Originality Policy

At FilmLifestyle.com, we prioritize authenticity above all else. 

Ensuring the originality of our content is a foundational pillar of Filmmaking Lifestyle. 

We staunchly adhere to a principle of delivering unbiased, unique, and genuine content.

Our commitment to originality mandates that every piece of information on FilmLifestyle.com is thoroughly original, accurate, diligently verified, and free from any form of plagiarism. 

Breaching copyright or intellectual property rights is a grave editorial concern, and we adopt a zero-tolerance stance towards such transgressions.

Every writer and contributor at FilmLifestyle.com is bound to observe all relevant journalistic standards and practices, which include:

  • FTC Disclosure Guidelines
  • Fair Use Principles
  • Copyright Law
  • Society of Professional Journalists Ethics Code

Our editorial policy stands firm on the principles of authenticity and originality, and as a result, we hold FilmLifestyle.com to exacting standards of responsibility. 



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