When we’re on the hunt for the ultimate camera setup, the unsung hero often turns out to be the humble cheese plate.

It’s the Swiss Army knife of camera rigging, versatile enough to mount just about anything.

We’ve scoured the market to bring you the best camera rigging cheese plates that’ll make your shooting experience smoother than ever.

Whether you’re a budding filmmaker or a seasoned pro, these plates are the secret ingredient to a top-notch rig.

Best Camera Rigging Cheese Plates

Let’s take a look at some of the top camera rigging cheese plates for filmmakers.

1. Smallrig Multi-purpose Cheese Plate

When it comes to camera rigging, durability and flexibility are critical.

The SmallRig Multi-Purpose Cheese Plate offers both, making it an ideal addition to any filmmaker’s toolkit.

Its solid, sturdy build withstands the rigorous demands of on-location shooting.

The numerous 1/4”-20 and 3/8”-16 threaded holes ensure compatibility with a wide array of camera accessories.

We’ve found the plate’s universal mounting points to be especially handy.

They allow for quick adjustments and attachment of crossbars, handles, or even external monitors when needed.

This versatility streamlines the setup process and gets us shooting faster.

  • Robust aluminum construction – ensures long-term reliability,
  • Slim profile – maintains the portability of our setup.

The adapting potential of this plate can’t be overstated. Mounting a follow focus system or a field recorder becomes effortless with this plate in our arsenal.

It’s a multipurpose tool that serves various rigging needs without adding bulk to our gear. Equipping our camera with the SmallRig plate has been a game-changer.

The ease of accessory integration it facilitates can expand the creative possibilities of any shoot.


Plus, with industry-standard dimensions, this cheese plate fits seamlessly into existing rigs, which is a relief for those of us who’ve invested heavily in camera support systems.

Using the SmallRig Multi-Purpose Cheese Plate not only improves our rig’s functionality but also amps up our productivity on set.

It’s a must-have for anyone serious about their craft. The convenience it provides has truly impressed us, and it’s clear why this cheese plate is a top choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike..

SmallRig Cheese Plate Multi-Purpose Mounting Plate 1092
  • ▶ Multiple Threaded Holes: A multi-purpose mounting plate with plenty of 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 holes
  • ▶ Work with 15mm Railblock: SmallRig cheese plate 1092 works with our 15mm-railblock-3, which...
  • ▶ Precision Machining: Mounting plate 1092 is precision-machined from a single piece of aluminum,...
  • ▶ Multiple DIY Ways: SmallRig camera cheese plate 1092 allows to mount articulating arms, rods,...
  • ▶ Package Includes: 1 x Mounting Plate

2. CAMVATE Universal Camera Cheese Plate

Transitioning to the CAMVATE Universal Camera Cheese Plate, we find that this model stands out due to its adaptive design and comprehensive mounting options.

It ensures that users have a broad spectrum of configurations at their disposal.

The plate exhibits an impressive array of 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 threaded holes, suitable for a myriad of accessories.

We appreciate the precision with which these holes are spaced, which is crucial for the addition of components such as tripods, magic arms, and battery mounts.

We’ve recognized that CAMVATE’s commitment to compatibility extends to providing:

  • Various mounting points for different accessories,
  • Slots for V-Lock mounting,
  • Holes for anti-rotation pins to prevent gear slippage.

This cheese plate’s sturdy aluminum alloy construction reassures us of its durability in rigorous shooting environments.

Its robustness does not compromise the rig’s overall weight, maintaining the ease of mobility that’s critical on set.


One of the CAMVATE cheese plate’s notable features is its built-in rod clamp.

This addition allows for seamless integration with 15mm rail systems, expanding its utility for complex camera setups.

We’ve observed that the CAMVATE plate’s versatility doesn’t end with just cameras and rigs.

It’s equally adept at supporting lights, monitors, and microphones, sustaining a multifaceted function that’s indispensable in modern cinematography.

Deploying the CAMVATE cheese plate simplifies the puzzle of rigging.

We find it transforms potential hours of frustration into a smooth, efficient workflow that bolsters our creative output.

CAMVATE Universal Top Cheese Plate for Camera Monitor Cage Rig - 2061
  • Universally applicable for on-camera monitor cage
  • Eight 1/4"-20 thread holes available for accessories
  • Two unthreaded mounting holes spacing 18mm
  • Comes with a 1/4"-20 thumbscrew for monitor
  • Material: anodized aluminum alloy

3. Wooden Camera Unified Cheese Plate

When rigging a camera for a professional shoot, having an ultra-flexible platform is essential.

