For those on the wrong side of up, don’t worry – you will get there.

For those feeling down, don’t worry – your time will come. Anything can be reversed and nothing is concrete.

Keep trying things, testing things and working hard. Anything can be turned around. You can get there.

Let go of desire, seeking approval, outcome dependence.

You will get there!

For those on the wrong side of up, who feel kicked down, outside of society, or so far from their goals

You can and will get there if you keep trying.

The journey doesn’t end, even when you think it has.

Anything can change! Anyone can change and improve themselves for the better.

They’ll be a click at some point and things will start turning in your head. You’ll learn to release and let go. It’s powerful stuff.

Anyone can change their thoughts, their thinking patterns and then their outcomes will change, too.

I hope this short post was inspirational. Thanks!