonara is a poignant reminder of the dangers of intolerance and the power of love to overcome even the most deeply ingrained prejudices.

Sayonara is a beautifully crafted film that will leave you with a heavy heart and a renewed appreciation for the complexities of human relationships. 


Sayonara ( 1957 ) [ Blu-Ray, Reg.A/B/C Import - Spain ]
  • Sayonara ( 1957 )
  • Sayonara ( 1957 )
  • Marlon Brando, Patricia Owens, Red Buttons (Actors)
  • Joshua Logan (Director) - Sayonara ( 1957 ) (Producer)
  • Spanish (Subtitle)

Julius Caesar (1955)

Julius Caesar  is a masterful adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic play, with stunning performances from a talented cast.

Marlon Brando delivers a powerful portrayal of the conflicted and complex Julius Caesar, while James Mason shines as the cunning and calculating Brutus.

The film’s direction is impeccable, with impressive use of shadows and lighting to create an intense and atmospheric mood.

The costumes and sets are also noteworthy, transporting the viewer to ancient Rome with remarkable authenticity.

While the film may not adhere closely to historical accuracy, it remains a cinematic masterpiece that captures the essence of Shakespeare’s timeless drama.

A must-watch for fans of classic cinema and Shakespeare enthusiasts alike.

Julius Caesar (1953) (DVD)
  • Factory sealed DVD
  • Marlon Brando, James Mason, John Gielgud (Actors)
  • Joseph L. Mankiewicz (Director) - John Houseman (Producer) - William Shakespeare (Author)
  • English, Spanish, French (Subtitles)
  • Audience Rating: NR (Not Rated)

The Chase (1966)

The Chase is a thrilling and suspenseful film that will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

Directed by Arthur Penn, the film features an all-star cast including Marlon Brando, Jane Fonda, and Robert Redford.

The story follows the escape of a small-town Texas convict named Bubber (Redford), who is on the run after being wrongly accused of a murder.

As he makes his way through the countryside, he is pursued by both the police and a group of vigilantes led by the town’s corrupt millionaire (Brando).

Along the way, he is aided by his former girlfriend (Fonda) who is now married to the town’s sheriff.

The performances in this film are outstanding, particularly Brando’s portrayal of the ruthless and power-hungry J.D. The tension between Redford and Fonda is palpable, and their chemistry is undeniable.

The cinematography is also noteworthy, with stunning shots of the Texas landscape and beautifully framed close-ups of the actors.

The music, composed by John Barry, perfectly captures the mood of the film and adds to the suspense.


The Chase
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Marlon Brando, Jane Fonda, Robert Redford (Actors)
  • Arthur Penn (Director) - Horton Foote (Writer) - Sam Spiegel (Producer)
  • English (Playback Language)
  • English (Subtitle)

The Men (1950)

The Men is a powerful and thought-provoking film that explores the struggles of disabled war veterans in post-World War II America.

The film stars Brando in one of his earliest roles as Ken, a young soldier who becomes paralyzed from the waist down after being shot in combat.

The film is a sobering look at the challenges faced by disabled veterans as they struggle to adjust to civilian life.

Brando’s portrayal of Ken is raw and emotionally charged, capturing the frustration and anger that many disabled veterans experienced during this time.

The supporting cast is equally impressive, with Teresa Wright delivering a standout performance as Ellen, a compassionate nurse who helps Ken come to terms with his disability.

The film’s themes of hope, acceptance and the importance of human connection are timeless and resonate just as strongly today as they did when the film was first released.

With its strong performances and poignant themes, it’s a film that will stay with you long after the credits roll.

The Men [VHS]
  • Marlon Brando, Teresa Wright, Everett Sloane (Actors)
  • Fred Zinnemann (Director) - Carl Foreman (Writer) - Georges Glass (Producer)
  • Audience Rating: NR (Not Rated)

Superman (1978)

Superman is a cinematic masterpiece that deserves all the accolades it has received over the years.

Christopher Reeve’s portrayal of the Man of Steel is iconic and timeless, bringing to life the character’s sense of justice, honor, and compassion in a way that has yet to be surpassed.

The film’s plot is well-crafted, with a perfect balance of action, drama, and humor. The special effects may seem dated by today’s standards, but they still hold up remarkably well, adding to the film’s overall charm and authenticity.

What sets Superman apart from other superhero films is its heart. The film is not just about a man with superpowers saving the world, but about the human connection between Clark Kent and the people he loves.

His relationship with Lois Lane, in particular, is a highlight of the film, and their chemistry is undeniable.


Superman: The Movie (Special Edition)
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Marlon Brando, Gene Hackman, Christopher Reeve (Actors)
  • Richard Donner (Director) - Mario Puzo (Writer) - Pierre Spengler (Producer)
  • Audience Rating: PG (Parental Guidance Suggested)

Burn! (1969)

Burn! is a captivating film that offers a glimpse into the tumultuous world of colonialism and rebellion in the 19th century.

Directed by Gillo Pontecorvo, the film tells the story of a British soldier named William Walker (played brilliantly by Brando) who is sent to a fictional Caribbean island to quell a slave rebellion.

What follows is a gripping tale of political intrigue, betrayal, and violence as Walker becomes embroiled in the conflict and begins to sympathize with the rebels.

The film’s stunning cinematography and evocative score add to the already palpable tension, making for a truly immersive viewing experience.

