Thinkific is a platform for creating, selling and delivering online courses.

Thinkific is an easy-to-use platform that lets you create your own online course quickly and easily.

You can also use Thinkific to teach live classes to students at all levels (from beginners to advanced) without having to worry about technical details or hosting issues.

Thinkific is ideal for teachers who want to create online courses but don’t want to spend time on the technical details like setting up hosting or building their own website.

It’s also great for people who are looking for a simple way to learn new skills by taking online courses from experts in their field.


Thinkific Review

What Are Thinkific Review

Thinkific Review is an online platform that offers educational courses and learning programs to students all over the world, in a simple and easy way.
Our course curriculum consists of 15+ hours of high quality, interactive video lessons that will help you learn about topics such as Computer Basics, Math, English Grammar and more.

Our goal is to make learning fun by providing you with engaging content at your own pace! We offer courses that are designed to be completed in under 10 minutes. Our courses are designed to be easier than traditional classroom instruction because they are self-paced and self-guided.

We want you to succeed! If there is anything we can do to improve our services or make them easier for you, please let us know!



What Is Thinkific?  

With Thinkific, you can create your own online course. Use Thinkific’s easy-to-use interface to build your own online course with video lectures and interactive exercises.

You can also create membership sites where students have access to all their resources 24/7 so they can learn whenever they want!

Sell your course: Once you’ve built your course, you can sell it on our marketplace or use our free tools (including free hosting).

How Many People Use Thinkific? 

 Thinkific is a tool that makes it easy to create online courses and sell them on your own website. It’s a great option for anyone who wants to teach online and make money from their expertise.

With Thinkific, you can build your course in minutes and then share it with the world. Your students can join via email or social media links, and you can track their progress through the software.

Once enrolled, students can access all your course materials wherever they are at home or on the go through mobile devices.

They’ll also have access to your contact information so they can get in touch directly with any questions they might have about the course material or assignments.

It’s important to note that while Thinkific offers some great features, there are other platforms available that offer more extensive functionality (e.g., video conferencing). It all depends on what you want to do with your course and how much time you’re willing to invest setting everything up.

Who Can Use Thinkific?      

 Thinkific is a great tool for anyone who wants to start their own online business. Whether you want to create your own course or use Thinkific as the platform for an existing course, the possibilities are endless.

Here are just some of the people who can benefit from using Thinkific:

Entrepreneurs – Want to share your business expertise with others? Create your own course and sell it on Thinkific.

Freelancers – Are you a freelancer with experience in multiple areas of expertise? Create a “master class” on each topic within your niche (like copywriting or SEO), then sell each class as a stand-alone product.

Small Business Owners – Do you run your own small business? If so, think about creating an online course that teaches other small businesses how to grow theirs.

Thinkific Review: 9 Features to Consider When Creating Your First Online Course

Thinkific is a web-based platform that helps you create and sell online courses. It’s the most popular platform for hosting your course, but it’s not the only one.

There are other options like Teachable and Train Simple.

The good news is that Thinkific offers a free trial, so you can try it out before deciding whether or not it’s right for you. In this article, we’ll walk you through some of the features that make Thinkific unique and why they’re important when creating your first online course.

  1. No Limits on Course Length or Number of Students

Thinkific doesn’t put any limits on how long your course should be or how many students can enroll in it at once.

If you want to create an online course that’s longer than 20 hours, no problem! And if there are 5000 students who want to take your class, then why not? The sky is truly the limit with this platform!

  1. Curriculum Management System

One of the biggest challenges when creating an online course is keeping everything organized and up-to-date especially if your content changes frequently (like mine does). But thanks to Thinkific

1. Thinkific Course Builder Module

 Thinkific Course Builder is an online course creation platform that allows you to create, publish and sell your own online courses.

With Thinkific Course Builder, you can create your own content, then add videos, slideshows and quizzes to it. You can also collaborate with other users and share your courses on social networks like Facebook.

To get started with Thinkific Course Builder, you’ll need to sign up for free at Once you’ve created an account, follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Click on “New Course” in the top left corner of your dashboard.

Step 2: Enter a title for your course and select its category from the drop-down menu. Next, click on “Create Course.”

