Best Surveillance Camera: Which Camcorder is best for Surveillance?

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Today we have an article on the surveillance cameras and techniques by the popular tech writer Fredrick Nicholas. He’s going to look at what the best surveillance camera is, as well as share tips and strategies for getting the best surveillance footage. It’s an interesting sub niche in videography and it can be a very lucrative business. What follows is initially … Read More

Best Wireless Microphone for Filmmaking & Video Production: 6 Top Wireless Microphones

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best wireless microphone

Many cameras have a built-in microphone, as part of their default features. If you have ever tried to record audio through your camera’s build in microphone, however, you’ll have run into a few issues. We’ll run through a couple of these issues, as well as presenting our solution to terrible in-camera audio: wireless microphones. This is our list of the … Read More

Best Tripod for DSLR: 5 of the Best Tripods For All Filmmaking Situations

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best tripod for dslr

Getting shaky shots that looks like you’ve had one too many cocktails before shooting? Videos looks a little like those holiday films you used to make as a kid? You know you need stabilization, but you don’t know what your options are. Maybe you’re wondering what the best tripod for DSLR cameras is? Well, it’s a good thing that tripods … Read More

Complete Guide to Wedding Videography Gear: The 9 Types of Equipment You Need

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wedding videography gear

This is a detailed (and lengthy) article on wedding videography gear. I’ve tried to cover everything here, as it’s a real passion. Enjoy! Ah, wedding videography! The scene is set brilliantly – the bride looks stunning, the venue is beautiful, you have the perfect angle for this shot and…damn, the photographer just stepped into your shot for the 10th time today! … Read More

The Best Camera for Filming YouTube Videos: 5 of the Best YouTube Cameras

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best camera for filming youtube videos

YouTube. Everyone’s favorite medium for getting your videos out there. Whether you’re a filmmaker, a videographer, a video blogger, or anything else, this is our detailed guide to the best camera for filming YouTube videos. The act of videography has been a way of life over the years, ranging from the novice who makes videos just for fun as a new … Read More

Best Monitor Under 100 Dollars: 5 of the Best Monitors For Editing

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best monitor under 100

If you’re wondering what’s the best monitor under 100 dollars, then we have just the guide for you. Editing on a high-resolution monitor, and often making use of two screens, if really important for any good filmmaker/videographer. With two screens, you gain much more screen real estate and that helps you maximize what you can do with your editing. Workflow … Read More