In the age of social media, email, and other forms of digital communication, people spend a lot of time on their mobile devices. This means that text message marketing can be an effective way to reach your customers.

In order to use SMS marketing effectively, however, you should use dedicated SMS marketing software that enables you to send mass text messages quickly and easily. This article will look at five great options for SMS marketing software.

We’ll also provide some tips on choosing the right one for your company. With customers becoming more reliant on their mobile devices, how can your business keep up? SMS marketing is an effective way to increase revenue and boost customer engagement, with a 98% open rate.

However, not all text message marketing software is the same. In this article, we’ll compare the best SMS marketing platforms to help you decide which one to use for your business.

Best SMS Marketing Software

What Are SMS Marketing Software

SMS marketing has become a powerful tool for businesses to connect with their customers. The technology is affordable,
easy to use and offers an effective way to reach out to those who are interested in your products or services.

But what makes a mobile marketing platform truly great? How do you choose one? And how do you ensure your mobile campaigns are successful?

This article will provide you with all the information you need to make sure that your SMS marketing campaign is a success.



SMS Marketing Software – Introduction

SMS marketing software is a program that allows you to send promotional text messages. The best SMS marketing platforms can handle a high volume of these types of messages in a short amount of time. 

How Does SMS Marketing Work? The main message of the software is usually the same; it is the  targeting that makes SMS marketing stand out from other mediums. 

Marketers can choose to send their messages to all subscribers, or they can use the information  they have gathered about customers through their CRM (customer relationship management) software to send different messages to different groups. 

For example, one group might receive a discount on a product, while another group might be sent an informative article about the product. Sending messages this way allows for more personalized communication in marketing. 

What is the Best SMS Marketing Software? 

This is a great question, and one we get asked often. There are a lot of options out there, and it can be difficult to know what the best SMS marketing software for your business is. 

You may have a specific requirement  that is not met by existing services, or you may just want to integrate SMS into an application  you have written yourself. Either way,  you will need to pick an SMS gateway provider that suits your needs. 

What is an SMS Gateway? An SMS gateway allows a computer system to send or receive SMS to or from a telecommunications network, thus to or from mobile phones of clients. 

Most messages are eventually routed into the mobile phone networks. 

Many SMS gateways support media conversion from email and other formats. Some require handsets to have the correct service books entries (for picture messaging) on their devices. 

In short, an SMS gateway lets you connect your app or website with one of these carriers so that you can send text messages through it. 

1. SimpleTexting, a hosted business texting service, provides an all-in-one solution for businesses looking to keep in touch with their customers as well as increase sales and drive ROI. 


The company, which has headquarters in New York City, New York, United States, was established in 2012. SimpleTexting is not a reseller of SMS services, but develops its own software and maintains direct connections with the Tier 1 telecom networks. 

This allows it to improve delivery time and assure the reliability of its solutions. The team at SimpleTexting has “a lot of experience” in software development and includes individuals with expertise in design, programming and product management. 

We areSimpleTexting, a simple text message marketing and SMS service provider. We make it easy to send and receive text messages online. 

Currently, our customers include small businesses, event planners, non-profits, churches, and universities. 


SimpleTexting is an easy-to-use text marketing platform built for small businesses.  Here is how it works: Set up a text message marketing campaign in minutes Build lists, create groups, and manage contacts, send bulk SMS messages or single texts to individuals. 

Support your customers with two way messaging. 

Measure performance with detailed analytics 


Easily schedule text blasts. Import contacts into groups through a CSV file. 

Create and send targeted messages to selected groups. Track SMS marketing campaign responses. 

Send and receive MMS messages. 

2. TextMagic 

TextMagic is a bulk SMS marketing service provider founded in 2001. Our tools are: Email to SMS, online SMS, Email to SMS Gateway & SMS API. 

The TextMagic API PHP wrapper can save you a lot of time, as it includes all the necessary API commands and tests. It only takes a few seconds to download it from GitHub and to install it into your own app or software.  

After installation,  you will then be able to send text messages. 

The TextMagic API PHP wrapper can save you a lot of time, as it includes all the necessary API commands and tests. It only takes a few seconds to download it from GitHub and to install it into your own app or software. 

