Horror movies can be a lot of fun to watch, but what about the ones that are underrated?

Horror movies are usually associated with scream-worthy jump scares, but there are so many more types of horror films that deserve recognition.

In this article, we’ll be going over some of my favorite overlooked horror films, and why they’re worth checking out.

There are some hidden gems that might surprise you! Here are five underrated horror movies that will send shivers down your spine, but not make you too sad or angry when they’re over.

Best Underrated Horror Movies

Let’s start off with one you’ve probably heard of before!

The Invitation (2015)

The Invitation is a 2015 horror film directed by Karyn Kusama. The story follows Will and his wife, Kira, who are offered an all-expense-paid trip to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary on the condition that they attend a dinner party with some friends of her boss.

The night before the event, strange things start happening to them both as they prepare for their big day.

Their home is invaded and vandalized but no one sees anything.

Kira starts experiencing severe nosebleeds at work even in the middle of conversations, and Will has disturbing hallucinations about people trying to kill him after he leaves work early because he’s feeling sick.

They don’t know what it means until they sit down at the table for dinner…

Invitation, The [Blu-Ray/DVD]
  • Logan Marshall-Green, Michiel Huisman, Emayatzy Corinealdi (Actors)
  • Karyn Kusama (Director)

Session 9 (2001)

Session 9 is a 2001 horror film about a man named Peter who must compete in an escape room game against seven other people.

The game is hosted by the sinister Mr. Scratch, and if he doesn’t solve all of the puzzles within one hour, his wife will die.

In Session 9, we learn about the dangers of addiction and how it can affect a person. We also learn that every addict has their own story.

The main theme in Session 9 is the idea that after you die, there’s nothing. It explores this concept by following an individual who wakes up from a car accident and has no memory of his prior life.

He must find clues as he tries to piece together his identity- which leads him on a journey back through his old memories.

Session 9 [Blu-ray]
  • David Caruso, Josh Lucas, Peter Mullan (Actors)
  • Brad Anderson (Director)
  • Audience Rating: R (Restricted)

Saint Maud (2019)

Saint Maud (2019) is a suspenseful thriller that tells the story of an American woman who travels to France in search of her missing sister.

The film blends influences from neo-noir and horror films into this compelling and thrilling mystery.

It Follows a pious nurse who becomes dangerously obsessed with saving the soul of her dying patient.

Follows a pious nurse who becomes dangerously obsessed with saving the soul of her dying patient.

Saint Maud [Blu-ray]
  • Morfydd Clark, Jennifer Ehle, Lily Frazer (Actors)
  • Rose Glass (Director) - Oliver Kassman (Producer)
  • Spanish (Subtitle)
  • Audience Rating: R (Restricted)

The Blackcoat’s Daughter (2015)

The Blackcoat’s Daughter is a 2015 horror film with elements of a psychological thriller.

The movie was filmed in various locations in Quebec, Canada, and stars Emma Roberts as Kat, Kiernan Shipka as Rosemary, Lucy Boynton as Joan, and James Remar as Father Brotherhood.

In the opening scene of the film, 15-year-old Katie (Roberts) wakes up from a car accident to find herself trapped inside an unfamiliar building.

She explores her surroundings until she finds 12-year-old Rosemary (Shipka).

They soon realize that they are being held captive by Father Brotherton (Remar).

The plot is split into three timelines. The first two, “Rose” and “Joan”, intercut between each other throughout the bulk of the film, before a third timeline, “Kat”, is introduced and comprises the film’s climax.

Based on this summary alone, one might think this film sounds like your typical horror movie where people get killed left and right by some unseen force lurking around every corner.

The Blackcoat's Daughter
  • Emma Roberts, Kiernan Shipka, Lucy Boynton (Actors)
  • Osgood Perkins (Director)
  • English (Subtitle)
  • Audience Rating: R (Restricted)



What Are Horror Movies?

Horror movies are often a genre of film that is not taken seriously.

It is seen as the lowest form of entertainment, but it has been steadily growing in popularity for decades.

Horror films have become so popular because they offer an escape from reality through fantasy and suspenseful story lines.



The Faculty (2018)

The Faculty is a 2018 American supernatural horror film directed by Robert Rodriguez.

