Bluehost is one of the most popular hosting providers in the world. They have a huge range of plans, and they’re also one of the cheapest.

Bluehost have been around since 2003, so they know what they’re doing!

Bluehost offers shared hosting, WordPress hosting, and Cloud hosting. Their shared plans start at just $3.95 per month, while their cloud plans start at $7.99 per month.

Shared hosting is perfect for people or companies who don’t need a lot of space or bandwidth. Shared hosting is also very affordable (as low as $3.95/mo for their Starter Plan).


Bluehost Review

What Are Bluehost Review

BlueHost is a web hosting company that provides hosting services for small to large businesses. It is one of the most popular and trusted hosting companies in the world.

Bluehost offers a range of shared, reseller and dedicated server plans that can be customized according to your needs.
The company’s award-winning customer support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any issues you may have with your account.

The company offers one of the best deals on shared hosting as well as cheap VPS hosting plans.
BlueHost also provides its customers with free domain names and free eCommerce solutions along with free SSL certificates which are vital for securing websites from hackers and cyber attacks.



Bluehost Review      

 Bluehost is one of the most popular hosting companies in the world. They have over 2 million domains hosted on their servers and they’re one of the top choices for bloggers who want a reliable host that won’t break the bank.

Bluehost was founded in 2003 by Matt Heaton and Tony Wells, so they’re no new kids on the block.

Their goal was to create a hosting company that gave small businesses and individual bloggers affordable options for web hosting services with all the bells and whistles you need to run your website smoothly.

Bluehost has been around for over 15 years, but their prices have remained competitive even as other companies raised their rates during the recession of 2008-2009.

This is because unlike some other hosts, Bluehost doesn’t rely on excessive upsells or complicated pricing plans to make money off its customers.

Instead, they offer an easy-to-understand pricing structure with unlimited bandwidth, disk space, and domains at very reasonable prices compared to other major hosts like HostGator and GoDaddy.

Bluehost offers WordPress hosting plans starting at $5/month (though there are usually coupons available). You can also get free domain registration when you sign up for an annual plan at

Bluehost Features Overview

Bluehost is one of the most popular hosting providers in the world, with over 2 million customers. It is known for its user-friendly interface and great customer support.

You can get started with Bluehost in just a few minutes by signing up for an account and then following the step-by-step instructions on their website.

Here’s an overview of some of their great features:

  1. Free Domain Name
  2. Unlimited Disk Space And Bandwidth
  3. 24/7 Technical Support

Best Features and Pros of Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosting providers in the world. They have been around for almost 20 years and have hosted over 2 million websites.

They have a great reputation for quality service at an affordable price. They offer shared hosting, VPS hosting, domain registration and SSL certificates.

They also offer a wide range of features such as email, cPanel, SSH access, free website builder and more.

This article will go over some of Bluehost’s best features, who they are for, what their plans offer and why we think they are one of the best web hosts around!

Bluehost Features

Bluehost offers several different plans with various features included:

Shared Hosting Plans – Shared hosting is an excellent choice if you need something basic that won’t cost too much money but still has enough power to run your site properly.

Shared hosting means that multiple websites share one server so there may be other sites hosted on the same server as yours which could slow down your site if there are too many active users at once.

This is usually not an issue though as most shared accounts don’t have more than a few dozen users at

1. 99.9% Server Uptime

 Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosting providers in the world. They are famous for their 99.9% server uptime, which is one of the best in the industry.

In this article, we will discuss why they have such high server uptime and how they maintain it.

In fact, Bluehost has gone through a lot of hard work to achieve this high level of service quality. Bluehost utilizes redundant infrastructure with multiple data centers across two continents in order to ensure maximum uptime for all its services and customers.

This is why their servers are up 99.9% of the time and you don’t have to worry about your website going down or being unavailable when visitors come to your site.

2. Security Measures – Automated Daily Backups

 Bluehost Security Measures – Automated Daily Backups

Bluehost takes security very seriously. All of our servers run on the latest Linux distribution, which is the most secure operating system on the market today.

We have a team of experts who monitor our servers 24/7/365 to make sure they are running as expected.

