AI Film Festival Submission Planner

This Is A Film Festival Submission Planner Powered By AI 🤖

Add Film Title, Festival Name, Deadline, Fee & Date = Get Submission Plan

Film Festival Submission Planner

What Is The AI Film Festival Submission Planner Tool?

Navigating the complex landscape of film festival submissions can be overwhelming.


The Film Festival Submission Planner is your personal assistant, helping you organize, track, and plan your submissions to film festivals around the world.

Whether you’re aiming for premieres at major international festivals or targeting niche audiences at genre-specific events, this tool ensures you never miss a deadline or overlook an opportunity.

How It Works

  • Input Your Film Details: Provide information about your film, including genre, length, and any previous screenings.
  • Select Festivals of Interest: Choose from a comprehensive list of festivals or let the tool suggest festivals based on your film’s profile.
  • Plan and Track Submissions: Receive a personalized submission calendar with deadlines and requirements for each festival, along with status tracking for each submission.


Yes, it covers a wide range of festivals, from major international events to local and niche festivals.

Definitely. The tool can send email or SMS reminders to ensure you never miss a submission deadline.

It provides an estimate of total submission fees based on your selected festivals, helping you budget effectively for your festival campaign.

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