The story follows a group of high school teachers who must fight for their lives after being attacked by some sort of unknown entity in the school.

It’s not your typical slasher film!

There is an unexpected twist at the end; ere are plenty of jump scares that will have you on the edge of your seat!

The plot centers around the staff and students of fictional Covington College, who soon find themselves hunted by an unknown killer.

The Staff and Students of Covington College are being hunted down my an unknown killer…who will survive?

Speaking of slashers, here’s our video guide to slasher films:

The Wailing (2016)

The Wailing is a 2016 South Korean supernatural horror film that tells the story of a village under siege from unknown forces.

It’s an intense and disturbing watch, but one worth making it through to see what unfolds!


The movie has been praised by critics for its originality and unflinching look at tragedy in rural Korea.

The film opens with a small boy wandering into his mother’s room.

She wakes up and they hug each other tightly before she falls back asleep.

We then learn that there has been recently several missing people in their town; all of them children or young women who are apparently being kidnapped or killed.

The movie follows a policeman who investigates the mysterious death of a young girl, which may have been caused by a demon.

Though many people in his town are being killed at random, the cop must unravel the mystery to find out if this is just one big coincidence or if there’s something else going on behind it all.

This ominous thriller will keep you guessing until the very end!

The Wailing is a 2016 Korean horror film that follows a police officer who investigates mysterious murders in the forest of Jirisan.

The movie was directed by Na Hong-jin, and stars Kwak Do-won, Jung Yu-mi and Chun Woo-hee.

The Wailing [DVD]
  • Polish Release, cover may contain Polish text/markings. The disk has English subtitles.
  • English (Subtitle)

Ganja & Hess (1973)

In 1973, the director of “The Exorcist” and his wife made a film called Ganja & Hess about an anthropologist who is killed by a voodoo priestess.

The film never saw distribution because it was pulled from theaters after men in black suits raided the New York City screening.

The film follows the exploits of anthropologist Dr. Hess Green (Jones), who becomes a vampire after his intelligent but unstable assistant (Gunn) stabs him with an ancient cursed dagger.

Green falls in love with his assistant’s widow, Ganja (Clark), who learns Green’s dark secret.

Ganja & Hess: Kino Classics Remastered Edition [Blu-ray]
  • Factory sealed DVD
  • Duane Jones, Marlene Clark, Bill Gunn (Actors)
  • Bill Gunn (Director)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • Audience Rating: R (Restricted)

Ju-on: The Grudge (2004)

“Ju-on: The Grudge” is a Japanese horror film that was released in 2004.

It has been remade into an American version and followed up with two sequels, “Ju-on: The Grudge 2” (2006) and “The Grudge 3” (2009).

The films were directed by Takashi Shimizu and each film follows different characters who experience encounters with this spirit after she seeks out those responsible for her death.

She then kills them one by one to get revenge on those she blames for her untimely demise in various violent ways that include stabbing through the eye.

There are also several video games based on the series.

Fans of this genre will find it to be one of the scariest films ever made, but if you’re not sure about horror movies or want to watch it with friends for laughs, then don’t bother watching it alone at night.

Tourist Trap (1979)

If you’re looking for a dark, suspenseful ride into your deepest fears and worst nightmares, then look no further than Tourist Trap.

Directed by David Schmoeller in 1979, this movie is about an antique shop owner who gets kidnapped and tortured by some of his customers.

This film is one of the most intense horror movies I’ve ever seen.

It is a 1979 American slasher film it’s a classic horror movie tells the story of four teenagers who go to an abandoned amusement park for fun, but are soon murdered one-by-one by a mysterious figure in a clown mask.

The film was followed by two sequels – Tourist Trap II and Tourist Trap III: Spring Break Massacre.

Tourist Trap [Blu-ray]
  • Restored and remastered especially for Blu-ray disc format
  • High-definition widescreen presentation
  • 5.1 Surround Sound audio mix
  • Brand new audio commentary by Tourist Trap director David Schmoeller
  • Full Moon Features trailers including the original Tourist Trap theatrical trailer

Afflicted (2013)

The film, Afflicted (2013) tells the story of two men who contract a mysterious and rare illness that starts with extreme itchiness.

The two friends travel to six different countries in search of answers about their affliction. Along the way, they are faced with various cultural reactions to their condition as well as skepticism from medical professionals around the world.

