Indie Film Location Scouting: 7 Things to Look For When Scouting

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location scouting

Scouting for film locations is an art form. Any good location scout will find a balance between what works for the script and the technical requirements of the film crew. In this post, we’re going to talk about the seven most important things to look for when location scouting for a film location. Location scouting for indie films While big … Read More

The Easiest Way to Share Your Music with the World? Upload a Video!

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share your music

Today, Alanzhelon takes us through his process and shows you how you can create and share your music in video form in the best possible way. Showcasing your talent online is one of the best ways to get feedback, attract a wider audience, hone your performance skills and entertain potentially millions of people. Making a video and uploading it can … Read More

How To Make a Movie: 4 Essential Ingredients That Helped Me Make a No-Budget Feature Film

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how to make a movie

We have a special article today from Zander Weaver, which details his process for making a feature film. In the article, he covers how to make a movie and explains the reasoning behind each of his choices along the way. This is a must read. Take it away Zander! My name is Zander Weaver and alongside my brother, Elliot, I’ve … Read More

Canon 5D Mark III vs. Mark IV

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Canon 5D Mark III vs. Mark IV

If you spend any length of time in filmmaking or video production, you’ll come across DSLRs. DSLRs offer great advantages to filmmakers and videographers: Small. Light. Fantastic image quality. And much more… Canon are a camera company who’ve been instrumental in the development of what a lot of us dub the “DSLR Revolution.” With the release of the Canon 5D … Read More

Best Monitor for Video Editing: 4 Top Monitors For Video Editing

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best monitor for video editing

If you want to be able to produce exceptional results with your video editing, then you need a fantastic monitor. Monitors come in all shapes and sizes: what is the best monitor for video editing? Whilst answering that question, we will give you some pointers and best practices for video editing success. After all, even with the best monitor and … Read More

Why You Should Test Everything You Do In Your Video Business

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test everything

Today we’re going be be talking about the importance of testing everything in your video business. But why should you test everything? Setting up a video production business entails a lot of things to consider. Likely, you have the talent and skills to make fantastic videos. But, do you know what and how you can best set yourself apart from … Read More

The Growing Use of Vertical Videos in Social Media

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vertical videos

Video marketing is nothing new. It’s been used by many marketers and has been claimed that videos produce more conversions than any other content. How does moving images, sound and sometimes text have the ability to convert viewers into customers? Let’s face it, we’d rather watch a documentary than read a huge textbook. This is because we’re visual beings and … Read More

The Best of Filmmaking & Video Production October 2018

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This is the 37th instalment of this feature here on Filmmaking Lifestyle, where we chart the best-of-the-best from around the filmmaking and video production world. This article covers the best posts from October 2018. Every month, I post a round-up article featuring the best things I’ve found around the web on filmmaking and video production. If you missed one, we have a complete … Read More

Best Video Camera Under 1000 Dollars: 4 of the Best Budget Camera Options

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best video camera under 1000

If budget is a big consideration, then you’ll be on the look out for the best camera your money can buy. But what is the best video camera under 1000 dollars? Cameras are great for capturing family moments, live action footage and, at the professional level, documentaries and narrative projects. YouTube and Vimeo amateur films and documentaries, as well as … Read More

Going Solo Or As a Video Team? Building a Fantastic Video Company

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video team

When you’re starting out, or growing your video production company, one of the first questions you’ll ask yourself is: how big do I want this video team to be? Most people start out as a kind of ‘one-man-band,’ wearing all the hats and doing everything in their business. But, as you grow, you’ll want to add people to your team. … Read More