The Academy Award for Best Makeup and Hairstyling is an ode to the magicians behind the mirrors, the artisans who sculpt, paint, and design to bring cinematic visions to life.

Their brushes whisper tales of transformations, from the aged wrinkles of a wise elder to the fantastical features of otherworldly beings.

In this article, we journey through the myriad of colors, contours, and coiffures that have made celluloid dreams a reality.

Let’s jump deep into the artistry of the Oscar winners in this category, celebrating the maestros who’ve mastered the craft of visual metamorphosis, leaving us in awe with every stroke and style.

Academy Award For Best Makeup And Hairstyling

Unveil the magic behind the “Academy Award for Best Makeup and Hairstyling,” where artistry transforms and transcends.

From age-old warriors to futuristic beings, delve into the hands that shape, shade, and style cinema’s most iconic faces.

Celebrate the artisans whose brushes and combs craft legends, earning them a revered spot under Oscar’s glow.

1. Amadeus (1984)

“Amadeus” is a biographical drama film released in 1984, directed by Miloš Forman. The movie is based on Peter Shaffer’s stage play of the same name and offers a fictionalized account of the lives of composers Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Antonio Salieri.

The film revolves around the jealousy and rivalry that develops between Salieri, played by F. Murray Abraham, and Mozart, portrayed by Tom Hulce.

Salieri, a highly respected composer at the court of Emperor Joseph II, becomes consumed by envy upon witnessing Mozart’s prodigious talent and unrivaled genius.

\The story delves into Salieri’s inner turmoil as he plots to undermine Mozart’s success and ultimately seeks revenge against the man he sees as his musical and personal nemesis.

“Amadeus” is renowned for its captivating performances, intricate storytelling, and its exploration of themes such as artistic jealousy, passion, and the price of greatness.

F. Murray Abraham’s portrayal of Antonio Salieri earned him an Academy Award for Best Actor, while Tom Hulce’s depiction of Mozart was also widely praised.

The film showcases the magnificent music of Mozart, featuring many of his most beloved compositions.


The captivating visuals, lavish period costumes, and the meticulous attention to detail in recreating 18th-century Vienna all contribute to the film’s immersive and evocative atmosphere.

“Amadeus” received critical acclaim upon its release and became a commercial success. It won numerous awards, including eight Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Adapted Screenplay.

The film’s enduring legacy lies in its ability to bring the world of classical music to life, showcasing the brilliance of Mozart’s music while delving into the complex emotions and motivations of the characters.

“Amadeus” remains a beloved film for its captivating storytelling, memorable performances, and its exploration of the complex relationship between talent, ambition, and envy.

Amadeus (Director's Cut)
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • F. Murray Abraham, Tom Hulce, Elizabeth Berridge (Actors)
  • Milos Forman (Director) - Peter Shaffer (Writer) - Saul Zaentz (Producer)
  • English (Playback Language)
  • English (Subtitle)

2. Ed Wood (1994)

“Ed Wood” is a biographical comedy-drama film directed by Tim Burton and released in 1994. The movie tells the story of Edward D. Wood Jr., often considered one of the worst directors in the history of cinema.

It follows his passionate and relentless pursuit of his dreams to become a filmmaker, despite his lack of talent and numerous setbacks.

In “Ed Wood,” Johnny Depp portrays the titular character, Edward D. Wood Jr., with a charismatic and enthusiastic performance.

Ed Wood is shown as a persistent and optimistic filmmaker, surrounded by a group of eccentric and loyal friends, including Bela Lugosi, played by Martin Landau.

The film highlights Wood’s unconventional methods, his unconventional movies, and his unwavering determination, even in the face of critical failure.

“Ed Wood” pays homage to the spirit of independent filmmaking and the passion that drives artists, regardless of their success or critical acclaim. The film received positive reviews for its unique storytelling, quirky characters, and the performances of the cast.

Martin Landau’s portrayal of Bela Lugosi in “Ed Wood” earned him an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, and the film itself was recognized for its screenplay by Larry Karaszewski and Scott Alexander.

“Ed Wood” remains a cult classic and is praised for its portrayal of a filmmaker who, despite his lack of artistic success, remains dedicated to his craft.

Ed Wood
  • English, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish (Subtitles)


3. Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)

J.K. Simmons does not appear in the film “Mrs. Doubtfire” (1993). The film is a comedy-drama directed by Chris Columbus and stars Robin Williams in the lead role.

In “Mrs. Doubtfire,” Robin Williams portrays Daniel Hillard, a struggling actor and loving father who, after a divorce, disguises himself as a British nanny named Mrs. Euphegenia Doubtfire in order to spend more time with his children.

