A survey can be a powerful research tool. It is not hard to create a survey to collect valuable customer information.

In fact, there are many online survey software tools that make it easy to create surveys and analyze the response data. The best part is, you don’t have to be tech savvy or a statistician to use these tools.

All you need to do is sign up for an account, design your questions using templates, and then share your survey with others to collect responses. The software also provides analysis of the response data.

We’ve compiled a list of the best survey software and online questionnaire tools that are ideal for small businesses. Some of these tools have free plans so you can try out the features before committing to a paid subscription.

Here are the best survey software tools you should use to gather customer insights:Google Forms Typeform SurveyMonkey Client Heartbeat SurveyGizmo SurveyLegend Zoho Survey SoGoSurvey Zonka Feedback SurveySparrow

Best Survey Software

What Are Survey Software

Best Survey Software is a software that can be used to create surveys. It is a survey software that allows you to collect data from your website visitors or customers.
The best survey software allows you to create surveys with unlimited questions, so you can ask them whatever you want. You can also use it as an email marketing tool, where you can send out emails using your surveys and ask them for feedback.

The best survey software has its own unique features that make it stand out from other survey tools. It has many different options like the ability to create multiple questionnaires on the same page, or have different questionnaires for different groups of people.
You can also ask for feedback in different ways such as through email, phone calls or social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter etc.



Survey Software – Introduction

Survey Software software is a computer program that allows individuals to develop, deploy and analyze surveys. Survey software is used by people who wish to collect data from other people. 

Some of the features in survey software include:  

  • An easy to use interface.
  •  A Drag and Drop option and an easy to manage dashboard.
  •  A lot of ready-made  templates which are completely customizable. 
  • The ability to manage different types of questionnaires with ease.

The survey can also be distributed on various platforms such as social media, through email or even through the mobile platform. Some of the benefits that come with using survey software include: It allows one to collect unbiased feedback which helps them improve their products and services. 

It allows you to have a personal connection with your customers by asking them questions regarding their experiences in dealing with your company and finding out more about their needs. It helps you to engage more customers and therefore drive sales. 

The data collected by the survey software can be used for research purposes in order to improve business performance and customer satisfaction. 

What is the Best Survey Software? 

Survey software helps organizations automate the process of creating, distributing and analyzing surveys. They can be used to determine customer satisfaction, gather feedback, conduct market research and much more. 

Although there are several types of survey software available, most solutions offer a similar set of core functionality. For example, most survey solutions allow users to create surveys from scratch or using preloaded templates; distribute surveys via email or social media; generate reports and dashboards for analysis; and export data for use in other applications. 

Because there are so many different survey software solutions on the market, it is important to know what features to look for before purchasing a solution. The following list contains some of the essential capabilities that users should look for when researching survey software solutions: 

SurveyMonkey is the world’s most popular online survey software. Our professional templates are purpose-built to make you look your best. 

And our advanced survey logic jumps respondents through your survey intelligently, so you get the answers you need, faster. SurveyMonkey makes it easy to customize any template to match your brand—so you can create and send surveys that people love to take. 

1. QuestionPro 

QuestionPro is a popular online survey software used by millions of people across the world. The tool makes it easy for users to create surveys using drag-and-drop functionality and a huge range of templates. 

You  do not need any special skills to create surveys, and when you have finished, you can share them with your audience through any one of multiple channels. What makes QuestionPro stand out from the rest of the survey tools is that it offers so much more than just online surveys. 

It also allows you to create segments, conduct polls, A/B test your pages and even do live chat with your customers. QuestionPro is an awesome tool for creating surveys that are highly engaging and interactive because they look great on any device. 

Whether you want to use QuestionPro as a standalone tool or integrate it with other tools in your tech stack, you can do so easily thanks to its vast library of APIs and integrations. No matter what type of project  you are working on,  there is a good chance that QuestionPro will be able to help you gather feedback from your customers in real time. 


QuestionPro is the leader in employee engagement surveys, customer satisfaction surveys and market research. Use our online survey software to create surveys on your own or with our expert team of consultants. 

Benefits of using QuestionPro:  

Simple Pricing Model: Pay as you go at $0.99/response or pick an unlimited plan for a flat fee. 

Fewer Limitations: Collect all kinds of data, from text answers to images, video and audio. 

24/7 Support: All plans include email and chat support no matter which plan you choose.  

Survey Logic: Add branching and skip logic to your questionnaires to make them more efficient.  