Step 3: Choose whether or not students will be able to download the materials from your course by selecting either “Course Materials Downloadable” or “No Course Materials Downloadable”.

If you choose “No Course Materials Downloadable” then students will not be able to access any of the files within this course after purchasing it unless they have already downloaded them manually beforehand (which means they would have had access to all of these resources before purchasing).

Thinkific Course Builder Content Support

Thinkific is the world’s first all-in-one online learning platform with built-in video hosting and live streaming. Thinkific makes it easy to build your own online course, then share it with the world.

Thinkific users can convert their existing courses into a live class or lecture on demand. With our free mobile app, you can teach from anywhere in the world, or have students join your course from any device.

We’re committed to helping our customers succeed with their goals of growing their business and reaching more people with their message or expertise. That’s why we offer a 24/7 support team that will get back to you within 24 hours (or less!).

Thinkific Course Builder Course Appearance Customization

The course builder is the tool you use to create your online course. It allows you to build your own custom course, using a variety of different tools.

The course builder is divided into three main sections: Content, Design and Styling.

Content Section

The Content section consists of all the elements that will be included in your course, such as videos, quizzes, assignments and discussion boards.

You can choose from a wide range of pre-built content or alternatively import your own videos and other media files directly into your course.

The tools in this section are easy to use and allow you to add text, images and audio clips directly into your lesson plans or assignments.


Design Section

The design section contains some useful tools for creating attractive looking lesson plans or assignments.

You can choose from a variety of templates for each type of lesson plan or assignment that come with pre-built styles for things like fonts and colors which makes it really easy for anyone to create an attractive looking lesson plan without having any design skills at all!

This makes it perfect for beginners who want to get started quickly without having to learn how to code HTML or CSS first – just pick a template and enter in some text.

Thinkific Course Builder Membership Levels     

 As a course builder member, you get access to all of the features that Thinkific offers. You can create courses, sell them and enroll students, all from the Course Builder dashboard.

Your plan options are:

Basic Course Builder ($19/mo) Create unlimited courses, with up to 50 students per course.

Premium Course Builder ($49/mo) Get everything in Basic and Premium plus these additional features:

Course Management Dashboard (CMD) Use your own domain name and brand your school with a custom domain URL. You will also have access to CMD’s powerful management dashboard, which gives you complete control over your entire course catalog.

This includes creating course items such as lessons, quizzes and grading tasks; managing enrollments; adding course descriptions; creating pricing plans; setting up payment gateways; and more!

Thinkific Course Builder Drip Content

A course drip content is a series of lessons that you can send to your students at pre-determined intervals.

The great thing about course drip content is that it allows you to plan ahead, so if you know that a certain topic is going to be difficult for your students, then you can schedule it for later on in the course. You can also use it as a tool for encouraging students to complete certain tasks, such as reading an article or watching a video.

The best way to set up drip content is by creating a new lesson, and then adding some questions at the end of the lesson.

Once you’ve created the new lesson, head over to your Dashboard and click “Manage Lessons” under “Students.” After that, look for the option called “Drip Content.” From there, click on “Add New Drip” and select “Create New Drip Content.”

Next, choose whether or not you want your drip content set up as one time only or recurring. Once you’ve chosen which option works best for you, click “Add New Drip.”

Thinkific Course Completion Certificates

Graduate with the confidence of a Thinkific certificate!

With Thinkific, you can create your own certificates to celebrate the completion of your online courses.

You can use these certificates for anything from a simple thank-you to your students, to a formal award for students who have completed a rigorous course.

Thinkific offers three different certificate types:

This is the basic certificate which displays the name of the student, their grade and the date they completed their course. This is perfect if you want to add some sophistication to your site but don’t need any additional features.

The more advanced version of this is a “Custom” certificate which lets you add an image and personalize it even further by adding a custom message or quote to it. This is great if you want something that stands out more on your website or social media profile page (or anywhere else).

The most advanced option is our “Premium” certificate which includes all of the features listed above but also includes a QR code which can be scanned by anyone using their phone camera or mobile device (like an iPhone) so they can instantly access your course materials or contact information directly from their device without having to type anything in manually!