As they continue on their journey, more symptoms arise including depression and an overwhelming fear of food which leads to one of them nearly dying due to starvation.

Despite being told by doctors that it is impossible for this disease to exist because there has never been any mention or cases documented before, both men manage to find some form of relief through the process of self-discovery.

Afflicted [Blu-ray]
  • Factory sealed DVD
  • Clif Prowse, Derek Lee, Jason Lee (Actors)
  • Derek Lee (Director) - Chris Ferguson (Producer)
  • English, Spanish (Subtitles)
  • English (Publication Language)

Train To Busan (2016)

Train To Busan is a South Korean zombie horror film and it was released in 2016. It stars Gong Yoo, Jung Yu-mi, Eui-sung Kim, as well as Ma Dong-seok.

The movie follows the story of man who tries to save his daughter from a virus that has been spreading across Asia and turn people into zombies.

The movie is about a zombie outbreak that takes place in South Korea and follows the story of Seok-woo, his daughter Soo-ahn, and other passengers as they try to make it from Seoul to Busan during the outbreak.

Train To Busan has been praised by critics for its suspenseful storytelling without relying heavily on jump scares or gore.

It also has an impressive 98% rating on Rotten Tomatoes with only one critic giving it less than a positive review out of 164 reviews submitted so far. If you’re looking for an engaging experience this summer then Train To Busan should be your next choice!

The movie follows the passengers on board a train to Busan after zombies have taken over Seoul and are now making their way towards other major cities in South Korea.

It’s not surprising that this movie became so popular because it is an epic story that will keep you on your toes.

It stars Gong Yoo as Seok-woo, Jung Yu-mi as Soo-ahn, Eui-sung Kim as Sang-hwa, Ma Dong Sung (Ma Dong Seng) as Suk Bong Joon, Sang Hyeon Lee as Yeolmae and finally Ahn So Hee as Kyungjin.

Train To Busan
  • Train To Busan
  • Gong Yoo (Actor)
  • English (Subtitle)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • Audience Rating: NR (Not Rated)

The Girl On The Third Floor (2019)

Girl on the Third Floor is a 2019 horror film directed by Travis Stevens, written by Stevens, Paul Johnstone, and Ben Parker, and starring Phil “CM Punk” Brooks, Trieste Kelly Dunn, and Tonya Kay.

The film tells the story of a deeply flawed man who renovates an old home for himself and his wife, and the supernatural events that ensue as they prepare to move in.

Girl on the Third Floor was released worldwide on October 25, 2019, after having garnered largely positive reviews at SXSW, BUFF, and the London FrightFest Film Festivals.

Reviewers took note of the command of the genre of newcomer director Travis Stevens, as well as the convincing portrayal of the main character by former professional wrestler and Mixed Martial Artist Phil Brooks.

The film received praise by critics for its “wonderful and gross” usage of practical special effects from UK designer Daniel Martin.

Girl On The Third Floor [Blu-ray]
  • Punk, C. M., Dunn, Trieste Kelly (Actors)
  • Stevens, Travis (Director)
  • Audience Rating: NR (Not Rated)

Lake Mungo (2008)

Lake Mungo is a 2008 Australian film about the disappearance of three teenage girls who end up haunting their families from beyond the grave.

This film is perfect for anyone looking for a chilling mystery and suspenseful thriller that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

The family believes he may have been kidnapped by a ghost.

The film was written and directed by Joel Anderson and stars Talia Zucker and Martin Sharpe.

It employs mockumentary-style storytelling with found footage and docufiction elements, using actor “interviewees” to present the narrative of a family trying to come to terms with the drowning death of their daughter, and the potentially supernatural events they experience after it.

Lake Mungo [Blu-ray]
  • German (Subtitle)

Goodnight Mommy (2015)

Goodnight Mommy is a documentary that explores the complex relationship between children and their parents.

The film takes place in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, New York City.

It follows two young boys who live with their mother, an actress-turned stay-at-home mom.

After their mother undergoes a face transplant surgery following an accident that left her severely scarred, they are forced to confront their own fears about who she now is.

One day, she dresses up as a bear for one of her son’s bedtime stories.

She then tells him about how they should say goodnight to each other before going to sleep as bears would do in the forest where they come from.

