Welcome to Filmmaking Lifestyle. We’re here to help you on your journey.

Filmmaking Lifestyle exists to provide a trusted learning and development ecosystem for video company owners.

My name is Matt Crawford, filmmaker and online business owner, and we are honored to help folks at all stages of their journey make progress toward new levels of success. Whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker or an accomplished one, we’re here for you.

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So what exactly is Filmmaking Lifestyle?

Filmmaking Lifestyle offers a platform for filmmakers of all kinds. We offer courses, community, tools & apps to help you run your video company, as well as an eCommerce store for filmmaking gear.


Originally started as a place to document my personal journey in the video production industry, Filmmaking Lifestyle has transformed into a leading platform, offering actionable courses, state-of-the-art tools, and an eCommerce store for filmmakers worldwide.



Who Founded The Site?

My name is Matt and I am the founder of Filmmaking Lifestyle. I was born in the UK, lived for a while in the United States, as well as extensive travels around the world. I ran a successful video production company & marketing agency and I’m a full time filmmaker and entrepreneur.

I worked for a while in the school system making promotional videos for a chain of schools. I’ve also held a job in corporate-ville, but left when I realized the world of employment wasn’t for me.

Since then, I’ve been an entrepreneur, starting my video production company back in 2012. 

You can find out more about me on my personal site. You can also follow my personal accounts here:

My LinkedIn
My Twitter
– My personal Facebook account
Filmmaking Lifestyle’s Facebook page

tools for filmmaking

eCommerce store

Why Buy From Us?

We think it’s important that the filmmaking and video production world builds a passionate community around people who want to help improve themselves, each other and their respective careers.


At Filmmaking Lifestyle, our eCommerce platform is more than just a store — it’s a carefully curated collection of products designed to propel your video business into a league of its own.

We partner with leading manufacturers and creators to bring you the latest in gear, tech & clothing that you need for the day-to-day of your business.


ABOUT SITE content

Editorial Guidelines

At FilmLifestyle.com, we uphold rigorous standards to ensure the content we produce meets our exacting quality measures. 

Each keystroke made in the name of Filmmaking Lifestyle undergoes meticulous scrutiny by our Senior Editors, who are seasoned experts in their respective fields.

Why Rely on Our Guides and Articles?

Each of our guides is vetted by a Senior Certified expert. 

They painstakingly examine every step, testing them in real-world filmmaking environments. 

We endorse methods that are tried-and-true.

How Does Filmmaking Lifestyle Review Equipment and Gear?

When it comes to reviewing filmmaking and video production gear, our approach is thorough and analytical. 

We initiate the process by gauging the raw performance capabilities of each piece of equipment. 

We then juxtapose these findings with industry benchmarks to see how the gear fares on a global professional scale. 

Our aim? To match, if not exceed, industry norms when assessing any equipment under scrutiny.

To ensure we get a holistic understanding, we utilize an array of benchmarking software and real-world test scenarios. 

The tools and techniques in our arsenal are globally acclaimed and have the endorsement of numerous professionals in the filmmaking domain. 

What’s more, all our evaluations are conducted by certified film production professionals, many of whom boast over two decades of hands-on experience.

What Makes Our Guides Reliable?

Our commitment to transparency is unwavering. 

We lay out exhaustive details of our testing methodology before presenting benchmarks in our review pieces. 

By offering insights into our testing processes and the tools employed, we address potential trust concerns head-on. 

It’s our way of being completely forthright about how we derive our results.

Lastly, our own passion as filmmaking aficionados drives us. 

We believe in delivering results that have been rigorously and repeatedly tested. 

This repetitive testing approach is our way of ensuring crystal-clear results for our discerning audience.

fact checking

Fact Checking Policy


At FilmLifestyle.com, we maintain a stringent verification policy, ensuring our content upholds the highest standards of authenticity and remains free from undue biases.

In essence, verification is the beacon of truth. While the initial reaction to a piece of news or idea may be to disseminate it, undergoing a validation process ensures the spread of authentic information. 

Each piece of content on our platform is meticulously examined by our devoted team of editors. 


In the current information age, being discerning about news dissemination is paramount. 

Our team diligently works to make sure everything we publish is precise and current. 

We firmly believe that trust is cultivated over time, and our readers bank on us to furnish them with factual insights.

This commitment is deeply ingrained in our editorial ethos. 

Our editorial team members boast various credentials and expertise in the realm of filmmaking and video production. 

