The best social media management tools can help you save time and money by automating many of the tasks that are involved in managing social media accounts.

Social media is a powerful marketing tool for businesses, but managing multiple accounts can be a time-consuming and expensive job.

The best social media management tools can help you save time and money by automating many of the tasks that are involved in managing social media accounts.


Best Social Media Management Tools

What Are Social Media Management Tools

Social media management is something that can be done by yourself, but if you want to take it to the next level, it’s important to use a Social Media Management Tool (SMMT).
Social media management tools are designed to help you automate some of your social media tasks and make them easier.
These tools help you manage multiple social accounts, schedule posts and respond to comments as well as analyze your audience growth and engagement.


Best Social Media Management Tools – Introduction

Here are some of the features you should look for when choosing a social media management tool:

Automated Posting Schedule

You don’t want to spend hours on end manually posting on your various social media profiles.

You also don’t want to get caught not posting when you should be, which is why automated scheduling is so important.

The best services allow you to set up custom schedules based on specific days of the week or time periods (e.g., post once per day between 9am–10am).

Content Scheduling

With content scheduling, you can create new posts and schedule them far in advance so they go live at the right time.

This feature saves you lots of time because it allows you to do all your posting at once instead of having to post manually daily.

What Are the Best Social Media Management Tools?

 Social media management tools are a great way to keep track of your social media presence and make sure that you’re not missing anything important.

Whether you’re getting ready to launch a new product, trying to increase brand awareness or just trying to stay on top of the latest trends, there’s a good chance that you could use some help when it comes to managing your social media accounts.

Here are some of the most popular social media management tools:

Hootsuite. Hootsuite is one of the best-known social media management platforms, with over 10 million users worldwide.

It offers a lot of functionality, including scheduling posts and automating responses but at $19 per month for its Pro plan, it’s also one of the most expensive options on this list. Sprout Social.

Sprout Social is another well-known platform for managing multiple accounts and campaigns across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn all from a single dashboard. You can even schedule posts from mobile devices through Sprout’s mobile app.

The basic plan starts at $99 per month; if you want more advanced features like sentiment analysis or keyword tracking, expect to pay closer to $300 per month.

1. eClincher

 eClincher is a web-based platform for online businesses to manage their social media marketing. The software does this by providing a central location for managing multiple accounts, monitoring and reporting on campaigns, and publishing content to multiple social media platforms.


It also includes tools for scheduling posts and analyzing competitor activity. eClincher was founded in 2013 by Marko Milivojevic, who is also the company’s CEO.

It was originally created as an internal tool for his own marketing team at his previous company, but after recognizing its potential he decided to make it available as a product.

Milivojevic is based in Belgrade, Serbia and has been running eClincher full time since 2014 when his previous company was acquired by the German software company SAP SE (NYSE:SAP).


  1. No coding required – You don’t need to code to use eClincher! It’s easy to set up and use! We will guide you step by step through the process of setting up an auto-posting tool in less than 5 minutes!
  2. Super easy interface – eClincher interface is so simple and intuitive that even a kid could master it in no time! The interface is also responsive so it looks great on mobile devices too!
  3. Multiple accounts – You can use eClincher to manage multiple accounts at once! This means that you can schedule posts for your personal account as well as your company’s account at the same time!


– Website builder with drag & drop editor

Email marketing tools (automated campaigns, drip campaigns, email marketing apps integrations)

– Web forms creator for lead collection and feedbacks

– Social media apps integrations (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc.)

– Landing pages creator

– Contacts management system

– Salesforce CRM integration

2. Crowdfire

 Crowdfire is a social media management platform that allows users to grow their follower base and engage with their audience. The platform has been used by over 6 million people across the globe, and it’s been featured in Forbes, TechCrunch, and Mashable.

Crowdfire is designed to help users grow their social media presence by providing them with analytics on their accounts, as well as giving them the ability to manage multiple accounts at once. The app also comes with a built-in scheduler that allows users to schedule posts ahead of time so they can be shared at the optimal time, which can maximize engagement and exposure.

The Crowdfire app offers three different subscription plans:

  • Free Plan – Free for life! This plan allows you to manage up to 3 social accounts and includes unlimited scheduling. You’ll also get access to some basic analytics and insights about your account too.
  • Pro Plan – $9 per month or $99 per year (billed annually at $8). This plan gives you access to some additional features such as team collaboration tools, unlimited post scheduling and more advanced analytics reports.