It’s difficult not to feel sympathy for these children as they try through various means to get back home from the hospital where their mom resides after her surgery.

Goodnight Mommy [Blu-ray]
  • Susanne Wuest, Elias Schwarz, Lukas Schwarz (Actors)
  • Veronika Franz (Director) - Ulrich Seidl (Producer)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • Audience Rating: R (Restricted)

From Beyond (1986)

From Beyond (1986) is a horror movie about a group of scientists who explore the mind and find that there are other beings in it.

The film stars Jeffery Combs, Barbara Crampton, Ken Foree, and Ted Sorel.

Watching this movie can be an interesting experience for those who enjoy viewing films with deep philosophical themes such as exploring human consciousness or what happens after we die.

The horror film “From Beyond” (1986) is a cult classic that has been entertaining audiences for over 30 years.

The film was directed by Stuart Gordon, and the screenplay was written by Dennis Paoli with a story from H. P. Lovecraft’s short story of the same name.

In the movie, Dr.Edward Pretorius invents an electrical device called the resonator which amplifies psychic energy and allows him to communicate with lifeforms on other planets as well as see into people’s minds, including his assistant Harley Warren who turns out to be one of these beings himself…

From Beyond
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Jeffrey Combs, Barbara Crampton, Ted Sorel (Actors)
  • Gordon,Stuart (Director) - Stuart Gordon (Writer) - Michael Avery (Producer)
  • (Playback Language)
  • Audience Rating: R (Restricted)

Body At Brighton Rock (2019)

Body at Brighton Rock is a 2019 American horror thriller film, directed, written, and produced by Roxanne Benjamin.

It stars Karina Fontes, Casey Adams, Emily Althaus, Miranda Bailey, Martin Spanjers, Matt Peters, Susan Burke, and John Getz.

It had its world premiere at South by Southwest on March 8, 2019, and was released on April 26, 2019, by Magnet Pictures. The film received mixed reviews from critics.

Body At Brighton Rock [Blu-ray]
  • Karina Fontes (Actor)
  • Roxanne Benjamin (Director)
  • Audience Rating: R (Restricted)

Wounds (2019)

Wounds is a 2019 psychological horror film written and directed by Babak Anvari, in his English language debut, and starring Armie Hammer, Dakota Johnson, and Zazie Beetz. The film is based on the novella The Visible Filth by Nathan Ballingrud.

The film had its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival on January 26, 2019, and was released in the United States on October 18, 2019, by Hulu and internationally on Netflix.

Possessor (2020)

Technology has now reached a point where we can actually transfer the consciousness of one person into another body.

This is done through cloning a brain and implanting it in an artificial life-support system that will keep the brain alive indefinitely.

The process is called Possessor, and it’s not available to just anyone who wants it; only those with at least $5 million in liquid assets are allowed to participate.

As this technology becomes more available, we will have to grapple with whether or not it should be used, if for instance, someone wanted their memories erased following death so as not to burden loved ones who would never get over their loss — or else they want their children/grandchildren/etc. to live on after them instead of waiting.

Possessor is a 2020 science fiction psychological horror film. Written and directed by Brandon Cronenberg.

An international co-production of Canada and the United Kingdom, the film stars Andrea Riseborough, Christopher Abbott, Rossif Sutherland, Tuppence Middleton, Sean Bean, and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Andrea Riseborough, Christopher Abbott, Jennifer Jason Leigh (Actors)
  • Brandon Cronenberg (Director) - Brandon Cronenberg (Writer) - Fraser Ash (Producer)
  • English (Playback Language)
  • English (Subtitle)

Creep (2014)

Creep is a 2014 horror thriller that has been getting rave reviews and I can see why.

The story is about a man who meets up with an old internet friend at his house, but things take a turn when it becomes clear the guy is not just looking for friendship.

Creep has some comedic moments as well as jump scares to keep you on your toes.

Ever since the film The Ring was released in 2002, people have been terrified of watching films alone.

Nowadays, almost teenagers are afraid to watch a creep horror movie alone at night.

Creep is one such horror flick that has taken the world by storm and left viewers with nightmares for weeks after seeing it.

