Welcome to Filmmaking Lifestyle. We’re here to help you on your journey.

Filmmaking Lifestyle exists to provide a trusted learning and development ecosystem for video company owners.

My name is Matt Crawford, filmmaker and online business owner, and we are honored to help folks at all stages of their journey make progress toward new levels of success. Whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker or an accomplished one, we’re here for you.

About FL

So what exactly is Filmmaking Lifestyle?

Filmmaking Lifestyle brings readers tutorials and guides on setting up and growing a video production business, as well as articles on independent filmmaking of all kinds.

The guides on Filmmaking Lifestyle teach readers how to run a successful video production company, covering topics like business, success, filmmaking and more. 
We have guides on everything from marketing, pricing, selling your services and forging a strong mindset to deal with everything business (and life) throws at you.
The articles on this site are based on studying the best business and filmmaking minds out there, as well as out-in-the-trenches experience.


But who are you?

My name is Matt. I was born in the UK, lived for a while in the United States, as well as extensive travels around the world. I own a successful video production company and I’m a full time filmmaker and entrepreneur.

I worked for a while in the school system making promotional videos for a chain of schools. I’ve also held a job in corporate-ville, but left when I realized the world of employment wasn’t for me.
Since then, I’ve been an entrepreneur, starting my video production company back in 2012.
tools for filmmaking


Why Read This Site?

I think it’s important that the videography and filmmaking blog world builds a passionate community around people who want to help improve themselves, each other and their respective careers.

I write articles and how-tos about setting up and growing your video business; as well as offer tips and guidance in all things filmmaking, business and more!

I intend to evolve the blog into an awesome place for the shared knowledge, experience and positivity of filmmakers and videographers all over the world!

As well as working videographers and filmmakers, I invite anyone who’s got an urge to make something better of themselves, their career or their lives to follow along.


the history of Filmmaking Lifestyle

The site started as a place where I shared motivational posts, thoughts and ideas on mindset and success from a filmmaking perspective. At first, I did this more for myself than an audience, as I pushed myself to start my video production business.

As I achieved success with my business, I started to post more guides about how other entrepreneurs can setup a business like mine.

The site has evolved into something that I’m proud to share with the world. If you haven’t already, Start Here.
I post a new article every Monday and extra posts here and there, too. So make sure you check back regularly!
Enjoy the site!

Don't Just listen to me...

what people say about fL

Work With Purpose

The best, most valuable work we can do comes from focusing on priorities, reducing waste of resources, providing helpful feedback, and collaborating with positive intentions.

Own Your Outcome

Embrace the privilege that responsibilities provide to do deep work that delivers meaningful results and makes a positive difference in the lives of others.

Share Without Ego

We offer the complete picture of our experiences—to ourselves and to our audience—to enable authentic learning that promotes our values without compromise.

Embrace the Process

Be curious. Learn from failure and admit mistakes. Question assumptions and explore opportunities. Reduce chaos. Promote sustainability. And find as much joy in the work as in the success.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

Our Mission, Vision, and Core Values

We are proud to be a purpose-driven company in the service of others. A mission, vision, and set of core values are essential to such a company that is truly devoted to a cause greater than itself.

We are excited to share ours here as a commitment to you of our authenticity and transparency.

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