2. Thinkific Website Builder

 Thinkific Website Builder is a free, powerful tool that allows you to create beautiful websites in minutes. You can use it to create a website for your course or even build an online store.

You’ll get access to all of the features you need to build a website, including:

Content Management System. Easily add new pages, posts and blog content with ease.

Shopify Store Integration. Sell digital products from your site using Shopify, a leading eCommerce platform.

WordPress Plugin Integration. Use WordPress as your CMS and easily integrate all of your existing WordPress plugins into Thinkific.

Customizable Templates & Themes. Choose from hundreds of professional, customizable templates and themes for your site.

Thinkific Website Builder Drag-and-Drop Page Builder 

Thinkific is a powerful, flexible website builder that makes it easy to create beautiful, professional websites without any coding experience.

The drag-and-drop interface makes it quick and simple to design your own website using our wide range of features. You can customize everything from the color scheme to the layout of your site with ease, and no HTML knowledge required!

Our unique “wizards” make it easy for anyone to get started building their first website with no technical skills needed. These wizards walk you step by step through the process of creating a website from scratch.

We even offer free training videos that teach you how to use our system in less than 10 minutes!

Finally, we give you full control over your site’s appearance. You can change every aspect of how your site looks with our intuitive editor interface – no coding required!

Thinkific Website Builder Theme Library              

 The Thinkific website builder theme library is a collection of over 100 premium, responsive themes to help you build your online course website quickly and easily. Themes are available in a variety of colors, styles and layouts to fit your brand.

You can also use our customizer to change various elements of the theme design until you find one that suits your needs.

The Thinkific website builder lets you choose from hundreds of templates and customize them to fit your needs. The themes are fully customizable and can be used for any type of business or organization.

If you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, we have a team of expert designers who can create custom designs for you at an additional cost.

Thinkific Website Builder Add Custom Domain 

Custom domains are a great way to brand your website and make it easier for your visitors to remember. Domains can be purchased from a domain name registrar like GoDaddy, but they can also be added with Thinkific Website Builder.

In this article, I’ll show you how to add custom domains with Thinkific Website Builder!

Before we get started, here’s what you need:

A custom domain that you own. If you don’t have one yet, you can purchase one from any hosting provider or domain registrar.

Here’s an article on how to buy a domain from GoDaddy if you’re interested in doing so.

Thinkific Website Builder SSL Certificate              

 Thinkific offers a wide range of website builder SSL certificates. We offer both single domain and multi-domain encryption, so you can secure your site with ease.

Single Domain SSL Certificate

A single domain SSL certificate is an encryption certificate that secures one domain name. It provides protection for all subdomains of the main domain and must be renewed every year or two.

Multi-Domain SSL Certificate

A multi-domain SSL certificate is an encryption certificate that secures multiple domains at once. This includes all subdomains, but it does not include wildcard options like a single domain certificate does.

It also has shorter expiration dates than a single domain certificate, making it easier to stay up to date on renewals.

Thinkific Website Builder White Labeling Solutions        

 Thinkific is a subscription-based website builder that allows you to create your own online learning platform. Thinkific offers white labeling solutions for partners who would like to use their software to create their own branded learning management systems (LMS).

In this article, we’ll look at how Thinkific’s white labeling works, how much it costs, and how it compares with other white labeling options.

What Is White Labeling?

White labeling refers to a process in which a product is rebranded so that it can be sold under another company’s name or trademark. For example, if you buy a printer from HP and then rebrand it as your own product called the Super Awesome Printer, you’re white labeling.

3. Thinkific Payment Options

Thinkific is a subscription-based learning platform that lets you create online courses and market them to the world. The company was founded in 2007 by Dan Norris, who was previously the CEO of WP Curve (acquired by GoDaddy).

Thinkific offers users a variety of pricing plans based on their needs and goals. These include:

Basic Plan ($14/month) This plan is best suited for beginners who want to teach others something new. It includes unlimited students, access to all premium features, and no time limits on course length or enrollment periods.

You can also use your own domain name for free with this plan.

Pro Plan ($29/month) This plan supports more advanced teaching with up to 10,000 students per course, access to all premium features, unlimited enrollment periods, and no time limits on course length. You can also use your own domain name with this plan for free.

