Printify is a dropshipping service that allows you to sell clothing and other products from the top eCommerce platforms.

Printful is a dropshipping company that provides printing services for your store.

The two companies are both owned by the same parent company, so they share many similarities.

This guide will compare Printify vs Printful so you can decide which one is right for your business.


Printful vs. Printify

What Are Printful vs. Printify

Printful is an online printing platform that allows you to create and sell your own printed products online.
Printify, on the other hand, is an online photo editing app for Android and iOS that allows you to create printed products via its photo collage feature.

Printful vs. Printify: how do they work?

Printful offers two main services: print-on-demand (POD) printing and direct-to-garment (D2G) printing.
The first option allows you to upload your design files and then get them produced when someone orders them. The second option lets you upload your design files, but instead of waiting for production to complete, it will produce a product right away and ship it directly to your customer.



Printful vs. Printify – Overview

Both companies offer printing services, but they do it in different ways:

Printful: Printful offers a wide variety of customizable products that can be printed on demand using their website or mobile app.

You don’t have to worry about inventory or shipping because all printing is done by them at their own warehouse.

Printify: Printify offers a limited selection of products that can be printed on demand using their website or mobile app.

You don’t have to worry about inventory or shipping because all printing is done by them at their own warehouse.


 Printful is a print on demand platform that allows you to use your designs and sell them on your website.

Printify is a print on demand platform that allows you to use your designs and sell them on your website.

Printify: The main difference between Printify and Printful is their approach to ecommerce. Printify has its own printing facility, so you can order single items or large quantities directly from the Printify website.

This means that the customer does not have to go through an external site like Etsy or Amazon. This also means that you can’t offer individualized products such as custom sizes or colors, but it does mean that you don’t have to worry about shipping times or handling returns.

Printful: Printful doesn’t have a printing facility of its own, so instead it partners with other providers who will fulfill orders for you (for example, if someone buys a shirt from your shop on Etsy, Etsy will ship it from their warehouse).

This means that customers are still going through an external marketplace like Etsy or Amazon instead of directly ordering from your website; however, this also means that there are no shipping costs involved (since you don’t have to pay any additional fees).     



 Printify Vs. Printful: Which is the Best Print on Demand Company?

Printify has been around for a while now, but it’s only recently that they’ve started to get some serious traction in the industry. They’re a bit of a “budget” print on demand company, with lower quality products and prices than their competitors.

Printful is one of the oldest and most popular print on demand companies out there, so it’s natural that people would want to compare them.

Here’s an overview of how Printify compares to Printful:

Price – Printify is much cheaper than Printful. You can expect to pay around $1 or less per shirt with them, whereas with Printful you’ll be paying around $3-$4 per shirt.

However, you do have to pay shipping which is not included in the price you see in their product listing (expect shipping costs to be around $5).

Quality – The quality of your shirts will depend heavily on which ones you’re buying and what type of material they’re made from (see below). Generally speaking though, both companies offer good quality shirts that are comfortable to wear and look great!

Printful Vs. Printify Compared is a subdivision of Printify, a printing platform that allows you to create and sell your own products online.

Printify was founded in 2014 by James Moore and Tomer Sharon. James Moore had previously worked as an IT consultant for companies like Microsoft and HP, while Tomer Sharon had been working in marketing and sales.

The two met through a mutual friend, and quickly realized they shared the same passion for entrepreneurship.

They set out to create something they could both be proud of, something that would allow anyone to start their own business with almost no overhead cost.

From there, they developed Printify, which became one of the most popular print on demand platforms on the internet today.

Their goal was to be able to give people with little or no technical knowledge access to an easy way to start their own business without having to worry about any of the technical details involved in running a business online.

 Printful is the world’s leading on-demand t-shirt printing platform. We empower artists, designers and entrepreneurs to start their own businesses with our easy to use tools and templates.

Printify is not just a t-shirt company. We are a community of makers.

We believe in the power of doing what you love and we want to help you get there! That’s why we have created an easy way for anyone to create and sell their own products online   

1. Ease of Use

 Ease of use is the second most important aspect of a website. A site that is difficult to navigate will not get many visitors, no matter how good its content is.

Ease of use includes three things:

Navigation. How easy is it to find what you are looking for? Is there a search box? If not, then there should be links to all major pages from the home page and from other important pages.