Custom Design: Customize the design of your questionnaire using themes, fonts, colors and more! 


QuestionPro Pros is a program designed to recognize survey experts, influencers, and top content creators in the marketing, customer experience, and market research industry.  It is a platform for self-expression, growth, and collaboration.  

As a member of the QuestionPro Pros you can: 

Gain access to exclusive content that is designed to help you grow your skill set, network with other members of our community, and receive the latest updates from QuestionPro. Write blog posts on topics that matter to you and publish them on the QuestionPro blog. 

Have your content featured in our monthly newsletter. Benefit from our social media promotion. Get discounts on paid programs like training and webinars. 

2. SurveySparrow 

SurveySparrow is the first conversational survey platform that allows you to create beautiful surveys, capture customer feedback, and act on customer insights. Our mission is to democratize the process of collecting valuable feedback from your customers. 

We believe that a customer’s voice should be heard loud and clear by everyone in the organization. SurveySparrow’s conversational surveys are created using a simple editor. 

The platform allows you to integrate your survey with any of your existing apps such as Slack and Intercom, or even allows you to share them on social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. With SurveySparrow, you can collect insights everywhere. 

SurveySparrow is an online survey tool that helps you create beautiful surveys, collect responses through your website and social media, and analyze the results. SurveySparrow aims to make the survey-taking experience a delightful one for your respondents. 

Unlike most other survey tools in the market, SurveySparrow offers surveys that feel like a conversation. You can create chat-like surveys or even convert your existing forms into conversational ones. 

By offering a conversational survey experience, SurveySparrow helps you get more responses and higher completion rates. SurveySparrow is an online survey platform with a difference. 

Its  interactive surveys are designed for maximum engagement. Say goodbye to the traditional survey. 


Use our exclusive Logic Jump feature to create surveys that speak the same language as your audience. Create multiple surveys, distribute them and analyze the results in one go with our bulk survey creation feature. 


Capture authentic feedback from your respondents. Let them rate you on the NPS scale, a standard industry metric used to measure customer loyalty. 


SurveySparrow is an online survey software that helps create surveys for gathering customer feedback. It provides tools for creating surveys, distributing them, and analyzing the results. 

SurveySparrow  Chatbot-style surveys SurveySparrow provides a chatbot-style survey experience to your customers. The survey will look like a conversation between you and your customers. 

The text-based interface makes it easier for people to answer questions, as they do not have to click on multiple choice options in a dropdown menu. Hence the response rate increases. 

Branching logic :You can use branching logic to show questions based on the answers of the previous question. For example, if you want to ask the gender of the respondent only if he/she is above 18 years old, you can use branching logic for that purpose. 

This helps reduce the number of clicks for taking up your survey, hence improving response rate. 

3. SurveyLegend 

Hi There!  We are SurveyLegend, an online survey platform for all your research needs. We believe everyone has the right to get answers, so we are working hard to make surveys super simple and fun. 

We want you to be able to create beautiful surveys and collect meaningful data in a flash. To make that happen, we do have some help for you! To make things even easier for you –  we have  already made pre-made ‘Legends’ (pre-defined templates) of surveys for different types of questions. 

All you need to do is select a Legend type from this list and  you are good to go! You can also customize the Legends by using our drag & drop editor and make it match your own brand guidelines. To get started right away, just create your account here: 

And if you have any questions or need some help with anything – please just reply to this e-mail and  we will be happy to assist you! SurveyLegend is a free online survey tool that provides you with the means to gather the data you need to make better decisions. 

You can create and publish your surveys online, and collect responses from anywhere in the world. 


Build a survey in minutes with SurveyLegend. Share your survey on Facebook, Twitter, your website and other platforms. 

Get beautiful graphical reports of your data as it comes in. Export your results to Excel, CSV or Google Docs. 


It is time to take our greatest hits and put them all in one place. We have been working hard to improve SurveyLegend based on your feedback and suggestions. 

Here is a list of the most important updates we have made, along with some new features that are still in development: New design We have given SurveyLegend a fresh look and feel, which you have been able to see since the beginning of 2014. 

The new design is more intuitive, easier to use and it looks better! Improved performance: We are constantly improving the performance of our backend system.  

The new infrastructure allows us to offer more reliable service, faster response times and better uptime for our customers. 

Drag-and-drop editor: Creating your surveys has become even easier with drag-and-drop functionality. You can add questions and change their order by simply dragging them around on your screen. 