Creep tells the story of Josef Klemperer who has just moved into his new house on Ash Tree Lane where he starts to receive mysterious packages from someone called

“The Little Man” – gifts that seem to know him better than anyone else could ever hope to do so. With each passing day, Josef becomes more confused about how this person knows him so well while also becoming less

Creep is a 2014 American psychological horror film directed by Patrick Brice, his directorial debut, from a story by Brice and Mark Duplass, who also star in the film.

Filmed as found footage, Brice portrays a videographer assigned to record an eccentric client, played by Duplass. Creep was inspired by Brice’s experiences on Craigslist and the movies My Dinner with Andre, Misery, and Fatal Attraction.

Brice and Duplass refined the film’s story during filming, which resulted in multiple versions of each scene and several alternate end scenarios.

  • Patrick Brice, Mark Duplass (Actors)
  • Patrick Brice (Director)
  • English, French, Spanish (Subtitles)
  • Audience Rating: R (Restricted)

Black Box (2020)

After losing his wife and his memory in a car accident, a single father undergoes an agonizing experimental treatment that causes him to question who he really is.

“Black Box” is about a man struggling to regain his memory after surviving a tragic car accident. Desperate to return to his former self while trying to raise his daughter, he receives an experimental treatment that helps his probe into a past which suddenly feels too dark to be his own.

Black Box is a 2020 American horror film directed by Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour Jr. and written by Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour Jr. and Stephen Herman.

The film stars Mamoudou Athie, Phylicia Rashad, Amanda Christine, Tosin Morohunfola, and Troy James.

Jason Blum serves as an executive producer under his Blumhouse Television banner.

Black Box
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Mamoudou Athie, Phylicia Rashad, Amanda Christine (Actors)
  • Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour, Jr (Director) - Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour, Jr (Writer) - Jason Blum (Producer)
  • German, Polish, Chinese, Hungarian, Greek (Playback Languages)
  • German, Polish, Chinese, Hungarian, Greek (Subtitles)

Midsommar (2014)

Midsommar is a 2014 Swedish film that tells the story of a group of friends who visit Sweden to celebrate their friend’s wedding.

The film starts by showing the audience how these friends are so close and love each other so much, but they also have this feeling that something bad is going to happen during the celebration.

As time progresses, it becomes clear that one member of the group has been keeping secrets from everyone else in order to protect them from harm.

Throughout Midsommar, we see how people react when they are faced with new realities and challenges in life.

We also get to see what happens when someone doesn’t want anything or anyone getting hurt because of their actions, no matter what those actions may be.

  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor, William Jackson Harper (Actors)
  • Ari Aster (Director) - Patrik Andersson (Producer)
  • English (Playback Language)
  • English (Subtitle)

Hellions (2015)

Hellions is directed by Bruce McDonald and stars Scott Speedman, Aaron Ashmore, Taylor Hickson, and Connor Jessup.

The film depicts the struggles that these boys face as they try to find new ways to cope with being away from home while also adjusting to the strict discipline enforced at this new school.

The movie has been met with mixed reviews but it is often praised for its depiction of teenagers trying their best in difficult circumstances.

  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Chloe Rose, Robert Patrick, Rossif Sutherland (Actors)
  • Bruce McDonald (Director) - Pascal Trottier (Writer) - Paul Lenart (Producer)
  • English (Playback Language)
  • English (Subtitle)

Daughters Of Darkness (1971)

The 1971 film Daughters of Darkness is a Belgian supernatural thriller directed by Harry Kümel.

The story follows the exploits of a married couple, played by John Karlen and Josette Day, who are traveling in Europe.

They stop at an elegant castle where they meet their host, Countess Margaret (Delphine Seyrig), whose husband has just died mysteriously.

As time goes on the tension builds as it becomes apparent that something sinister resides in this place and that one or both of them will not make it out alive…

Daughters Of Darkness is a 1971 film that follows the life of a girl named Linda who is taken in by a convent after her mother dies.

The nuns soon find out about Linda’s ‘unnatural’ desires and send her to an asylum for treatment. There, she meets another woman named Catherine who has been incarcerated for years for the same thing as Linda.

Together they devise an escape plan from their prison cells and make it back home where they live happily ever after.

This was one of my favorite movies when I was younger because it had everything- drama, romance, comedy, suspense- you name it!