The Pro Plan also includes all the features available in the free plan plus more advanced features such as team collaboration tools, unlimited post scheduling.


  1. Crowdfire is a social media management tool that helps you grow your Instagram profile and grow your audience. It also helps you manage your Twitter profile, Facebook pages, Pinterest boards and LinkedIn profiles.
  2. It has a very clean and simple interface that makes it easy to use even for newbies.
  3. You can schedule posts for all your social media accounts, so you don’t have to worry about missing any opportunities to share content on these platforms.
  4. You can use Crowdfire to find relevant hashtags for the content you post, so it will get more exposure from people who are interested in similar things as you are.
  5. Crowdfire provides analytics on the performance of your posts so that you can see which ones are getting more engagement than others and adjust accordingly as needed!


  1. Manage Multiple Accounts
  2. Schedule Posts
  3. Track Engagement
  4. Analyze Your Account

3. Rebrandly

 Rebrandly is the world’s first branded shortener. In a nutshell, Rebrandly allows you to create your own custom link shortener and attach it to a unique domain name.

Rebrandly offers brands, marketers and app developers the opportunity to create their own branded short links for free and then sell them to clients and customers under their own brand. Rebrandly also offers a premium feature that allows people to buy backlinks that are pointing to the place where they want them.

Rebrandly is not just another link shortener. It allows you to build a branded ecosystem around your brand by creating an easy-to-remember URL that leads directly back to your website or app.


1. Free and unlimited links

2. No branding on your links

3. Dynamic branding – change your logo based on the page you’re sharing

4. One-click rebranding – brand all your links in one click!


  1. You can buy links
  2. The app is easy to use
  3. You can add text, images, and video to your link
  4. It’s free!
  5. You can scale up your link traffic by inviting friends

Rebrandly is a platform that allows you to create and manage branded links. Rebrandly links can be created in any language, and they can be used for any purpose.

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4. Agorapulse

 Agorapulse is a powerful social media management tool that helps you keep track of your social media channels. The software allows you to manage multiple profiles, schedule posts and monitor the performance of your content in real-time.

With Agorapulse, you can also collaborate with a team of users and share notes on each post.

Agorapulse was founded by Ben Hunter and Mark Chmielinski, who were tired of spending hours each day managing their social media channels. They decided to create a tool that would help them manage all their accounts in one place.

Agorapulse offers two main services:

  • Social Media Management Software – This platform allows you to manage your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram accounts in one place. You can also schedule posts ahead of time so they are published at the optimal time for visibility and engagement.
  • Social Media Marketing Suite – This service includes everything from analytics to engagement tracking to content curation. It’s perfect for businesses looking to boost their reach on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter by sending out targeted messages to specific audiences based on their interests or needs


  1. Content Calendar
  2. Social Media Scheduling
  3. Social Media Monitoring


1.Create content calendars that are easy to follow and manage.

2.Allow multiple users to work on creating content at the same time, without having to share passwords or logins with each other.

3.Track your progress through analytics and reports that show how many people are reading your content and which pieces are most popular with your audience.

4.Create beautiful infographics on-the-go or schedule one to be created automatically when it’s needed – no graphic design skills required!


Agorapulse is an all-in-one social media management platform with over 11,000 customers. The software is used to create & schedule social media content, engage audiences, listen for key terms, and analyze social media performance.

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5. Buffer

 Buffer is a social media management tool that helps users schedule posts to their favorite social media accounts. The company was founded in 2009 and has offices in San Francisco and London.

Buffer has over 9 million registered users, who have posted more than 50 billion tweets, Facebook updates and LinkedIn updates through the service.

Buffer was founded by Joel Gascoigne, David Arnoux and Leo Widrich in 2009. The company raised $1 million in seed funding from True Ventures in 2010, followed by $4 million from Andreessen Horowitz in 2011 and $6 million from General Catalyst Partners in 2014.

The Buffer app allows users to schedule posts to Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. Users can also promote individual tweets or posts using paid promotions on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Users can pay for this service using either a credit card or PayPal account.


  • Automatic scheduling of posts.
  • Support for multiple social networks and accounts.
  • Easy image uploads and image editing tools.
  • Analytics and insights on post performance.


– Very easy to use

– Social media scheduling in one place

– No need to log into different social networks

– Quickly schedule all of your updates in advance

– Supports multiple accounts on each network

– A wide range of integrations with other tools like MailChimp, Salesforce, WordPress etc.

6. Sendible

 Sendible is a powerful social media marketing tool that allows you to post to multiple social media accounts at once. You can schedule posts, add hashtags and links, monitor your brand and engage with your followers from one central location.