Formatting. Is it easy on the eyes? Is it too crowded with text and images? Can you read the text without difficulty?

Speed. How long does it take for the page to load? Slow websites are frustrating and annoying, especially if they are trying to sell something.

 Ease of Use

If you have a complicated product and it’s not easy to use, you’re going to lose customers. Make sure your product is easy for anyone to use.

A good way to do this is with video tutorials on your website. You can also provide verbal instructions with the package or include additional information in the instruction manual.


 Printful is a great choice for both new and experienced sellers. It’s easy to set up, has no minimum order requirements, and you can use it to sell on Amazon or your own website.

Ease of Use. Printful: Printful is easy to use and has simple designs that make creating products a breeze. There’s no need to hire a designer or programmer to make products for you.

Inventory Storage & Management. Printful: Printful offers three storage options: Printful’s warehouse in Oregon; an on-premise fulfillment center; or a third party fulfillment center where you store your inventory and ship it to customers yourself (this option is best suited for companies that have little time investment but want more control over their shipping).

Payment Processing & Fraud Protection. Printful: Printful takes care of payment processing and fraud protection so you don’t have to worry about it! They also offer a variety of payment options including Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay (available in US only).


 Ease of Use

Printify is a very simple to use app that allows you to easily upload your designs to their platform, select the products you’d like to sell, and then generate your own code which you can use on any platform. They have a very clear interface that ensures you don’t have any issues with uploading your product images or designs.

They also offer some great analytics as well as social media integration, which makes it easy for customers to share their purchases with their friends and family.

Ease of Use


Printify is a very simple to use app that allows you to easily upload your designs to their platform, select the products you’d like to sell, and then generate your own code which you can use on any platform.

They have a very clear interface that ensures you don’t have any issues with uploading your product images or designs. They also offer some great analytics as well as social media integration, which makes it easy for customers to share their purchases with their friends and family.           

2. Third-party Suppliers and Print Providers

 There are many different types of third-party suppliers and print providers. Some will specialize in one type of business, while others will provide a wide range of services.

Here are some examples:

Inkjet cartridges and toner cartridges. These are the printers’ lifeblood. If your company needs a large supply of inkjet or toner cartridges, then you’ll want to consider working with a third-party supplier or print provider that specializes in this area.

This can be especially helpful if you need to order in bulk or want to purchase products that aren’t normally available at your local office supply store.

Business cards, letterhead, envelopes, postcards and similar items. While most small businesses don’t need their own printing presses, they do need materials like stationery and business cards.

You can save money by purchasing these items through a third party instead of buying them directly from an office supply store. Some companies even offer custom designs at competitive prices just ask!

Printing services. Most print providers offer more than just the products themselves; they also provide a full range of printing services like brochures, flyers and posters among others                             


Printful is a drop shipping company that provides a full suite of printing services, including design and printing. Printful supports most printing methods, including direct-to-garment printing, which is ideal for clothing items like t-shirts.

Printful has a very expansive product catalog of over 40,000 products, ranging from apparel to home accessories. The company also offers custom designs and branding assistance for brands that have their own designs.

As mentioned earlier, Printful supports different types of printing methods. You can order custom products with your logo or design printed on them using the following methods:

Direct-to-garment printing: This method involves printing your design directly onto an item of clothing or other fabric product (like a towel). This can be done with special printers that use inkjet technology or screenprinting machines.

Direct-to-garment printing is ideal for small orders and custom designs because it doesn’t require any setup costs or minimums like screenprinting does.

However, direct-to-garment printing is not always available for every product in Printful’s catalog some products are only available with sublimation (below).

Sublimation printing: This method involves transferring your image onto an item of clothing using heat


 Printify is the world’s largest marketplace for custom t-shirts, mugs, and other merchandise. With Printify you can design your own T-shirts, hoodies, and more with no minimum order quantity. All you need is an idea and our easy to use designer.

Printify works with you every step of the way from designing your product through uploading your design or logo, to printing and shipping your orders directly to your customers.

When it comes to selling on Amazon, Printify has everything you need to design, ship and sell custom t-shirts & apparel with no upfront costs. Here’s how it works:

1) Create a free account on  Upload artwork or create designs in minutes3) Set up mass production4) Sell physical products on Amazon5)  Automate fulfillment6) Manage inventory7) Track sales8) Receive payments9)   Manage orders10) Ship orders

 Printify is a third-party provider that helps you sell more products. They provide the platform to print your products, manage your orders and even help you create designs for your products.