The film explores the challenges and comedic situations that arise as Daniel navigates his double life, attempting to maintain the ruse while reconnecting with his family.

While J.K. Simmons is a highly accomplished and respected actor known for his versatile roles, he is not part of the cast of “Mrs. Doubtfire.”

The film features a talented ensemble cast, including Sally Field as Daniel’s ex-wife, Pierce Brosnan as her new love interest, and Mara Wilson, Lisa Jakub, and Matthew Lawrence as Daniel’s children.

“Mrs. Doubtfire” remains a beloved family comedy that showcases Robin Williams’ comedic genius and his ability to bring both humor and heart to his performances.

The film resonated with audiences for its themes of family, love, and the lengths a parent would go to be with their children.

Mrs. Doubtfire
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Robin Williams, Sally Field, Pierce Brosnan (Actors)
  • Chris Columbus (Director) - Randi Mayem Singer (Writer) - Robin Williams (Producer)
  • English (Playback Language)
  • English (Subtitle)

4. Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991)

“Terminator 2: Judgment Day” is a 1991 science fiction action film directed by James Cameron. It is the sequel to the 1984 film “The Terminator” and features a stellar cast, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, and Robert Patrick.


In “Terminator 2: Judgment Day,” Arnold Schwarzenegger reprises his role as the T-800, a cyborg assassin known as the Terminator.

However, this time, the Terminator is sent back in time to protect John Connor, portrayed by Edward Furlong, who is destined to become the leader of the human resistance against the machines in a post-apocalyptic future.

On the other hand, Robert Patrick plays the advanced and deadly T-1000, a new model of Terminator sent to kill John Connor.

The film is renowned for its groundbreaking visual effects, particularly the use of computer-generated imagery (CGI) to bring the liquid metal T-1000 to life.

The action sequences, chase scenes, and intense battles between the Terminators captivated audiences, making “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” a thrilling and visually spectacular experience.

Beyond its action-packed nature, the film also delves into themes of humanity, sacrifice, and the potential dangers of technology.

It explores the evolving relationship between the T-800 and John Connor, as well as the transformation of Sarah Connor, played by Linda Hamilton, from a vulnerable woman to a hardened warrior determined to protect her son’s future.

“Terminator 2: Judgment Day” was a critical and commercial success, earning praise for its technical achievements, storytelling, and performances. It won four Academy Awards, including Best Sound Editing, Best Sound Mixing, Best Visual Effects, and Best Makeup.

The film is considered a landmark in the science fiction genre and remains a fan favorite. Its influence can be seen in subsequent Terminator films and other action films that draw inspiration from its innovative visual effects and thrilling storytelling.

“Terminator 2: Judgment Day” is often hailed as one of the greatest action films of all time, combining adrenaline-pumping sequences with compelling characters and thought-provoking themes.

It continues to entertain audiences and serve as a testament to James Cameron’s directorial prowess and the enduring popularity of the Terminator franchise.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, Robert Patrick (Actors)
  • James Cameron (Director) - James Cameron (Writer) - James Cameron (Producer)
  • Spanish, Portuguese, Filipino, English (Playback Languages)
  • Spanish, Portuguese, Filipino, English (Subtitles)

5. Beetlejuice (1988)

“Beetlejuice” is a 1988 dark comedy fantasy film directed by Tim Burton. The film stars Michael Keaton in the titular role as Beetlejuice, a mischievous and eccentric ghost with a flair for chaos and a knack for helping the recently deceased.

The story revolves around a recently deceased couple, Adam and Barbara Maitland, played by Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis, who find themselves trapped in their own home as ghosts.

In an attempt to scare away the new living inhabitants of their house, the Deetz family, Adam and Barbara seek the help of Beetlejuice.

However, their plans quickly spiral out of control as Beetlejuice wreaks havoc on both the living and the dead, leading to chaotic and humorous situations.

“Beetlejuice” is known for its unique and quirky visual style, characteristic of Tim Burton’s directorial vision.

The film combines elements of comedy, fantasy, and horror, creating a whimsical and offbeat atmosphere. It showcases Burton’s signature gothic aesthetics, with dark and surreal set designs and eccentric characters.

Michael Keaton’s performance as Beetlejuice is widely praised for his energetic and scene-stealing portrayal. He brings a manic and unpredictable energy to the character, balancing humor and menace in a memorable way.

“Beetlejuice” achieved both critical and commercial success upon its release and has since become a cult classic. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Makeup and has gained a devoted fan base over the years.

The film’s success led to the development of a spin-off animated television series and discussions of a potential sequel.

