Product managers are often tasked with the responsibility of overseeing all aspects of a product or service.

In order to do this effectively, they need to have an effective system that allows them to do their job effectively.

This could be anything from invoicing to managing project timelines and budgets.

So what is the best product management software? It depends on your needs as well as the needs of your company.

Product management software can help you in many ways including:

    • Managing projects.
    • Managing customer relationships.
    • Invoicing customers.
    • Tracking time spent on projects.


Best Product Management Software

What Are Product Management Software

Product Management Software is the software that helps in managing the product life-cycle of any business.
It helps you in managing all the activities related to creating, launching and maintaining your product. Product Management Software provides tools for planning, creating and tracking products.

Product management software can be used by anyone who is involved in Product Management. It helps them to manage their time efficiently while they are working on the product at hand.
You can use it to track your projects as well as monitor their progress.

Product managers have a lot of responsibilities which they need to handle while working on their projects.
They need to handle all aspects of development, sales and marketing of their products. A good product management software will help them manage these tasks effectively so that they can focus on their core competencies only.



What Is The Best Product Management Software?

Let’s take a look at the top product management tools.

1. is a powerful, easy-to-use project management tool that lets you manage all of your projects, conversations and tasks in one place. It’s ideal for teams of any size and includes robust features like task management, project management, file sharing and even customer support.

Our powerful task management feature allows you to create tasks with due dates, assignees and tags. You can even attach files to the task so it’s always up-to-date with your latest changes. also offers a number of integrations with third party apps like Slack, Dropbox, Google Drive and others so you can easily get your team up and running quickly. has been designed from the ground up for teams who are looking for an easy way to collaborate without getting bogged down by complicated software systems. is an award-winning work and project management platform that helps teams of all sizes plan, prioritize, manage, and execute their work more effectively. 

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

2. ClickUp

 ClickUp is a web-based task management and collaboration tool that has been designed for businesses and organizations. It was launched in 2014 by its founders, Alex Benik and Nadav Sharon, who were previously co-founders of the cloud-based accounting software company Xero.

ClickUp is available as a free plan with limited features or can be upgraded to its premium version at $10 per user per month. The basic version of ClickUp offers unlimited projects, tasks, subtasks, users, and storage space.


It also includes features such as task delegation and custom due dates, reminders and notifications. In addition to allowing users to create their own tasks within their account, ClickUp also allows users to attach files to projects and tasks so they can collaborate more easily on projects.


 ClickUp is a complete business software for teams that includes time tracking, invoicing, expense tracking, client management and more. What sets ClickUp apart from other project management tools is that you can use it as a stand-alone product or connect it to any existing app on your system.

For example, if you want to track customer calls in ClickUp, you can do so by using their Call Center feature or integrate with Zoho CRM and Salesforce.

The beauty of ClickUp is that it has all the features you need to run your entire business and doesn’t require additional software or services to run properly. This means less expense on training, maintenance and support.


Pricing Plans:

  • Unlimited Projects – Unlimited Users – 5GB Storage – 10 integrations (Chrome extension included) – 50MB File Uploads – Custom Branding
  • Professional Plan – $19/user/month (billed annually)
  • Unlimited Projects – Unlimited Users – 25GB Storage – 10 integrations (Chrome extension included) – 1GB File Uploads – Custom Branding

3. Wrike

 Wrike is the perfect solution for your business. It allows you to manage all your projects and tasks.

You can assign tasks to different users and track their progress, communicate with your team members, set deadlines and monitor the workflow of each project. Wrike provides an easy way to create a task list, assign it to someone who will perform it, track its progress and get notified when something goes wrong.

The best part is that you can use Wrike even if you don’t have an IT department to support your business. This means that no matter how big or small your company is, you will always be able to find a solution that fits you best!


– Create projects and tasks

– Work with documents and files

– Create checklists, comments and attachments

– Get alerted via email or SMS when there’s an update on your tasks

– Set due dates and reminders for your tasks

– Share files with coworkers and clients


  • Basic Plan ($19/user/month) — $19 per user per month for up to 10 users, with no limits on storage or file size.

Professional Plan (Solo) ($49/user/month) — $49 per user per month for up to 5 users and unlimited storage and file size.

  • Business Plan (Team) ($29/user/month) — $29 per user per month for up to 50 users and unlimited storage and file size.
  • Enterprise Plan (Organization) ($199/user/month) — $199 per user per month for up to 500 users and unlimited storage and file size

4. Celoxis

 Celoxis is a global technology company that provides an integrated suite of enterprise applications and services to the life sciences industry. These include the Celoxis Decision Makers Suite, a flexible and modular platform that enables organizations to deploy on-premise or in the cloud.

The Celoxis Decision Makers Suite is designed to help pharmaceutical companies manage their drug development and commercialization processes from discovery through patent expiry.

Celoxis was founded in 2009 by two former McKinsey consultants who recognized a need for a new approach to managing R&D data. The company has offices in New York City; London; Basel, Switzerland and Munich, Germany.

Best For Mid-Size Businesses

Celoxis is a cloud-based accounting software for mid-size businesses. It has some of the best features in the market, making it easy for you to manage your finances, manage payroll and track expenses.

Celoxis comes with all the essential features that you need to run your business such as accounting, invoicing, inventory management and more. This makes it possible for you to streamline your business processes from end to end.

The software is designed to be simple and easy to use. It also has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for both new users and experienced users alike.

Celoxis has powerful features that make accounting easy:


– A modern web application framework with MVC features, such as RESTful routing and data layer abstractions (ORM).

– An API gateway for secure remote access.

– A SQL database abstraction layer with support for multiple RDBMSs.

– Integration with third-party authentication providers (Google, Facebook etc.).