There is also no need to save the survey anymore; all changes are saved automatically. Import from Excel/CSV files: You can now import questions from Excel or CSV files directly into SurveyLegend when you create a new survey. 

All you need to do is copy the question titles from your file into the editor and press “Save” – it 

4. SurveyMonkey 

SurveyMonkey is a survey development cloud-based software as a service company. It was founded in 1999 by Ryan Finley and is considered one of the founding fathers of the Software as a Service business model. 

The company is based in San Mateo, California, United States. 

It has 25 million users worldwide, including 98% of the Fortune 500. The company went public on September 25, 2018 at $12.00 per share In 2001, SurveyMonkey raised its first round of funding from Palo Alto Investors and in 2009 from Susquehanna Growth Equity. 

Vocus acquired SurveyMonkey for $194 million in cash and stock in 2009. Spectrum Equity invested $444 million into SurveyMonkey in 2014 to buy out previous investors and make the company a majority shareholder in the company. 

By 2016, Spectrum Equity had taken over as owner of SurveyMonkey with 70% stake in the company due to a loan default by Vocus. 

In October 2017, Spectrum Equity announced its intent to sell up to $200 million worth of shares in the company’s initial public offering On September 25, 2018, SurveyMonkey began trading on NASDAQ under ticker symbol SVMK SurveyMonkey reported revenue of $219 million for its fiscal year ended January 


SurveyMonkey offers a free plan and paid plans that include more features. Free Collect unlimited responses with 14 question and answer types to choose from. 

Create, send, and analyze your surveys with up to 10 questions and 100 responses. 

Standard (paid) Collect unlimited responses with 34+ question and answer types to choose from. Create, send, and analyze your surveys in 35+ languages. 

Premium (paid) Advanced logic lets you skip respondents to relevant questions and customize their experience.Skip Logic: Go further with advanced logic that lets you skip respondents to relevant questions based on their answers. 


When you purchase a SurveyMonkey Pro subscription, you’ll get access to our advanced features and services, which take your surveys to the next level. You can buy a Pro subscription  that is good for one user for 1 month ($34), 6 months ($119), or 12 months ($199). 

With a Pro subscription, you get: Unlimited questions and responses. Logic jump and piping ( we will go into more detail about those later) Skip logic Advanced reporting options like Custom Report Templates Customizable thank you pages and survey themes And much more! 

5. SoGoSurvey 

SoGoSurvey is a web based survey tool that offers unlimited surveys, unlimited questions, and unlimited respondents. With a wide range of features, SoGoSurvey is a comprehensive survey solution. 

SoGoSurvey offers an extensive list of question types including multiple choice (single and multiple response), matrix, ranking, slider and constant sum. SoGoSurvey also enables image and video integration into the survey to give your surveys an additional visual element. 

The platform offers advanced customization options including branding, conditional branching, piping and advanced skip logic. You can send out invitations via email and track responses in real time to see how users are responding to your surveys. 

You can also use SoGoSurvey’s reporting feature to create beautiful charts as well as detailed reports that can be shared with colleagues or clients in real-time. With a focus on security and privacy, SoGoSurvey provides data encryption and SSL transmission to ensure the utmost security of your data. 

This platform is GDPR compliant too so you can rest assured that everything is above board when it comes to protecting sensitive business information. 


SoGoSurvey delivers a simple, yet robust survey platform that empowers you to create exceptional surveys that make an impact. Explore our SoGoSurvey features below. 

Build Great Surveys with A Powerful Survey Tool SoGoSurvey’s survey tool offers powerful features, like branching, piping and logic, to make great-looking surveys that are a breeze to build. Our survey software offers more than 30 question types, including multilingual support, multimedia questions and conditional questions. 

Create dynamic surveys with our advanced piping technology. The possibilities are endless as you can use responses from previous questions to tailor the next questions for each respondent. 

Customize every aspect of your surveys—from the look and feel, to the order of the questions and answers—with our WYSIWYG editor. Go even further with custom CSS or use our built-in Themes for a professional look and feel in minutes. 


  • Extremely easy to use and intuitive. It has good reporting tools that allow you to adjust the format as well as add or delete questions.
  • The survey templates are very useful for us because we  do not have a lot of time to create our own, especially when  we have  experienced some turnover. The advanced features are great but we  have not yet had the time to take advantage of them.
  • We do use the logic features and they work very smoothly and easily.
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6. Survey Anyplace 

It is always nerve-racking to make a presentation, no matter how much experience you have. And for many people,  it is a daunting task  that is not just about the content of your presentation, but also about making sure you  do not forget anything. 