Sendible also offers a plugin for WordPress websites, so you can manage your blog’s activity from within the Sendible dashboard. The plugin gives you access to everything Sendible offers: scheduling posts, monitoring your brand and engagement, generating reports and more.

It’s free for up to two users, so if you have a small business or just want to experiment with it before committing to using it on a larger scale, this is a great option.


– Sendible’s features include:

– Scheduling posts across multiple social media platforms

– Adding hashtags to your posts

– Monitoring engagement on your content

– Countering negative comments and reviews on your business page


  1. It’s affordable: Sendible offers a free plan for up to three social media accounts, which is perfect for small businesses just getting started with their online marketing strategy. The paid plans start at $12 per month and go up to $199 per month depending on the number of social media accounts you need to manage.
  2. It’s easy to use: The interface is clean and intuitive, so it won’t take long before you’re comfortable using it every day. In fact, many users have noted that they switched over from Hootsuite because they found Sendible easier to navigate and use on a daily basis.
  3. You can schedule posts in advance: This feature is great if you want to make sure all of your content is posted at specific times each week or month (for example, if you want to post about special events or holidays). Schedule posts in advance by going into each profile’s “Scheduled Posts” section and choosing how often you

7. Hootsuite

 Hootsuite is a social media management tool that offers services for managing multiple accounts across multiple networks. It also has a publishing platform that allows users to schedule posts and track their analytics.

Hootsuite’s free version comes with limited features, but its paid versions offer more robust solutions. The free plan includes unlimited social profiles, but it only allows you to manage up to three different networks.

This is fine if you have less than three accounts you want to manage, but if you run a business with more than three social profiles, this might not be enough for you. The Basic plan costs $9 per month per user and includes all of the features found in the Free plan plus access to more advanced tools like keyword tracking, bulk scheduling and team collaboration tools.

The Professional plan costs $29 per month per user and includes everything in the Basic plan plus access to advanced analytics reports and real-time reporting capabilities.


– Content scheduling

– Social media dashboards and analytics

– Comprehensive reporting and insights

– Facebook and Twitter integration


– Free trial period

– Easy to use dashboard

– Manage multiple social accounts at once

– Scheduling features to post in advance

8. Sprout Social

 Sprout Social is a social media management solution. It allows users to post content across multiple social media platforms from a single web-based console, and measure the results of their efforts.

Sprout Social integrates with Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Twitter Ads and more to provide analytics for your social media marketing efforts. The software also offers built-in reports, alerting tools and collaboration features to help teams stay on top of their social media marketing campaigns.

Sprout Social’s main features include:

Social Media Dashboard – The platform provides an easy-to-read dashboard with all of your updates in one place. This includes posts across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and more so you can see what is working (and not working) for you on each channel.

You can also schedule posts and track mentions in real time.

Engagement Tracking – See who’s engaging with your content by tracking clicks, likes and shares as well as comments from each channel.

Sprout Social also gives you the ability to set up alerts that notify you when someone mentions or replies to you on any given network so that you don’t miss anything important that happens online!


– Social Media Management

– Social Media Monitoring

– Analytics & Reporting


  1. It’s easy to use
  2. It’s affordable
  3. It has plenty of features

9. SocialPilot

 SocialPilot is an all-in-one social media tool that allows you to schedule your posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. It also includes a keyword research tool, competitor analysis and more.

SocialPilot is one of the most powerful social media management tools available today. It comes with a built-in scheduling feature so you can easily share content across multiple social media accounts.

The platform also has a keyword research tool that helps you find relevant keywords for your website or blog posts. You can then use these keywords to create new content that will engage your target audience.

SocialPilot’s competitor analysis feature lets you see how well your competitors are doing on social media. You can then use this information to determine whether or not they’re doing something right and try to replicate their success on your own accounts!


  1. Automation

SocialPilot has the ability to automate your social media accounts. You can set up a schedule for posts and other actions, so your account is always active and engaging with your audience. SocialPilot can also help you schedule posts for multiple accounts at once.

  1. SEO Tools

SocialPilot has SEO tools that make it easy to optimize your posts for search engines. You can add meta descriptions, keywords and hashtags, which will increase the visibility of your content in search results pages. This tool makes it easy to get more traffic from search engines, so you can grow your audience and increase sales.

  1. Analytics Dashboard

The analytics dashboard allows you to track everything happening on your social media accounts in one place. You get access to data about how often people are posting, how many likes each post gets, what time of day people are interacting with your content and much more.

