In the bustling streets of New York City, where dreams meet reality, casting agencies stand as lighthouses guiding talent to its rightful place in the entertainment industry.

These agencies are more than mere intermediaries; they are the architects of dreams, building bridges between raw talent and the glittering world of film, television, and theater.

With an array of reputable agencies, each offering unique strengths, understanding their roles and reputations becomes essential for aspirants and professionals alike.

In this guide, we take a look at the nuances of a number of standout agencies: Abrams Artists Agency, Creative Artists Agency, and United Talent Agency, and more.

What Are Casting Agencies?

Casting agencies are pivotal in the entertainment industry, serving as a vital bridge between talented individuals and production companies.

These agencies specialize in sourcing and presenting actors, models, and other performers to filmmakers, television producers, and advertising agencies.

Their role is integral in shaping the faces we see on screen.

There are many reasons why people use casting agencies. Some of them include:

– The agency can help you find longer term jobs that might not be available to you directly through your network or other contacts.

– They can help you get noticed by producers and directors who are looking for new talent on their projects.

– You can use them to get connected with agents who will represent you and help place you in future auditions or casting calls.

Best Casting Agencies In NYC

New York City, a hub for artistic talent, is home to some of the most prestigious casting agencies.

These agencies have a reputation for nurturing and representing exceptional talent, contributing significantly to the dynamic world of film and television.

Each of these agencies brings a unique strength to the table, whether it’s a specific focus on a type of production or a broad network of talent.


They play a crucial role in the entertainment ecosystem of NYC, shaping the careers of performers and the success of productions.

Abrams Artists Agency

Abrams Artists Agency, with its impressive track record, stands out as a multifaceted gem in the realm of talent representation.

Situated at the heart of the industry, Abrams is not just about connecting actors to roles; it’s about crafting careers and nurturing a wide array of talents.

This agency distinguishes itself through its commitment to a broad spectrum of entertainment fields.

Beyond the traditional realms of film and television, Abrams has made significant strides in areas like voice-over work, where they have provided voices for some of the most iconic characters in animation and gaming.

Their presence in the broadcast sector is equally notable, with a roster that includes some of the most influential figures in news and television hosting.

Abrams also delves into the literary world, representing a range of authors and literary works.

This diversification reflects a deep understanding of the interconnected nature of the modern entertainment landscape.

With a personalized approach to each client, Abrams doesn’t just seek opportunities; they create them.

By identifying and harnessing their clients’ unique talents, they’ve successfully built long-term, sustainable careers, not just fleeting moments of fame.

Their agility in adapting to industry shifts and their foresight in embracing emerging platforms and technologies further solidify their position as a beacon of versatility in the dynamic world of talent representation.

Creative Artists Agency

Creative Artists Agency (CAA) operates as a titan in the entertainment industry, wielding a level of influence that extends far beyond the confines of traditional talent representation.

Their roster is a testament to their standing, featuring an enviable list of A-listers across various facets of entertainment, including film, television, music, and sports.

CAA’s influence is not limited to individual talent representation; they are a force in the packaging of major projects.


This involves assembling a project’s key elements – from star actors and directors to scriptwriters – thereby playing a crucial role in bringing blockbuster films and hit television series to life.

What truly sets CAA apart is their unparalleled network within the industry.

This network enables them to open doors that others can’t, creating opportunities that go beyond the next role or project.

They’re known for their strategic career management, guiding their clients through career transitions and helping them to diversify their portfolios across different mediums and platforms.

CAA’s reach also extends to global markets, recognizing and capitalizing on the growing demand for international talent and content.

Their global perspective not only benefits their clients but also contributes to shaping the global entertainment narrative, making CAA a true powerhouse of talent.

United Talent Agency

United Talent Agency (UTA) represents the cutting edge of talent representation, seamlessly blending traditional agency roles with innovative approaches to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving industry.

UTA’s portfolio spans across a wide range of talents, not just in acting, but in writing, directing, producing, and beyond.

They are particularly noted for their progressive stance on digital and new media.

Recognizing early the potential of digital platforms, UTA has been a pioneer in representing internet personalities, influencers, and creators who dominate these spaces.


This foresight has positioned them as a leader in an area that is now integral to the entertainment landscape.

UTA’s innovation also extends to their approach in handling their clients’ careers.

They are known for their strategic planning and ability to foresee industry trends, guiding their clients to opportunities that align not just with current success, but with long-term career growth and evolution.

UTA’s involvement in social and political advocacy, aligning with clients on matters of social justice and environmental concerns, reflects a deep understanding of the role of artists and entertainers in shaping societal narratives.

In essence, UTA embodies a perfect synthesis of tradition and innovation.

They respect the time-honored principles of talent representation while boldly embracing new platforms, technologies, and ideas.

This blend not only makes them a significant player in the industry but also a visionary force, shaping the future of entertainment representation.

William Morris Endeavor

William Morris Endeavor (WME) stands as a colossus in the world of talent representation, with a history and influence that are almost unrivaled.