Printify is an awesome supplier for drop shipping, but it can be difficult to set up at first. This guide will help you understand how to get started with Printify and start selling on Amazon with their amazing service!

The Basics of Printify Drop Shipping             

3. Warehousing and Fulfillment

 Warehouse and fulfillment services can help you streamline your business processes, save money, and increase efficiency. If you’re looking to expand your business at any level, whether it’s by adding a new location or just increasing your inventory, warehouse and fulfillment services may be the answer.

Warehouse and fulfillment companies have the space and resources to store inventory and distribute it as needed.

They also have the technology in place to track shipments, manage inventory levels, and more. This helps you focus on growing your business rather than worrying about storage space or shipping logistics.

If you’re considering warehouse and fulfillment services for your business, here are some things to keep in mind:

Consider the size of your operation

The size of your operation is one of the biggest factors when deciding how much help you need from a warehousing company. If you operate out of one location with minimal inventory needs, then using third-party warehousing might not make sense for you.

However, if you run several locations or sell hundreds of different products online, then outsourcing parts of your operation could be beneficial.

Keep in mind that larger operations may require more complex systems such as barcode scanners that would be difficult or impossible for smaller businesses to implement on their own.                               


Printful is a great choice for people who want to start a dropshipping business. It’s easy to use, and their customer service is excellent. The downside of Printful is that they don’t offer as many products as some of the other platforms listed here.

But if you’re looking for a good starting place for your dropshipping business and you like the idea of working with Printful, here’s what to expect:

Prices are competitive with other printing businesses and fulfillment companies like Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). You can choose from several different pricing plans, depending on how many items you want to sell per month.

If you’re just getting started, we recommend choosing the Basic plan, which costs $19/month plus 10% of your sales. This gives you access to all of Printful’s features, including unlimited designs, multiple shipping carriers and fulfillment options, automatic inventory management tools and more!


Printful is the only print on demand fulfillment provider that offers both dropshipping and traditional ecommerce channels. They have a low minimum order of $50, but also offer free shipping worldwide. Printful has been around since 2012 and has over 500,000 customers.

They offer a wide variety of products including t-shirts, mugs, phone cases and more. They also have free templates for Shopify stores, so you can start selling in less than an hour!


 With Printify, you can choose from a variety of fulfillment options. All three are handled by Printify, which means you don’t have to worry about printing or shipping your orders. You simply send the file to print and we handle the rest.

Warehousing and Fulfillment:

Our warehouse is located in New York City and ships all over the world. We work with UPS, USPS, DHL and others to get your orders out as quickly as possible. Orders are shipped within 1-2 business days from our warehouse and will arrive in 3-5 business days for US orders and 7-21 business days for international shipments (see full details).

You have three fulfillment options

Standard Shipping – Free when you spend $40+

Priority Shipping – $3 per order (US only)

Expedited Shipping – $10 per order (US only)

For more information on our different shipping methods, please visit our Shipping page or contact us directly at

 Printify is a print-on-demand fulfillment platform that allows you to sell your products on your own website, and/or on Amazon.

We’re looking for a warehouse manager to help us keep our warehouses stocked with inventory. The ideal candidate has experience in shipping and receiving, as well as the ability to perform basic office tasks such as data entry and filing.

This position will report directly to the Warehouse Manager.

4. Branding and Packaging

Branding and packaging go hand in hand, and designing a package that is both attractive and functional will help sell your product.

Let’s start with branding. Your brand is the public face of your business, so it needs to be consistent across all forms of media: websites, social media, print materials such as flyers and brochures, email marketing campaigns, advertisements in magazines or newspapers, signage at trade shows and conferences – even how you answer the phone!

Your brand identity should reflect what makes your company unique – its values and mission statement, for example. It should also be consistent with its target audience:

if your business serves seniors or children, for example, then it makes sense to use bright colours or friendly fonts that appeal to those groups. If you sell environmentally friendly products then it makes sense to use green colours and slogans on your packaging materials as well as in other marketing collateral.


 Branding and Packaging

Printful is a great option for printing your own packaging. They make it easy for you to create custom branded packaging for your products. They have a wide range of designs available, but you can also upload your own images or design your own packaging.

