Are you a professional in your industry who needs to be constantly up to date on the latest news and opinion from the business and financial world? Then you need the Morning Brew newsletter!

In the past, you could read the Wall Street Journal if you’re a stockbroker, for example. Or read the Washington Post if you’re into politics.

However, what if you want a broader spectrum of news? What if you don’t want to spend your time checking all sorts of long-winded news outlets that have tons of ads and articles that you frankly don’t care about?

We’re inundated with news and views in this forever switched on world. And you don’t have time to trawl through all the world’s newspapers.

Instead, you just want a simple, condensed version of all the latest business news that you can read in a couple of minutes.

Now there is a way! That way is the Morning Brew Newsletter. Today, we’ll fill you in on everything you need to know about the Morning Brew Newsletter and why you should sign up for it.

What is the Morning Brew Newsletter?

Morning Brew was founded by Alex Lieberman and Austin Rief in 2015. It’s a daily newsletter sent as an email roundup containing:

  • business and technology articles that you care about (no longer than 500 words),
  • updates from the financial markets,
  • views on business and political happenings, and more.

What you get is a nice mixture of business news, as if you were reading the Wall Street Journal itself, alongside Politics and Tech news all in one condensed place that you can read in the time it takes you to finish your coffee.

As the two young men behind the Newsletter say:

“I read the WSJ…and I read it because it’s a prerequisite to say you’re well-read in business and it’s what my parents do, but it’s dense, dry, and too long to read cover-to-cover.”

Morning Brew Review

So let’s take a deep dive into the Brew, what it stands for and what you can get out of reading the newsletter on a daily basis.

Morning Brew is mainly targeted at young business professionals who have busy schedules. As well as those who want a more convenient way of reading news and staying informed.

It claims that you can “Get smarter in 5 minutes.” Best of all: it’s free. So what’s is not to like about it?

Still, need more reasons why you should sign up for it? Let’s get started!

1. Condenses Daily Business News from places like the WSJ

The first thing to note is that the Morning Brew condenses daily business news & opinion from publications like the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and many more.

While you’re reading your news from Morning Brew, you’re not missing anything outside it. You’re just getting a condensed version of the same news that the Wall Street Journal publishes, for example.

Digital newspaper writers have to reach a quota of words, so their articles are often long and contain a lot of quotes (he said, she said). This can be frustrating if you’re just trying to read the gist of it and move on to the other 1056 articles you need to cast your eye over that day.

In that regard, Morning Brew has got you covered! Their articles are no longer than 500 words and only give you the essential information without any of the unnecessary fluff.


2. It makes it easy to get an overview of events in one email

Another part of reading the news that might annoy business professionals is how diverse their fields of interest might be scattered.

Say, for example, that your main industry is Tech related. You might want to know how a certain company is doing financially in the stock market. And you might also want to know if there any bills passed in congress about your industry.

You’d have to go to all different sources to gather info. That’s not the case with Morning Brew – you get an overview of all the events and news from different fields in the same email.

This saves you time spent on unnecessary searching through the internet from each source covering only a single side to the same event.

If you’re wondering, here’s a glimpse of what the Morning Brew looks like inside your email client:

3. It’s easy to read and understand

If you’re new to the world of business and investing: don’t worry. You can easily understand all the articles and what they talk about.

The writing of these articles is very informative and well laid out. It’s also humorous and not in an ‘in your face’ kind of way. So it’s a delight to read their witty take on the news.

It doesn’t feel like a bunch of overworked writers in a room scrambling to fill up their articles with lengthy quotes just to hit a word count.

It’s also streamlined for users as it is divided into categories. So if a certain field isn’t what you’re looking for you can just jump to what you want to read about.

Let’s say, for example, that you don’t want to read anything media related. The category of each article is clearly marked, making skipping sections super easy.

As well as the articles, the Brew promises to make you smarter with the quizzes, competitions and creative brain teasers they feature throughout each addition. I’ve certainly learned a lot!

I must have cut quite the figure one day travelling on the train with my head buried in a particularly tricky brain twister!

4. It’s a reliable source of news

Morning Brew has professional writers and editors at the helm. So you won’t be reading any news from untrustworthy sources or classic fake news.

They always have a link to credible sources such as the original news article from a major outlet, supporting sources, direct video quotes from leading figures, etc.