What if you leave out an important detail? What if there are questions from the audience that you  cannot answer? 

What if you run out of time before you get to finish?  It is important to be prepared. In the world of public speaking, preparation is everything. 

But even with the most detailed and thorough preparation, it can still be easy to miss something or forget a key point. This is where digital assistants come in handy. Digital assistants’ strengths lie in remembering and retrieving vast amounts of data on command. 

They are great at giving you information when and how you need it — no more hunting through folders and files on a laptop or tablet looking for that one file name or keyword in a 10-page document. 

Here are some ways to use digital assistants to make sure  you are ready for your next presentation. 


It may sound boring, but a well-designed survey will help you gather actionable insights about your customers and employees. Survey Anyplace makes it easy for you to create interactive surveys that will look great on any device. 

We have  included all the features you need to make sure your survey is as engaging as it can be! Our survey maker has been designed by experts in UX design, so you can be sure that the interface is user-friendly and intuitive. 

The survey software automatically saves responses as they are being submitted, and even allows respondents to finish their answers later. We have created a full range of options for customizing the design of your surveys: fonts, colors, logos and more. 


You can also add images or videos in your surveys. 


The Survey Anyplace pros are designed for you to build professionally looking surveys and quizzes with an easy-to-use, drag & drop editor.  

Drag & Drop Editor: You can easily create surveys with the help of our drag & drop editor. 

Or, you can use the free templates in our template library to get started.  

Quiz Builder: Our quiz builder allows you to create engaging quizzes with branching logic, multiple choice questions, and more. 

Filter Logic: Survey Anyplace’s filter logic allows you to display different questions based on how respondents answer previous questions. 

For instance, you could ask respondents to specify their gender and then follow up with different questions based on their responses. 

Page Logic: With page logic, you can control what pages respondents see in your survey or quiz based on how they answered specific questions. 

Customizable Theme:With a customizable theme, you can create surveys that match your brand colors, logo, and font styles. 

7. HubSpot 

HubSpot is a developer and marketer of software products for inbound marketing and sales. It was founded by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah in 2006. 

Its products and services aim to provide tools for social media marketing, content management, web analytics and search engine optimization. HubSpot was founded by Brian Halligan, an MIT grad with an MBA from Harvard Business School, and Dharmesh Shah, an MIT grad with a Ph.D in Computer Science from MIT, who worked together at Groove Networks from 2001 to 2003. 

The two entrepreneurs began collaborating on a software product that would help businesses attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. In 2006, HubSpot was founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In 2014, HubSpot acquired one of its major competitors NextAfter. 

In 2015, HubSpot signed a long term lease for office space in Boston’s Seaport neighborhood with the intent to move its headquarters there in 2017 while keeping an office in Cambridge. In December 2016, HubSpot acquired Kemvi (led by Apoorv Saxena) which uses artificial intelligence to mine publicly available information over the internet to identify potential leads for customers to pursue 


We have  reimagined how marketing, sales, and service software should work. Marketing Hub Grow your audience, convert leads, and prove ROI. 

Sales Hub Generates leads, close deals, and track customer activity. Service Hub: Create a better experience for your customers with a CRM  that is built for your team. 


The Inbound Methodology is the most effective way to attract, engage, and delight customers. Here are some of the highlights from HubSpot’s inbound marketing and sales software. 

The Content Optimization System (COS) allows you to easily create, publish, manage, and optimize website pages for search. The Blogging App helps you create blog posts that are high-performing and SEO-focused. 

The Email Marketing App makes it easy to create lifecycle email campaigns that nurture your leads. The Calls-to-Action App empowers you to build offers and landing pages that generate more leads. 

The Forms App lets you create custom forms to capture lead information in a snap. The Reporting Add-on puts all of your data in one place, so you can quickly see what’s working and what is not . 

8. Qualtrics 

Qualtrics is a survey software that is extremely flexible, intuitive and easy to use. It allows you to create simple or complex surveys in a matter of minutes. 

The software also falls under the category of customer experience management (CEM), which is a way for brands to collect insights on their customers’ opinions, preferences, and satisfaction levels. 

While surveys are important for gathering information and feedback from your customers, they can also help you with your content marketing efforts. Surveys can be used to collect data on how well your marketing efforts are performing in terms of brand awareness and credibility. 