The Wooden Camera Unified Cheese Plate stands out with its multipurpose design and ease of use.

This accessory epitomizes adaptability, equally at home on a tripod as it is in a handheld setup.

It’s the foundation upon which you can confidently build your customized rig.

Built from durable materials, this cheese plate promises longevity in even the most demanding of environments.

The numerous mounting options available allow us to easily add accessories in virtually any configuration we need.

The holes and slots are standardized, ensuring compatibility with a wide array of gear and allowing quick swaps between components.

Some features of the Wooden Camera Unified Cheese Plate that deserve highlighting are –

  • Multiple 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 threaded holes,
  • ARRI accessory mount compatibility,
  • 15mm rod pass-throughs.

These features ensure that whatever our rigging requirements might be, this cheese plate has us covered.


The ARRI accessory mount compatibility allows for secure attachment of high-end equipment.

Integrated rod pass-throughs mean we can enhance our setup without clustering the plate.

Our investment in the Wooden Camera Unified Cheese Plate is a step towards streamlining our filmmaking process.

It supports an extensive array of camera accessories, from monitors and recorders to power solutions and more.

Every rigging challenge is met with a solid and dependable solution, thanks to the comprehensiveness of this plate.

Undoubtedly, the Wooden Camera Unified Cheese Plate is a premium choice for professionals seeking precision and reliability.

Its utilitarian design helps transform camera setups into efficient and adaptable tools for any visual storytelling task.

Wooden Camera Full Accessory Plate System, Cheese and Hook and Loop Plates for Camera Rig Customization
  • Universally Compatible: Engineered for use with any camera cage system and more

4. Zacuto Cheese Plate For Cine Lock

Zacuto offers an exceptional solution with their Cheese Plate for Cine Lock.

Perfect for filmmakers, this plate provides a robust platform for attaching and quick-releasing accessories from your camera rig.

Crafted with precision, the plate boasts an array of 1/4″ 20 and 3/8″ 16 holes.

These threaded holes are strategically placed to maximize compatibility and customization options.

Durability is not a concern – the plate is constructed from high-grade aluminum.

It offers a balance between strength and lightweight design, ensuring that it won’t add unnecessary heft to your setup.

The standout feature of the Zacuto Cheese Plate is its compatibility with the Cine Lock quick release system.

This system allows for fast and secure connections:

  • Attach monitors,
  • Secure external recorders,
  • Mount wireless transmission systems.

In terms of versatility, the cheese plate can be mounted on rails or directly to the camera.

Its design complements a wide range of rigs and setups, from studio cameras to more guerrilla-style handheld rigs.

Accessibility and ease of use are at the heart of the Zacuto design ethos.

The cheese plate’s intuitive layout means you can switch out components on the fly, adapting quickly to the dynamic environments found on set.

For those who prioritize speed in their workflow, the Zacuto Cheese Plate for Cine Lock is a natural choice.

It excels at providing quick transitions without compromising the stability of your camera rig.

5. Proaim Universal Cheese Plate With V-mount Battery Clamp

The Proaim Universal Cheese Plate offers an innovative solution for managing power on set.

Coupled with a V-Mount Battery Clamp, it provides a seamless power experience for filmmakers on the move.

This cheese plate stands out for its dedicated space to secure a V-mount battery.

The integration allows for not only powering the camera but also essential accessories in a compact setup.

Durability is a key aspect of the Proaim model.

It’s crafted from high-grade materials to withstand the rigors of continuous field use.

We’re impressed by its universal design – it’s made to fit a wide array of cameras and rigs.

This versatility makes it a go-to option for camera operators with diverse equipment needs.

Here are a few standout features of the Proaim Cheese Plate:

  • Precision-engineered holes for versatile mounting options – Robust construction materials ensure longevity.

The V-Mount Battery Clamp is a standout feature, tightly securing batteries to reduce the risk of disconnections during critical shots.

Its ease of access ensures that battery swaps are quick and don’t interrupt the flow of production.

By leveraging the Proaim Universal Cheese Plate with V-Mount Battery Clamp, we can streamline our power management on set.

This not only simplifies our workflow but also enhances our ability to remain agile during shoots.

6. Tilta Universal Cheese Plate

When talking about top-notch camera rigging solutions, we can’t overlook the Tilta Universal Cheese Plate.

It stands out for its robust build and exceptional versatility, key for filmmakers who demand reliability and flexibility from their equipment.

