How To Make a Vimeo Staff Pick Short Film

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vimeo staff pick

One of the latest Vimeo Staff Pick videos is docu-drama Drug Runner. This film blends documentary and fiction with the true story of a fifteen-year-old drug dealer. Portrayed as a short, this story is full of beautiful framing and colour – surprising for the subject matter – that pulls the viewer into the life of a character that should be … Read More

How to Find the Best Drone Video Services & Providers

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best drone video services

People and companies all over the earth are beginning to realize the value of drone video services, from real estate marketing to utility inspections. As UAVs grow in popularity, so do the number of companies and providers of drone video services looking to capitalize on this new market. So how do you find the best drone video services out there? … Read More

Best DSLR Stabilizer: 6 of the Top DSLR Stabilizers

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best DSLR stabilizer

DSLR Stabilizers are used to add additional support for long, demanding camera shots, as well as adding flexibility and dynamism in your work. With this article, we’re going to look at the best DSLR stabilizer and list some of our favorites. Imagine the first person effects used in a movie like Requiem For a Dream, where stabilisation plays a large … Read More

Cloud Video Footage Storage – Why You Should Backup Everything to the Cloud

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cloud video footage storage

Storing your footage online, in addition to physical backups is key if you want the ultimate in secure, stress-free storage of your footage. This is where Cloud video footage storage comes into play. That’s a real mouthful! This article aims to introduce Cloud storage from a beginners POV. We’ll offer tips and strategies and show you how to get started … Read More

How to Become a Consultant and Help Other Businesses (Including Video Businesses)

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how to become a consultant

Today we’re looking at how to become a consultant within the film or video industry. Consultants are paid big money to advise on various aspects of the process. For example, you could be a consultant to advise indie filmmakers on how to get funding, or how to sell their film on a variety of filmmaking markets. If we’re talking about … Read More

How Much Money do You Need to Setup a Video Production Company? 7 Tips on the Cost of Starting a Video Company

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how much money do you need to setup a video production company

We want to talk today about the costs of setting up a video company and how much money do you need to setup a video production company. It’s one of the main questions I get asked, so I’d like to cover it here. With your talent of being able to be an all-around videographer, you can definitely take it to … Read More

Best Surveillance Camera: Which Camcorder is best for Surveillance?

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Today we have an article on the surveillance cameras and techniques by the popular tech writer Fredrick Nicholas. He’s going to look at what the best surveillance camera is, as well as share tips and strategies for getting the best surveillance footage. It’s an interesting sub niche in videography and it can be a very lucrative business. What follows is initially … Read More