Sell Stock Footage: A Detailed Guide on How to Start Selling Videos on Stock Sites

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sell stock footage

We have a special article from Evgeny Shkolenko today. Evgeny works for Depositphotos and is an experienced videographer. In this article, Evgeny shares his experience on how to start shooting stock videos and turn it into a business by learning to sell stock footage. Let’s hear from Evgeny! How to Start Shooting and Selling Videos on Stock Photo Websites Remember the last … Read More

How to make a Documentary: 7 Steps For Making a Breathtaking Documentary

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how to make a documentary

How to make a documentary? One step at a time. Documentary filmmaking can be some of the most rewarding and life-changing experiences for a filmmaker. Whether you’re doing it on a small scale (short movie about your hometown), or creating a big-time issues based documentary that will screen in theaters, documentary filmmaking is an incredible artform. Making a documentary can … Read More

Best Laptop for Video Editing: 6 of the Best Laptops For Video Editing

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best laptop for video editing

You might be new to video production and filmmaking, or you may be more established. Either way, every now and then, you have to find a new laptop for video editing. It’s at this point that you might wonder: what is the best laptop for video editing? For the longest time, when someone thought of editing video digitally, images of … Read More

Film Festival Submission: 4 Tips on How to Get Your Film into Any Film Festival

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film festival submission

So you think that you’ve made a good – nay, a great film. That’s all well and good, but what now? What about film festival submission? You didn’t just make that film for you, you made it to share with other people. A great place to ensure your film starts to reach people and get some critically important attention is … Read More

Best Vlogging Camera: The 17 Best Vlogging Cameras

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best vlogging camera

So what is the best vlogging camera out there? If you’ve ever asked that question, then you’re in the right place. Vlogging is getting increasingly popular and having a good camera to video blog with has never been more important. Whether you’re plying your trade on YouTube, Vimeo, or elsewhere, you’ll need a quality vlogging camera that will give you … Read More

Music Video Production: 7 Top Tips On How to Make a Music Video & Make Money In The Industry

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music video production

So you want to make music videos? Maybe you know a little about music video production, or maybe you’re a newbie. In this guide, we’re going to cover all aspects of the music video production process: from initial idea, through to the shooting, editing and distribution of the finished video. Making music videos for bands and recording artists can be … Read More

Aerial Filming: 9 Tips To Take Your Drone Filming Game To The Next Level

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aerial filming

If you are just getting started with your drone and you are wondering why your shoots don’t exactly look like the ones you see in the movies, this article will be what you’re looking for. We are going to walk you through aerial filming and editing your next drone clip, so that it looks like a big budget production. Let’s get … Read More

5 Reasons Why a Camera Stabilizer is the New Must Have For Any Modern Filmmaker

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camera stabilizer

Today on Filmmaking Lifestyle, John Farrell of LUUV talks about why you need to get a camera stabilizer in your ‘bag of tricks’ as soon as possible (if you don’t have one already!) Demand for professional video production in general is increasing by the day. Marketers are seeing a jump in the effectiveness of video in their overall marketing mix with … Read More

Video Contests: How We Survived A Year in LA By Winning Video Contests & Built a Thriving Production Company

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Jake Bradbury is an expert on video contests. In this article, he takes you through his journey of making videos around LA for video contests. Stay tuned because as a special bonus, he’s going to let you know how to win a lifetime supply of Skittles! Take it away, Jake! Sometimes we back ourselves into corners, obsessing about the “right way” … Read More

Drones for Filming: 9 of the Best Drones For Filmmaking

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In recent years, drones for filming have come a long way with improved mechanisms and high-resolution cameras. Filmmakers both amateur and professional have taken notice. From magnificent landscape shots to action packed boat and car chases, drones have become an integral part of movie making. In the past, filmmakers were forced to use helicopters, zip lines, or even cranes to … Read More