We’ve found that this plate is highly adaptable to various camera systems, which makes it indispensable on set.

Its multiple threaded holes and industry-standard spacing mean it can accommodate a wide range of accessory attachments.

The plate also features an integrated design that allows for quick and easy mounting onto shoulder rigs, tripods, and gimbals.

We appreciate its sleek, yet functional design – no frills, just pure efficiency.

One aspect that really makes the Tilta plate a go-to choice is its lightweight yet durable aluminum construction.

This ensures it can withstand the rigors of any shooting environment without adding unnecessary bulk to our setup.

For those needing to stay organized, it offers:

  • Cable clamps to prevent accidental disconnects,
  • A variety of mounting options for securing external recorders or monitors.

Operating with a clear focus on the needs of filmmakers, we value how the Tilta Universal Cheese Plate enhances our ability to stay dynamic during shoots.

Its thoughtful engineering promotes unobstructed access to all camera ports and buttons.

With this plate in our arsenal, power routing becomes a breeze, enabling us to keep our camera systems powered throughout long shooting days.

It’s especially handy when we need to shift quickly between handheld and tripod-based shooting, maintaining continuity and efficiency.

By integrating seamlessly with the Proaim Universal Cheese Plate with V-Mount Battery Clamp, our setups become more proficient.

This synergy allows for a consolidated power and rigging solution that we find incredibly useful in high-pressure shooting scenarios.

7. Lanparte VBP-01 V-mount Battery Cheese Plate

Diving deeper into our exploration of the best camera rigging cheese plates, we encounter the Lanparte VBP-01.


Designed to meet the rigorous demands of professional cinematography, the Lanparte VBP-01 is a staple in our rigging kit.

The VBP-01’s standout feature is its integration of a V-mount battery plate.

This not only powers the camera but also allows for the addition of multiple accessories without overcrowding the rig.

Constructed with precision from high-grade aluminum, this cheese plate offers superb durability without excessive weight.

It ensures our setup remains agile, an essential quality when on the move.

Accessibility is a key concern and the Lanparte VBP-01 does not disappoint.

The plate includes:

  • Multiple mounting points for versatility,
  • An array of 1/4″ and 3/8″ threaded holes for accessory attachment.

The ease of rigging and de-rigging with the VBP-01 is unparalleled due to its user-friendly design.

It saves us invaluable time, which is often at a premium on set.

With the VBP-01, the power distribution challenges commonly faced in the field are addressed head-on.

It features D-Tap ports that ensure our devices stay charged without the mess of unruly cables.

Elevating rig setups to new heights, Lanparte’s VBP-01 V-Mount Battery Cheese Plate seamlessly bridges the gap between energy management and convenience.

It’s an investment that pays dividends in streamlined operations and optimized efficiency.

Tailored to the needs of both seasoned professionals and ambitious newcomers, the Lanparte VBP-01 epitomizes the blend of functionality and sleek design.

Our gear remains organized and ready for action, regardless of the shooting environment.

8. Shape Cheese Plate With Anton Bauer Mount

When we’re looking to enhance our camera rig, the Shape Cheese Plate with Anton Bauer Mount stands out as a versatile tool.

It’s designed to be the backbone of a camera setup, providing a durable platform for mounting a broad array of equipment.

The versatility of the Shape cheese plate is evident through its multiple threaded holes.

These are an ideal anchor for accessories, allowing us to customize rigs according to the demands of each shoot.

One of the key features of this cheese plate is its integration with the Anton Bauer battery mount.

This ensures a steady and reliable power source – a crucial aspect we can’t overlook when filming on location.

Here are the benefits of using the Shape cheese plate:

  • It offers a stable base for mounting cameras and accessories,
  • The plate enables efficient power management,
  • Robust construction ensures longevity and reliability.

With this setup, we’re able to maintain a sleek and uncluttered camera rig.

This not only improves its appearance but also its functionality, making it easier to maneuver and handle.

The construction quality of the Shape cheese plate is nothing short of professional.

High-grade materials ensure that it withstands the rigors of frequent use without succumbing to wear and tear.

As we continue to explore different cheese plates, it’s clear that the Shape model with an Anton Bauer mount is a top contender for pros and enthusiasts alike.

Its thoughtful design and compatibility make it an excellent addition to any camera rig looking to achieve both flexibility and power efficiency.

9. Kessler Universal Cheese Plate

When it comes to building a customizable camera rig, the versatility of the Kessler Universal Cheese Plate is hard to match.

It features numerous threaded holes and slots, which make it adaptable for various camera attachments and setups.