This gives you an overall picture of how well each post does, so you can determine what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to getting engagement on your social media channels


  1. Integrates with major networks and most of the top apps
  2. Provides advanced scheduling options
  3. Easy-to-use interface

10. Meet Edgar

 Meet Edgar is a productivity tool that helps you organize your ideas, projects, and tasks so you can be more productive. It’s available as a web application or as an app for iOS and Android.

The tool is being developed by Edgar Software, Inc., which was founded in 2014 by three friends: James Thomas, John Zeratsky and Braden Kowitz (the latter two were part of the launch team at Dropbox).

We first heard about Edgar when it was a Y Combinator company in 2015. Since then, the team has grown to eight people and they’ve raised $1.1 million in seed funding from investors such as Paul Buchheit (the creator of Gmail), Justin Rosenstein (co-founder of Asana), and Kevin Systrom (co-founder of Instagram).


  1. Create an account and follow topics or keywords that interest you (like “marketing” or “SEO”).
  2. Edgar will email you whenever new content is published on the web that matches your interests.
  3. You can also receive alerts via RSS feed reader or Twitter.

11. CoSchedule

 CoSchedule is a marketing automation tool that helps you plan and execute your social media, email, and blog content.

CoSchedule makes it easy for you to collaborate with your team, manage multiple projects, and stay on top of deadlines from one central location. It’s perfect for managing multiple campaigns, but especially useful for those who want to take control of their social media posts.

CoSchedule has a powerful calendar that allows you to schedule posts in advance, collaborate with others on shared calendars, and view your team’s upcoming tasks. You can also create editorial calendars, which are used to plan out your entire month or year in advance.

The best part about CoSchedule is that it integrates with many popular tools like Google Analytics, WordPress and more!


  1. Plan your editorial calendar in minutes with drag-and-drop scheduling.
  2. Easily share content across multiple social media platforms and track engagement using our built-in analytics tools for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram (coming soon).
  3. Manage multiple accounts from one dashboard with our comprehensive publishing power tools such as bulk scheduling of posts or tweets across multiple accounts simultaneously; publishing from multiple RSS feeds; optimizing content for search engines; adding links to related posts; promoting posts on other networks and much more!
  4. Set reminders so you don’t forget important dates like birthdays


1. Easy to use interface: If you’re just starting out with social media scheduling or have been doing it for years, CoSchedule makes the process simple and easy to set up. You can quickly add posts from different social media accounts and organize them into a single calendar view. The software also integrates with other tools like Google Analytics, WordPress and Twitter.

2. Mobile app: You can use CoSchedule on your desktop computer or laptop but it also has an app that works on Android phones and iPhones as well as Windows phones and Blackberrys (Windows 10 Mobile). This makes it easy to schedule posts while on the go which is especially helpful if you want to use hashtags in your tweets or post photos from Instagram directly onto Facebook or Pinterest without having to upload them manually afterwards!

3.  Built-in analytics: The CoSchedule dashboard gives you detailed reports on how many people have seen each post.

12. MavSocial

 MavSocial is a social media marketing agency that helps businesses of all sizes to grow their business by leveraging the power of social media. MavSocial is the brainchild of social media marketing expert and entrepreneur, Mike Adams.

Mike Adams is the founder and CEO of MavSocial, a digital marketing agency that helps businesses of all sizes to grow their business by leveraging the power of social media. Mike is an expert in creating effective content strategies and building brand awareness through social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.

Mike has been working with small businesses for over 10 years helping them to grow their bottom line by using online marketing strategies such as search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC) advertising and email marketing. He’s also worked with large companies such as Coca-Cola, PwC, BMW and many others!

The idea behind starting MavSocial came from Mike’s time working at a large company where he learned first hand what it takes to manage multiple accounts across multiple platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc).


  1. MavSocial allows you to create a profile and interact with your friends, family and other users, who are not necessarily friends on Facebook or Twitter.
  2. You can share any type of content including photos, videos and text posts.
  3. You can follow other people and see what they share in their profiles.
  4. You can like or dislike any post or comment on it if you want to support or not support it respectively.


– Manage multiple Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and Instagram profiles from one dashboard

– Easily schedule posts for specific times and days of the week

– Schedule custom messages like “Happy birthday” or “Congratulations”

What Are Social Media Management Tools?

 Social media management tools are software solutions that help businesses manage their social media accounts. These tools can automate many tasks, such as scheduling posts or finding new content to share.