Our servers are automatically backed up every day so if anything should happen, you’ll always have access to your files and data. If any of your files are lost or corrupted, we will restore them from our backups within 24 hours.

We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption to protect all traffic between your web browser and our server. We also use an intrusion detection system (IDS) to monitor all activity on our servers for suspicious activity that may indicate an attack or breach attempt.

If we detect any such activity, we will shut down the affected server immediately until it can be properly secured and restored from backup.

3. High-Speed Servers

 Bluehost provides high-speed servers to create a powerful website. Bluehost is one of the most popular and affordable web hosting companies in the world.

They offer unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, unlimited domains and more for only $4.95 per month!

BlueHost offers three types of hosting plans: Economy, Business and Dedicated. All three plans come with a free domain name registration and 24/7 support.

The Economy plan starts at $3.49 per month while the Business plan starts at $6.49 per month and the Dedicated plan starts at $10.00 per month (all with 30% discount).

The Economy Plan includes 100 GB data transfer, 1 GB RAM & unlimited disk space with PHP 5, MySQL 5, Perl 5, CGI Support & more! For just $4.95 you can get your own domain name for free when you sign up for this plan.

The Business Plan offers unlimited data transfer (unlimited downloads), 10 GB RAM & unlimited disk space with PHP 5, MySQL 5, Perl 5, CGI Support & more! You also get your own domain name on this plan for free when you sign up which costs $12.00 normally! Finally there is the Dedicated Plan which offers 10 TB data transfer (unlimited

4. An Excellent Track-Record

 The Bluehost hosting service has an excellent track-record. It was founded in 1996 and is still going strong today.

The company has been consistently rated as one of the most popular web hosts by both experts and customers alike.

The main reason for this popularity is that Bluehost offers a wide range of tools and features that help you build a website, blog or store quickly and easily.

In fact, Bluehost offers everything from domain registration to email management at affordable prices.

In addition to their great features, Bluehost also offers 24/7 support via phone, email or live chat (Skype). They also have a very active Facebook page where you can get quick answers to your questions about their services.

With so many great features and so much support, it’s no wonder why so many people choose Bluehost as their preferred hosting provider!

5. Beginner-Friendly

 Bluehost is one of the largest and most popular web hosts on the Internet. They have over 2 million domains hosted on their servers, so they’re definitely a big player in this space.

Bluehost has been around for over 20 years, and has been owned by Endurance International Group since 2011. They are well-known for their beginner-friendly hosting plans, which make them one of the best options for people who are just starting out with building websites or blogs.

Bluehost offers three different hosting packages: Basic, Plus and Prime. Their Basic plan costs $5.95 per month (billed annually) and includes all the basic features that most people will need to get started with building their own online presence.

The Plus plan costs $6.95 per month (billed annually) and adds more storage space and bandwidth along with some other features that are useful for advanced users but aren’t necessary for beginners.

The Prime plan costs $7.95 per month (billed annually) and includes all the features from both previous plans while also providing access to premium WordPress themes, plugins, security updates & more!

6. Diverse Options to Meet Your Requirements

 Bluehost offers a variety of options to meet your requirements, including a free domain name and website builder.

Bluehost offers a variety of options to meet your requirements, including a free domain name and website builder.

Bluehost is one of the most popular hosting companies in the world. It’s also one of the first names that come up when you search for “WordPress hosting” on Google.

This popularity is due to the fact that Bluehost offers affordable plans and great customer support but it also means the company has grown extremely quickly over the years.

This growth can be both good and bad for customers. On one hand, it means there are more options than ever before; on the other hand, it also means there are more options than ever before which can make things confusing for beginners who don’t know where to start when choosing a web host for their WordPress site.

7. 24/7/365 Customer Support

 BlueHost is one of the best hosts in the world. They offer great customer support and are known for their easy to use hosting control panel.

They have a great selection of hosting plans that range from shared hosting to VPS and Dedicated servers.

BlueHost has a 24/7/365 support team that is ready to help you with any problem or question you may have. They can be reached by phone, email or live chat.

I have been using BlueHost for years and have found them to be very helpful and knowledgeable about their products as well as other companies they recommend for specific needs such as WordPress hosting or email marketing services.