“Beetlejuice” remains a beloved and influential film, known for its dark humor, imaginative world-building, and memorable performances, particularly Michael Keaton’s portrayal of the eccentric ghost, Beetlejuice.

  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Michael Keaton, Alec Baldwin, Geena Davis (Actors)
  • Tim Burton (Director) - Michael Mcdowell (Writer) - Richard Hashimoto (Producer)
  • English (Playback Language)
  • English (Subtitle)

6. Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

“Mad Max: Fury Road” is a post-apocalyptic action film released in 2015. Directed by George Miller, who co-wrote the screenplay with Brendan McCarthy and Nico Lathouris, the film is set in a desert wasteland where resources are scarce, and survival is a constant battle.

In “Mad Max: Fury Road,” Tom Hardy stars as Max Rockatansky, a former police officer turned reluctant hero, who becomes entangled with a group of women led by Imperator Furiosa, played by Charlize Theron.

As they escape from the tyrannical rule of the warlord Immortan Joe, portrayed by Hugh Keays-Byrne, they embark on a high-octane chase across the desert in a heavily armored truck called the War Rig.

The film is renowned for its adrenaline-pumping action sequences, stunning practical effects, and intense visuals.

The majority of the action takes place on the dangerous roads of the desert, as Max and Furiosa encounter various factions, confront their own personal demons, and ultimately fight for freedom and redemption.

“Mad Max: Fury Road” received widespread critical acclaim and was hailed as one of the greatest action films of all time.

It garnered numerous accolades, including six Academy Awards, for categories such as Best Film Editing, Best Production Design, and Best Costume Design.

The film’s innovative approach to action filmmaking, strong performances, and feminist undertones resonated with audiences and critics alike.

George Miller’s direction and vision, coupled with the stunning cinematography and practical effects, created a visceral and immersive experience for viewers.

The film’s intense and relentless pace, combined with its underlying themes of survival, redemption, and the fight against tyranny, contributed to its enduring popularity.

“Mad Max: Fury Road” revitalized the iconic “Mad Max” franchise, bringing it to a new generation of fans while also satisfying longtime followers. It stands as a testament to the power of visual storytelling and has solidified its place as a modern action classic.

Mad Max: Fury Road
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult (Actors)
  • George Miller (Director) - George Miller (Writer) - George Miller (Producer)
  • English (Playback Language)
  • English (Subtitle)

7. Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)

“Pan’s Labyrinth” is a dark fantasy film directed by Guillermo del Toro. Released in 2006, the film is set in Spain in 1944, during the post-Civil War era. It combines elements of fantasy and war drama to tell a captivating and visually stunning story.

The film follows the journey of a young girl named Ofelia, played by Ivana Baquero, who escapes into a mythical labyrinth to cope with the harsh realities of her life.

Ofelia encounters a faun creature who tasks her with completing a series of dangerous and fantastical tasks to prove her worth and claim her rightful place as the princess of the underworld.

As Ofelia navigates her way through the labyrinth, she must also contend with the oppressive presence of her stepfather, Captain Vidal, played by Sergi López, who is a high-ranking officer in Franco’s army.

The film juxtaposes the cruel and brutal world of the Spanish Civil War with the enchanting and mysterious world Ofelia discovers within the labyrinth.

“Pan’s Labyrinth” showcases Guillermo del Toro’s signature visual style and storytelling prowess. The film seamlessly blends the real and the fantastical, creating a haunting and captivating atmosphere. It explores themes of escapism, imagination, sacrifice, and the power of storytelling.

The film received widespread critical acclaim and garnered numerous awards, including three Academy Awards. It is praised for its intricate storytelling, stunning visual effects, and the performances of its cast.

“Pan’s Labyrinth” is often regarded as one of Guillermo del Toro’s masterpieces, showcasing his ability to create a rich and imaginative world while delving into deep and resonant themes.

Overall, “Pan’s Labyrinth” is a visually captivating and emotionally impactful film that combines fantasy and reality to tell a poignant and thought-provoking story.

Its exploration of the power of imagination and its juxtaposition of the brutalities of war with the allure of fantasy make it a unique and memorable cinematic experience.

Pan's Labyrinth
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Maribel Verdú, Sergi López, Ariadna Gil (Actors)
  • Guillermo Del Toro (Director) - Guillermo del Toro (Writer) - Guillermo Del Toro (Producer)
  • Spanish (Playback Language)
  • Spanish (Subtitle)

8. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)

“The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring” is a fantasy adventure film released in 2001, directed by Peter Jackson. It is the first installment in the acclaimed film trilogy based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic novel “The Lord of the Rings.”

The film follows the journey of a group of characters known as the Fellowship of the Ring, who set out on a perilous quest to destroy the One Ring, a powerful artifact that holds immense dark power and threatens to plunge the world into darkness.