You can conduct surveys that target readers who subscribe to your email newsletter, or even launch one that targets website visitors. You can ask them why they visit your site or what they like about it.  

You can ask them what other topics they would like to learn more about and then use these as topics for future blog posts. 

The survey needs to be simple but specific enough that you can gather actionable insights from it. For example, instead of asking something broad like “What do you think of our website?,” you should ask something like 


Qualtrics offers a variety of features and functionality to support your research needs. This document will provide you with an overview of the various features available in Qualtrics. 

1.Survey Features 

  • Create a survey with questions that are easy to answer, and that address your research goals.
  • Use the Survey Flow to design a survey that moves respondents through your survey based on their responses.
  • Add Skip Logic to move respondents through your survey based on specific answers they provide.
  • Customize your question types including: Matrix, Ranking, Side-by-Side Matrix, Summation Grid, Constant Sum and more!
  • Use the Survey Options to customize your survey’s look-and-feel, and to set language options and custom variables for use in branching logic or for data analysis.

2.Response Data Management Features 

  • View response data in real time using QuickStats and/or download responses into SPSS or Excel format and use other statistical software packages to analyze the data.

3.Survey Distribution Features 

  • Distribute surveys via email invitations from within Qualtrics or use the Qualtrics URL to distribute the surveys using another distribution method such as a web link or


Qualtrics is an enterprise level software that is being rolled out across the company. As such, we are in the process of hiring a large number of Pro’s to work with our clients and help them get the most out of their Qualtrics investment. 

Pro’s are critical to our ability to help our clients understand how they can use Qualtrics in new and exciting ways. They will have a direct impact on customer happiness, product adoption, and overall client engagement. 

9. GetFeedback 

GetFeedback is an agile, cloud-based customer experience management solution designed to help companies of all sizes capture and understand the voice of their customers. The platform allows users to build engaging surveys, collect data through various channels and analyze insights to improve customer experience. 

Key features include mobile/tablet friendly survey formats, customizable themes, logo branding, A/B testing and email integration. Users can also leverage reporting capabilities such as real-time dashboards, data visualizations and benchmarking tools to review feedback and generate reports for internal stakeholders. 

GetFeedback offers an application programming interface (API) which allows users to integrate the survey building module with third party applications such as Salesforce, Marketo or Microsoft Dynamics. Additionally, the solution helps sales teams identify leads from survey data based on their responses or designations. 

GetFeedback is a leading provider of customer feedback software, specializing in NPS and survey functionality. The GetFeedback platform allows you to create completely customizable surveys at scale, and distribute them through email, web, text message, mobile app and social media 

GetFeedback offers one of the most robust reporting and automation platforms on the market today. 


GetFeedback is a customer experience management platform that makes it easy for any business to collect and act on feedback from their customers – without the need for coding or IT. Easy Feedback Collection We know  you are busy; managing customer experience shouldn’t be hard. 

Create beautiful, mobile-responsive feedback surveys, manage your survey logic, and send email invitations in minutes from one online tool. 

Real-Time Reporting & Alerts Feedback is only valuable if  it is acted upon. We make it easy to share reports with stakeholders, manage workflows, and define automated alerts that keep you ahead of problems. 

Engaging Customer Experiences: Empower your customers with a great experience across every channel: web, email, in-app, mobile text message (SMS), and kiosk. GetFeedback is a mobile-first platform built for today’s always-on customer. 


GetFeedback Pros The GetFeedback Pro edition is perfect for companies that are growing and need to add more than 1,000 responses per month, have multiple users, need professional services, or want premium support. 

GetFeedback Pros receive: Unlimited surveys and responses. With no limits on survey sends or the number of responses you get, you can gather as much feedback as you want without worrying about a cap. 

Unlimited users. Add as many people to your account as you need and give them different permissions to ensure the right access for each team member. 

Fully responsive design. Create beautiful surveys that work great on any device so you can collect feedback from your customers wherever they are. 

Professional services and premium support. Our experts are here to help you create surveys that convert more respondents into customers, so you can build better relationships with your audience. 

Priority account management and phone support. Get VIP access to our friendly and helpful support team, who respond quickly to all requests via email or phone call. 


GetFeedback is a flexible, easy-to-use customer experience (CX) solution that companies like Crocs, Deckers, Hibbett, Puma, and YETI use to capture feedback.

