Running a Video Production Company: How is a Video Production Company Run?

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running a video production company

Sooner or later, any amateur filmmaker thinks about going professional and setting up their own video production company. Today, we’re going to cover running a video production company. By setting up their own film company, they imagine that they will better be able to produce  work that matches their creative vision – while at the same time transforming a “hobby” … Read More

Flexible Filmmaker: How Being a Malleable Filmmaker Can Save Your Film From Script to Post

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flexible filmmaker

The script is airtight. You’ve stayed up until the wee hours perfecting your shot list. You’ve jotted down helpful verbs to whisper into your actors ears during key moments. You and your team have strategized the order of the shooting day ad nauseum. You are one hundred percent prepared. No, that’s not enough… you are one hundred and ten percent … Read More

Music Video Money: 7 Reasons Why You Can Make Money Filming Music Videos

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music video money

Making money from music videos isn’t a straight forward path in the video production industry, but it’s a very popular one that a lot of people want to get into. So what is this music video money and how do you get it? Some of the world’s most famous and recognizable filmmakers have made music videos either at the start, … Read More

iPhone Filmmaking: Mobile Video Editing On The Go: Diversify Your Online Content With Videos

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iphone filmmaking

We have a change of pace today with an article on iPhone filmmaking. We have Mickey Blanco from Instasize, who’s going to cover mobile video editing, using Instagram to present your videos and much more. iPhone Filmmaking Thanks to smartphones, making videos has never been easier. There’s almost no need to lug around a heavy video camera in order to … Read More

Low Budget Feature Film: 5 Tips For Making Your Low Budget Feature Film Successful

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feature film

We have a Q&A today with a directing team experiencing a lot of success right now. Fresh off creating their latest low budget feature film, we speak to Jamison LoCascio and Adam Ambrosio.  Successful Low Budget Feature Film: Introduction Producer Adam Ambrosio went to long time collaborator Director Jamison LoCascio to put together what would be LoCascio’s second feature film … Read More

Film Investment: How the Financial Side of Film Investment Can Be Calculated

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film investment

If your film is going to be successful, you need to consider film investment and all aspects pertaining to the financial side of filmmaking. This article covers topics on film financing, so that you don’t find yourself clueless when it comes to finding money to make your film. The film business has always looked glamorous for people outside of the … Read More

How to Earn Money Making Videos: 7 Steps to Selling Stock Footage For Profit

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earn money making videos

We have an article on earning money with stock footage today from Daniele Carrer. He’s going to run through a number of methods to profiting through stock footage and how to earn money making videos. According to what you must have read in some blogs, YouTube is the easiest way to earn money if you love holding a camera to … Read More

How To Get Your Video Production Project Reviewed & Approved by Clients

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video production project reviewed

Getting your video production project reviewed and approved by clients is a big part of the video business process. Here’s Soukaina with an article on using the popular app Filestage in order to get your work reviewed and approved. Working in a video production company, people often face a significant challenge: you want to make your clients happy, so you … Read More

The Best Camera for Filming YouTube Videos: 5 of the Best YouTube Cameras

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best camera for filming youtube videos

YouTube. Everyone’s favorite medium for getting your videos out there. Whether you’re a filmmaker, a videographer, a video blogger, or anything else, this is our detailed guide to the best camera for filming YouTube videos. The act of videography has been a way of life over the years, ranging from the novice who makes videos just for fun as a new … Read More