You can add text and graphics, choose from lots of different sizes and shapes and even get custom boxes made if you need them!

The best part about Printful is that it’s really easy to set up. Once you have an account set up, all you need to do is select the product you want to print, select the design and then choose where you want it shipped out too!

The best part about Printful is that all of their products are already in stock so they can be shipped out quickly! This means that if someone orders something straight away on Amazon, they can get it shipped out quickly (usually within 24 hours) without having to wait around for printing etc like some other companies require.


 In the last post, we talked about the importance of branding and packaging. And today we’re going to dive deeper into how you can use Printify to create your own branded products.

The first step is choosing a product template. You can find these templates by clicking on “Browse Products” in your Printify dashboard and then clicking on “Customize this Product” on any product that catches your eye:

Next, you’ll see a list of customizable fields for each product. Here are some of the most important ones:

Product Name: This is the name of your product on your store and what will be printed on each product label.

Title: This is what customers see when they hover over the image of your item in their shopping cart or wishlist (if they add it).

It should include keywords that describe what it is and why they might want it like “Makeup Brush Set” or “Boho Chic Tote Bag” but not things like “Blue Floral Dress” that don’t tell anyone what they’re getting into without reading more details below it (which is where you can also add details about color, size etc if needed).        

5. Shipping Costs and Time

 The United States Postal Service is the most popular shipping method for online sellers. It offers reasonable rates, insurance and tracking.

Here’s how shipping costs and times vary from the USPS:

Standard Shipping (3-5 days) – This is the most economical option. Your package will travel by truck to the local post office and then get sorted by a carrier before being delivered to your customer.

This takes 3 to 5 business days in most areas.

Priority Mail (1-3 days) – Priority Mail is faster than standard shipping but not as fast as Express Mail. Priority mail travels by truck and plane to get to its destination faster than standard mail does.

It usually takes 1-2 business days within the U.S., but it can take up to 3 days depending on where you live and what time of year it is (holidays).

Express Mail (1-2 days) – Express Mail is probably one of the most expensive options, but it’s also one of the fastest ways to send an item through the mail. This service travels by plane from origin city to destination city, so it’s usually only available for smaller packages (under 15 pounds).             


 Shipping Costs and Time

Printful offers flat-rate shipping, which means that you can set your own shipping costs. The rates are based on how much weight each product in your shop weighs.

For example, if you have a 10-pound item and a 5-pound item in your cart, the shipping cost would be $5 for both items because they are under 20 pounds.

Printful also offers tracking information on all shipments so you can see where your products are at any time.

You can also choose to offer free shipping on orders over $50 or $100 (or some other threshold). You can do this by selecting the “Free Shipping” option in the Shipping Settings tab of your Printful account settings page.

 Shipping Costs and Time.

Shipping time can vary depending on your location, but most orders take between 3-8 business days to reach their destinations.

Shipping costs are based on weight, size and location, but you can always track your package online to see exactly how much it will cost.

If you’re looking for a faster delivery time, we offer several shipping options:

Standard Shipping: 4-7 business days. Flat rate $4 for US orders and $10 for international orders.               


 Printify is the simplest way for you to sell your products online. It’s a place where you can find everything from customizable clothing, home decor, and more.

Printify makes it easy for you to add your designs to their platform, set up your store, and start selling.

In this tutorial, I’ll walk you through how to start selling on Printify. I’ll show you how to get started with the platform and walk you through setting up your first product in minutes!

Printify offers three types of shipping:

Standard shipping:  This is free shipping when you use Printify’s fulfillment service or $3 flat rate when not using their fulfillment service. Since they handle all the logistics of getting your products shipped out, this is probably the best option if you’re just getting started with selling on Printify.

Customized shipping: If you want more control over which carriers deliver your products and when they arrive at their destination, then customized shipping is the way to go.

You can choose between UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail (or both!) for $6 per order which can be added onto any plan without changing pricing tiers! If your customer selects a carrier other than those two options (or if they choose expedited delivery),             

6. Print Quality

Print quality is a measure of the accuracy of a printed image or text. It is usually specified as a series of measures, such as dot size and shape, line width, and spacing between lines. The most common standard units are ISO/IEC 12647-2:2006 (also known as PPDM) and ISO/IEC 24711-1:2013.

