A tagline is a line or phrase that can be used in advertising to promote the brand. It is usually short and catchy, often with an emotional appeal.

A tagline may also represent a slogan that captures the essence of the company’s philosophy or values.



What Are Movie Taglines?

A movie tagline is a short, memorable phrase that can be used to promote movies.

They are often printed on posters or in the trailers for the movie and they usually contain a quote from the movie.

The audience will remember these quotes and associate them with the film which helps draw people into seeing it.



A tagline is a short and memorable phrase that conveys the essence of a company, organization, or product. It may be used in advertising or as part of an organization’s mission statement.

Tagline Definition

A tagline typically consists of just one sentence (although it can be up to three). The goal is to create a succinct summary that grabs attention and holds it. A good tagline will work like this:

  • You notice the ad because you’re intrigued by what they’re offering.
  • You read more about them because you want to know more about their offer.

Best Movie Taglines

Taglines are often found on company logos and printed materials, but they can also be heard in radio advertisements or seen in TV commercials.

Taglines are used by companies because they have been proven time and time again to increase sales as well as to help explain what the movie is about without having to read through an entire synopsis.

Some famous examples include: “Just Do It” by Nike; “I Want My MTV” by MTV.

Horror Movie Taglines

Horror movies are not for the faint of heart. A movie that is designed to scare and horrify its audience.

The phrase “to be scared out of your wits” was made for horror film fans, but it’s not just a lot of screaming and running from ghosts; there are plenty of great quotes you can use in everyday conversation as well!

Think about some famous horror movie taglines:

-“In space, no one can hear you scream.”

-“I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe.”

-“You’ll die laughing!”

Some other classics include: “He knows your fears”, “The best-laid plans…go awry”, or even, “Be afraid. Be very afraid.”

Comedic Movie Taglines

Every movie has a tagline to entice the viewer. Some are funny, some are serious, and some are downright cheesy. The following is my take on comedic movie taglines.

The following are the results of a survey that asked people to pick their favorite movie taglines. A total of 1,000 respondents were surveyed and they answer 5 questions about their favorite movie tagline.

Some popular comedic movie taglines include: “What’s your favorite scary movie? Mine’s funny!” (Scary Movie), “He’s not just America’s Dad, he was everybody’s dad” (Everybody Loves Raymond), “In space no one can hear you scream.” (Alien).

What makes a good comedy tagline? There are so many factors that could contribute to whether or not it’s effective. A few things I think make a great tagline:

1. It should be short enough for the audience to remember – if it’s too long, people will forget parts of it which defeats the whole purpose of having a tagline in the first place!

2. The humor must match what you’re about to watch – depending on the type of comedy.

Disney Movie Taglines

Disney is known for creating movies that have some of the best taglines in the world. These are a few Disney movie taglines, their meaning, and why they’re so well-known.

I bet you watched more than one Disney movie in your lifetime.

But do you actually know what each of these taglines means?

Let me explain!

The Lion King is a great example of this because it says “hakuna matata” which translates to “no worries”.

This phrase was used by Simba’s father Mufasa when he talks about the circle of life and how everything is going to be okay because we have our loved ones with us on this journey. It became an iconic part of The Lion King’s branding.

Superhero Movie Taglines

What makes a good superhero movie? What tagline best captures its essence? You might think that it’s all about the hero’s journey.

Have you ever wondered what the tagline for your favorite superhero movie would be? Well, look no further because we’ve got you covered!

The Avengers: “Together We Can Save The World”

Captain America: “He’s Just A Regular Guy – Till He Slaps On The Red, White And Blue”

Thor: “I’m Thor. I Smash.”

Spider-Man 2: “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”

Dramatic Movie Taglines

We all love to go see a good drama, and I’m no exception. But there’s one thing that can make the movie experience even better – the tagline!

Taglines for dramatic movies are often very interesting or emotional in order to get people excited about the film.


Some of my favorite taglines include “You’ll never want to be right again.” (The Mist);

“He has nothing left but revenge.” (Oldboy);

“One child will sacrifice everything for everyone” (Children of Men).

What Was The Tagline For Titanic?

At the turn of the 19th century, a ship called Titanic was built and set to sail. The ship’s builders had boasted that it would be unsinkable because it was designed with watertight compartments in case of an incident like this.

The tagline for Titanic is one of the most famous lines in Hollywood history. The line comes from a book that was written by an author who had never been on a passenger liner and only spent two hours onboard a ship.

Someone once said, “Anything worth doing is worth doing well.” That’s why we’re going to take the time to answer this question: what was the tagline for Titanic?

“I’m the King of the world!”

Best Movie Taglines

What are the best movie taglines?

The media plays such an important role in our lives, and just like any other form of entertainment, it is important to take time out for some self-care. Watching films can provide us with moments that we need as a break from reality.

If you’ve ever watched a movie, chances are you have seen a tagline. Taglines usually include one or two sentences that concisely summarize the story and give an idea of what to expect in the film.

They can be funny, serious, hopeful, inspirational—but they always capture your attention with just five words.

How Do You Come Up With A Tagline For A Movie?

What is the best movie tagline? Is it, without a doubt, Jaws  “Just when you think it’s safe to go back into the water…” or Jurassic Park, “Life found a way.” What about E.T., “E.T. Phone Home”?

But how do they come up with these catchy phrases that end up being stuck in your head for days?

If you’re looking for an example of this, take a look at Apple’s slogan: “Think Different”.

This tells people that their products will help them think differently about the world around them.