The Top 6 Beginner Mistakes In Video Production – Don’t Make These!

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If you are reading this article, you might be new to business. If you’re currently figuring out which pieces of the puzzle go where in your video production company, then read on. This article will address the most common beginner mistakes when running a video production business. It probably feels like you’ve just opened up a 10,000 piece puzzle of baked … Read More

7 Biggest New Innovations to Expect In the Future: Elon Musk, the Real Life Iron Man, And The Pursuit of New Technology

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new innovations

This post came into existence as the result of a number of conversations with a friend. It also came out of a lot of reading and thinking about new innovations and the issues expressed herein. It’s kind of a slight departure from the topics I normally write about here at Filmmaking Lifestyle. Still, filmmaking and video production use technology, and its … Read More

Your Business Energy Level: 15 Daily Habits That Are Draining You Of Energy

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Habits affect our energy level. Habits ultimately dictate our lives.  The things we do on a daily basis are what create our reality, and bad habits create a terrible reality. Science shows us that changing our habits and thoughts can be difficult, considering we repeat 85% of the same thing day in, day out. That only leaves 15% to change, … Read More

10 Productive Habits That Will Give You More Energy And Improve Your Productivity

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What does your day currently look like?  Perhaps you wake up with your morning cup of coffee, refer to the notes you took down from last night and immediately start working on, say, an edit. But how about productive habits? 3 hours later, you are finding you are losing focus and attention on your work and you reach out for … Read More

Make a Movie on a Budget: Making a Feature Film for $6,000… It’s possible

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Are you looking to make a movie? Then this exclusive article by filmmaker James Defalco is going to be just what you’re looking for! In ‘Making a Feature Film for $6,000… It’s possible,’ James explains the journey he took to make his movie, Long Island Love Story. Take it away, James! [Editor note: Images throughout are stills and posters from … Read More

Video Production Packages: Make $1K In Half a Day by Packaging Your Video Services

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Everybody loves a good package. We told you before, over on Video Production Virgins, that this much was true. And, in fact, that mastering the art of packaging your services effectively will lead to bathtubs of money for your reclining pleasure. Why? Packages are repeatable, attractive and easy for clients to digest and agree to. Putting two things together for … Read More

9 Tips For Starting a Business & Becoming Self Employed

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Today we have a special article fromLeo Babauta of zen habits. This article is about becoming self employed and finally taking the leap to starting your own business. Zen Habits recently celebrated 10 years of existence, and it’s a great blog on productivity and developing habits, especially in the realms of business and creativity. Take it away, Leo! One of the best things … Read More

Unpaid Invoices? 7 Tips When Clients Don’t Pay

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unpaid invoices

I often get questions along the lines of, “What do I do if my client doesn’t pay me?” Or, “Are there special methods for chasing up unpaid invoices?” So what happens when a client/customer doesn’t pay you? Not all clients are great clients and occasionally you meet a client that doesn’t pay you. It’s rare, but it sometimes happens. When … Read More

7 Tips to Remove Barriers to Success in Filmmaking and Video Production

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Want to know how to have success in your filmmaking career or video business as fast as possible? You need to remove any barriers to success. Cut out all distractions. I get a lot of questions from readers regularly asking something along the lines of, “I have X issue that’s taking up so much of my time. I’m worried that it’s … Read More