After installation,  you will then be able to send text messages. TextMagic is a bulk SMS marketing service provider founded in 2001.  

Our tools are: Email to SMS, online SMS, Email to SMS Gateway & SMS API. 

Our services are designed to save you time and money while keeping your customers informed, employees in the loop and prospects engaged. 


TextMagic’ is a new SMS marketing service. We are fast, convenient and reliable with business-grade security and encryption.  

TextMagic’s UK SMS text messaging service is quick, simple and very easy to use. 

Send and receive texts from your business number; Personalize your messages with the recipients’ first names; Schedule an SMS campaign, forward replies or set up an auto-responder; Keep track of your messages with delivery receipts; end bulk messages to multiple contacts easily, or send via API for integration into your website or CRM software. 


TextMagic is a powerful bulk SMS messaging service used by over 150,000 business customers in over 200 countries worldwide. The platform offers many features, such as an intuitive web interface, a REST API and the ability to use custom Sender IDs with SMS. 

The TextMagic API provides a robust set of features that allow developers to easily create custom applications on top of TextMagic’s messaging gateway. The API also supports multiple account logins, which means you can use the same API key for all your different accounts or sub-accounts. 

This is particularly useful if you want to build a customized software solution or mobile app for your customers. TextMagic has some great benefits for developers: A powerful RESTful API that fully implements the TextMagic API v2 functionality . 

Support for multiple accounts, including sub-accounts. 

Custom Sender IDs (e.g., your company name) A free trial account to test your application before purchasing any credits 

TextMagic: Text Message Marketing Software
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3. SlickText allows you to send bulk text messages via our easy-to-use SMS Marketing platform. Grow your business by sending coupons, promotions, and event alerts quickly and affordably. 

There is no software to download or install. Our web-based solution can be accessed on any internet enabled device, with no downloads or installation required. is easy to use and built with small businesses in mind!  We are here to help you get started so you can start sending text messages in minutes.  

SlickText is a text message marketing tool that lets you use keywords to build your list. 

Your customers can opt in by texting the keyword to your short code. You can then use their phone number to send targeted offers and messages.  

SlickText is a great way for store owners to connect with customers outside of email and social media by reaching them directly on their phones. 

It is also an effective sales tool, because people are more likely to respond to an offer they receive via SMS than one they get through other channels. But while SlickText makes it simple and easy to create campaigns,  you will need to budget extra time for the initial set up — including making sure your keywords, short codes, and content meet industry standards. 

It is also worth noting that SlickText does not have a free plan, so be prepared for that recurring expense. 


SlickText is a text message marketing service that allows you to send mass text messages to your customers from our easy-to-use dashboard. Whether you are looking for an SMS marketing solution for your business or organization, SlickText has the tools you need to grow your contact list and increase engagement. 

Here are some of the features we offer: Built-in Text to Join Custom Keywords Two-way Conversations Segmented Groups Advanced Reporting Autoresponders 


How are your customers communicating with you? Are you communicating with them? 

  Are you using text messaging as a marketing tool? Are you using text messaging as a customer service tool  If not, why not? 

What other tools do you have to reach every one of your customers instantly at any time of day? 

What other tools can you use to send out promotional offers, coupons, or exclusive deals in real time? What other tools can you use to send out personalized messages or reminders to each and every person on your mailing list?  

The answer is simple: there are not any. Text messaging is the single most powerful tool in your arsenal. 

4. ClickSend 

ClickSend is a cloud-based service that lets you send and receive SMS, Email, Voice, Fax and Letters worldwide. ClickSend was founded in 2006 in Perth, Australia. 

It was founded with the goal of making it easier for businesses to send messages to customers, subscribers and employees around the globe. In 2011 ClickSend rebranded from its previous name, SMSGlobal. 

The new brand name reflected the expansion of messaging services into other technologies such as Fax, Email and Voice. In 2012 ClickSend was acquired by Stone & Chalk – an Australian FinTech hub – where it has continued to grow under the leadership of CEO and founder James Bell. 

ClickSend is a cloud-based service that lets businesses send and receive SMS, Email, Voice, Fax and Letters worldwide. The platform also has built-in marketing tools for users to build their subscriber list. 

