AI Film Lighting Setup Simulator

This Is A Film Lighting Setup Simulator Powered By AI 🤖

Select Scene Type + Light Intensity = Get Lighting Setup Simulation

Film Lighting Setup Simulator

What Is The AI Film Lighting Setup Simulator Tool?

Achieving the perfect lighting setup is pivotal in creating the desired atmosphere and mood for any film scene.


The Film Lighting Setup Simulator offers a virtual environment where filmmakers can experiment with different lighting arrangements, angles, and intensities without the need for physical equipment.

This tool is invaluable for directors of photography (DOPs), lighting technicians, and indie filmmakers looking to pre-visualize and refine their lighting schemes before stepping on set.

How It Works

  • Design Your Scene: Start by defining the dimensions of your scene, including key elements like characters and props.
  • Select Lighting Equipment: Choose from a wide range of lights, including LEDs, spotlights, and softboxes, and place them within your virtual set.
  • Adjust and Experiment: Modify the position, direction, intensity, and color of each light source to see real-time effects on the scene.
  • Save and Export: Once satisfied with the setup, save your lighting plan and export it for reference during your actual shoot.


Yes, the tool includes options for simulating natural light conditions at different times of the day and weather scenarios.

Absolutely. You can share your setups directly from the tool for collaboration and feedback.

While the simulator provides a highly realistic approximation, variations in actual conditions should be anticipated.

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