As one of the oldest and most prestigious agencies in the business, WME represents a fusion of legacy and modernity.

The agency’s roster is a dazzling array of top-tier talent, including renowned actors, musicians, comedians, writers, directors, and more, reflecting the breadth and depth of its reach in the entertainment industry.

WME’s strength lies not only in its impressive client list but also in its ability to adapt and evolve with the times.

They’ve expanded their reach to encompass not just traditional media, but also emerging platforms like streaming services, recognizing the shifting paradigms of content consumption.

WME is also known for its involvement in large-scale productions, live events, and global tours, showcasing their versatility and comprehensive approach to the entertainment world.

Their influence extends beyond individual representation, playing a pivotal role in negotiating some of the most significant deals in entertainment history.

This includes blockbuster movie deals, record-breaking music contracts, and landmark television agreements.

WME’s approach combines fierce advocacy for their clients with a deep understanding of market dynamics, making them a dominant force in shaping the entertainment landscape.

Donna Grossman

Donna Grossman, at the helm of Donna Grossman Casting, is a distinguished figure in the casting world, known for her keen eye for talent and her innovative approach to casting.

Based in New York, her agency has become synonymous with quality and diversity in casting for commercials, film, and digital content.

Grossman’s approach to casting goes beyond mere matching of roles and actors; she delves into the essence of each project, ensuring that the casting not only fulfills the immediate need but also enhances the overall vision of the production.

Her agency has a reputation for being inclusive and forward-thinking, often championing diverse and unconventional talents that might be overlooked by traditional casting processes.

Grossman’s work is characterized by a blend of intuition and strategic thinking, resulting in casting choices that are both authentic and impactful.

Her influence in the industry is evident in the success of the numerous advertising campaigns and projects she has been a part of, many of which have gained critical acclaim and widespread recognition.

KMR Talent Agency

KMR Talent Agency, formerly known as Kazarian/Measures/Ruskin & Associates, is a unique player in the talent agency landscape.

Known for their specialized representation in areas often overlooked by larger agencies, KMR has carved out a niche for itself, particularly in the representation of artists with disabilities and senior actors.

Their commitment to these underrepresented groups has not only provided opportunities for a diverse range of talents but also helped in changing industry perceptions and narratives.

KMR’s expertise also extends to voice-over work, theatrical representation, and commercial talent. They are known for their personalized approach to each client, fostering long-term relationships and guiding their careers with a focus on sustainability and growth.

KMR’s ability to identify and nurture unique talents, coupled with their commitment to diversity and inclusion, makes them a vital force in pushing the boundaries of traditional casting and representation, contributing to a more inclusive and dynamic entertainment industry.


NYCastings stands as a dynamic and accessible platform in the New York entertainment scene, offering a wide range of opportunities for actors, models, and other performers.

Unlike traditional casting agencies, NYCastings provides an online interface where talent can directly access and apply for a variety of roles.

This approach democratizes the casting process, allowing both established and emerging artists to find opportunities in film, television, theater, commercials, and even voice-over work.

The strength of NYCastings lies in its comprehensive database and user-friendly platform, which make it easier for casting directors and producers to find the perfect fit for their projects.

It caters to a diverse range of ages, ethnicities, and skill sets, making it a go-to resource for productions seeking a specific type of talent.

NYCastings offers valuable resources and workshops for talent, aiding in skill development and industry knowledge.

This holistic approach not only connects talent with opportunities but also nurtures their growth in the industry.

The Gersh Agency

The Gersh Agency, with its longstanding reputation for excellence, is a powerhouse in talent representation.

Founded in the late 1940s, it has established itself as one of the premier agencies in Hollywood, representing a wide array of talent in film, television, and literary work.

Gersh’s approach combines the personalized attention of a boutique agency with the resources and reach of a larger entity, offering their clients the best of both worlds.

The agency is known for its strategic career management, guiding clients through various stages of their careers, from breakthrough roles to major industry awards.

Gersh’s strength lies in its deep connections within the entertainment industry, which facilitate significant opportunities for their clients, including leading roles in major film and television projects and lucrative publishing deals.

Their commitment to nurturing and advocating for their talent has cemented The Gersh Agency’s status as a bastion of excellence in talent representation.


Buchwald, formerly known as Don Buchwald & Associates, has emerged as a pioneering force in the entertainment industry.

Founded in the early 1970s, Buchwald has adapted and thrived in the ever-changing landscape of media and entertainment.

Their expertise spans across a variety of areas including film, television, radio, and commercial advertising, reflecting the agency’s versatility and depth.

One of Buchwald’s notable strengths is their approach to personalized representation, tailoring their services to the unique needs and aspirations of each client.

They are known for their proactive approach in developing clients’ careers, from discovering new talent to guiding established artists towards new and exciting opportunities.

Buchwald’s commitment to innovation is also evident in their embrace of new media and digital platforms, ensuring their clients have a presence in emerging spaces within the industry.