8. Resource Protection

 Bluehost Resource Protection is a security feature that protects your website from malicious attacks, including brute force attacks, hacking attempts and more.

How do I enable Bluehost Resource Protection?

You can enable Bluehost Resource Protection in your cPanel by clicking the toggle button on the right side of your screen. The toggle button will be green when it is enabled.

When you enable Bluehost Resource Protection, it will protect your website from all attacks that attempt to access it through your cPanel login page. This means that even if someone tries to guess your password or use any other method to access your cPanel, they won’t be able to get past this protection without being able to provide the correct password.

If you want to disable Bluehost Resource Protection, simply click the toggle button again and it will turn off.

9. Extensive Plugin Library

 If you’re looking for a hosting provider that offers a wealth of plugins, Bluehost is your best bet. With over 500 plugins available, Bluehost has one of the largest libraries of any web host.

Bluehost’s extensive plugin library includes all the essentials, from analytics to ecommerce tools and social media integrations.

But it also has some niche features that are perfect for niche websites. You can even find plugins for managing newsletters or for managing your email marketing campaigns.

And if you’re just starting out with WordPress, there are plenty of starter-level plugins that’ll make it easy to get started with blogging or building an ecommerce store.

10. SSL Certificates

Bluehost is one of the best web hosting companies, serving more than 2 million customers. They have been around for a long time, and they are very reliable.

You can use Bluehost for both WordPress and non-WordPress sites. Bluehost also offers free SSL certificates with their hosting plans.

If you want to get an SSL certificate that works with your WordPress website, it’s important to make sure that you’re getting an SSL certificate from a trusted provider. This is where Let’s Encrypt comes in handy because they are free and trusted by many web hosts.

Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated and open certificate authority (CA). They offer free SSL certificates to anyone who signs up with them, which means that you don’t need to pay anything extra when you sign up with Bluehost.

With Let’s Encrypt, you can get an unlimited number of domains running on one server without having to renew your certificates every year like most other providers do.

11. Money-Back Guarantee

 Bluehost offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on shared hosting plans, and you can request a refund within the first 45 days of your account’s activation.

You can also request to cancel your account before its expiration date, but you’ll be charged an early termination fee equal to half of your remaining months’ worth of hosting fees.

For example, if you purchase a 12-month shared hosting plan at $7.99 per month and cancel your account within the first 45 days, Bluehost will charge you $4.50 for the remaining seven months left on your contract.

If you cancel after 45 days but before 12 months has passed, the company won’t charge any early termination fee but it will still charge you one full month’s worth of hosting fees as a “processing fee.”

The company also offers a 30-day money back guarantee on all other products and services (except domain names) purchased through its website.

Cons of Bluehost      

Bluehost is a good hosting company, but it is not perfect. Here are some of the cons of Bluehost:

Their support is not the best. It can take them several hours to respond to your queries.

Their Customer service is not very good. They don’t have a live chat support and their phone lines are always busy.

But I must say that their email support is pretty good and they reply within 24 hours in most cases.

Bluehost has too many restrictions on sites with adult content or gambling activities. If you want to host such sites, then you may have to look for other options as Bluehost will block your site if it contains any content related to adult or gambling.

The prices are high compared to competitors like DigitalOcean, A2 Hosting and HostGator etc..

1. Hike in Renewal Price

 Bluehost has announced a hike in renewal price. The hosting provider has raised its annual renewal price by USD 10 for all plans, including the entry-level shared hosting plan.

The increase is not a huge one but it’s still not good news for users who are already paying more than enough for their hosting services.

The company has also increased their renewal fee for domain names and SSL certificates.

The hike was announced on the Bluehost website with an apology note from Matt Heaton, CEO at Bluehost. He said:

“We’re sorry to see this happen, but it’s important that we continue to invest in our infrastructure to ensure that we can deliver the best possible service to our customers.”

2. Expensive upgrades and add-on features

 Bluehost is a popular web hosting provider, but it’s not for everyone. The company offers cheap plans for small websites and blogs, but you’ll have to pay more for more features if you want to use them.