The members of the Fellowship include Frodo Baggins (played by Elijah Wood), the ring bearer; Gandalf the Grey (played by Ian McKellen).

The wise wizard; Aragorn (played by Viggo Mortensen), the reluctant heir to the throne; and a diverse group of individuals from different races and backgrounds.

“The Fellowship of the Ring” introduces the rich and expansive world of Middle-earth, filled with captivating landscapes, vibrant cultures, and a wide array of memorable characters.

The film combines breathtaking visual effects, intricate costumes, and a sweeping musical score by Howard Shore to bring Tolkien’s fantastical realm to life.

The film received critical acclaim for its immersive storytelling, faithful adaptation of the source material, and its technical achievements.

It was a commercial success, grossing over $871 million worldwide. “The Fellowship of the Ring” won four Academy Awards, including Best Cinematography, Best Visual Effects, Best Original Score, and Best Makeup.

The film’s success paved the way for the remaining two installments, “The Two Towers” (2002) and “The Return of the King” (2003), which completed the epic trilogy.

Collectively, the trilogy is regarded as one of the greatest achievements in modern filmmaking, earning numerous accolades, including Best Picture wins for both “The Return of the King” and the entire trilogy at the Academy Awards.

“The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring” stands as an iconic and influential film in the fantasy genre, beloved by fans for its captivating story, memorable characters, and its ability to transport viewers to a world of magic and adventure.

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Viggo Mortensen, Christopher Lee, Andy Serkis (Actors)
  • Peter Jackson (Director) - Philippa Boyens (Writer) - Barrie M. Osborne (Producer)
  • Spanish, Portuguese (Playback Languages)
  • Spanish, Portuguese (Subtitles)

9. The Fly (1986)

“The Fly” is a 1986 science fiction horror film directed by David Cronenberg. It is a remake of the 1958 film of the same name and stars Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis in the lead roles.

In “The Fly,” Jeff Goldblum plays Seth Brundle, a brilliant but eccentric scientist who invents a teleportation device.

During an experiment, he accidentally merges his DNA with that of a fly, resulting in a gradual and horrifying transformation. As Seth’s physical and mental deterioration progresses, he becomes a grotesque hybrid creature with insect-like abilities.

The film explores themes of identity, transformation, and the consequences of scientific ambition.

It delves into the psychological and emotional toll that Seth’s transformation takes on him and his relationship with Veronica, played by Geena Davis, who is a journalist documenting his scientific breakthroughs and subsequent transformation.

“The Fly” is known for its groundbreaking special effects, particularly the remarkable makeup and prosthetics used to depict Seth’s transformation. The film garnered critical acclaim for its unique blend of horror, science fiction, and drama.

Jeff Goldblum’s performance, in particular, received praise for his portrayal of a man descending into madness and physical decay.

“The Fly” remains a significant entry in the horror genre, with its thought-provoking narrative, compelling performances, and Cronenberg’s signature blend of body horror and psychological exploration.

The Fly (1986)
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Jeff Goldblum, Geena Davis, John Getz (Actors)
  • David Cronenberg (Director) - David Cronenberg (Writer) - Marc Boyman (Producer)
  • English (Playback Language)
  • English (Subtitle)

10. An American Werewolf in London (1981)

“An American Werewolf in London” is a horror-comedy film directed by John Landis and released in 1981.

The film follows the story of two American tourists, David Kessler (played by David Naughton) and Jack Goodman (played by Griffin Dunne), who are attacked by a werewolf while hiking on the English moors.

David survives the attack but soon realizes that he has become a werewolf himself.

As he grapples with his monstrous transformation and the violent urges that come with it, he receives haunting visits from the ghost of his deceased friend, Jack, who warns him of the impending danger he poses to others.

The film is known for its groundbreaking special effects, particularly the werewolf transformation sequence, which was created by Rick Baker and won the first Academy Award for Best Makeup.

The blend of horror and humor in “An American Werewolf in London” distinguishes it from traditional werewolf films, as it incorporates dark comedy elements alongside the scares.

The film received critical acclaim for its innovative special effects, atmospheric storytelling, and darkly comedic tone. It has since become a cult classic and is considered a landmark in the werewolf genre.

“An American Werewolf in London” remains celebrated for its balance of horror and humor, its memorable characters, and its influential contributions to the world of practical effects in cinema.

An American Werewolf in London
  • Jenny Agutter, Griffin Dunne, Glover, Brian (Actors)
  • John Landis (Director)
  • French, Spanish (Subtitles)
  • Audience Rating: R (Restricted)