How To Close Clients Using Great Communication

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I’ll be covering communication in this post and how it relates to business success. Communication is important for successfully delivering your message to potential clients, as well as talking with clients, vendors, etc. In fact, communication is so important in business that whole college courses have been devoted to it. We have plenty to cover, so let’s get going! YOUR … Read More

Media, Reality TV and It’s Effect on Your Filmmaking and Business

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We’ve touched on social conditioning and how it affects our business decisions and identity before. Social conditioning affects all areas on life on all levels. There’s actually evidence that suggests that people grow old and die because of social conditioning. Teachers like Deepak Chopra in his book Ageless Body, Timeless Mind, describe a situation in which people are taught to grow old and die. … Read More

Is Screenwriting Using the Three Act Structure Still Relevant?

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I used to hate the 3 act structure simply because that’s the formula you see in every screenwriting book. How can you create art following such a restricting structure? I’ve changed my mind since. There are a lot a great filmmakers who express their full creativity within the ‘restrictions’ of this formula. One of my favourite film directors, Rainer Werner … Read More

Fitness For Filmmakers Part I

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This is the second in a series I’m doing about fitness for filmmakers. Getting in shape will benefit your business life and your life overall. It’s time to get in shape! As discussed last time around, whilst we don’t necessarily have to turn ourselves into Arnold Schwarzenegger, getting in shape is one of the very best things you can do for your … Read More

Should I Go To Film School? Part IV

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This is Part IV in our series entitled Should I Go to Film School, where we really break down the various aspects of going to film school and if it’s relevant to your career as a filmmaker. Here are the other parts in order: Should I Go To Film School? Part I Should I Go To Film School? Part II Should I … Read More