The company’s most expensive plan is its Dedicated Cloud Hosting product at $199 per month, which includes unlimited SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth and three dedicated IP addresses.

Bluehost also offers more than 20 additional add-ons that range from $2 per month to $15 per month, such as SSL certificates, domain privacy protection and email forwarding.

Bluehost Dedicated Cloud Hosting costs an extra $20 per month over the company’s standard shared hosting plan, which starts at just $3.95 per month (with an annual subscription).

This makes it one of the most expensive hosting options on our list of top 10 web hosts especially when compared to other managed WordPress hosts like WP Engine or Flywheel that offer similar features at a fraction of the cost.

3. Site transfer is not free

 Bluehost is one of the most popular hosting companies, and one of their main selling points is that they offer free site transfers.

However, if you’re considering moving your website to Bluehost from another web host, you should know that the process isn’t free.

The company does offer a free domain name for new accounts and a 60-day money back guarantee, but there are some hidden fees associated with transferring a site from another host to Bluehost.

Bluehost’s Site Transfer service costs $129 per transfer. The company also charges $99 for each additional domain name in the same account whether it’s transferred from another provider or not.

The maximum number of domains allowed on a single account is 100. If you want more than 100 domains, you’ll need to upgrade your package to include unlimited domains at an additional cost of $10 per month per domain.

A Breakdown of Bluehost Hosting Packages

 Bluehost is one of the best hosting companies in the world. They have been around for a long time and have been providing hosting for millions of websites.

Bluehost has a lot of different hosting packages to choose from, so it can be hard to determine which one is best for your needs.

The good news is that their customer service department is very helpful, so they will be able to help you pick out the right package for your needs.

They also offer a great money back guarantee, so if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase you can always get your money back.

There are several different types of plans available at Bluehost: Basic Hosting, Deluxe Hosting, Premium Hosting and SuperCacher Hosting.

Each type offers different features and capabilities, so it’s important that you read through all of the information before deciding which plan works best for you.

1. Shared Hosting

 Bluehost is a top-rated shared hosting company that offers high performance and value. Their hosting plans are optimized for WordPress, Joomla, and other popular content management systems (CMS).

Bluehost offers three different shared hosting packages: Basic, Plus and Prime. The Basic plan starts at $3.95 per month while the Plus plan starts at $5.95 per month and the Prime plan starts at $7.99 per month.

All three plans include unlimited data transfer and storage, 24/7 customer support via phone or live chat, cPanel access and 1-click WordPress installation among many other features.

The Basic plan includes 1 domain hosted on the account, 100 email accounts (2 per domain), 15GB disk space, 500GB bandwidth with no limits on number of domains or emails you can send/receive via those accounts.

The Plus plan includes all of the features of the Basic plan plus unlimited domains, 20GB disk space, 1TB bandwidth with no limits on number of domains or emails you can send/receive via those accounts.

The Prime plan includes all of the features of both Basic & Plus plans plus in addition to everything listed above there is free SSL certificate included

Who should use Shared Hosting?             

 If you’re just starting out and don’t have a lot of money to spend, shared hosting is the way to go. It’s also perfect for small businesses with a simple website, as well as personal blogs or portfolio sites.

Shared hosting is ideal for those who don’t need much power, scalability or security. It’s perfect for those who want to focus on marketing and selling their products or services, rather than managing their website.

Shared Hosting Features

The following are some of the features you get with shared hosting:

Reliability – You can be sure that your website will be up at all times because there’s multiple servers sharing the load.

The more people that use the same server, the better its uptime will be.

Scalability – You don’t need to worry about growing too fast and having your site crash because it can easily handle scaling up with more resources as needed (just keep in mind that this depends on how busy your site gets).

Security – Shared hosts take care of patching vulnerabilities in WordPress core and other software used on their servers so you don’t have to do it yourself (although you still need to keep yourself updated).

Also, they’ll monitor traffic and look for suspicious activity so they can take

2. VPS Hosting

 Bluehost VPS Hosting is a great choice for people who want to host their websites on a dedicated server but don’t have the budget for it.