[1] In Europe, these standards are used primarily for color printing on paper; in the United States they are also used for monochrome printing on various materials.[2]

The process of checking print quality is called proofing, which includes applying the same corrections to printed copies that were applied during prepress procedures. Proofing can be done manually or automatically using dedicated software.

Manual proofing may be done with an inkjet proofer or an optical proofer; automatic proofing may be done with equipment that uses laser imaging or digital cameras.

If there are no issues with the color profile then it will match exactly to what you see on screen when you print your file out.

If there are issues then it will not match exactly what you see on screen when you print your file out.


 Print Quality

Printful: Print quality is outstanding, and the prints are high enough resolution that you can’t see any pixels. The colors are rich and vibrant, and the prints are made on thick photo paper which looks great when framed.

PrintOwl: PrintOwl has a very high print quality which cannot be matched by other print-on-demand services.

They use Canon or Epson inkjet printers, so all of their products are printed using dye-based inks as opposed to pigmented ones.

There’s no difference between their dye-based and pigmented inks in terms of color depth, but the dye-based ones last longer and fade less over time than the pigmented ones do (which is why they’re the preferred choice of professional photographers).

The colors are bright and vivid, and they have an excellent range of sizes (up to 12″x18″).

Big Cartel: Big Cartel’s print quality is excellent; it’s slightly better than Printful’s because Big Cartel uses Canon printers rather than Epson ones, but it’s not quite as good as PrintOwl’s because Big Cartel uses only dye-based inks instead of both types of ink. Their colors tend to be slightly more muted than those                              


Print Quality

Printify is a marketplace for custom printing on t-shirts, hoodies, and other apparel. They offer a wide variety of products for both men and women in various sizes.

The app has a simple interface that makes it easy to customize your design and order. You can also choose from a library of pre-made designs or upload your own artwork.

Quality of Prints.  Printify has over 100 different types of apparel available in their catalog, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, vests, tank tops and more! I ordered a few items from their catalog to test out the quality of their prints – I was impressed with how well they turned out! The colors were vibrant and the quality was excellent!

Customer Service/Shipping Time Frame/Returns Policy. Printify also offers a wide variety of accessories such as hats, socks and even phone cases! If you have any questions about any of their products or designs then you can contact them via email or phone call –

they are very friendly and helpful with answering any questions you may have so don’t hesitate to reach out if needed! My order took around 2 weeks to arrive which is pretty good considering how far away             

7. Product Catalog

 Product Catalog is a comprehensive product catalog that helps you build an efficient and effective online store.

Create a beautiful, engaging and professional looking store in minutes. Build a powerful online catalog with unlimited products, categories, attributes and much more.

Add multiple images to each product and customize the look of your store with CSS.

We have included several features to make your life easier:

Responsive Design – The theme adapts to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets (iPhone, iPad), fitting perfectly on every device without any hassle!

Flexible Mega Menu – Create your own mega menu using the drag & drop mega menu builder (or disable it if you don’t need it). We also provide two different styles for this mega menu: Classic Mega Menu or Horizontal Mega Menu.

Visual Composer – The Drag & Drop Page Builder for WordPress – Create any layout you can imagine fast and easy. No programming skills required!

Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer – Our plugin includes a bundle of addons for Visual Composer which will help you save time creating complex pages by adding various content elements from different sources at once: rows, columns, callout boxes, pricing tables etc                            


 Product Catalog

Printful is a drop shipping print on demand service. Their mission is to make it easy for anyone to start an online business, without having to manage inventory.

Their focus is on helping you scale your business and grow your customers. They provide the tools you need to do this effectively, including a customizable shopping cart and a variety of marketing tools that will allow you to reach customers anywhere in the world.

You can sell products through Printful and set up your own customized storefront, or use their existing storefronts (which are available in multiple languages).

You can also choose from several different shipping options depending on where your customers are located, including free shipping with orders over $50 USD or free express delivery if needed.

 Printful is a print on demand platform that allows you to create an online store and sell products through your website.

If you are looking for a way to add more products to your store, Printful might be the right solution. It’s easy to setup and use, with some basic knowledge of HTML and CSS.

Printful provides you with customizable templates, so it’s easy to integrate into your existing site design. It also has multiple shipping options so you can ship your products worldwide.               


Printify is an online store that offers you the ability to create custom t-shirts and hoodies for your business. The process is simple to use, and the quality of the products are great.