Enterprise Plan ($99/month) This plan supports enterprise-level teaching with no limits on student counts or enrollment periods. It includes all premium features as well as unlimited instructor accounts and private messaging between teachers and students within courses.


You can also use your own domain name with this

4. Thinkific Marketing Tools

 Thinkific has a lot of marketing tools to help you get your course in front of more people. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Course Promotions

Promote your course to our audience for free with Course Promotions.Our Course Promotion tool help you get more students without paying any fees.

You will receive an email when someone signs up for your course through this feature.

Social Media Integration

Connect your social media accounts and start sharing your courses on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn with one click. Your students can also share their progress on social media with one click as well!

Email Marketing Integrations

Automatically send out emails after a student completes a section or lesson, or send out emails based on student activity in the course.

Our Email Marketing Integrations allow you to send out personalized emails to each student based on what they need next to succeed in the course and keep them engaged along the way!

Thinkific Marketing Tools Coupons

Thinkific is a platform that helps you create and grow your online courses. The platform has over 10 million students in 150+ countries and supports multiple languages, currencies, and payment gateways.

Thinkific offers three pricing plans – Basic, Pro and Agency – each with different features and pricing options.

The Basic plan is free to use, but it only offers access to one course at a time. This plan is best suited for hobbyists or those who need to create just one course.

The Pro plan starts from $49/month (billed annually) and allows you to create unlimited courses with up to 50 learners per course. If you have multiple courses, this pricing plan works well for you because it’s cheaper than the Agency plan.

The Agency plan starts from $299/month (billed annually) and enables companies with more than 50 employees to manage their own training programs using Thinkific’s platform. You get all the features of the Pro plan along with dedicated account management from Thinkific experts who will help you set up everything from scratch

Thinkific Marketing Tools Sales Widgets

Thinkific is the leading all-in-one solution for video courses, online education, and online learning.

With Thinkific you can create a course website, sell online courses and e-books, and manage your students’ progress within one easy-to-use platform. The company’s focus is on creating tools that empower educators to maximize their impact and help them build sustainable businesses around their content.

The following are Thinkific’s top marketing tools:

Thinkific Analytics – Track your student’s engagement levels by the hour or day with detailed reports that include information about where they came from, what they viewed, and how long they spent on each page of your website.

This data helps you identify areas where you need to improve so you can drive more traffic to key pages of your site.

Thinkific Marketing Tools Third-Party Integrations         

 Thinkific is an online learning platform that allows you to create and sell courses. One of the biggest benefits of using Thinkific is that it’s a great way to build your brand, improve your reach and increase your revenue.

Thinkific Marketing Tools Third-Party Integrations

There are several third-party integrations with Thinkific that can help you better understand your students, improve your marketing and grow your business. Here are some of our favorite integrations:

MailChimp – MailChimp offers email marketing automation and list management tools that help you create emails, manage subscribers and send campaigns.

Facebook Ads – Facebook Ads is a powerful tool for advertising on Facebook. This integration allows you to use Facebook ads in conjunction with Thinkific courses to promote enrollment in those courses.

QuizMaker – QuizMaker is a tool for creating quizzes for websites, blogs and social media posts that allow people to test their knowledge about different topics or subjects. QuizMaker can integrate with Thinkific so that you can include quizzes within your courses!

Thinkific Marketing Tools Affiliate Program

The Thinkific Marketing Tools Affiliate Program allows you to earn commission by promoting our software and services. The program is open to anyone interested in promoting Thinkific and making money by selling our products, as well as building their own membership sites using Thinkific.

Thinkific is a technology company that helps instructors and trainers develop, run and grow their online courses. We offer the best marketing tools for teachers and trainers to use on their websites, blogs, social media and email campaigns.

This includes tools to help them create high-quality content, manage their students and generate leads from the web.

As an affiliate partner with Thinkific, you can earn commissions by helping us sell our products or services through your website or blog. As one of the leading providers of online education tools for instructors, we have thousands of customers around the globe who are looking for ways to enhance their courses with our easy-to-use tools.

