Best Quadcopter for GoPro: 7 Best Quadcopters For Using With a GoPro

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best quadcopter for gopro

Ah yes, the much talked about quadcopter. That piece of gear that every videographer and filmmaker craves to have in their bag of tricks. But what is the best quadcopter for GoPro? GoPro is the brand par excellence when it comes to buying high-quality ActionCams. Since one can rely on high-quality footage and longevity when buying a camera from the … Read More

How Much Money do You Need to Setup a Video Production Company? 7 Tips on the Cost of Starting a Video Company

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how much money do you need to setup a video production company

We want to talk today about the costs of setting up a video company and how much money do you need to setup a video production company. It’s one of the main questions I get asked, so I’d like to cover it here. With your talent of being able to be an all-around videographer, you can definitely take it to … Read More

Best Surveillance Camera: Which Camcorder is best for Surveillance?

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Today we have an article on the surveillance cameras and techniques by the popular tech writer Fredrick Nicholas. He’s going to look at what the best surveillance camera is, as well as share tips and strategies for getting the best surveillance footage. It’s an interesting sub niche in videography and it can be a very lucrative business. What follows is initially … Read More

Best Wireless Microphone for Filmmaking & Video Production: 6 Top Wireless Microphones

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best wireless microphone

Many cameras have a built-in microphone, as part of their default features. If you have ever tried to record audio through your camera’s build in microphone, however, you’ll have run into a few issues. We’ll run through a couple of these issues, as well as presenting our solution to terrible in-camera audio: wireless microphones. This is our list of the … Read More