Teachable is the best online course platform for creating and selling your online courses.

It’s used by more than 300,000 entrepreneurs, organizations and schools to create high-quality content and sell it on their own websites.

Teachable allows you to easily create an online course, sell it on your website, or distribute it through Teachable’s marketplace.

Once you create an account with us, you can publish your first course in minutes.


Teachable Review

What Are Teachable Review

We’re a team of researchers, researchers and educators who have been involved in the field of blockchain since it’s inception.
We’ve been studying and researching this technology for over a decade now and we believe that it’s time that we start sharing our knowledge with those who are interested.

Teachable Review Introduction is a site that aims to help you learn more about the technology behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as well as other topics related to it.
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What is Teachable?

Teachable is dedicated to helping our customers build successful businesses around the world.

Teachable offers a range of tools that make it easy to create a class, sell it on your own website, or market it through our marketplace.

Teachable is the easiest way to create online courses and teach your students.

Teaching online can be hard, but it’s getting easier all the time.

They’ve been developing our platform for three years and we’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t.

Teachable’s goal is to make it as easy as possible for anyone to build an online course.

They make it easy to create your own course website, upload videos, add quizzes, accept payments, and more.

Your course is a combination of video lectures and assessments that can be accessed by people anywhere in the world at any time of day or night.

Is Teachable Suitable For All Online Course Creators?

 Teachable is a great platform for a wide variety of course creators. It’s perfect for those who want to build a full-time income from their courses, as well as those who are just starting out with teaching online.

If you’re thinking about creating an online course, there are a few things you should consider before deciding which platform to use.

Teachable is suitable for all types of online course creators. Some of the most popular reasons why people choose Teachable include:

  • It’s easy to get started
  • You have full control over your content and brand
  • The platform is fully customizable and easy to use

 Teachable is a great platform for online course creators. It’s easy to use and has a lot of features that can help you make more money.


However, Teachable is not right for everyone.

If you have the following characteristics, Teachable may not be the best platform for you:

You don’t know how to build a website or create an online course.

You are not willing to invest time and effort into learning how to use Teachable.

You do not have a clear idea about what kind of content will sell well in your niche and how much it will cost to produce (or if you want a service that specializes in creating it for you).

Teachable Key Features     

 The best of all worlds is a course platform that allows you to create high-quality content and market it effectively. That’s where Teachable comes in.

Teachable is a leading provider of software that powers online courses, membership sites and more. It’s easy to use and offers a number of features designed to help you succeed as an entrepreneur.

Here are some of its most useful features:

– Branded Courses: Create your own brand by creating personalized courses with your logo, colors and images. You can even use your own domain name!

– Mobile-Friendly: Teachable is mobile-friendly, so students can access your content from anywhere, anytime.

– Payments: Set up payment plans for students who are interested in investing in your course but not quite ready for full payment upfront. You can accept credit cards, PayPal payments and more through Teachable’s secure payment processing system.

– SEO Tools: Teachable makes it easy for students to find your course on Google or other search engines by including SEO tools in its platform that optimize your content for search engines like Google and Bing.

1. Teachable Easy to Use Course Builder

 Teachable is a user friendly, easy to use course builder. It has a variety of features that will help you create online courses, grow your business and increase sales.

Easy to Use

Teachable has a simple drag and drop interface that allows you to create your course without any coding or design skills. You can choose from hundreds of pre-designed templates to get started with your course or you can create your own custom theme from scratch.

The platform also has built in tools for adding quizzes, polls, and surveys into your courses, which is an added bonus for students who want to test their knowledge on the subject matter.


Affordable Pricing Plans

Teachable has affordable pricing plans starting at $19/month for a basic account up to $99/month for an enterprise plan with unlimited users and storage space. You can even upgrade into a paid plan after 30 days if you decide it’s right for your needs!

2. Teachable Creating Course Pages for Your Online Courses

 If you’re thinking about creating an online course, you’ll want to make sure your course page is as professional and well-designed as the rest of your business’s website.

A great course page will make a better impression on potential customers and help them understand what they’ll get if they sign up for your course.

Here are some tips for creating a course page for an online course:

Make it easy to find. The first thing people will see when they visit your site is the course page. Make sure it’s prominent, easy to find, and clearly labeled so that visitors know exactly what they’re getting when they click on it.