Our affiliate program offers a variety of ways for you to earn revenue as an online educator:

Selling our software solution – Create your own membership site using Thinkific’s award-winning course platform or promote our software as a stand-alone product on your own site. You will earn commissions when people purchase

5. Thinkific Reporting Capabilities

The Thinkific reporting tool is a powerful set of data and analysis tools that can help you understand your students, your courses, and your business. It provides real-time information on every aspect of your business, from student enrollment to revenue and course performance.

The following are some of the reports available in Thinkific:

Enrollment Report: This report includes information about new enrollments and cancellations over time, as well as the number of course completions per month. You’ll also see how many students you’ve enrolled into each course, their average grade point average (GPA), their level of experience with coding languages like HTML or JavaScript, and more.

Course Performance Report: This report shows you which courses are most popular among students and which ones have performed better than others over time.

You’ll also be able to see how many students have dropped out of each course, what they’re earning in terms of revenue per student per month (RPSM), and how much money they make on average per student per month (APSM).

6. Thinkific Student Management           

 Thinkific Student Management is a platform that allows you to manage your students and their progress.

This is a great resource for instructors who use Thinkific, as it gives them the ability to see all of their student’s progress and grades in one place, as well as communicate with them more easily.

Thinkific Student Management is a great tool for instructors who want more control over their students and courses, but it does not have some of the advanced functionality that other platforms offer.

The free version of Thinkific Student Management will provide you with basic analytics about your course and its students. The paid version allows you to customize your notifications and messages to students, which can help you stay organized.

Thinkific Student Management User Groups, Communities, Discussions

 Thinkific Student Management provides a number of ways for students to connect and collaborate with each other.

Thinkific Student Management User Groups

You can create unlimited Thinkific Student Management user groups for your students. Each group can have its own discussion board, calendar, private messages, and files.

You can also add additional members to student groups at any time.

Thinkific Student Management Communities

Within each Thinkific Student Management user group you can create one or more communities. The Thinkific Student Management Community is a place where all members of the group can discuss specific topics related to your course.

Students are not required to participate in the community during class time, but they may use it as an optional resource outside of class time to ask questions about the content covered in your course.

Thinkific Student Management Student Progress Reports, Reviews, Certificates

 Thinkific Student Management is a student management system that allows instructors to keep track of student progress, and manage their classes. This system is built on top of Thinkific’s learning management system (LMS).

Thinkific Student Management features include:

Student Progress Reports – Generate progress reports based on your course curriculum. You can create a report for each student or multiple students at once, and email them directly from the admin console.

Student Reviews – Instructors can review students’ progress in real-time and provide feedback through the Thinkific Student Management interface. This feature helps instructors stay up-to-date with their students’ performance and understand where they need help.

Certificates – Instructors can issue certificates for specific achievements or skillsets within your courses. For example, if your course teaches someone how to use Photoshop, you might issue a certificate upon completion of the course that says so.

Thinkific Student Management Assignments, Quizzes, Surveys  

 Thinkific student management tools allow you to create and manage assignments, quizzes, and surveys for your students.

Assignments are the core of Thinkific courses, and they’re made up of interactive activities that can make use of rich media content like videos and documents. The assignment page is where students see all the details about their work, including how many points they’ve earned, what activity they’re working on, whether they’ve completed it or not, and when they need to submit by.

You can also set due dates for assignments so that students have a clear time frame in which to complete them.

You can also add text questions to assignments that ask your students specific things about the material covered in your course. These questions may be multiple choice or a short essay question with one right answer or several answers that are equally correct. You can even add polls to see how well your students understand different concepts within your curriculum!

Surveys let you collect information from all the members of your class at once by asking them questions about their experience with the course material so far what parts were hard to grasp? What did they like best? What would they like more of?

7. Thinkific Data Security            

 Thinkific is a platform that allows you to create your own online courses and sell them to students. It’s a great way for instructors to establish an online presence and make money, but it also presents some privacy risks.

Thinkific Data Security

Thinkific has robust security features built in, but they are not always used correctly. Here are some tips on how to stay safe:

Use Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) – 2FA is available with all Thinkific accounts, so you should use it! When enabled, this will require a code sent via SMS or email before you can log in to your account.

