Revenge movies have always been a popular genre in the world of cinema.

These movies usually feature a protagonist seeking retribution against those who have wronged them or their loved ones. Revenge movies often have elements of violence, action, and suspense, as well as an underlying theme of justice and morality.

The best revenge movies are the ones that keep the audience on the edge of their seats, rooting for the hero to succeed in their quest for vengeance. They often feature complex characters who struggle with their desire for revenge and the consequences of their actions.

Some of the most iconic revenge movies of all time include classics like “The Godfather,” “Kill Bill,” and “Oldboy,” as well as more recent entries like “John Wick” and “Taken.”

Best Revenge Movies

Whether you’re a fan of action-packed thrillers or more character-driven dramas, there’s sure to be a revenge movie out there that will satisfy your appetite for justice.

1. The Count of Monte Cristo (2002)

“The Count of Monte Cristo” is a 2002 adventure drama film directed by Kevin Reynolds and starring Jim Caviezel, Guy Pearce, and Richard Harris. The film is based on the classic novel of the same name by Alexandre Dumas.

The story follows Edmond Dantès, a young man who is falsely accused and imprisoned for treason on the day of his engagement.

After spending years in prison, Dantès escapes with the help of a fellow inmate and finds a treasure on the island of Monte Cristo.

He then assumes a new identity as the wealthy and mysterious Count of Monte Cristo, seeking revenge on those who wronged him and reclaiming his lost love.

The film received mixed reviews from critics but was a box office success, grossing over $75 million worldwide. It is known for its impressive cast and elaborate set pieces, as well as its faithfulness to the source material.

Alexandre Dumas' The Count of Monte Cristo
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  • Jim Caviezel, Guy Pearce, Richard Harris (Actors)
  • Kevin Reynolds (Director) - Jay Wolpert (Writer) - Roger Birnbaum (Producer)
  • Dutch, English, Italian, French, Spanish (Playback Languages)
  • Dutch, English, Italian, French, Spanish (Subtitles)

2. Gladiator (2000)

Gladiator is a 2000 epic historical drama film directed by Ridley Scott, starring Russell Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix, Connie Nielsen, Oliver Reed, Djimon Hounsou, and Richard Harris.

The film tells the story of Maximus Decimus Meridius (Russell Crowe), a Roman general who is betrayed by the corrupt and power-hungry Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix), the son of Emperor Marcus Aurelius (Richard Harris).

Maximus is forced to become a gladiator and fights for his life in the brutal Roman arenas while seeking revenge against Commodus.

The film received critical acclaim and was a box office success, earning over $460 million worldwide. It won five Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Actor for Russell Crowe.

The film’s iconic soundtrack, composed by Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard, also received critical acclaim and has become one of the most recognizable and beloved film scores of all time.

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3. I Saw the Devil (2010)

“I Saw the Devil” is a South Korean psychological thriller directed by Kim Jee-woon and released in 2010. The film tells the story of a secret agent named Soo-hyun (played by Lee Byung-hun), who seeks revenge on a serial killer (played by Choi Min-sik) who brutally murdered his fiancée.

Soo-hyun embarks on a dangerous and violent mission to track down and punish the killer, but as the two men engage in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse, they become increasingly entangled in a web of violence, obsession, and madness.

The film was critically acclaimed for its intense and brutal depiction of violence, as well as its exploration of themes such as revenge, justice, and morality.

However, it also received some criticism for its graphic and disturbing content, and some viewers may find it difficult to watch due to its intense and visceral nature.

Overall, “I Saw the Devil” is a dark and challenging film that offers a disturbing look at the human psyche and the destructive power of vengeance.

I Saw the Devil(English Subtitled)
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  • Lee Byung-hun, Choi Min-sik, Kim In-seo (Actors)
  • Kim Jee Woon (Director) - Hoon-jung Park (Writer) - Hyun-woo Kim (Producer)
  • English (Playback Language)
  • English (Subtitle)

4. Man on Fire (2004)

“Man on Fire” is a 2004 action thriller film directed by Tony Scott and starring Denzel Washington as John Creasy, a former CIA operative who becomes a bodyguard for a young girl named Pita (Dakota Fanning) in Mexico City.

When Pita is kidnapped, Creasy goes on a rampage to find her and bring her captors to justice.

The film is based on the 1980 novel of the same name by A. J. Quinnell and was remade from the 1987 film adaptation starring Scott Glenn.

The movie features a strong cast, including Christopher Walken, Radha Mitchell, and Giancarlo Giannini. The movie was a commercial success and received generally positive reviews for its action sequences, performances, and emotional impact.