What you essentially get is a condensed recap of the previous day’s stories. You can even click on the link to the full articles from the Wall Street Journal or the Washington Post if you want.

Not that you need to, of course. The purpose of Morning Brew is to get the brief version of the scoop in a short time, after all. So, rest assured that you’ll always be reading a reliable piece of news.

5. It doesn’t bombard you with Ads

It’s true that Morning Brew is funded by advertisers, since it’s free newsletter.

However, it’s not a cause for worry: you’re not gonna get bombarded with ads at every swipe or click.

Morning Brew only has one advertiser for each day of its 6 days run (Weekdays + Saturday).

The ads are placed in two places. The first is at the top where they mention the advertiser and show their logo.

The second is an ad in the middle part of the newsletter. However, it’s written by the staff of the Brew, so it meshes well with the rest of the newsletter and doesn’t feel out of place.

Sometimes, Morning Brew will have an affiliate link at the bottom of the newsletter that is unrelated to the sponsor. In all fairness, it is clearly marked as an affiliate link. So Morning Brew is transparent when it comes to advertisements.

Very refreshing in this day and age!

6. It’s not biased towards conservatives or liberals

Most news outlets tend to have a certain conservative or liberal bias whenever they cover anything slightly political.

Thankfully, Morning Brew is unbiased and presents the content in an objective way that says, “These are the facts”.

They strike a nice balance when delivering news about politics as they give each side a fair presentation without pushing a favorable opinion towards either.

Even when they playfully touch on the subject with their signature witty style, they don’t mock or insult either side.

This is something we wish more news outlets did. It really puts a bad taste in my mouth when a news article feels like it’s pushing an agenda in your face, or actively mocking the “opposing” side as you read it.

7. It can help your career and finances

This is perhaps the most important reason why you’d want to subscribe to Morning Brew.

We live in an age where knowledge equals power. If you get your hands on important information before others, you give yourself a significant edge.

If you are working in a company, you and your team will always be ahead of the curve if you’re aware of the latest business trends. If you’re in a highly competitive industry (like the financial world, for example), this goes tenfold!

As you know, being aware of any governmental plans that have to do with taxes and suchlike is massively important. After all, those things affect your industry and business.

You can get all of this information every day at the tip of your fingers with the Brew. There’s no sweeter deal than that.

Also, in terms of finances, Morning Brew can help you make better financial decisions.

How so? Well, by being aware of the events that drive stock prices, market trends, how emerging markets fair in the eyes of other investors, you’ll get a leg-up on your peers.

By being constantly updated you’ll have a better understanding of the market and avoid making detrimental financial mistakes. Having a macro outlook on things is never a bad idea.

A few more things to know about the Brew

In the immortal words of Detective Columbo…’one more thing.’ Well, a few actually:

The Brew has a pretty impressive affiliate program

Once you subscribe, your email address is tracked to an affiliate system that rewards everything from access to the special Sunday newsletter, right up to plane flights out to the Brew HQ (for those who manage to send 1000 subs their way!)

Here’s a look at the current affiliate system, as of this writing:

And you can help me get those tickets by clicking one of the links on this page and subscribing! 🙂

Morning Brew has other newsletters, too!

Not getting enough of a roundup news fix with just your daily business Brew? Well, they also have the following newsletters:

  • Emerging Tech Brew (tech news & events, as it sounds)
  • Retail Brew (covers the retail markets)
  • The Turnout (a political newsletter)

Morning Brew Review: A Conclusion

Morning Brew is a fantastic newsletter. Since its founding in 2015, it has accumulated over 1 million subscribers.

It’s easy to see why.

The layout of the newsletter is simple. You get all the different fields covered in one email. Their articles are condensed and distilled down to their most important parts, making them easy to read. This is in large part thanks to the playful, witty and humorous style their writers use throughout.

Also, the sources are credible so you’re not wasting your time on rumors and clickbait articles.

Their advertising is not annoying, shady or spammy. They are not biased in their news coverage. You also get handy information that benefits both your career and financing. All of this for free, FOR FREE!

Frankly, the only reason you wouldn’t want to subscribe is if you just don’t want to add value to your life.

But if you do, go ahead and subscribe to their newsletter and enjoy getting informed in a humorous way every morning in just 5 minutes.