ClickSend is an Australian company ( with offices located in Australia, Norway and the United Kingdom. 


ClickSend is a bulk SMS marketing service that provides an easy way to send text messages from your computer or phone. ClickSend offers a number of features that make it an appealing option for small businesses looking to use text messaging as a marketing tool. 


ClickSend is a global leader in business SMS solutions, helping over 15 000 businesses communicate with their customers, employees and communities via SMS, Voice and Email. We understand that communication is important to your business. 

That is why  we have worked hard to create the best possible products and services to help you do just that.Our team are experts in our field, which means we are able to offer the right advice to help your business grow. 

We have a network of offices around the world and pride ourselves on our customer service and support. 

5. Salesmsg 

Hello! I’m a sales representative for sales msg. I received your message, and  we will be happy to help you with your inquiry. 

Salesmsg is a text messaging solution designed for small businesses.  

Here are some of its features: – unlimited inbound and outbound texting – use any phone number to send and receive texts, or upgrade to a dedicated long code or short code number – automated conversations – send appointment reminders, deliver appointment confirmations, and more via automated text messaging flows – business management tools – monitor performance metrics like response rate, no-show rate, revenue generated by sales messages and more 


Salesmsg is the leading messaging platform for businesses. It integrates with sales and marketing platforms to provide a seamless experience to your customers. 

Salesmsg is the only full-featured messaging platform that offers two-way conversations in real time through SMS, Facebook Messenger, and MMS. Salesmsg Features Two-Way Conversations – Send & receive messages in real time through SMS, Facebook Messenger, and MMS. 

Distributed Teams – Distribute leads to multiple teams or agents to maximize efficiency. Customizable Tasks – Create customizable tasks via Slack and Salesforce so that you never drop the ball on a lead again. 

Automated Messages – Send automated text messages based on time, keywords, or actions taken by your users. 


There is no longer a need to switch between email and messaging apps (or even worse, use multiple devices) to stay connected with clients. Our professional plans include: 

Unlimited texts Business hours MMS, and e-signatures Sales automation Compliant archiving Pro users can also benefit from: Unlimited team members The ability to sync contacts across Salesmsg platforms 

6. EZ Texting 

EZ Texting is a cloud-based business texting solution that helps businesses of all sizes promote and market their products and services. Its features include group texting, shared long codes, message scheduling, and more. 

In this article, we cover EZ Texting reviews and pricing. Ready to get started? Sign up for free. EZ Texting Pricing EZ Texting offers four paid plans: Bronze ($29/month), Silver ($49/month), Gold ($99/month), and Platinum (custom priced). 

The main differences between the plans include the number of texts included per month and available features such as keywords, MMS messaging, social media integrations, custom shortcodes, and more. 

EZ Texting also offers custom rates for bulk SMS messages. The price per text starts at $0.001 each to send or receive messages to U.S., Canada, or Puerto Rico mobile numbers via local long codes (10 digit numbers). 

EZ Texting offers a straightforward and affordable way to communicate with your customers. Their enterprise-grade software allows you to send SMS alerts, notifications, reminders and more. 

With their web-based platform, you can customize your messaging experience, manage users and groups and receive detailed analytics.  


Get the most out of your SMS Marketing Campaign with these great features! EZ Texting Features Send individual or group messages. Compose and send unlimited messages. 

Add and manage contacts. Schedule recurring messages for future delivery. 

Create custom contact groups, manage opt-outs and more. 


EZ Texting offers a variety of features that make it one of the top texting platforms on the market. Easy to use with a user-friendly interface that is accessible on all devices -Send texts to individuals or groups, and schedule messages in advance -Highly customizable options allow users to create templates so they can quickly send texts 

-Upload contact lists, download them as an Excel file, and add contacts manually, if needed -Integrates well with third party apps such as Constant Contact and Salesforce 

7. Tatango 

Tatango’s cloud-based text messaging platform is specially designed for high volume, multi-user text message marketing. The platform is robust yet easy to use. 

With Tatango, you can easily segment your audience and create dynamic groups of contacts according to their responses. Our platform tracks metrics like clicks, opens, opt-outs and more so that you can analyze how effective your campaigns are. 

