Team Building: Comprehensive 4 Step Method For Building a Rockstar Team

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team building

As a filmmaker, having a good team is absolutely essential to creating quality content. Good team building is, therefore, of paramount importance. Yet, especially in the world of low-budget filmmaking (when money isn’t always as available as you’d like), I see that many struggle to find reliable, skilled people that they can look to when it’s time to hit the … Read More

The Filmmaker Career Roadmap: 6 Ways To Turn Your Passion For Filmmaking Into Reality

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filmmaker career

For today, we have an article by filmmaker Lewis Khan. He covers the best methods to solidify a passion for filmmaking and turn it into a filmmaker career. Take it away, Lewis! Film is incredibly democratic and accessible, it’s probably the best option if you actually want to change the world, not just re-decorate it. – Banksy The Filmmaking Career … Read More

Video Editing Workflow: 5 Steps to Mastering Your Workflow

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video editing workflow

Ever wanted to give your video editing workflow an upgrade? We’ve got a very special article today. Zack Arnold, an award-winning film & television editor, is here to bring the knowledge about video editing workflow and using Trello to get things done. Yes, you’re in for a workflow oil change! Zack’s editing credits include TV’s Burn Notice, Shooter, Empire and Glee, as … Read More

How to Build a Scriptwriting Portfolio from Scratch

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scriptwriting portfolio

We have an article today from screenwriter Zack Halliwell. Zack approached us wanting to write a detailed piece on building a scriptwriting portfolio. Take it away, Zack! How to Build a Scriptwriting Portfolio from Scratch At the heart of any filmmaking company, there is a busy hive of workers. From production managers to directors, you need a good few hands … Read More

How to Become a CEO: 6 Steps to Seeing Yourself As the CEO No Matter How Big You Are

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how to become a ceo

What exactly is a CEO anyway? The letters stand for Chief Executive Officer and they’re usually the highest-ranking executive manager of a corporation. But what exactly can they do and – as the owner of a small video production business – how to become a CEO? Well, ultimately, a CEO has the responsibility for the overall success of their business … Read More

Great Customer Service: 11 Ways to Make Clients Remember You

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great customer service

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “The customer is king”. But what is great customer service? It’s one of the first rule of any successful business that you need to provide your customer with good service – especially if you want to grow your client list. A onetime customer is a good thing, but a return client? Someone who you have … Read More

How to Stop Procrastinating: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time

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how to stop procrastinating

The following article features thoughts on how to stop procrastinating and how to be better with your time. It’s about managing your time, or dare I say it: time management. After reading Brian Tracy’s seminal work, Eat That Frog, these are current thoughts on procrastination and doing better at this thing we call life. Whether that’s in your video business, … Read More

Team Motivation: Top 5 Steps For Perfect Team Motivation

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team motivation

So you’re running a team. Maybe it’s a large team? Or perhaps small? Either way, you’re video production company’s success depends on how you motivate your team. This article will cover team motivation, whether that be for employees, freelancers, or any other kind of team motivation situation. There are a lot of tips here that may be useful to you … Read More