It offers all the benefits of a dedicated server, such as increased security and storage space, without the cost of one.

Bluehost is one of the most popular hosting providers in the world and has been around for over 20 years. They are also known for their excellent customer service, which is why so many people choose to use them as their web host.

Bluehost VPS Hosting was first introduced in 2014 and has been growing ever since. The company’s goal was to offer users an affordable way of getting a Virtual Private Server (VPS) without having to pay the full price tag associated with one.

In order to do this, they had to make some sacrifices on features such as memory and CPU cores, but they were still able to provide users with a good experience at an affordable price point.

Today there are many companies who offer similar services as Bluehost VPS Hosting but few have been able to match its popularity or success rate so far. There are many reasons why people choose Bluehost VPS Hosting over other options available today including:

Affordable pricing – Compared

Who should use VPS Hosting?    

 VPS Hosting is a great option for businesses that are just starting out, but it’s also a great solution for established companies.

With VPS Hosting, you get the benefits of shared hosting with the increased security and control of dedicated servers.

If you want to run a website or application that requires more resources than what shared hosting can offer, then VPS Hosting is the right choice for you.

Some examples include:

A website that gets a lot of traffic

A database-driven website (eCommerce)

An application built in PHP or another language that requires special configuration settings or has resources that need to be managed individually

3. Dedicated Server Hosting

 Bluehost Dedicated Server Hosting is an advanced type of hosting plan that allows you to get a dedicated server with all the features that you need.

It is an ideal solution for large websites, online businesses and even large blogs that need to scale up their operations.

Bluehost Dedicated Server Hosting comes as an inbuilt package with full root access, unlimited email accounts and domains, 24/7 support and many other features.

The Bluehost Dedicated Server Hosting package offers you the flexibility to choose between Windows or Linux operating systems.

With this option, you can choose the right OS for your website’s requirements. The company also provides you with a wide range of web hosting options, including shared hosting plans (starting at $7.99/mo), VPS plans ($19.99/mo) and dedicated server plans ($54.99/mo).

Who should use Dedicated Hosting?       

 Dedicated hosting is a type of web hosting that provides each customer with their own server.

Dedicated hosting is the most expensive option, but it offers the greatest amount of flexibility and control.

This is because you are not sharing your server with other users, so you have full access to all the resources on that server.

Dedicated hosting is usually used by larger companies that need to host a lot of websites or applications, or those who want total control over their servers. Dedicated hosts also offer many other features that can be beneficial for certain types of businesses.

4. Managed WordPress Hosting

 Bluehost Managed WordPress Hosting

Bluehost is the best WordPress hosting platform, and we’re proud to offer exclusive managed WordPress hosting plans.

Our managed WordPress hosting service is designed to give you the tools and resources you need to manage your site without having to understand how servers work.

Your site will be hosted on our high-performance servers, so it’ll load quickly and stay up-to-date with automatic updates.

We’ll also take care of backups for you so that you don’t have to worry about losing your content or data.

We’ve also added several tools specifically for running a self-hosted blog, including:

Automated malware scanning

Easy-to-use website builder (coming soon)

Who should use Managed WordPress Hosting? 

 Managed WordPress Hosting is a type of WordPress hosting where your web host takes care of all the technical stuff for you. It’s like having an agency that manages every aspect of your site, from security to updates and backups.

Managed WordPress hosts are ideal for bloggers and small businesses who want to focus on their content and let someone else handle the tech stuff.

Here’s what you should consider when choosing a Managed WordPress host:

What kind of support do they offer? Does it include technical support, marketing support, or both?

What kind of apps or add-ons are available? Do they offer plugins or themes that can help you customize your site?

How much control do you have over your site? Can you install new plugins and themes on your own? Or does everything need to be approved by the host first?

5. Reseller Hosting

 Bluehost Reseller Hosting is a powerful reseller platform that allows you to create your own hosting business. With Bluehost Reseller Hosting, you can choose from three different plans: Basic, Pro, and Business.

Each plan has its own set of features and benefits so it’s important to understand what each one has to offer before deciding which one is best for you.