Tatango is a leader in the SMS marketing industry and provides businesses with the tools they need to engage customers with highly targeted, trackable text message marketing campaigns. 

Tatango is the leading provider of white-label, cloud-based software to help enterprise businesses launch and manage their own SMS text messaging programs. With Tatango, enterprise businesses are able to build custom SMS marketing campaigns that incorporate a variety of features such as short-codes, keywords, phone numbers, and more. 

Tatango’s software can be white-labeled with each client’s branding and deployed through an unlimited number of clients. Customers who use Tatango include: American Express, Coca Cola, Disney, NBC Universal, General Motors, Verizon Wireless, Macy’s and more. 


Text Message Marketing Software Text message marketing software that allows your business to create and send text message marketing campaigns, text message surveys and SMS alerts. Create text message keyword coupons and mobile coupons. 

Mobile Coupon Builder Create mobile coupon keywords with our easy-to-use mobile coupon builder. Each keyword can be used for a specific promotion or deal. 

Mobile coupons sent via text message are opened 98% of the time, making them an extremely effective mobile marketing channel for your business. Mobile Survey Builder Create text message surveys to collect feedback from your customers. 

Our mobile survey builder allows you to create as many questions as you want and offers multiple answer formats (single answer, multiple answers, freeform). Each survey is automatically formatted for viewing on any smartphone or tablet. 

Text Message Autoresponder Send autoresponders when someone texts in a specific keyword. You can send up to 10 auto responses per keyword. 

Each autoresponse can have a different delay before being sent (5 minutes – 10 days).  This allows you to drip content to your customers over time.  

Autoresponses also work great for sending out content based on keywords.  For example, if someone texts in the word 


Tatango is a company focused on text marketing and helping companies grow through SMS. Their software has some unique features for text marketers like MMS, polls, and coupons.  

Here are some of the pros of Tatango: 

Great Customer Support – I’ve never had an issue with customer support at Tatango. They’re always there to help when I need it and the customer service is top-notch. 

Flexible Pricing – The pricing model at Tatango is flexible so it can work for any business that wants to send SMS messages. It works well for small businesses and enterprise clients at scale. 

User Interface – My experience with the user interface at Tatango has been great! It is easy to use, clean, intuitive, and looks great! 

What is SMS Marketing Software? 

What is SMS Marketing Software? SMS marketing services are great tools when it comes to engaging with your audience. SMS marketing software enables you to leverage the benefits of text messaging, including the ability to personalize messages with the recipient’s name (or other data), segment lists according to attributes, and automate texts. 

SMS marketing software is one of the most effective ways for businesses to communicate with their customers. Text message marketing is a great way to drive customer engagement by delivering time-sensitive, personalized offers and promotions straight to their mobile devices. 

And when used properly, text message marketing can also be a great way to re-engage customers who have not visited your business in some time. Because so many people own mobile phones and are connected all the time, SMS marketing (also known as messaging) can be tremendously effective at reaching your target audience. 

Moreover, many of these people spend a considerable amount of time each day checking their phones, making it much more likely that they will see your messages than other forms of communication such as email or social media. In fact, SMS has a 98% open rate compared to 22% for email! 

SMS Marketing Software Frequently Asked Questions 

SMS marketing software enables businesses to send bulk SMS messages to their customers or employees. SMS marketing is a cost-effective way to communicate with large groups of people and can be used to build brand awareness, promote events, and much more. 

The software is generally cloud-based and provides features for creating, scheduling, and reporting on SMS campaigns. This guide covers the best practices for using text message marketing software, as well as the top providers in the industry. 

There was a time when the only people who used text messaging as a form of communication were kids and teenagers. Now, it seems like almost everyone has a text message thread going at all times. 

Of course, texting is now a great way to reach people quickly with important information, too. SMS marketing software is designed to help businesses utilize text messages to engage with customers, increase sales, and more. 

Is text message marketing effective? 

SMS marketing is the most effective form of mobile marketing. According to research by Gartner, 90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes of being received.  

A text message will also have a much higher conversion rate than an email or banner ad. 

Mobile users are also used to receiving notifications from their apps via SMS and they are more likely to interact with your brand if you send them a message using the same medium. 