Many have been luminaries in film & video production and on-set roles for numerous years. 

Their qualifications range from acclaimed film schools to certifications from leading industry entities.

Our adept writers and editors prioritize accuracy, especially in our headlines, sidestepping sensationalist “clickbait” titles. 

We ensure our headlines encapsulate genuine, thoroughly checked information from primary sources.

Furthermore, any endorsements or collaborations with FilmLifestyle.com are distinctly highlighted. 

We staunchly advocate for editorial autonomy, emphasizing to prospective collaborators that our editorial narrative remains uninfluenced by any alliances.

Our critiques and reviews are utterly objective and impartial. 

We’re proactive in distinguishing editorial pieces like reviews from any collaborative content on our platform.

Should there be any uncertainty regarding the content on FilmLifestyle.com, we encourage direct engagement. 

We welcome questions and are keen to address and implement any suggested refinements


Corrections Policy

Ultimately, the team of writers and editors at FilmLifestyle.com are only human.

Despite our rigorous attention to detail, occasional oversights might make their way into our published content.

However, our corrections policy ensures that as soon as these discrepancies are identified, they’re swiftly addressed and rectified.

Moreover, FilmLifestyle.com’s corrections policy mandates that our content remains updated with the latest information and refreshed resources whenever required.

If an article or guide becomes outdated, our editorial squad ensures that readers are presented with the most current and relevant updates, preserving the site’s commitment to authenticity and accuracy.

This corrections framework at FilmLifestyle.com is seamlessly integrated with our verification protocols.

Both are designed to maintain the highest level of accuracy in our content. Alongside our internal guidelines, we strive for external accountability.

That’s why we are always open to and appreciative of feedback and suggestions for improvements.

For any recommendations or corrections, please reach out to us at editor@filmlifestyle.com. Our dedicated editorial team will promptly review and incorporate your valuable inputs.


Originality Policy


At FilmLifestyle.com, we prioritize authenticity above all else. 


Ensuring the originality of our content is a foundational pillar of Filmmaking Lifestyle. 


We staunchly adhere to a principle of delivering unbiased, unique, and genuine content.


Our commitment to originality mandates that every piece of information on FilmLifestyle.com is thoroughly original, accurate, diligently verified, and free from any form of plagiarism. 


Breaching copyright or intellectual property rights is a grave editorial concern, and we adopt a zero-tolerance stance towards such transgressions.


Every writer and contributor at FilmLifestyle.com is bound to observe all relevant journalistic standards and practices, which include:

  • FTC Disclosure Guidelines
  • Fair Use Principles
  • Copyright Law
  • Society of Professional Journalists Ethics Code

Our editorial policy stands firm on the principles of authenticity and originality, and as a result, we hold FilmLifestyle.com to exacting standards of responsibility. 


Our Writers

Our Expert writers are enthusiastic professionals with plenty of experience on their hands. Content written by our expert writers is reviewed by our editorial staff.

Contact Details

We can be contacted using the address below where you can write to us with suggestions, tips or feedback.



the history of Filmmaking Lifestyle

The site started as a place where I shared motivational posts, thoughts and ideas on mindset and success from a filmmaking perspective. At first, I did this more for myself than an audience, as I pushed myself to start my video production business.

As I achieved success with my business, I started to post more guides about how other entrepreneurs can setup a business like mine.

The site has evolved into something that I’m proud to share with the world. Now, we have a team of experts on the cutting edge of the film industry.
From there, the site has grown into a media company, an education provider and an eCommerce store.
Enjoy the site!

Don't Just listen to me...

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Work With Purpose

The best, most valuable work we can do comes from focusing on priorities, reducing waste of resources, providing helpful feedback, and collaborating with positive intentions.

Own Your Outcome

Embrace the privilege that responsibilities provide to do deep work that delivers meaningful results and makes a positive difference in the lives of others.

Share Without Ego

We offer the complete picture of our experiences—to ourselves and to our audience—to enable authentic learning that promotes our values without compromise.

Embrace the Process

Be curious. Learn from failure and admit mistakes. Question assumptions and explore opportunities. Reduce chaos. Promote sustainability. And find as much joy in the work as in the success.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

Our Mission, Vision, and Core Values

We are proud to be a purpose-driven company in the service of others. A mission, vision, and set of core values are essential to such a company that is truly devoted to a cause greater than itself.

We are excited to share ours here as a commitment to you of our authenticity and transparency.

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