Bluehost Reseller Hosting Benefits:

Powerful Features – All plans offer the same features such as cPanel, WordPress compatibility and unlimited email accounts. However, some plans have more features than others.

For example, the Basic plan does not include site builder tools or a free domain name whereas the other two plans do have these features included at no additional cost!

Great Support – All three plans come with 24/7 support through phone, chat and email so you will always be able to get the help you need when you need it most!

Bluehost General Hosting Features          

 Bluehost is a general hosting provider that offers a range of features for your website.

Hosting Features:

  1. 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  2. Multiple Datacenters
  3. Free Domain Name with Hosting
  4. Unlimited Bandwidth & Storage
  5. Multiple Email Addresses

1. User-Friendly & Easy-to-Use cPanel

 Bluehost User-Friendly & Easy-to-Use cPanel

Bluehost is one of the most popular and user-friendly web hosting providers. It is known for its flexible pricing plans and easy-to-use web hosting control panel.

The Bluehost cPanel was created with the aim to make your web hosting experience a pleasant one.

Bluehost cPanel Features:

Easy to Use

The Bluehost cPanel features an intuitive interface that makes it easy for you to manage your website. Whether you are a novice or experienced user, you will find it easy to use Bluehost’s powerful features.

24/7 Customer Support

Bluehost offers 24/7 customer support, so you can always get help when you need it. You can call their customer support team or chat with them online via live chat or email support.

Security Features

The Bluehost security system protects your website from hackers and other threats by putting in place various measures such as daily backups, malware scanning and firewalls.

2. Low Introductory Pricing

 Bluehost is one of the most popular and well-known web hosting companies in the world. It offers a wide range of hosting packages that are suitable for both beginners and advanced users.

With Bluehost, you can get your site up and running quickly without having to worry about technical details such as server configuration and software installation.

If you’re interested in getting started with Bluehost, here’s what you need to know about their introductory pricing plans:

Basic Hosting Plan – $6.95/month ($7.99/month if paid annually)

The Basic Hosting plan provides you with everything you need to get started with your website. You will get unlimited domains, storage space, monthly visits, email accounts and more! This plan is perfect for those who want to start small but have plans to grow their business in time.

Plus Hosting Plan – $12/month ($13.49/month if paid annually)

This plan offers all the benefits of the basic plan plus a few extras like unlimited bandwidth and disk space! The Plus hosting plan also comes with a free domain name! There are no limits on the number of sites or emails that you can create on this level of service either which makes it ideal for those who want to scale up quickly

3. Excellent Customer Support 

 Bluehost is a well-known and popular web hosting company. It offers high quality hosting services to its customers at competitive prices.

The company has been in business since 1996 and has over 1 million customers worldwide.

Bluehost provides various types of web hosting plans for the users to choose from. Those include shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting plans.

The most popular plan is the shared one which offers unlimited bandwidth and storage space along with 24/7 customer support via live chat and phone call.

Bluehost Excellent Customer Support

Bluehost has an excellent customer support team that’s available 24/7 to provide assistance to its customers. You can get help by logging into your control panel or by contacting them via email or live chat.

4. Top-Notch Security Features

 Bluehost is one of the most popular hosting providers in the world. It’s also one of the most secure.

Bluehost has been around since 2003, and it offers a wide range of hosting packages, including shared hosting plans and VPS offerings.

The company has built its reputation on offering top-notch customer service and reliability.

And while they are justifiably proud of their technical prowess, they also understand that security is an important concern for their customers.

The company offers a number of security features that help keep your site safe and secure. Here are a few:

1) SSL Certificate – The certificate encrypts all traffic between your website and visitors’ browsers so no one can intercept the data being sent back and forth.

This ensures that private information like passwords or payment information remains private. It also protects against cookie theft by protecting cookies from being read by anyone but the intended viewer.

2) DDoS Protection – Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks are designed to cripple a website by overwhelming it with requests for resources to be processed at once, which overburdens the server and causes it to crash or become unavailable to users until it’s fixed manually. DDoS protection from Bluehost prevents this from happening

5. Quick Installation

 Bluehost Quick Installation

Bluehost is one of the most popular WordPress hosting providers in the world. They have over 2 million customers and have been around since 2003.