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10. Zoho Survey 

Zoho Survey is an online survey creator and creator that lets you create custom surveys in minutes. The tool helps you create simple surveys or polls, add a variety of question types, embed surveys on your website, or send them out via email to get the answers you need to make better business decisions. 

With Zoho Survey, you can build custom surveys from scratch or choose from 100+ pre-made templates across a variety of industries. You can also customize the survey’s appearance with your company logo and branding colors for a more professional look. 

Once the survey is created, send it by email or publish it online with one click.  There is also an option to integrate surveys with Zoho CRM so you can see all relevant customer data in one place. 

Surveys are a vital component of any organization’s success. They help you gather customer feedback, analyze trends and make critical decisions. 

Zoho Survey is a powerful survey platform that allows you to create surveys in minutes, publish them instantly with customized design themes, and collect responses on the go with our mobile apps. 


We provide all the tools you need to create a survey and collect, analyze, visualize your data. Create a survey Build your survey using our drag-and-drop interface. 

Add, edit or delete questions, skip logic and more. Send and share your surveys Send your survey via email or SMS. 

Share on social media and embed it on your website. 

Analyze results: Our survey software includes reports like demographic analysis and word clouds to help you understand your data. 


  • The interface is very easy to use.
  • You can publish your survey easily.
  • There are no restrictions on the number of surveys you can create.
  • You are not limited in the number of responses you can get.
  • Zoho Survey offers an extensive question library to choose from with multiple question types, including essay style open-ended questions.
  • There is a great real-time reporting feature that allows you to view results as they come in.

11. Nicereply

Nicereply is an intuitive feedback platform. It helps companies improve customer service and build customer relationships by collecting customer satisfaction scores, customer feedback, and using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) model. 

Nicereply can be used to collect feedback in a variety of ways. Companies use it on their website, via email, through mobile apps and with offline surveys. 

The feedback is then displayed in a simple and easy to understand user interface. The main advantage of Nicereply is its simplicity.  

The interface is clean and uncluttered and everything is designed so that you can easily see at a glance whether your customers are happy or not. 

There is no need for you to spend hours sifting through data because everything you need to know about your customer satisfaction is laid out for you in an easy to understand graph or table. 

With the Nicereply integrations,  it is possible to integrate Nicereply with a variety of other tools including Salesforce, Zendesk, MailChimp, SurveyMonkey, Slack and Facebook so that you can easily share your customer satisfaction data across multiple platforms without having to copy information manually from one place to another. 


Nicereply is an advanced customer satisfaction survey tool for Zendesk, Desk.com, Kayako and email.  

Instant feedback — No need to wait for your customers to write a review or fill out an NPS survey. 

Nicereply allows you to get instant feedback from your customers in real-time. 

Email notifications — Get notified when a bad rating comes in so that you can act quickly and solve any problems with the customer service. 

Customer satisfaction reports — Get detailed reports on customer satisfaction and compare your team’s performance over time.  

Recovery cases — Whenever a customer gives you a low rating, you will receive an email notification with the option to recover the case. Reach out to the dissatisfied customer right within this notification by responding to the ticket or by sending them a direct email using our recovery feature. 


Nicereply Pros Customer service is a key element of any business model. It is more than just handling customer queries and collecting feedback. 

It is an interaction that allows you to learn more about your customers, appreciate their needs and expectations, and improve your product offering. No wonder that companies are ready to invest in customer success teams! 

However, there is more to customer support than just being responsive. To provide the best possible experience, you need to understand what makes your customers happy and what makes them angry or dissatisfied. 

Customer satisfaction (CSAT) and net promoter score (NPS) surveys are a great way to measure these aspects. If  you are looking for a solution that will help you understand your customers better and improve their experience, Nicereply might be it! 

Based on these insights, you can take steps to improve customer satisfaction. 

12. Google Forms 

Google Forms is a part of Google Drive, so if you have a Google account (which you can use to access other Google services like Gmail and Google Docs), you can easily make your own forms with just a few clicks. 

The interface for creating forms is simple and easy to use. You can add text fields, multiple-choice questions, and images to your form, plus you can set up an “other” option for users to fill in if they  do not see the response they want on your list. 

You can also choose whether your users should be able to submit more than one response or only one, or whether they will need to sign in with their Google accounts before they can submit anything. After launching a form, you will  get a link to the form that you can share through email or on social media. 

To edit your form later on, click the Responses tab at the top of the page and then click the green Edit icon next to your form’s name. Once people start filling out your form, all of their responses will be added to a spreadsheet in real time. 