Buchwald’s influence extends beyond individual representation, with a notable presence in the packaging of television and radio shows, demonstrating their ability to shape content and trends in the entertainment world.

Their dedication to their clients and their foresight in navigating the industry’s evolution make Buchwald a key player in shaping the careers of entertainers and the broader narrative of the entertainment industry.

Casting Calls In NYC

Casting calls in NYC are a vital component of the city’s vibrant entertainment scene.

These calls are essentially auditions where actors and performers get the opportunity to showcase their talents in front of casting directors and producers.

Given the city’s status as a global hub for film, television, theater, and advertising, casting calls in NYC offer a plethora of opportunities for both aspiring and established talents.

The diversity of these casting calls reflects the diversity of the city itself.

They range from open calls for Broadway productions, auditions for feature films and television shows, to opportunities in commercials and music videos.

These casting calls are not just for leading roles; they also seek supporting roles, background actors, and special skills performers.

Many of these auditions are posted on online platforms, casting agency websites, and through industry networks, making them accessible to a broad range of talent.

NYC Extras Casting

NYC extras casting focuses on sourcing background actors for various productions. Extras play a crucial role in adding realism and depth to scenes in movies, TV shows, and commercials.

They are the people you see in the background of a scene – in restaurants, walking down the street, in offices – providing a sense of authenticity and richness to the production.

The process of extras casting in NYC often involves open casting calls or online submissions where individuals of all ages, ethnicities, and types are welcome.

Extras casting does not typically require the same level of experience or specific skills as principal casting, making it an excellent entry point for those looking to get their foot in the door of the entertainment industry.

It’s also a unique opportunity to gain on-set experience and observe the inner workings of film and television production.

What Is Central Casting?

Central Casting is a well-established organization in the entertainment industry, renowned for its role in providing background actors for film, television, and commercial productions.

Originating in Hollywood in the early 20th century, Central Casting has become synonymous with extras casting, with offices in key entertainment hubs, including New York City.

Central Casting is unique in that it operates as a full-service casting company, specializing exclusively in background actors.

They maintain a large and diverse roster of registered extras, making them a one-stop shop for productions needing to fill background roles.

Individuals interested in working as extras can register with Central Casting, where they become part of a database used by casting directors to find suitable background talent for various projects.

Central Casting is known for its professionalism and efficiency, ensuring that the right extras are matched with the right productions.

This includes managing the logistics of bookings, call times, and wardrobe requirements.

For many in the entertainment industry, working with or through Central Casting is a rite of passage, providing invaluable experience and exposure in the world of film and television.

History Of Central Casting

Central Casting’s story begins in 1925, born out of a necessity to streamline the then-chaotic process of hiring background actors in Hollywood.

Prior to its inception, extras were often sourced haphazardly, leading to inefficiencies and inconsistencies in film production.

Recognizing this challenge, the major studios of the era came together to form Central Casting as a centralized hub for background talent.

Central Casting rapidly evolved into a crucial component of the studio system, revolutionizing the way extras were hired and managed.

In the golden age of Hollywood, it was not uncommon for Central Casting to send out thousands of background actors in a single day, becoming an integral part of the filmmaking process.

Over the years, Central Casting expanded its operations, opening offices in key production locations such as New York City.

Despite changes in the industry, including the decline of the studio system, Central Casting adapted and remained relevant.

Today, it’s recognized as the leading authority in background casting, with a reputation for professionalism and a vast, diverse roster of talent.

Central Casting’s legacy is not just in its contributions to film and television production but also in its role in providing opportunities for countless individuals to participate in the entertainment industry.

It remains a testament to the power of organization and innovation in the dynamic world of filmmaking.

Best Casting Agencies In NYC – Wrapping Up

New York City’s casting agencies play a pivotal role in the fabric of the entertainment industry, bridging the gap between extraordinary talent and remarkable productions.

Agencies like Abrams Artists Agency, Creative Artists Agency, United Talent Agency, NYCastings, The Gersh Agency, Buchwald, and of course, Central Casting, each contribute uniquely to this vibrant ecosystem.

These agencies, with their distinct strengths and areas of specialization, offer a comprehensive range of services that cater to the diverse needs of actors, models, and performers.

From the personalized approach of boutique agencies to the wide-reaching influence of industry giants, they collectively ensure that both emerging and established talents find their place in the dynamic world of entertainment.

For those aspiring to enter the industry or looking to advance their careers, these agencies represent gateways to opportunity.

Whether it’s through auditions for major productions, placements in commercials, or roles as background actors, these agencies provide the platforms for talents to shine.

The landscape of casting agencies in NYC is as diverse and dynamic as the city itself.

These agencies are not just businesses; they are cultivators of dreams and careers, integral to the storytelling that shapes our culture and entertainment.

Their ongoing commitment to discovering and nurturing talent continues to make New York City a beacon for aspiring artists and the epicenter of the entertainment industry.