5. Oldboy (2003)

Oldboy is a South Korean psychological thriller film directed by Park Chan-wook, released in 2003. The movie follows Oh Dae-su, a man who is kidnapped and held captive for 15 years in a small prison cell without knowing the reason behind his imprisonment.

Upon his sudden release, he embarks on a journey to uncover the truth behind his confinement and seeks revenge against those who wronged him.

The movie received critical acclaim for its intricate plot, intense performances, and distinctive style. It won the Grand Prix at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival and has been regarded as one of the best South Korean movies ever made.

Oldboy features an iconic one-take fight scene that lasts for almost four minutes, which has become a notable feature of the movie. It has since been remade in Hollywood in 2013 with a different cast and director.

Oldboy (Two-Disc Special Edition) [DVD] [2003]
  • English (Subtitle)
  • Audience Rating: R (Restricted)

6. V for Vendetta (2005)

“V for Vendetta” is a 2005 dystopian political thriller film directed by James McTeigue and written by the Wachowskis. The film is based on the 1980s graphic novel of the same name by Alan Moore and David Lloyd.

The story is set in a totalitarian future Britain, where a masked revolutionary named “V” (played by Hugo Weaving) seeks to overthrow the oppressive government and inspire the people to rise up against their oppressors.

The film explores themes of fascism, anarchism, totalitarianism, freedom, and individualism. It has been praised for its powerful performances, stunning visuals, and thought-provoking ideas.

The film’s most iconic scene features V wearing a Guy Fawkes mask and delivering a speech in front of the Houses of Parliament, where he declares his intention to bring down the government and restore freedom to the people.

“V for Vendetta” has become a cult classic and has influenced popular culture, particularly in political and social activism. The Guy Fawkes mask has become a symbol of protest against oppressive governments and institutions, and the film’s themes continue to resonate with audiences today.

V for Vendetta
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  • Natalie Portman, Hugo Weaving, Stephen Rea (Actors)
  • James McTeigue (Director) - Lilly Wachowski (Writer) - Joel Silver (Producer)
  • English (Playback Language)
  • English (Subtitle)

7. Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003)

“Kill Bill: Vol. 1” is a 2003 revenge movie directed by Quentin Tarantino, and starring Uma Thurman, Lucy Liu, and Vivica A. Fox.

The film follows the story of “The Bride,” a former assassin who wakes up from a four-year coma to seek revenge against her former boss and lover, Bill, and the team of assassins who betrayed her and left her for dead.

The movie is known for its stylized violence and homage to classic martial arts films. It features iconic scenes such as The Bride’s battle against the Crazy 88 and her showdown with O-Ren Ishii, the leader of the Tokyo Yakuza.

The film’s soundtrack, which includes songs from artists like Nancy Sinatra and RZA, also received critical acclaim.

Overall, “Kill Bill: Vol. 1” is a thrilling and visually stunning revenge movie that has become a cult classic among fans of the genre. It sets the stage for the second volume, which continues The Bride’s quest for vengeance against Bill and his allies.

Kill Bill, Vol. 1
  • Uma Thurman, David Carradine, Daryl Hannah (Actors)
  • Quentin Tarantino (Director) - Quentin Tarantino (Writer)
  • Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean (Subtitles)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • Audience Rating: R (Restricted)

8. Payback (I) (1999)

“Payback” is a 1999 neo-noir crime thriller film directed by Brian Helgeland and starring Mel Gibson, Gregg Henry, and Maria Bello. The film is based on the novel “The Hunter” by Richard Stark.

The story follows Porter (Mel Gibson), a professional criminal who is double-crossed by his partner and wife, who shoot him and leave him for dead. However, Porter survives and sets out on a mission to get revenge on those who betrayed him and retrieve his share of the stolen money.

Along the way, he faces numerous obstacles and dangerous characters, including corrupt cops and members of the criminal underworld.

“Payback” was a box office success, grossing over $160 million worldwide, and was praised for its stylish direction, sharp writing, and strong performances, particularly by Gibson. It has since become a cult classic in the neo-noir genre.

A director’s cut of the film, which features a different ending and several additional scenes, was released in 2006.

  • Mel Gibson, Gregg Henry, Maria Bello (Actors)
  • Brian Helgeland (Director) - Brian Helgeland (Writer)
  • English (Subtitle)
  • Audience Rating: R (Restricted)

9. Hard Candy (2005)

Hard Candy is a 2005 psychological thriller directed by David Slade and starring Ellen Page and Patrick Wilson.