You can also consider adding a call-to-action button or link near the top of your site that will take visitors directly to this page.

Keep it simple. Don’t overload your course page with too many images or too much text this may intimidate potential students who are just browsing through their options before deciding whether or not to sign up for a class or pay for a product.

Keep things simple, clear and concise so that visitors have no problem understanding what they’ll get if they enroll in your course (and also so that search engines can easily crawl through the content on your site).

3. Teachable Building Your Online Course Website

 Teachable is the best platform for creating your own online course.

Teachable is designed for online course creators. It’s a great option if you already have a product or service to offer and want to create a new revenue stream.


Teachable has many features that make it easy to create and manage an online course. You can add courses, chapters, lessons and more, all within their platform. You can also use their built-in web editor to create your own content or they have templates that you can use as well!

Teachable has multiple pricing plans (including free) and it’s very affordable compared to other platforms out there!

The only thing that I don’t like about Teachable is that they don’t provide any customer support unless you’re paying for one of their paid plans. However, if you’re just starting out and aren’t worried about having customer support then this shouldn’t be an issue for you!

Teachable Course Design Templates

A course design template is a document that has all the information you need to create your first lesson. It can be very useful if you need a quick overview of the different parts of your course, or if you want to save time by using someone else’s template as a starting point for your next course.

To get started, go to your dashboard and click “Create New Course.” In the left-hand sidebar, click on “Course Templates” and then choose from one of our pre-made templates.

This will open up a new window where you can edit, add, or delete anything in the template. Once you’ve made changes to it, we recommend saving it as a draft before publishing it so that we don’t accidentally overwrite anything later on!

Teachable Customizing the Website Theme

 Teachable is a great platform for selling online courses. It has many features that make it easy and convenient to create an online course, including video hosting, payment processing, discussion forums, and more.

If you’re looking to customize your Teachable theme, there are several ways you can do this. The first step is to sign up for a Teachable account and create your course(s). The second step is to log in to your dashboard at teachable.com and click “Edit” next to the course title.

You’ll then be taken to the Course Settings page where you will find all of the customization options available for your course. Here’s a quick breakdown of what each option does:

  • Customize Theme – allows you to change any aspect of the overall theme including colors, fonts and other design elements
  • Enable/Disable Features – lets you toggle on or off certain features such as video hosting or email notifications so they aren’t included in your course automatically
  • Enable/Disable Curriculum Items – allows you to add or remove lessons from your lesson plan by checking or unchecking them
  • Assign Course Ownership – lets you assign ownership of the course to another user

Teachable Configure Your Domain       

 Teachable is a platform that allows you to create and sell your own online courses.

You can start with a free trial and then sign up for your paid plan. You will then be able to configure your domain name and set up an SSL certificate.

The process is very easy and straightforward, so we’re going to show you how it’s done in this article!

You need to login to your Teachable account first. Then go to “Domain Name” in the navigation bar and click on “Configure Your Domain”.

You’ll see a list of domains that are already registered under your account. If this is not the case, click on “Add New Domain” at the bottom of the page. You can also add domains from other providers like GoDaddy or Namecheap if necessary.

Once you’ve added or chosen a domain, fill out the form with all required information:

Teachable Navigation and Site Pages

A site page is a set of web pages that share a similar topic or theme. It is a collection of related pages that are grouped together under a single heading. The pages within the site page are linked together by the common topic.

The purpose of a site page is to provide an overview of your website’s content and structure. It helps visitors find their way around your website more easily and it makes it easier for search engines to crawl and index your content effectively if you follow some simple guidelines.

The first step in creating a good site map is to identify all the different types of pages on your website and then group them into categories. For example, if you have five product pages, you might want to create one category called ‘Products’ that includes all five product pages under it so that they can be easily found by visitors looking for products on your website.

4. Teachable Setting Up the Payment to Sell Online Courses

Teachable is the best hosting platform for online courses. It’s easy to use and has a ton of features that make it a great choice for anyone looking to build their own course.

But, if you’re not familiar with how web hosting works, setting up your account can be a bit daunting. There are many different pieces involved, so let’s walk through some of the steps involved in getting started with Teachable.

Step 1: Sign Up for Your Account

The first thing you’ll need to do is sign up for your Teachable account. You can do this by clicking here and entering your email address. When you click “Sign Up,” an email will be sent with instructions on how to set up your new account.