Their hosting plans start at $2.95 per month with all the features you need to run a successful website.

Bluehost is also one of the easiest platforms to use, which is why they are so popular with beginners and experts alike.

If you want to use Bluehost, then this tutorial will walk you through installing WordPress on your new hosting account in just a few minutes.

Step 1: Signing Up For Bluehost

6. MOJO Marketplace

 Bluehost MOJO Marketplace is a marketplace for digital products and services. Sell your products and services here, or find the perfect item to sell on your own website.

The Bluehost MOJO Marketplace is a great way to make money online.

With thousands of active buyers visiting our marketplace every day, you can be sure that there will always be customers looking to buy what you have to offer!

We offer many different types of payment methods, including Paypal and Bitcoin. We also provide an escrow service if you wish to use it.

If you’re looking for a way to make some extra cash while doing something that you love, then this is the place for you!

Bluehost Ecommerce Features

Bluehost is a web hosting company that offers a variety of products and services to help you get your website online.

One of the products offered by Bluehost is their eCommerce hosting service, which allows you to build an online store with your own domain name. Here are some of the features offered by Bluehost‘s eCommerce service:

-Unlimited Products & Categories

You can have as many products as you want, and no limit on the number of categories in which they can be organized.

-Unlimited Images & Files

You can upload as many images and other files as needed for your products. You also have access to tools for editing them, including cropping and resizing images, adding watermarks, rotating or flipping them, or changing their color tone.

How to Sign Up with Bluehost

Bluehost is a web hosting company that provides shared hosting, reseller hosting, and dedicated server hosting.

They provide their customers with the ability to host their websites through the use of their proprietary control panel software named cPanel. In this tutorial we will show you how to sign up with Bluehost.

Step 1: Click Here to go directly to the sign up page.

Step 2: Fill in the form on your screen with all of your required information. Once you have filled out all of the fields, click on “Next” at the bottom of the page.

Step 3: Select a plan from one of three options available (Basic, Plus or Premium), then click on “Next” at bottom of page again.

Step #1 Visit

Bluehost is a web hosting company that offers all the tools you need to get your website up and running. They have three different plans, starting at $4.95 per month for the basic plan, which includes unlimited bandwidth and data transfer.

Step #2 Select Your Plan

Once you’ve chosen your website hosting plan, click the “Sign Up Now” button to continue to the next step of the process.

Step #3 Enter Your Credit Card Information

After you’ve clicked “Sign Up Now,” you’ll be taken to a page where you can enter your payment information and complete your purchase.

Step #2 Select a Web Hosting Plan

Choose a hosting plan that fits your needs. Basic plans are inexpensive and give you enough space for your business website.

If you are planning to expand and grow your business, choose a hosting plan with more features, such as email accounts, databases, and shopping carts.

Hosting plans come in three types: shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers. A shared hosting plan gives you access to multiple servers and resources at once, which will be shared by other websites on the same server.

If one of these websites spikes in popularity or uses up all of its allotted resources, it could affect other websites on the same server.

This is why many businesses choose to pay for more resources than they need at first to ensure that their website stays online even if another site goes viral.

A virtual private server (VPS) is a virtual machine that contains an operating system and some amount of storage space and RAM.

It allows users to run their own applications on their own hardware without affecting other users on the same server

1. Basic Plan (Highly recommended for beginners)            

 Bluehost Plus Plan is a managed WordPress hosting plan that comes with a free domain name, free SSL certificate, 1-click WordPress installation, and 24/7 expert support.

Bluehost Plus Plan offers one of the best combinations of performance, flexibility, and cost in the industry.

With our managed WordPress hosting plans, you can build your online presence with confidence using our expertly optimized infrastructure.

Each plan includes 24/7 support from our team of experienced developers who have been helping customers launch their web sites for over 15 years.

2. Plus Plan        

 Bluehost Plus Plan is the best hosting service provider in the world. It is a reliable and secure web hosting that offers a wide range of services to its customers.

With this plan you will get complete control over your website with easy to use tools. It offers unlimited bandwidth as well as unlimited domains with every hosting package. You can host unlimited websites with this plan without any additional charges or hidden fees.

