Have you heard of Alex Buono? Alex Buono is a working cinematographer in film, television and documentary.

He’s also pretty famous in online filmmaking circles for his cinematography classes and has appeared on YouTube shows like Film Riot.

Let’s take a look!

Alex Buono Cinematography

Who Is Cinematographer alex buono?

Alex Buono is an American cinematographer and director, known for his work on Saturday Night Live.

A lifelong lover of cinema and history, he’s been involved in the film industry since high school. He also loves photographing nature and exploring new places.

Alex Buono was a cinematographer on Saturday Night Live. In this capacity, he worked with greats like Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Will Forte.

During his tenure on SNL, Buono honed his skills as a storyteller through comedy. When he left the show to pursue other projects, he brought those storytelling skills with him.

Nowadays Buono works primarily in documentary filmmaking and advertising.

Buono’s advertising work has been featured in major campaigns for brands like Microsoft and Nissan.


Who Is Alex Buono?

He’s shot behind-the-scenes work for Saturday Night Live, directed and shot feature films and documentaries, and is currently teaching a Masterclass on cinematography.

 How did he get started?

Alex was hired on at SNL with no prior experience as a cinematographer. He had been in the camera department for a few years before getting promoted to director of photography. 

So what inspired him to start learning cinematography in the first place?

The answer is simple: Alex loved movies and he wanted to make them.

His favorite film is Lawrence of Arabia, and it’s not hard to see why. When you watch that film, you feel like you’re witnessing history unfold.

It’s epic in scope and intimate at the same time — the kind of film that transports you completely to a different world.

As a result, Alex strives to tell stories that will transport his audience. He wants them to feel like they are experiencing something real.


Cinematography Advice From Alex Buono

After Alex Buono read an article I wrote about how to become a cinematographer, he sent me a kind note. Alex is an accomplished director of photography (DP) whose work has been nominated for an Oscar and won multiple Emmys.


We went back and forth  via email to discuss filmmaking advice.

Tobias: You went to film school at NYU?

Alex: I did…but I think that film schools are going out of style.

I believe students are better served by getting some good training, but mostly by making their own films and learning everything they can through the process of actually shooting them. That’s what I did, anyway. And it was great.

Tobias: Tell us about some of your favorite projects you worked on.

Alex: I was the cinematographer on a movie called The Fourth Kind.

It was based on actual investigations into alien abductions in Nome, Alaska. It was supposed to be “based on true events” so we tried very hard to get everything as realistic as possible stylistically and production-wise.

We went up to Nome and shot on location there for three weeks and it had a big effect on our ability to create a feeling of verisimilitude that I think is essential in this genre.

What Is Alex Buono Known For

Alex Buono has been on the news for being a drug dealer and he was also a suspect in the murder of his girlfriend. 

This is how most people know him, but this article aims to give you more information about Alex Buono as a person and what he is known for.

Alex Buono was born on the 9th of September 1980 in Woonsocket Rhode Island Where he grew up with his sister and two brothers.

Alex attended Woonsocket High School where he played on the school basketball team. After high school he went to Johnson & Wales University where he majored in sports management.

During his time at university, Alex became heavily involved in sports betting and drug dealing. He would also steal items from stores and sell them on eBay.

Alex started dating his girlfriend Jennifer Martel when they were at university together. After graduating, they moved back to Buono’s home townwhere they lived together.

Alex was arrested for drug dealing and did some time in prison.

While he was in jail, Jennifer gave birth to their first child Sophia but didn’t tell him.

Alex Buono Use Of Color In Cinematography

Many films have been made with poor color schemes, leaving the film itself feeling bland and uninteresting to watch.

This is why people choose films very carefully depending on how well they match with the color scheme. Alex Buono’s use of color in films has always been something to look forward to.

 The way he uses color enhances the mood of the film, and adds to its dramatic appeal.

Alex Buono Cinematography And On Set Productions

Are you looking to hire a professional videographer for your wedding? How do you go about choosing the right one? What should look out for? 

You shouldn’t just pick the first one that comes along. You’ll want to make sure that they are the best person for the job.

TIP! Always check out a professional videographer’s previous work. You might find some of their videos on YouTube, but it’s even better if you can watch their broadcasts on television or on the big screen.

If you are not impressed with what you see, move onto someone else. If you are going to hire a professional videographer or film crew, then be prepared to shell out some cash.

The last thing you want is to pay thousands of dollars for a video that isn’t good. Don’t be afraid of going over budget if it means getting what you need from a professional.

Make sure your video expert has life insurance,disability insurance as well as liability insurance. This will help protect your investment in case something happens during filming and the videographer or film crew member becomes incapacitated in some way.

Alex Buono Cinematography Techniques And Visual Subtext

When it comes to Alex Buono Cinematography Techniques And Visual Subtext, it’s not just about the visuals. He directs the audience’s attention by using the audio, lighting, and framing of the shot.

You can have a beautiful looking film but if you don’t have a good story or script you won’t convey your message. Having a great film is all about having these elements working together in harmony.

Once you are able to get all of these things working together in harmony,you’ll be able to tell your story more effectively. 

Having good lighting effects and shadows can help to emphasize the mood and tone of your film.

Alex Buono The Best Cinematography Requires Patience

Great cinematography requires patience and the ability to visualize the finished product.  

Cameras can be a great asset, but they can also become a hindrance if they are used in the wrong way.

The best cinematography requires patience and vision and puts an emphasis on the camera not being present.  As many filmmakers know, this is not an easy task.

In fact, it may be one of the hardest things to do in filmmaking. Think about The Godfather, for example.  Many viewers connect with the film because they can relate to it based on their own families or similar experiences. 

That’s why great cinematography has its audience guessing about where the story is going. This type of filmmaking takes careful planning and a lot of time spent imagining the finished product before even beginning production.

A good filmmaker knows that no matter how hard you try to capture some moments perfectly, there will always be things that need to be changed after filming them. The best cinematography is the result of trusting your instincts while prepping.