The film follows a 14-year-old girl named Hayley (Ellen Page) who meets a 32-year-old man named Jeff (Patrick Wilson) in an online chat room. They agree to meet in person and Hayley goes to Jeff’s house, where she accuses him of being a pedophile and begins to torture him.

The film received critical acclaim for its strong performances and provocative subject matter. Ellen Page’s performance as Hayley was particularly praised, as was the film’s tension-filled plot and thought-provoking exploration of issues such as sexual abuse and revenge.

However, the film’s graphic violence and disturbing themes also generated controversy and divided audiences.

Despite its divisive reception, Hard Candy has become a cult classic and is considered a notable entry in the thriller genre. It also helped launch Ellen Page’s career and established her as a rising talent in Hollywood.

Hard Candy
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  • Patrick Wilson, Ellen Page, Sandra Oh (Actors)
  • David Slade (Director)
  • English, Spanish (Subtitles)
  • English (Publication Language)

10. I Spit on Your Grave (1978)

“I Spit on Your Grave” is a controversial horror film directed by Meir Zarchi and released in 1978. The film tells the story of Jennifer Hills (played by Camille Keaton), a young writer who rents a cabin in the woods to work on her novel.

However, she is brutally raped and left for dead by a group of local men who live nearby. After recovering from her injuries, Jennifer seeks revenge on her attackers, systematically hunting them down and killing them one by one.

The film was highly controversial upon its release due to its graphic depiction of sexual violence and its portrayal of revenge.

Some critics and viewers have accused the film of glorifying violence against women and promoting vigilantism, while others have praised it for its feminist message and its unflinching portrayal of the horrors of sexual assault.

“I Spit on Your Grave” has since become a cult classic and has spawned several sequels and remakes. However, it remains a highly controversial and polarizing film, and is not recommended for all audiences due to its graphic content.

3 Characteristics of Revenge Movies

Revenge movies typically share some common characteristics, including:

Betrayal or injustice: A revenge movie usually centers around an act of betrayal, injustice, or violence that has been committed against the protagonist, motivating them to seek revenge.

Vigilante justice: Revenge movies often involve the protagonist taking matters into their own hands, seeking justice through vigilante means rather than relying on the legal system.

Violent and intense action: Revenge movies often feature graphic violence and intense action sequences, as the protagonist seeks to exact revenge on their enemies.

These scenes can be cathartic for the audience, providing a sense of satisfaction as the protagonist gets revenge for the wrongs committed against them.

3 Reasons To Watch Revenge Movies

Catharsis: One reason to watch revenge movies is the catharsis it can provide. Revenge movies often depict the protagonist overcoming adversity and fighting back against those who have wronged them.

This can be satisfying for viewers who may have experienced similar injustices in their own lives. Watching the protagonist take revenge can provide a sense of emotional release and allow viewers to vicariously experience justice being served.

Escapism: Revenge movies can also provide a form of escapism for viewers. These movies often feature high-stakes action and intense suspense, allowing viewers to temporarily forget about their own problems and immerse themselves in the story.

Revenge movies can transport viewers to a different world, filled with danger, excitement, and thrills.

Exploration of complex themes: Revenge movies can also explore complex themes such as morality, justice, and the consequences of actions.

These movies can raise questions about the nature of revenge, the impact it has on individuals and society, and whether it is a justifiable response to wrongdoing.

By watching these movies, viewers can engage in deeper reflections on these themes and gain a better understanding of their own beliefs and values.

Best Revenge Movies – Wrap Up

Revenge movies have been a popular genre for decades, featuring characters who seek retribution for past wrongs, often through violent means. While the theme of revenge can be controversial, these films have captivated audiences with their thrilling action, intense drama, and exploration of morality and justice.

Some of the best revenge movies of all time include classics like “The Godfather” (1972), “Oldboy” (2003), and “Kill Bill: Vol. 2” (2004). Other notable entries in the genre include “Memento” (2000), “Blue Ruin” (2013), and “John Wick” (2014).

Many revenge films also explore deeper themes beyond just vengeance, such as redemption, forgiveness, and the consequences of violence. These films can be thought-provoking and emotionally resonant, even as they deliver thrilling action and satisfying payoffs.

Ultimately, the best revenge movies are those that engage audiences on multiple levels, whether through compelling characters, intricate plots, or stunning action sequences.

They leave a lasting impact on viewers, challenging them to consider the complex issues at the heart of the human desire for retribution.