Step 2: Add Your First Course

Once you’ve signed up and confirmed your email address, it’s time to add your first course! To do this, simply click on “Add New Course” at the top right-hand corner of your screen:

Teachable VAT Inclusive Pricing             

 VAT inclusive pricing is the most convenient way to price your courses. With this method, you can easily add VAT on top of the price of your course and charge the student their total amount.

This is how it works:

  1. You select your country from the drop-down list in Settings > General > Tax Information. This will automatically populate the tax settings for that country, including VAT rate if applicable.
  2. If you have multiple prices for different countries, you can use our flexible pricing options to show different prices for different countries by using our “Dynamic Pricing” feature (Settings > General > Dynamic Pricing). You can also use a combination of these two options if necessary.
  3. If you wish to display just one price per course regardless of location or currency, then we recommend using our “Choose One Price Per Course” option (Settings > General > Choose One Price Per Course).

5. Teachable Email Marketing

 Let’s face it: email marketing is a great way to grow your membership and increase revenue.


If you’re not leveraging email, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to connect with your members, create a sense of community and build loyalty.

While there are many ways to use email marketing, the most effective is by using teachable moments. Teachable moments are those times when something happens an event or something that happens in the news that you can use as an opportunity to connect with your members.

Here are three ways to use teachable moments:

  1. Use them to thank people for their support
  2. Use them to promote content that’s relevant to what’s happening in the world or in your industry
  3. Use them as an opportunity for personal connection

6.Teachable Additional Sales and Marketing Features

Teachable  is a tool that allows you to launch your own online course. The platform has a lot of features, including marketing tools, which you can use to grow your business.

Teachable  has several additional features for sales and marketing, including:

  • The ability to sell courses both on and off the platform with one-click links.
  • The ability to set up automated emails for new customers.
  • Integrations with platforms such as PayPal, Stripe and Authorize.net (for payments).
  • A built-in affiliate program, which allows you to pay affiliates a percentage of sales they bring in.

Teachable Drip Content             

 Teachable Drip Content is a way to deliver content that’s high in value and low in cost.

Teachable Drip Content is a way to deliver content that’s high in value and low in cost. The idea is simple: you create one piece of original content, break it into smaller segments, and then distribute those segments over time.

The goal is to create an ongoing series of valuable lessons that give your audience something new to learn every week or month. This can be done through email newsletters or through blog posts, but the most popular method among online courses is through eBooks and online courses.

Teachable Drip Content is an excellent strategy for growing your list of subscribers and customers. By regularly delivering new content, you’re able to keep people engaged with your brand over time which makes them more likely to buy from you later on down the line.

Teachable Order Bumps

 Teachable Order Bumps are a unique feature of Teachable’s platform that allow you to offer a free trial for your course, with the option to cancel at anytime between purchases. This allows you to make money from your students who might be interested in your course but not ready to commit right away.

These bumps can be offered in various ways:

When a student has purchased the first product but not the next one

When they have purchased their first product after a certain time period (e.g. 7 days)

When they have purchased their first product but not all products within a set time period (e.g. 7 days)

Teachable Upsells

 Teachable Upsells is a great tool for increasing the average order value of your customers. It’s also a great way to increase your customer lifetime value.


Upselling has been around for a long time, but it’s becoming more and more popular in eCommerce. Teachable Upsells is a great tool for increasing the average order value of your customers. It’s also a great way to increase your customer lifetime value.

What Are Upsells?

Upselling is when you recommend an upgrade to a customer’s original purchase. It’s often used in conjunction with cross-selling, which is when you recommend another product that is related to the original item being purchased by the customer.

A simple example would be if someone was buying an ebook about dog training, you might offer up an ebook specifically about puppy training as well. You could also cross sell related items like food bowls, leashes and other accessories that are often purchased together with dog training books or products.

Teachable Coupons

Teachable Coupons are a great way to give your students the chance to save money on their course. You can create coupons for a discount or free trial and distribute them via email or social media. Once the coupon is redeemed, you will receive an email notification and be able to track its progress in your account.

Note: Only one coupon can be redeemed per student at any given time.

In order to create a Teachable Coupon, follow these steps:

In the top right-hand corner of your dashboard, click Settings > Coupons.