They have a wide variety of designs, so you can find something that fits with your brand perfectly.

Printify has a number of different products available, including t-shirts, polos, sweatshirts, tank tops and more. Their prices are competitive with other websites offering similar services, and they offer free shipping on all orders over $50 (excluding taxes).

They offer a wide range of sizes, from small to XXXL. They also have options for men, women and children.


Printify is a platform that allows you to sell your products on the web. The Printify platform is a cloud-based service that is easy to use, secure and scalable.

You can also customize your own store with unique features and functionality with our builder.

Here’s how it works:

1) Upload your designs on our website and let us handle the rest!

2) Our team will review your design and make sure everything is perfect before it goes into production.

3) Once approved, we’ll send you an email with all of the information needed to set up your account. Then, you’ll be ready to start selling!                               

8. Customer Support

We have a responsibility to our customers to ensure that they get the best possible service.

Customer support is one of the most important services we provide. It covers everything from how we respond to queries and complaints, through to how we deal with payments and refunds.

We are committed to ensuring that all our customers are treated fairly, consistently and with courtesy and respect at all times.

The way we provide customer support has been designed to ensure that every customer receives a high level of service. We want our customers to feel valued and confident in using our services. We achieve this by:

Providing a comprehensive knowledge base article library that can be accessed online or downloaded as PDFs, containing answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Responding quickly, usually within 24 hours or less on business days, by email or telephone.

 Customer support is the lifeline to your business. It’s the difference between a one-time sale and a customer for life.

And it’s not just about helping customers figure out how to use your product. It’s about making them feel heard, valued and respected.

Customer support isn’t just about answering questions it’s about providing great service. And great service means taking care of customers before, during and after their interactions with your company.               


 Printful’s Customer Support is available 24/7, so you can rest assured that someone will be there to help you with any issues you might encounter.

In addition to the documentation that we’ve provided, you can also contact our support team by using the live chat feature in your Printful account or by sending an email to

If you’re unable to find what you’re looking for on this page, please feel free to contact us directly.

Live Chat Support

Live Chat is the fastest and easiest way to get in touch with a member of our team. You can access Live Chat from your Account Settings page (click the gear icon at the top right of any page).

If we are unavailable at the time of your visit, please feel free to leave us a message or send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

 Printful offers customer support through a variety of mediums.

You can contact the customer service team by phone, email and live chat.

Contact them here:

Phone: 1-888-637-5762


Live Chat: Click here              


This is a great question! As a Printify customer, you can expect to receive support from our team in the following ways:

  1. Customer Service Team: Printify has a team of customer service representatives that are available 24/7 for any questions you may have about your order or about our product offerings.
  2. They are very friendly and knowledgeable about all things print and will do their best to answer your questions.
  3. Help Center: The Help Center is an excellent resource for learning more about our products and how they work. You can view it by clicking on the “help” button in the upper right corner of any page on Printify’s website or by going directly to
  4. Here you will find answers to common questions as well as videos showing how to use specific features of our platform.
  5. Live Chat: We also offer live chat support via our website! This allows you to have a live conversation with one of our representatives right from within your browser instead of having to wait for an email response or call us back on the phone (if we happen to be offline).
  6. You can access live chat by clicking on the green icon at the bottom right corner of any screen on

9. Online Store Integrations

 Online store integrations can be a big help to your business, especially in the early days.

Here are some of the best ecommerce platforms that work with Shopify:

Stripe – Stripe is a payments platform that lets you accept credit cards on your website. It’s easy to set up a Stripe account, so it’s a great option for small businesses and startups that want to start accepting credit card payments right away.

Stripe charges 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction, but there are no monthly fees or hidden costs.

Amazon Pay – If you sell products on Amazon, you can integrate Amazon Pay so that customers can checkout using their Amazon accounts instead of their credit card information.

This saves them time because they don’t have to enter in their credit card information again they just click the “checkout with my Amazon account” button and proceed with their order as usual!


Printful is a marketplace for selling custom apparel and other items. The platform allows you to set up and manage your online store, print products, and ship them directly to customers.

Printful offers tons of customization options for your products like colors, sizes, fonts, packaging and more. The platform also supports product variants so you can offer multiple colors or sizes of the same product.

