Seeing Through The Matrix Of Business Dynamics

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Today’s post is another quite in-depth one. It’s not particularly long compared to some other recent posts, but we’re going to go deep down the rabbit hole again. We’ve talked about flow state before and how this can benefit us as business people. I’ll be talking about that again today, as well as touching on some other thoughts and ideas. … Read More

The Five Beliefs

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I want to tell you about a set of beliefs that I use myself and I’ve found great success with them. The beliefs I list below are things that I’ve told myself and they’ve become a real part of my world. At first, you might need to keep telling yourself them over and over in order to really feel them and believe … Read More

The P-Word And What Outcomes We Can Expect When Mastering The Business of Filmmaking

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When you start going down a path towards developing your filmmaking and your business, you’re going to want to focus a lot on your mindset. We’re not just talking positive thinking here. We’re going to look at focusing on overall self-development. You will come to rely on developing yourself as you carry on this journey. You’ll hit road-blocks and you’ll … Read More

Liberation Methods For The Filmmaker

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I’ve tackled the issue of 
social conditioning a fair bit on this site. I think it’s important to be aware of social conditioning because it directly affects our business, the way we’re perceived and the way we treat others. This post might be a little more hardcore than some of my others on this topic, so be prepared. There’s lots of my … Read More

How To Think The Right Way As a Filmmaker

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We’re going to get down into the rabbit hole with today’s post. This is one of the most detailed posts I’ve ever written about success and mindset. This post is all about getting your mind right and thinking in the right way to maximize business and filmmaking success. YOUR MIND IS A POWERFUL THING I don’t think you need me … Read More

Body Language & Posture For Filmmakers

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As you know, I like to talk a lot about lifestyle topics here. We recently covered a lot about health and fitness and how that aids our careers and lifestyle. Today, I want to get into body language and posture and how this can help our work days on sets and meeting clients, as well as our everyday lives. Like with … Read More