Click Add Coupon.

Enter the name of the coupon and select its duration (for example, “50% off all courses”). Click Create Coupon when finished.

Teachable Pre-selling

 Pre-selling, or “selling before the sale” is a marketing strategy used to generate interest in a product or service.

Pre-selling can be done in a variety of ways. For example, you might offer a free trial of your product or service, collect email addresses and send out newsletters, or use social media to notify potential customers about upcoming events. All of these methods are forms of pre-selling.

Here are some tips for using pre-selling to boost interest and sales:

  1. Make sure you have something valuable to give away or offer in exchange for contact information. The more enticing the offer, the more likely people will be willing to give you their information.
  2. Make sure your offer is clear and easy to understand so that people know exactly what they’re getting into when they sign up for it.
  3. Don’t make people jump through hoops just to qualify for your free offer make it easy for them!

Teachable Students Discussion

 Teachable Students Discussion is a student-centered, team-based learning environment for middle school and high school students.

Teachable Students Discussion helps students develop their own thinking skills by using them to explore and evaluate a topic.

Teachable Students Discussion is designed to help teachers and students build on their current knowledge as they investigate a topic of interest.

Teachable Students Discussion is an easy-to-use web application that supports teachers in planning, organizing, and facilitating student groups.

Teachable Student Certification        

 The Teachable Student Certification, or TSC, is the ultimate way to prove your expertise as a teacher.

The TSC is a 60-question exam that measures your knowledge of teaching best practices and standards. It’s based on the most up-to-date research and resources from Teachur, including our ebook, The Teachur Guide to Classroom Management.

Teachur Certification will help you:

Get recognized for your expertise as a teacher


Receive free professional development opportunities

Earn continuing education credits through our partnerships with accreditation organizations

 With the Teachable Student Certification, you can prove to your students that you are an expert in their field. This certification is only available for teachers who have finished the TEACHABLE course, which provides a comprehensive overview of the platform and its features.

To create a student’s course, go to Courses > Add New Course and select the “Certification” option. Then, choose a topic from our suggested list or enter your own.

6. Live Classes

 Live Classes are in-person classes offered by local libraries and schools. Live Classes are held on a weekly basis, and you can sign up for them online.

Live Classes are held at the library or school, and you must be 18 years old to attend. There is no fee for Live Classes, but you may need to pay for parking or transportation if applicable.

To register for Live Classes:

Go to the website of the Live Class provider closest to where you live (see list below). If there is no provider in your area, please contact us at [email protected] so we can help you find a class near you.

Click on “Register” or similar button on the page. Complete all required fields on the registration form (name, email address, etc.). If necessary, click the “Create Account” button so that you can save your progress as you go through the steps of registration.

Select a date and time that works best for your schedule. You will be asked to select time slots available each week; there may be more than one time slot listed per date/location/category. Click “Continue.” The next page will confirm all of your choices, including payment options if applicable; click “Finish Registration.”

7. Teachable  Affiliate Marketing

 Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting a product or service. It is usually done by companies who sell products that can be marketed to consumers. An affiliate network is the company that provides their affiliates with the tools and services necessary for them to succeed.

Teachable has created a platform that makes it easy for anyone to launch a profitable course without having to be an expert in your field. If you can take your knowledge and turn it into something people want to learn, then you’re ready to make money with Teachable.

Teachable was founded in 2012 by three entrepreneurs who wanted to make it easier for people like them who had been teaching online for years to create their own online courses:

Joey Korenman, founder of Design Pickle (an ecommerce design agency)

John Doherty, founder of Headway Themes (a WordPress theme company)

8. Teachable Track Sales and Students Insights

Teachable Track is a free tool from Teachable that helps you track your course sales, student engagement, and retention. We’ve already shared how to set up tracking for your courses, but we also wanted to share some insights into our students’ behavior.

Here are some facts about our users:

Overall, our customers have sold over $55 million worth of products through Teachable. That’s pretty amazing!

The average course price is $97 and the average number of students per course is 20. But there’s a wide range in both of these statistics some courses are much more expensive and some are much cheaper than this average. There are also many courses with only one student!

Most people create a new course when they’re ready to start selling it, but it’s not uncommon for people to have multiple courses at once (even if they haven’t started selling them).

