The 3 Types of Filmmaking Confidence

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Today I want to let you in on the Two Types of Filmmaking Confidence. As with most things we discuss here, these types of confidence can be seen in all walks of life – whether it be business, career, sport – we see it everywhere. Knowing these Two Types of Confidence will enable you to not just work on them in … Read More

The Five Beliefs

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I want to tell you about a set of beliefs that I use myself and I’ve found great success with them. The beliefs I list below are things that I’ve told myself and they’ve become a real part of my world. At first, you might need to keep telling yourself them over and over in order to really feel them and believe … Read More

6 Steps To Get Your Hustle On

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Welcome to another post here at Filmmaking Lifestyle. Glad to have you! I’ve been talking quite a bit recently about hustle and its importance in business terms. It’s important in any business, but especially in a filmmaking based business like running a video production business. I’ve covered hustle in quite a bit of detail lately, but I still have more … Read More

Body Language & Posture For Filmmakers

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As you know, I like to talk a lot about lifestyle topics here. We recently covered a lot about health and fitness and how that aids our careers and lifestyle. Today, I want to get into body language and posture and how this can help our work days on sets and meeting clients, as well as our everyday lives. Like with … Read More

Failure Is Just Feedback And Reframing

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Welcome to today’s post. I’m going to be covering the idea of failure as just being feedback today. Not only that, but I have a great NLP technique to share with you that has improved my life greatly. I also want to give you a quality exercise that can help you Reframe just about anything in your life. So with … Read More

Should I Go To Film School? Part IV

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This is Part IV in our series entitled Should I Go to Film School, where we really break down the various aspects of going to film school and if it’s relevant to your career as a filmmaker. Here are the other parts in order: Should I Go To Film School? Part I Should I Go To Film School? Part II Should I … Read More