  • Create a new form or quiz .
  • Share your form with others to collect responses.
  •  View live results as they come in 
  • Respond to Forms on behalf of your organization (using the more options … menu)


Forms can collect response data for use in another file – like a spreadsheet – through its integration with the other apps. Forms has add-ons that can improve its functionality by providing features like allowing respondents to upload images to their answers. 

What is Survey Software? 

Survey software is an online tool that makes it easy to create, send and analyze surveys. Surveys can be used in a variety of ways. 

Many people use them to gather feedback from employees or customers to help improve their products, services or internal processes. Others use them to conduct market research on new products or services and better understand the needs of their target audience. 

Survey software makes it simple for businesses of any size to create professional-looking surveys, distribute them and quickly analyze responses. Survey software typically has a user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop functionality, so you  do not need a degree in computer science to get started. 

You can easily add questions, customize appearances and even preview your survey before sending it out. In addition to making your survey look good, these tools also help you ensure your questions are well structured and easy to answer. 

You can choose from a variety of question types such as multiple choice, dropdown menus, free text answers or ratings scales. Each type works best with different kinds of questions, so you should pick the option that best fits your needs. 

What Features Should You Look For in Online Survey Tools? 

If  you are looking to get a better understanding of your customers and market,  there is no better way to do so than through an online survey. There are several tools out there that will help you create, publish and analyze surveys. 

Here are a few things to look for in online survey tools: What type of data do you need? Do you want quantitative (numbers) or qualitative (words)?  

This will help you choose the right type of survey tool. Who is taking the survey? If your business has a customer base in a certain demographic or industry, make sure your survey software can be customized to those needs. 

What kind of questions do you want to ask? Open-ended questions, multiple choice options and fill-in-the-blank questions can all be used to gather information. Depending on what sort of responses  you are looking for, make sure the software can accommodate them. 

How much does it cost? Some programs offer free versions that may be limited in their capabilities.  

They may offer other upgrades with more features at an additional cost. 

1. Online Survey Tools Data Analysis 

Survey questions can be a powerful way to collect feedback from users. They can be embedded in the interface, your website, or distributed in emails. 

The most popular survey tools are Qualtrics and Survey Monkey (and Google Forms). These provide an easy-to-use interface for creating surveys with a variety of question types, as well as for distributing them and storing results. 

The benefit of these services is that you  do not need to write any code or handle the data yourself. They also provide some basic analysis tools like charts and statistical tests, although  it is often not possible to do the kind of advanced analysis you might want with the tools they provide. 

However, if you want more control over the analysis process, you can export the data and analyze it locally.  Here is how to get started with that: 

SurveyMonkey gives you the tools you need to analyze your survey data, spot trends and take action. Download survey results, export to CSV and use your favorite tools for further analysis. 

We have  partnered with Tableau, the world’s most powerful data visualization software. Our free integration lets you create beautiful charts and graphs that capture the story of your data quickly and easily. 

2. Online Survey Tools Multiple Languages 

Here you can find a list of online survey tools that can help you create surveys in multiple languages. The list includes some free and premium tools and covers both desktop and web-based solutions. 

Awareness Hub. This web-based solution enables you to create surveys that support different languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and many others. SimpleSurvey supports branching logic and other advanced survey features. 

BubbleSurvey. This service allows you to create surveys in multiple languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, German, French). The service offers several types of questions including checkboxes, dropdown menus and text fields. 

It also supports branching logic CSurveys. This service is web based but the authors offer an offline version as well. 

It supports different question types such as text boxes, check boxes and drop down lists (which are used for multiple choice questions). 

CSurveys supports branching logic as well as multiple languages (the authors  do not state which ones exactly) SurveyMonkey is a global leader in survey software. Millions of customers—including 99% of the Fortune 500—use our online survey platform for insights that lead to action. 

3. Online Survey Tools Third-Party Integrations 

Every business can benefit from collecting feedback. Whether  you are a one-person shop or a large corporation, having a pulse on the opinions and preferences of your customers, employees, and other key stakeholders can help you make better decisions. 

Online survey tools are a great way to collect this information. But if all you do is create surveys and email them out,  you are missing out on some key functionality that will allow you to act on the feedback you receive. 

Besides collecting responses and creating reports with survey results, most survey tools also have integrations that allow you to share survey data with other business applications in your tech stack. In this article,  we will look at how these integrations work and when it makes sense for your business to connect an online survey tool to third-party software. 