You can integrate Printful with Shopify using the Printful app or add-on. The integration allows you to process orders from your Shopify store directly in Printful’s system.

This means you won’t have to manually create each order on both platforms once an order is placed on Shopify it will automatically be sent to Printful where it will be fulfilled automatically by one of their printers based on what has been ordered.


Printify is an online store that allows you to integrate your design and sell on the platform, while they handle the printing and shipping. This is a great option if you do not have time to manage your own printing process.


Printrbot is another company that helps you integrate your designs with their print-on-demand service. They also offer some of their own designs in case you need something specific for your business.

Etsy:Etsy is a very popular marketplace for handmade items and unique products, but it can also be used to sell digital goods like eBooks or courses. You can use Etsy as a way to sell digital products without having to worry about handling shipping or printing yourself.                               

10. Pricing Structure

With the growth of your business, you will want to consider changing your pricing structure.

Whether it’s a change in service or product offerings, or simply an adjustment in price, there are several factors that you should take into consideration when making these types of decisions.


It’s important to consider the circumstances surrounding your company and its products or services. If you’re in a competitive industry, for example, then you may want to make changes to reflect your company’s efforts at becoming more competitive.

If you’re not competing directly with anyone and don’t have any plans to do so, then it might not be necessary for you to make such drastic changes.

The type of customer:

Customers also play a critical role in determining how pricing should be structured. For instance, if your customers are mostly large companies with strict budgets, then raising prices might not be a good idea because it would likely result in fewer sales.

On the other hand, if most of your customers are individuals who aren’t as concerned about price as they are getting their needs met efficiently and quickly, then raising prices might not have much of an impact on overall sales volume either way because these individuals would continue buying regardless of whether prices had gone up               


Printful is a popular one-stop-shop for all things apparel. With over 6,000 products, they are able to print just about anything on a t-shirt or other types of clothing.

Printful was founded in 2012 by Andrew Buckin, who wanted to create a platform that would give anyone access to selling their designs on t-shirts.

They have three pricing tiers:

Basic – $5 per design uploaded, includes 300 units and no setup fees.

Performance – $8 per design uploaded, includes 150 units and no setup fees.

Pro – $15 per design uploaded, includes 100 units and no setup fees.


 Printify is a platform that offers you the ability to easily create your own t-shirts and other products. You can upload your own designs, or buy premade ones from their marketplace. You can also choose from a variety of different styles, sizes and colors.

Printify charges a one-time fee of $15 for all new customers. This fee covers the costs of setup and getting your design approved by Printify’s team.

Once approved, you’ll be able to start selling your products on their platform immediately.

They also offer some discounts for buyers who purchase multiple items at once. For example, if you buy 3 items for $20 each, you’ll get an extra 10% off each item (which means you pay $18 per item).

If you buy 5 items at once, they’ll give you 15% off each item (which means again that you pay just $18 per item).

Other Factors to Consider          

 Pricing structure

Other Factors to Consider

The pricing structure is an important consideration in the pricing process. The most common pricing structures include:

  • Pricing on a per unit basis – this is where the price is set according to the amount of product or service being sold. This can be done for individual units, cases or pallets. For example, you may sell 10kg bags of coffee for $5 each and 20kg bags for $10 each.
  • Differential pricing – this involves setting different prices for similar products based on factors such as quality, location and seasonality. For example, if you are selling a luxury car in Australia you may set higher prices than those charged by your competitors in Europe due to the lower cost of living here compared with Europe and the fact that Australians have higher average incomes than Europeans do.
  • Absolute pricing – this involves setting a fixed price regardless of demand or other market conditions (e.g., petrol stations).
  • Promotional pricing – this involves setting a temporary discount on products or services in order to stimulate demand (e.g., supermarket ‘buy one get one free’ offers).      

Printful vs. Printify: Final Verdict

Both Printify and Printful offer an enormous range of products, and they’re also both pretty good at helping you set up your shop.

In this guide, we’ve compared Printify vs. Printful to help you figure out which one is right for your business.

There are plenty of reasons to choose one over the other but in the end, it all comes down to what you need most.

The two most popular drop shipping companies are Printful and Printify. In this article, we compare the two and find out which one is better.

Printful is an American company that started in 2012. It’s a drop shipping company that allows you to sell t-shirts, phone cases and other custom merchandise online.

The products are shipped directly from their warehouses to your customers.