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Video Business Fast Forward

An eBook that takes you from the beginning of starting your video production business, through to intermediate topics and more advanced video business information.

Video Business Blueprint

This training is our flagship course on starting & growing a profitable video company. 25+ hours of video training as I take you by the hand from the beginning of starting & growing your video company.

Video Business Coaching Program

Maybe you’re looking to scale your business from 5 figures to 6 figures. Maybe you’re just starting out and need an extra focus and a coach to bounce ideas off.

Filmmaking / Video Production Training

Video production is a vast topic full of conflicting information. That’s why we’ve created this video training on all aspects of mastering video production.


5 Boring But Essential Tools For Every Filmmaker

Understandably many freelance filmmakers often get caught up in more flashy equipment like the latest flavor of camera, or what the best audio equipment & lenses are, but on every set you will find these 5 less glamorous but equally essential pieces of equipment. Equipment

types of shots in film

Types of Shots in Film: The Essential Guide

Back when cinema was at its infancy, films used to be shot on a tripod in a single type of shot. The camera never even moved. It was sort of like filming a play. The only moving thing would be the actors within the frame.


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