Have you ever heard this before – “We want it like this, but a little like this, but not like this…” etc.

Stories From The Video Production Trenches

One of the things that sets a video production company apart from other companies is the ability to work with real-life locations.

Whether you’re working on a home video, commercial, corporate video, or anything in between, you have to have the ability to take someone to an actual location and get them the right shot.

If you can’t do that, you’re not going to be able to make any money.

There are lots of things that go into these types of videos. For instance, if you’re shooting in a foreign country, there’s no way to show the people in their native language unless you have a translator available.

The same goes for shots of cars driving along a major street in a foreign city. You have to be able to describe what’s going on to the camera so that the people watching will know what they’re seeing.

All of these things can cause problems when you’re trying to pull a video together. Sometimes you’ll just run out of ideas.

video production trenches

This Is Where A Good Storytelling Technique Comes In Handy

The basic concept of storytelling is simply telling a customer a story from your experience.

Don’t be afraid to give customers their money’s worth because that’s what makes them come back to you time again.

There are many ways you can tell a story but the best way is to describe everything you could possibly need in a few sentences.

Then ask for feedback. A lot of companies won’t ask for this but it would be wise to at least listen.

A lot of the time, customers will let you know what they think of the shots and that can help you make adjustments.


Some people will even call you with their input if they have something specific in mind.

Of course, you can always go and shoot some footage yourself.

You should take notes on anything that seems out of place or you don’t like in the final product because it can later be used as a reference.

Take care of the sets in advance by cleaning them.

This includes props and sets. Cleaning locations means sanitizing them and taking off all of the debris so it looks nice and professional when you are shooting your videos.

Make Sure Your Company Has Someone In Charge Of Directing And Editing

This person should have a strong understanding of photography so they can make the most of your images.

The best shots are when there is movement. You may have to move a camera or adjust props but when you do those, make sure they are done with before you go home.

Make a list of questions you want to ask your customers and make sure the company has the answers.

Your company needs to show a genuine interest in the stories and how the customers perceive them.

If you’re interviewing with the company, don’t assume you know everything about their process; get as much context as you can about how they work.

Video production can be fun and if you do your homework, you can learn a lot from it. You just have to be willing to put in the time and effort to learn.

The best companies out there understand the value of learning and they work hard at making themselves better.

If they have worked with some pretty heavy-duty video production equipment before, that is a plus because you don’t want to learn on the job.