Become a Creative Genius in 9 Steps

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If you’re in the video production industry, then you’ll appreciate the importance of creativity when it comes to producing good work. But how do you become a creative genius? Let’s start off with this: Nothing is worse then predictable, boring, dull work for your clients. Not only will your clients get bored of you, you will also probably get bored … Read More

Case Study: How I Got an 89% Response Rate on Client Outreach Email, Got Links and Social Shares…And How You Can, Too

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client outreach

So today, I want to talk about something that can be really beneficial for your video business. Or any kind of business. I want to talk about client outreach. This is something that anyone can do online and immediately raise their profile, start getting press/media and get a lot of clients and business, too. You see, a lot of people … Read More

The 7 Reasons Why Video Transcription is Important in Post-Production

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Today we discuss video transcription. Never heard of it? Don’t think it applies to you? Then you need to read this article! Here we explain the importance of video transcription, how it’s overlooked in lots of productions (big and small) and how it can make your life easier on a project of any size. It’s no surprise to see that media … Read More

How We Survived A Year in LA By Winning Video Contests & Built a Thriving Production Company

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Jake Bradbury is an expert with video contests. In this article, he takes you through his journey of making videos around LA for video contests. Stay tuned because as a special bonus, he’s going to let you know how to win a lifetime supply of Skittles! Take it away, Jake! Sometimes we back ourselves into corners, obsessing about the “right way” … Read More

Make a Movie on a Budget: Making a Feature Film for $6,000… It’s possible

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Are you looking to make a movie? Then this exclusive article by filmmaker James Defalco is going to be just what you’re looking for! In ‘Making a Feature Film for $6,000… It’s possible,’ James explains the journey he took to make his movie, Long Island Love Story. Take it away, James! [Editor note: Images throughout are stills and posters from … Read More

Top 57 Filmmaker Forums: Get Advice, Guidance & Learn Something New With These Message Boards

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filmmaker forums

As a follower of Filmmaking Lifestyle, you’re probably interested in either filmmaking topics or in working in the field of filmmaking. Or both. 😉  And since you’re passionate about your craft, you probably also love to exchange ideas with other fellow filmmakers. This is where filmmaker forums come in. Forums are made for exactly this reason: people with the same … Read More

11 Tips to Improve Your Filmmaking Skills And Take Them to the Next Level

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So, you’ve been making movies for a while now; maybe it’s just home videos, maybe you’ve made your own short film, or maybe you’ve even been working with clients for a year or two. Here’s 11 steps to help you hone your filmmaking skills, that go far beyond just watching a lot of movies and practicing. 1. BE YOUR OWN WORST … Read More