Flexible Filmmaker: How Being a Malleable Filmmaker Can Save Your Film From Script to Post

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flexible filmmaker

The script is airtight. You’ve stayed up until the wee hours perfecting your shot list. You’ve jotted down helpful verbs to whisper into your actors ears during key moments. You and your team have strategized the order of the shooting day ad nauseum. You are one hundred percent prepared. No, that’s not enough… you are one hundred and ten percent … Read More

Low Budget Feature Film: 5 Tips For Making Your Low Budget Feature Film Successful

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feature film

We have a Q&A today with a directing team experiencing a lot of success right now. Fresh off creating their latest low budget feature film, we speak to Jamison LoCascio and Adam Ambrosio.  Successful Low Budget Feature Film: Introduction Producer Adam Ambrosio went to long time collaborator Director Jamison LoCascio to put together what would be LoCascio’s second feature film … Read More

Film Investment: How the Financial Side of Film Investment Can Be Calculated

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film investment

If your film is going to be successful, you need to consider film investment and all aspects pertaining to the financial side of filmmaking. This article covers topics on film financing, so that you don’t find yourself clueless when it comes to finding money to make your film. The film business has always looked glamorous for people outside of the … Read More

Filmmaking With Constraints: A How To on Last Minute Filmmaking

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filmmaking with constraints

As part of our long-running, From the Mouths of Filmmakers… feature, we’re giving a voice to two young filmmakers who have something to say. In this article, you’ll learn some methods for last minute filmmaking and what to do when filmmaking with constraints. Filmmaking is a constant process of problem solving. Sometimes, when you’re working with constraints and time pressures, … Read More

Indie Film Promotion: The Plight of the Indie Producer of the Future

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indie film promotion

The way Independent films are currently promoted and distributed is totally inadequate to handle the massive number of films that are currently being made. The film industry must find a way to promote and distribute small films (mostly) online in a financially profitable way or Independent film production is headed toward a sharp decline. This article sets out to cover … Read More

Video Editing Workflow: 5 Steps to Mastering Your Workflow

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video editing workflow

Ever wanted to give your video editing workflow an upgrade? We’ve got a very special article today. Zack Arnold, an award-winning film & television editor, is here to bring the knowledge about video editing workflow and using Trello to get things done. Yes, you’re in for a workflow oil change! Zack’s editing credits include TV’s Burn Notice, Shooter, Empire and Glee, as … Read More

How to Build a Scriptwriting Portfolio from Scratch

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scriptwriting portfolio

We have an article today from screenwriter Zack Halliwell. Zack approached us wanting to write a detailed piece on building a scriptwriting portfolio. Take it away, Zack! How to Build a Scriptwriting Portfolio from Scratch At the heart of any filmmaking company, there is a busy hive of workers. From production managers to directors, you need a good few hands … Read More

How to make a Documentary: 7 Steps For Making a Breathtaking Documentary

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how to make a documentary

How to make a documentary? One step at a time. Documentary filmmaking can be some of the most rewarding and life-changing experiences for a filmmaker. Whether you’re doing it on a small scale (short movie about your hometown), or creating a big-time issues based documentary that will screen in theaters, documentary filmmaking is an incredible artform. Making a documentary can … Read More