Brando’s performance is nothing short of mesmerizing, capturing the complex emotions and motivations of a man torn between his duty to his country and his conscience.

The supporting cast, including Evaristo Márquez as rebel leader José Dolores and Renato Salvatori as Walker’s conflicted aide, also deliver standout performances.

Burn! [DVD]
  • Marlon Brando, Evaristo Marquez, Renato Salvatori, Dana Ghia, Valeria Ferran Wanani (Author)
  • English, French (Subtitles)
  • Audience Rating: Unrated (Not Rated)
  • 11/08/2005 (Publication Date) - MGM (Video & DVD) (Publisher)

The Fugitive Kind (1960)

The Fugitive Kind is a compelling drama that explores the complexities of human relationships and desires.

Based on Tennessee Williams’ play “Orpheus Descending,” the film follows the story of Val Xavier (played by Marlon Brando), a drifter who arrives in a small Southern town and becomes entangled with its troubled inhabitants.

The film boasts a stellar cast, including Joanne Woodward as the restless and conflicted Lady Torrance, and Anna Magnani as the passionate and possessive Vee Talbot.

Brando’s performance as the enigmatic and charismatic Val is a tour-de-force, displaying his range as an actor and his ability to inhabit complex characters.

The film’s themes of love, betrayal, and societal norms are explored through powerful dialogue and evocative imagery.Lumet’s direction is masterful, creating a palpable sense of tension and unease throughout the film.

The Fugitive Kind is a gripping and emotionally charged drama that showcases the talents of its cast and crew.


Fugitive Kind (The Criterion Collection) [DVD]
  • Marlon Brando, Joanne Woodward, Anna Magnani (Actors)
  • Sidney Lumet (Director) - Meade Roberts (Writer)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • Audience Rating: NR (Not Rated)

A Dry White Season (1989)

A Dry White Season is a powerful and emotionally charged film that explores the brutal realities of apartheid-era South Africa.

Directed by Euzhan Palcy, the film follows the story of Ben du Toit (Donald Sutherland), a white South African schoolteacher who becomes embroiled in the struggle for justice after the son of his black gardener is arrested and killed by the police.

The film is a searing indictment of the apartheid system, and Pal’s direction is masterful in capturing the tension and violence of the era.

The performances are outstanding, with Sutherland delivering a nuanced and powerful portrayal of a man struggling to come to terms with the injustices of his society.

Zakes Mokae also shines as the lawyer who helps Ben uncover the truth about the death of his gardener’s son.

A Dry White Season is a must-see film that explores important themes of justice, racism, and the struggle for freedom. It is a powerful reminder of the atrocities committed during apartheid and the ongoing fight for equality and human rights.

A Dry White Season
  • Donald Sutherland, Janet Suzman, Zakes Mokae (Actors)
  • Euzhan Palcy (Director)
  • English, French (Subtitles)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • Audience Rating: R (Restricted)

Viva Zapata! (1952)

Viva Zapata! is a powerful tale of revolution and resistance, directed by the legendary Elia Kazan and starring Marlon Brando in a standout performance as the Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata.

The film takes us through the tumultuous journey of Zapata as he leads a rebellion against the corrupt government and fights for the rights of the oppressed peasants in his country.

Kazan’s direction is superb, capturing the beauty and brutality of the Mexican landscape with stunning cinematography.

The film’s score, composed by the legendary Alex North, is also a standout, perfectly capturing the film’s emotional beats and lending an epic quality to the story.

But it is Brando’s performance that truly steals the show. His portrayal of Zapata is nuanced and complex, capturing both the fiery passion of the revolutionary and the humanity of the man behind the myth.

His scenes with Anthony Quinn, who plays his brother and fellow revolutionary, are particularly powerful and emotional.

Its themes of justice, equality, and solidarity are as relevant today as they were in 1952, making it a timeless classic that should not be missed.


Viva Zapata!
  • English, French, Spanish (Subtitles)
  • Audience Rating: NR (Not Rated)

One-Eyed Jacks (1961)

One-Eyed Jacks, directed by and starring Marlon Brando, is a classic Western film that is both visually stunning and emotionally gripping.

Set in the 1880s, the movie follows the story of Rio (Brando) and his partner Dad Longworth (Karl Malden) as they rob a bank and flee to Mexico. However, things take a dark turn when Dad betrays Rio and leaves him to be captured by the authorities.

The film features breathtaking landscapes and stunning cinematography that perfectly capture the rugged beauty of the American West.

The performances are top-notch, with Brando delivering a nuanced and powerful portrayal of a man consumed by a desire for vengeance.

One-Eyed Jacks is a slow-burning masterpiece that rewards patient viewers with a gripping story and unforgettable characters. 

One-Eyed Jacks (The Criterion Collection) [Blu-ray]
  • Marlon Brando (Actor)
  • Marlon Brando (Director)
  • English (Subtitle)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • Audience Rating: NR (Not Rated)

Best Marlon Brando Movies – Wrap Up

Marlon Brando was one of Hollywood’s most iconic actors.

His last movie, The Score, featured him in an unusual role as a man who is trying to rob banks for his family.

While the film did not make it into theaters, it has since been released on DVD and can be streamed online.

We hope this guide to the best Marlon Brando movies has been useful. What Marlon Brando movie will you watch tonight?

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