The most popular time to start selling a new course was during the summer of 2016; there were also peaks in January 2017 and May 2017 when people were launching new products around Black Friday and Mother’s Day respectively.

9. Teachable Third-Party Integrations

 We’re excited to announce some new features that will make it easier than ever to integrate your Teachable course with other third-party tools.

Teachable Third-Party Integrations

We now have nearly 100 third-party integrations in our library, ranging from video hosting to payment processing and everything in between. This is a huge step forward for us, and we’ve got more on the way!

To make it easy for you to connect your courses with these third-party tools, we’ve added a new section called “Third-Party Integrations” under “Course Settings” in your Teachable dashboard. Here you’ll find a list of all the integrations that are available for your courses, along with step-by-step instructions for getting started.

Teachable Pricing Plans

 Teachable pricing is a simple, yet powerful way to make sure your prices are right and that you’re getting maximum value from your customer.

Teachable Pricing Plan is a set of five rules that will help you price your products and services in such a way that you can easily adapt to changes in the market, adjust for different customers, and ensure that all of your products are profitable for you.

The 5 Rules of Teachable Pricing:

  1. Use Relative Pricing
  2. Price Based on Value
  3. Offer Discounts as an Incentive to Buy Now (instead of later)
  4. Don’t Let Your Customers Pay For Your Mistakes (or losses)
  5. Price Your Products Based on the Value They Create

Teachable Customer Support

 Teachable customer support is about being helpful and understanding

There are many ways to provide customer service and support for your customers, but the most important thing is that you do it with a smile on your face. You can be knowledgeable about your product or service, but if you are not able to communicate effectively with your customers, then they will not be satisfied with your customer service.

As a business owner, you may not have time to talk with every single person who contacts you. However, if you want them to return again and again, then they must feel like they were treated well and respected.

This means that there should be no rudeness or condescension when you respond to their questions or concerns. This also means that you should always be willing to listen attentively to what their needs are and try to help them in any way possible.

When someone calls or emails in with a question or concern, give them your full attention by listening carefully before responding. Make sure that they understand what you are saying just as much as you understand what they need from you before moving on to other things in your day-to-day activities.

If there is something that needs further explanation or details about why something happened, then let them know what

Teachable Pros

 The pros of Teachable are:

-Lifetime access to all course content, even if you cancel your membership.

-Attractive design and easy to use.

-Easy for the instructor to add new lessons.

-The customer support is awesome!

Teachable Cons       

 Teachable cons:

It can be hard to find the time.

You need to be able to teach yourself.

You need to be able to learn new things.

You will have more work than you thought possible (or at least it feels that way).

You will have days when you feel like giving up and quitting.

Teachable Review – Frequently Asked Questions

 Teachable is a great platform to use if you’re looking to create your own course. It’s easy to use and they have great tutorials to help you get started.

What is Teachable?

Teachable is a platform that allows you to create your own online courses. You can then sell these courses through their platform or on your own website. There are no limits on what you can teach (as long as it’s legal), so it’s a great way to earn money with your hobbies or expertise.

What are the benefits of using Teachable?

There are quite a few benefits of using Teachable:

  • Easy Course Creation – You don’t need any technical knowledge or experience in order to create your own course on Teachable, just follow the step-by-step instructions provided by their helpful tutorials.
  • Easy Sales – Once your course is created, all you need do is upload it and wait for people to buy it! There are several different payment providers available, including PayPal, Stripe and others who will handle all the payment processing for you at no extra cost (aside from their fee). You can also set up

Teachable Review – Wrapping Up

Teachable is the best platform to start with if you want to create an online course.

The platform offers great features and is easy to use. It has all the tools you need to create your own online course, including a robust set of tools that help you build your brand, engage students and build a community around your courses.

The bottom line is that Teachable is the best platform for creating an online course. If you’re looking for an e-learning solution, then this is the place to be.

Teachable is a great platform for anyone looking to build a course. It has all the features you need to create an amazing course, and it’s easy to use.

There are no limits on what you can do with your courses – you can add as many modules as you like, include videos, audio recordings and files.

You can even create live events where students can interact with you in real time!

The only downside is that there are no templates available.

But if you’re familiar with HTML and CSS, or have some knowledge of CSS frameworks like Bootstrap or Foundation then this won’t be an issue at all.