TextMagic has been providing SMS messaging services to businesses like yours for over 15 years. We can help you reach your target audience and improve your ROI (return on investment). 

Our platform is web-based, so there is no need for any software installation or expensive hardware costs. You can use it on any device with an internet connection – PC, Mac, tablet or phone 

TextMagic’s online SMS sending service has plenty of features that make it easy and convenient to use. We even offer a free credit when you sign up for our service. 

Create your account now and start sending SMS messages! 

What software is used for SMS marketing? 

The topic of SMS marketing software is a very broad one. While it could be used for bulk sms, the majority of traditional bulk sms platforms are not fit for purpose and so we will focus on what software is used for SMS marketing in the context of a CRM. 

One of the main reasons for this is that bulk SMS platforms generally do not integrate with customer databases and as such lack features like automated delivery, reporting, split testing and other features essential to any good SMS marketing campaign. 

When looking for a platform to power your SMS marketing campaigns, make sure you choose a company that has experience in the space. The best companies will have a dedicated support team with years of experience in CRM and automation to ensure you get the most out of your platform. 

What is the best SMS marketing tool? 

SMS marketing is an effective form of personalized marketing that can help businesses improve their bottom line. Here are some of the best SMS marketing tools on the market today: 

SimpleTexting The SimpleTexting app is an all-in-one platform that lets you manage your contacts and send SMS messages from any device. It has a simple interface that allows you to build and send beautiful messages with images, videos, links and more. 

The platform has dozens of automation features that allow you to send messages automatically based on user behavior. It also offers advanced analytics so you can optimize your campaigns. 

SlickText SlickText is a simple, easy to use marketing tool that allows you to reach out to your audience anywhere in the world with text message marketing. It is a versatile tool that can be used for appointment reminders, event notifications, coupon codes, and more. 

It is also integrated with Zapier so you can easily integrate it with other apps like Shopify, Square and PayPal. EZ Texting EZ Texting lets you target customers through text messaging campaigns. It allows you to create beautiful messages using their drag-and-drop editor and then schedule them for delivery later at the time of your choosing. 


Is SMS marketing free? 

It is a common question that people ask. The truth is, yes and no.  

The SMS you send to your subscribers are free, but the technology behind them is not. 

It costs money to host text marketing software on servers and manage the service through a support team. 

A text message marketing service will charge you for their service in one of two ways: Per-month fee – You pay a monthly fee based on the number of contacts imported into your account. 

Pay-as-you-go – Your account is credited with funds that are deducted each time you send an SMS campaign. Either way, the cost of sending bulk SMS messages will be far less than other traditional forms of advertising like radio, print or TV — and the potential return on investment is much greater. 

You can sign up for an account on our homepage without any credit card. And the first $10 of credits are free for you to try out our platform. You don’t need to pay until you spend more than $10 in credits. 

What is the best bulk SMS software? 

Use these variables to personalize your text messages. This can be a first name, last name, or even a specific product that the customer bought from you. 

Using variables in this way will increase your open rate and give your SMS marketing campaign a more personal touch. Imagine sending a text message to 1,000 customers. 

This sounds like a lot of work does it not ? It would take ages to write out 1,000 messages and it would be easy to make mistakes. 

This is why we developed our bulk SMS software with an easy-to-use user interface to save you time and effort. With our bulk SMS software, you can send one message to all contacts at once, or divide your contacts into groups and send different messages to each group. 

It is up to you! We also have an API (application programming interface), which allows you to send automated text messages from other applications using our service.  

This is very useful for businesses who want their customers to receive automated texts when certain actions take place e.g. when an order has been dispatched, or when a payment is due for example. 

Our bulk SMS software allows you to import contact details from files in .CSV format such as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets or from TXT files. 

Best SMS Marketing Software – Wrapping Up 

The best SMS marketing software is the one that best meets your business needs. In this article, we reviewed the best SMS marketing software available and discussed why we think they are the best. 

We have included pricing information to give you an idea of what to expect. Most of these services offer a free trial so you can test them out before making a commitment. 

While it is important to have the right software, it is just as important to have a solid strategy for using it. To make sure you are getting the most out of your marketing efforts, be sure to follow our tips for creating effective SMS campaigns.