In some cases, the integrations are built by the vendor themselves (for instance, SurveyMonkey integrates with Salesforce). In many other cases,  they are built by people outside the company (e.g., Typeform’s integration with MailChimp was built by a third party). 

4. Online Survey Tools Randomization 

Online survey tools are a good way to get the information you need when you need it. Unfortunately, they can be expensive and multiple choice answers  are not always the most useful when trying to collect data. 

However, there are online survey tools that do offer randomization, which is great for collecting qualitative data. So what is randomization? 

 It is a fancy word that means “random.” 

In online surveys, you can have your questions randomized so your respondents will see different versions of your survey in a different order each time.  

This can help make sure respondents  do not answer questions based on how the previous question was worded. 

5. Online Survey Tools Automation 

Automation is all the rage these days and online survey tools are no exception. Automate the Survey Process. 

SurveyGizmo has a number of options to automate your surveys: Survey Logic Conditional Logic allows you to automate your surveys by setting conditions that determine what question or page the respondent will see next. 

This feature is included for Silver and above accounts and can be purchased as an add-on for Basic Accounts. Skip Logic allows you to automate your survey by skipping respondents over questions that do not apply to them.  

This feature is included for Gold and above accounts and can be purchased as an add-on for Silver Accounts. 

Automate Your Data Analysis SurveyGizmo’s analytics create beautiful charts, graphs, and reports automatically! You  do not have to do anything but log into your account. 

Once  you have done this, our platform will gather valuable data that can help you understand the insights behind your survey data, making it easy to make better business decisions. 

How Do You Use Survey Software to Create Online Surveys and Improve Customer Satisfaction? 

Surveys are an effective way to get the information you need to improve your business and develop new products. They can help you understand your customers, gauge their satisfaction with your business, and identify areas for improvement. 

While face-to-face surveys are essential in certain situations, online surveys are generally quicker, easier and more cost-effective. They also make it easy to collect a large volume of responses from geographically dispersed respondents. 

Online surveys typically rely on survey software—sometimes called survey tools or survey platforms—to capture, manage and analyze data obtained via the Web. The software streamlines the process of creating online surveys and analyzing the results. 

When selecting an online survey tool, consider its capabilities as well as its cost and ease of use. Most paid survey tools offer a free trial version that lets you try before you buy.  

Some popular tools include: 

Qualtrics is considered one of the most advanced options on the market. It offers a range of features such as branching logic (which allows respondents to skip questions that  do not apply to them) and conditional text (which lets you display different text based on previous responses). 

Qualtrics offers a free version that allows unlimited surveys but restricts responses to 100 per month. 

Best Survey Software – Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Survey Software?  Survey software is a type of software that allows you to develop, publish and manage surveys. This can include online surveys (sent via email, social media or web links), on-screen electronic surveys (used in kiosks or online) and paper surveys. 

What Can Survey Software Do?  The best survey software solutions give you the ability to create and administer surveys quickly, easily and at low cost. Survey software is also an excellent tool for gathering customer feedback, measuring employee satisfaction and staying up-to-date with industry trends. 

How Much Does Survey Software Cost?  Survey software pricing varies widely depending on the type of survey  you are conducting and the number of people you need to reach. Basic survey software solutions can be as cheap as $0 per month, while more advanced solutions can cost up to $100 per month or more. 

This is where you can include a FAQ or explainer piece, addressing common questions people might have. If  you are not sure what questions to answer, consider using a tool like Answer the Public to help you brainstorm. 

Best Survey Software – Wrapping Up 

There are many different ways to use surveys for your business. In this guide, we looked at the most popular options on the market and decided to review SurveyMonkey, Typeform, and SurveyGizmo. 

Here is a quick recap of our findings: SurveyMonkey: Best survey software overall. With free tier and affordable paid plans, it has all the features you need to create professional surveys in minutes. Plus, it offers a robust analytics feature for advanced users. 

Typeform: Runner-up survey software with beautiful templates and easy user interface. Its advanced features are more expensive than SurveyMonkey’s, but the price is worth it if  you are looking for a more visual option. 

SurveyGizmo: The best enterprise-level survey tool on the market.  It is not as beginner-friendly as our other two picks, but it offers advanced features that will grow with your business. 

Thanks for taking the time to read through our survey software reviews. We hope you found them helpful, and that they make your decision a little easier. 

As you can see, there are plenty of options. You could easily spend days looking at all the features and features, trying to find the perfect one.