Celoxis offers a free trial period of 30 days.

Post-paid pricing starts at $9 per user, per month. There are two options available: Basic and Premium.

The Basic plan includes:

– Access to the Celoxis platform

– Access to 1GB of storage space on the Celoxis server

– Unlimited users (minimum 5)

5. ProductPlan

 ProductPlan is the leading product roadmap software. With ProductPlan, you can build and share visual roadmaps, organize everything in your product development process, and get feedback from your team and stakeholders.

ProductPlan is the perfect solution for teams that want to create a high-level view of their product strategy, but also need to dive deep into the details. Some of our customers are technical teams that need to integrate a product roadmapping tool with their development tools, while others are marketing teams that need to plan out their content and events.

Whether you’ve got one product or an entire suite of products, ProductPlan makes it easy to organize your ideas and set priorities for every feature your team wants to build.

Best For Product Roadmapping

 The best product roadmap software features a comprehensive set of features that enables you to plan and execute your product development efforts. A product roadmap is an essential tool for any company looking to grow their business.

It helps you map out all the work that needs to be done in order for your product or service to reach its full potential. It’s also a great way for everyone on your team to stay aligned with what’s most important, so they can spend their time working on things that will have the biggest impact.

But how do you know which product roadmap app is right for you? There are hundreds of options available, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. For example, some apps are better suited for specific industries than others, while some are better suited for large corporations than small startups.


  1. Roadmap Management – Create a visual roadmap in minutes, not months. Use drag-and-drop to prioritize your ideas, then share your roadmap with the world.
  2. Product Management – Create a backlog of features or user stories, prioritize them, assign them to team members or customers, and track progress.
  3. Project Planning – Create a project plan in minutes with our timeline tool, including milestones and due dates.
  4. Issue Tracking – Manage issues from idea to completion using our issue tracking tool.

6. Productboard

 Productboard is an easy-to-use product management tool that helps you create better products faster. You can plan, prioritize, and track all your projects in one place.

ProductBoard is a simple way to see what’s being worked on, where it’s going, and how it’s coming along.

ProductBoard is used by thousands of companies around the world to improve collaboration between teams and increase productivity. It has been featured in publications like The New York Times, Forbes, Inc., Lifehacker and more!


  • Roadmap creation and management
  • Work on the same roadmaps across teams in real-time using our built-in collaboration tools
  • Start using our drag and drop interface to build your own visual roadmap in minutes
  • Get access to our library of templates for different types of projects like technology, marketing or sales roadmaps
  • Customize each element in your roadmap with colors and icons based on your preferences
  • Create new releases, features and issues within seconds to keep track of your ideas by creating cards that can be moved around on your board as they evolve over time


 The Pricing feature allows you to set a price for your product, and shows it on the product page. To add a price, click on the Edit button next to your product name in the Products section of ProductBoard.

Then, select Pricing from the left-hand menu and enter your price in the field. You can also set a discount percentage and expiration date (in days) for the price below. If you want to change the currency being used for your store’s prices, go to Settings > General Settings then click on Currency.

7. Aha

 As an entrepreneur, you need to be able to see the big picture and keep your eye on the goal. You also need to be able to focus on the details and handle all of the little things that go into making a business successful.

Aha! is designed to help you do just that by giving you a single place where you can track everything that matters in your business and stay focused on what really matters.

Aha! gives you a single place where you can track everything that matters in your business – from products to customers, sales, marketing and more. Aha! helps you stay focused on what really matters – like growing your business faster than ever before.

What Is Product Management Software?

 Product management software is a software that helps you manage your products. In other words, it’s an application that helps you track the progress of your product through different stages of development.

Product management software can be used to manage internal and external processes, such as sales and marketing. It is also used to monitor competitors’ products and their performance in the market.

A product manager creates a product roadmap based on the specifications provided by his or her boss or client. The manager then follows up on the progress of each stage of development.

This includes assigning tasks to developers, following up on deadlines, ensuring that all tasks are completed properly, etc.

There are several types of product management software available today:

Standard project management software – This type of product management software is designed for tracking projects from start to finish. The system allows you to assign tasks to different people or departments within an organization so that each person knows what he or she needs to do for each stage of development (e.g., designing).

You can also use this type of system for managing internal processes such as invoicing customers and paying contractors who work on your behalf (e.g., freelancers).

How To Select The Best Product Management Software?

 When it comes to selecting the best product management software, there are a few things that you must take into consideration. The first thing is the type of product you are creating and selling, then the size of your company, and finally how much money you want to spend on your product management software.

The type of product

There are various types of products that can be managed by using a product management software. Some examples include; smartphones, tablets, desktops and laptops. Other products include; mobile apps, websites, web applications and even physical goods such as cars or houses.

Each one of these products has different requirements when it comes to managing them effectively. For example; smartphones require constant updates while desktops require less frequent updates because they are not as popular as smartphones or tablets.

Size of your company

The size of your company also plays an important role when selecting the right product management software for your business needs. If you have a small business then you will most likely require a simple solution that does not cost too much money but still provides all the basic features needed for managing your products effectively without wasting too much time setting up everything manually by yourself which could take hours if not days depending on the size of your business operations. 

Best Product Management Software – Wrap Up

The best Product Management Software is one that makes it easy to create a roadmap, manage projects and collaborate with team members, while also allowing you to keep track of what’s going on within your business.

This is why we have created this list of the best Product Management Software. We have gone through all the different options available in order to help you find the perfect solution for your needs.

If you’re looking for a tool that will help you organize all of your products, then there are plenty of options available. In fact, it can be difficult to choose just one.

We’ve done our homework and tested out each program to ensure that they fit your needs perfectly. We hope you have enjoyed the guide!