Bluehost Plus Plan comes with all the features that you need to create an online presence for your business or personal website easily and quickly.

The best thing about Bluehost is that it can be used by both beginners as well as experts because of its user friendly interface which makes it simple even for newbies to handle their own website easily without any technical knowledge required by them.

You will get 24/7 support from experts who are available round the clock so that if you have any kind of problem related to your website then you can contact them anytime and they will help you solve your problems instantly without any delay whatsoever.

3. Prime Plan     

 Bluehost Prime Plan is a good option for those who want to set up a business website, blog or any other website. It has everything you need to get started with your website.

The price of this plan is $29.95 per month, which is very cheap when compared to other web hosting companies.

Bluehost also offers free domain name registration, so if you are looking for a good domain name company then Bluehost should be your first choice.

Bluehost Prime Plan comes with unlimited bandwidth and disk space along with one-click application installer that makes it easy for anyone to create their own site without having any prior experience in web development.

This plan also comes with $100 Google Adwords credit and 24/7 live chat support which makes it very easy to get help from them if needed at any time of the day or night!

4. Business Pro Plan       

 Bluehost Business Pro Plan is a web hosting service from Bluehost. It is a scalable, high-performance platform that provides businesses with everything they need to create and manage their online presence.

Bluehost Business Pro Plan Features:

24/7 Support: Get help with any issue whenever you need it, via phone, chat or email.

Unlimited Bandwidth: No matter how much traffic you generate, your website will always be fast and secure.

Unlimited Storage Space: You can store as many files as you need without worrying about space limits.

1-Click Installs: Installing WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or over 300 other applications is easy with our cPanel dashboard.

Step #3 Select a Domain Name

Now that you know what type of website you want to build, it’s time to pick a domain name. A domain name is the URL (web address) that people use to find your site.

Here are some tips for choosing a domain name:

Keep it short, simple and easy to remember. For example, my personal blog is If I were building a website for a coffee shop, it might be I wouldn’t use any special characters (like hyphens), in case someone tries to type it in by hand or if it gets cut off in an email message.

Make sure your domain name is available by searching on Google or other search engines (see below).

You can also check with your web hosting company or registrar to see if they have any suggestions before you start looking on your own.

Step #4 Enter your Personal Details & Pick add-ons

You now need to enter your personal details, pick the add-ons you want and complete the order.

Personal Details:

First Name: enter your first name here.

Last Name: enter your last name here.

Address Line 1: enter your address line 1 here.

Address Line 2: enter your address line 2 here.

City: enter city info here.

State/Region: select state or region from the drop-down menu (e.g., California).

If it doesn’t appear in the drop-down menu, choose “Other” and type in the two-letter code for your state or region in the box that appears below the drop-down menu (e.g., CA for California).

Postal Code: type in postal code info here (e.g., 94090).

Step #5 You have successfully signed up with Bluehost   

Now, you can select your domain name and web hosting plan.

Select the domain name that you want to use. Don’t worry about making a mistake, because you can always change it later if you don’t like it.

Enter your preferred username and email address for your account. You will use these details to login to your Bluehost account for the first time.

Select any additional features that you want to add to your account (e.g., SSL certificate). We recommend that you select all of them for now, so that you can test your website as soon as possible.

Click on the “Add Domain” button at the bottom of the page, which will take you back to the main signup page where you can select another domain or finish signing up with Bluehost by clicking on “Continue To Payment” button on top right corner.

Bluehost Review – Should You Buy It?     

Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosting companies in the world, and for good reason. It’s affordable, reliable, and has a great support staff.

But there are other great hosts out there, too. So, should you buy it?

I’ve used Bluehost for years and had no problems with my sites.

However, I’ve also heard plenty of horror stories about Bluehost including many from people who have used it for years without any issues.

Bluehost has a lot of experience dealing with WordPress sites and can often help you troubleshoot issues without having to contact them directly (via their knowledge base).

This is particularly helpful if your site is running slowly or not displaying properly in all browsers but it’s not ideal if your site has been hacked or otherwise compromised (see below).