Constructed from durable materials, the plate is designed to withstand the rigors of both studio and field use.

We’ve found that its robust build quality does not add significant weight to the rig, maintaining ease of handling.

One of the key advantages is its compatibility with a wide range of camera models and brands.

This cross-compatibility means that it can be a one-size-fits-all solution for many different camera setups.

Our experience has shown that the Kessler plate streamlines the rigging process –

  • Quick and easy attachment of accessories,
  • Simplified camera mounting with its multi-hole design.

This cheese plate also acts as a central point for power distribution, making cable management a breeze.

Organized cabling not only looks professional but also reduces the chance of accidental disconnections during crucial moments.

The precision of the Kessler Universal Cheese Plate allows for the intricate placement of every piece of gear.

As a result, we can customize our camera rigs down to the finest detail.

With the integration of the Kessler plate into our rigging setups, we ensure that every accessory serves its purpose without interference.

It eventually enhances our ability to shoot high-quality footage without the limitations of poorly placed or unsecured gear.

10. RED Digital Cinema DSMC2 Cheese Plate

RED Digital Cinema is synonymous with high-end filmmaking equipment, and their DSMC2 Cheese Plate is no exception.

Built specifically for the RED DSMC2 camera body, it seamlessly integrates with its form factor and functionality.

This plate isn’t just a piece of metal; it’s a portal to enhanced configurability.

It houses multiple mounting options both in 1/4″ and 3/8″ sizes, facilitating a multipurpose rigging experience.

The DSMC2 Cheese Plate is particularly known for its:

  • Robust anodized aluminum construction,
  • Array of industry-standard mounting threads.

We’ve taken the liberty to meticulously observe how securely it locks into place, ensuring a stable platform for any shoot.

The optimized design of the plate allows for unhindered access to the camera’s ports and controls.

Integration with a myriad of accessories is straightforward with the DSMC2 Cheese Plate.

This enhances the camera’s utility on gimbal setups, drone mounts, or handheld stabilizers.

It’s a testament to RED’s attention to detail and commitment to the filmmaker’s craft.

Fitting the cheese plate onto the camera body is a breeze.

The design aligns perfectly with the DSMC2’s distinctive shapes, ensuring a snug and secure connection without any wobble.

Our experience with the DSMC2 Cheese Plate confirms its worth as a keystone component in a cinematographer’s rig.

Any professional seeking to maximize their RED setup would admire the ease of customization and flexibility it offers.

Adding Versatility To Camera Rigs With Multipurpose Cheese Plates

Multipurpose cheese plates are a must-have for filmmakers and content creators.

These plates serve as the foundation of an adaptable camera rig, offering countless possibilities for mounting and rig configuration.

Our rig’s flexibility can be significantly enhanced by a well-designed cheese plate.

It allows us to attach accessories where we need them, resulting in an efficient and personalized setup.

The best cheese plates feature a variety of thread sizes and patterns – here’s what to look for:

  • 3/8”-16 and 1/4″-20 holes for universal compatibility,
  • Counter-sunk holes to avoid any obstructions – Multiple slots for sliding elements.

In terms of materials, aluminum is the top choice for its strength-to-weight ratio.

It ensures that our rigs are both durable and lightweight, critical for run-and-gun shooting scenarios.

Compatibility across camera models and brands is another cornerstone of an excellent cheese plate.

This trait maximizes the plate’s usefulness, making it a long-term investment for our evolving gear.

Investing in a versatile cheese plate benefits us in various shooting conditions.

Whether it’s a studio setup or a mobile documentary shoot, the right cheese plate keeps our camera and accessories secure and accessible.

By choosing a cheese plate with a thoughtful design and robust construction, we optimize our workflow on set.

We adapt quickly, attach necessary gear without hassle, and keep our focus on the shot rather than the rigging.

With these multipurpose cheese plates as part of our gear, we’re equipped to face the diverse challenges of modern cinematography.

They ensure our setups are prepared for any demand, any shoot, anywhere.

Top Camera Rigging Cheese Plates For Filmmakers – Wrap Up

We’ve explored the game-changing versatility that the right cheese plate brings to our camera rig setups.

With the perfect blend of durability and adaptability, these essential tools empower us to tackle any filming scenario with confidence.

It’s clear that investing in a high-quality cheese plate is not just about adding another piece of equipment—it’s about unlocking the full potential of our creative vision.

So let’s make sure our gear is up to the task and ready to capture those impeccable shots that leave a lasting impression.