This helps prevent unauthorized access if someone knows your password. If you have an iPhone, Android or other smartphone device that supports near-field communication (NFC), add an NFC sticker to it so that you can enter the code from the sticker instead of having to enter it manually every time.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication for Administrators – All instructors have administrator privileges by default, which means they can modify settings for all users in their courses.

Do not share those credentials with anyone else! If you must share them with someone else temporarily, such as your assistant instructor or technical support person, then enable

8. Thinkific Pricing Plans              

 Thinkific offers a variety of pricing plans to meet your needs. The plan you choose depends on the number of courses or videos you have and the features you want.

Thinkific Basic

Thinkific Basic is perfect for instructors who teach just one course at a time. It includes everything you need to create an online course from start to finish, including video hosting, instructor-to-student messaging, discussion forums, social sharing and more!

Thinkific Pro

Thinkific Pro is best for instructors who want to host multiple courses with unlimited students and content. It also includes premium features such as professional design tools and analytics so that you can track your success more effectively.

Thinkific Business

Thinkific Business is designed for organizations that want to build a complete learning management system (LMS). The business model allows teams to collaborate on projects together and provides additional features like administrative tools and reporting software.

9. Thinkific Customer Support  

 If you need help with Thinkific, you can find our customer support team here.

The following are the most common questions we get from customers:

How do I access my account?

The first step to accessing your Thinkific account is to log in using the email address and password you used when registering. If you’ve forgotten your password, click on the “Forgot Password?” link in the login box and enter your email address.

We’ll send you a link that lets you reset your password.

If you’ve registered but can’t log in, you may have entered an incorrect email address or password. If so, please try again.

If you still can’t get in, contact us for assistance at

Thinkific Pros           

 Thinkific is an online education platform that provides an easy way for people to create and sell online courses. Thinkific has a well-designed interface, allowing users to easily create and manage their own course sites.

Thinkific also offers a variety of tools for instructors, including course statistics and payment systems.

Thinkific’s strength lies in its ability to help instructors set up a course site quickly and easily. The basic plan is free, but there are premium plans available as well.


It’s easy to use

You can choose from multiple templates or start from scratch

There are many features available, including sales pages and customer support

Thinkific Cons          

 Thinkific is one of the most popular online education platforms. It’s used by many successful online entrepreneurs, including myself.

But before you get excited and start your free Thinkific trial, let me share some things you should know about this platform.

Thinkific Cons:

It’s not so easy to use. The interface is confusing and difficult to understand at first.

I had to watch a few YouTube tutorials before I could figure it out.

The customer support is not so good either – they take days to respond to emails and don’t answer any questions properly.

With all these in mind, I still think Thinkific is a great platform for creating courses but only if you’re willing to spend some time learning how it works and troubleshooting problems on your own

Thinkific – Frequently Asked Questions

 We’re here to help! Check out our most commonly asked questions below and get the answers you need.

If you have a question that isn’t covered in this FAQ, please contact us.

Q: How long does it take to create a course?

A: Most courses take between 2-4 weeks to create, depending on the type of course and complexity of content. Once the course is approved by our team, it can be published instantly.

You can check out our blog post about how long it takes us to make a course for more information about how we create our content.

Q: Why do Thinkific courses cost money?

A: Thinkific makes money by charging a monthly fee for access to all of our courses; however, there are no subscription fees or other hidden costs associated with using our platform. Our goal is to make quality education accessible for everyone!

Q: Do I need technical experience in order to use Thinkific?

A: No! Thinkific provides all the tools you need to build your own online course – from editor software that allows you to create engaging video lessons right inside your browser, to marketing materials like landing pages that convert visitors into students automatically

Thinkific Review – Wrapping Up

Thinkific is a top-notch course-building platform for online learning.

The company was founded by two entrepreneurs who saw the need for an easy-to-use platform that could provide better results than other options on the market.

They started with a single product, but have since expanded to offer several products designed to help you create and sell courses on your own website.

Thinkific is an all-in-one course creation and marketing platform that allows you to build your own online courses and market them to students around the world.

Thinkific offers a wide variety of features that help make it easier for you to grow your online business.