There are many different types of social media management tools, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Some are better for beginners and others are more suited for advanced users.

Here’s a look at some of the most popular social media management tools available today:

1. Hootsuite. Hootsuite is a free dashboard that helps you manage all your social networks from one place.

You can schedule posts and track what’s happening on social media so you can respond to comments, questions and other interactions in real time. Hootsuite also offers analytics data about your audience so you know how effective your posts are at driving traffic back to your website.

2. Buffer. Buffer is another free dashboard that lets you manage multiple social networks from one place.

This tool is designed for bloggers who want to schedule posts ahead of time so they don’t have to spend hours every day manually posting content across the web. Buffer has some nice features like the ability to create custom RSS feeds so you can easily find great content to share with your audience.

Social Media Management Software – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Social Media Management Software?

Social media management software can be used to schedule posts, track interactions and keywords, and much more. It allows you to manage multiple accounts in one place, which means it makes it easier to keep up with all your social channels in a single place.

Why Should I Use Social Media Management Software?

Social media managers are often expected to combine their full-time job with managing social media accounts during their personal time. This can be difficult – especially if they don’t have access to certain tools because they work for a smaller company or organization that doesn’t provide them with the resources they need (or because they’re working remotely).

Using a platform like HootSuite frees up your time so that you can focus on other tasks like creating engaging content for your audience and analyzing data from your campaigns to improve future performance.

What are social media management tools?

 Social media management tools are software programs designed to help you manage your social media accounts. These tools can help you schedule posts, monitor the performance of your content, and much more.

They can also help you manage multiple accounts at once. There are many different kinds of social media management tools on the market today.

Some are free, while others have a premium version that you may need to pay for.

Here’s a list of some of the top social media management tools: A buffer is a popular tool that lets you schedule posts across multiple platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. The platform also allows users to track various metrics such as likes and shares for each post.

Hootsuite is another popular tool that lets users schedule posts across multiple platforms including Facebook and Twitter. The platform also allows users to monitor their account activity such as mentions or retweets for each post.

What is the best free social media management tool?

 There are a lot of free social media management tools out there. Some of them are great for managing your accounts but only do one thing, and others do a lot more.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the best free social media management tools:


Hootsuite is a great all-in-one tool that allows you to manage multiple social media platforms at once. You can schedule posts and track your analytics from one place.

It also has an app for mobile devices so you can take your social media wherever you go. The free version allows up to three social media profiles, which should be enough for most small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is another all-in-one platform that allows you to manage multiple profiles and schedule posts across multiple networks. It also gives you detailed analytics so you can track engagement and see which posts worked best in each network.

The free version allows up to three profiles, but there are paid plans starting at $59/month if you need more than that number of profiles managed at once or need more advanced features such as customer relationship management (CRM).

What are the major tools of media management?

Media planning: Media planning is the process of buying advertising space or time on various media platforms. It includes determining which media channels to use and how much to spend on each one, as well as when and where to advertise.

This process can be done manually or with the help of software.

Media buying: Media buying is the process of purchasing airtime or print space for an advertisement. It involves negotiating with sellers, placing orders and monitoring the campaign to ensure it runs as planned.

Media buyers also negotiate advertising rates, coordinate schedules and monitor the performance of their ads.

Media placement: Placement refers to where an ad will appear in a publication or on TV or radio such as on a particular page or during a specific commercial break. Placements are often determined by audience demographics, target audiences and other factors that affect how effective different advertisements will be at reaching potential customers.

What is SSO important in social media management?

 Single Sign-On (SSO) is an important feature used in social media management. It allows users to sign on to multiple applications with a single credential.

The user account can be accessed through different platforms, but all the accounts will be in the same place. The best example of SSO is Google Accounts.

If you have a Gmail account, it is easy to access your Google Drive, calendar, and other services without having to log in again and again.

SSO also provides additional security for your social media accounts by using one password for all the accounts. This prevents hackers from accessing your personal information by targeting one of your profiles or applications instead of going after all of them at once.

SSO is also useful for monitoring several social media accounts at once. You can see what people are saying about your brand across different channels without the need to log in to each one individually every time you want to check something out.

Best Social Media Management Tools – Wrapping Up

 Social media is all about sharing information with your audience, but as a marketer, you’re also tasked with managing the content you share. Using the right tools can save you time and make your job easier.

These tools can help you manage multiple accounts at once, schedule posts, and automate a lot of the work that comes along with running a social media profile.