Daughters of Darkness [Blu-ray]
  • Factory sealed DVD
  • Delphine Seyrig, John Karlen, Danielle Ouimet (Actors)
  • Harry Kumel (Director)
  • French, Spanish, English (Subtitles)
  • English (Publication Language)

The Crazies (2010)

In a small town in the middle of nowhere, sheriff David Dutton is one of the few sane people left.

The disease that is sweeping through his community has turned most into crazies – mindless murderers who cannot control their impulses and can’t stop themselves from attacking others.

With the help of a local doctor, David tries to hold things together for as long as he can but when even more crazies show up at his doorstep, it’s just too much for him to handle alone.

The Crazies (Special Edition) [Blu-ray]
  • Lane Carroll, Will MacMillan, Harold Wayne Jones (Actors)
  • George A. Romero (Director)
  • English (Publication Language)

Tetsuo The Bullet Man (2017)

Tetsuo is a documentary about the life of Japanese artist, Tetsuo Shinohara.

Tetsuo: The Bullet Man is a 2009 Japanese cyberpunk horror film. It was preceded by Tetsuo: The Iron Man and Tetsuo II: Body Hammer.

The film follows his journey to becoming an artist as well as following him through his recovery from being shot in the leg and chest.

Shot on location in Japan, director Matthew Akers does not shy away from showing how difficult it can be for Shinohara to walk with his prosthetic legs and the struggles he faces day to day living with such a debilitating injury.

One thing that is really interesting about this documentary is that there are no interviews or voiceover narration – all we hear are sounds of nature and life going on around Shinohara’s home environment. Interviews would have been too invasive considering how personal this story is to him

Tetsuo was born with a rare condition called hypertrichosis, which causes excessive hair growth all over the body.

Tetsuo: The Bullet Man
  • Factory sealed DVD
  • Eric Bossick, Akiko Mono (Actors)
  • Shinya Sukamoto (Director)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • Audience Rating: NR (Not Rated)

Southbound (2016)

Southbound is an American horror anthology film that was released on October 21, 2016. It’s directed by Roxanne Benjamin, David Bruckner, Patrick Horvath, and Radio Silence.

The movie features five different short stories with the common theme of people traveling south for a better life.

Topics such as self-discovery, violence, guilt, and more are explored in this dark thriller.

Southbound is a suspenseful anthology horror film with many thrilling twists that will leave you guessing until the end! You don’t want to miss this one if you are looking for something new to watch!

The Alchemist Cookbook (2016)

The Alchemist Cookbook is a horror film directed by Joel Potrykus.

The film was released on the 7th of October 2016 in New York City. The film stars Ty Hickson as “Sean” and Amari Cheatom as “Cortez”.

The film was produced by Oscilloscope Laboratories and by producers Andrew D. Corkin, Bryan Reisberg, and Ashley Young.“Sean” is an outcast who isolates himself from society to practice alchemy, accompanied by only his cat.

As his mental condition deteriorates the line between what is real and what is not becomes blurred, and as his chemistry turns to black magic, he instead summons a demon.

The Alchemist Cookbook
  • Ty Hickson, Amari Cheatom (Actors)
  • Joel Potrykus (Director)

Emelie (2016)

The 2016 film Emelie is a psychological thriller that follows the story of an 11-year-old girl who becomes trapped in her own home with a serial killer.

This movie shows the terror and fear that many victims of kidnapping experience when they are held captive by their captor.

Empathy is a word that means understanding someone else’s situation or feelings from their perspective. It is a feeling of compassion and sympathy for others.

The need to empathize with others has increased significantly due to social media and the internet where people can easily share their personal experiences online.

The lack of empathy in today’s society has caused an increase of bullying, violence, racism, sexism, and discrimination against minorities who are unable to defend themselves against these aggressors like they could before the invention of social media.

This also leads to an increase in mental health issues such as depression and anxiety among children because they are surrounded by these negative messages daily on social media sites like Facebook.

Emelie [Blu-ray]
  • Sarah Bolger, Joshua Rush (Actors)
  • Michael Thelin (Director)
  • Audience Rating: NR (Not Rated)

The People Under The Stairs (1991)

The People Under the Stairs was directed by Wes Craven and written by Steven King.

This is a horror/thriller with some suspenseful moments that will keep you on edge of your seat for most of its duration.

It’s also got some creepy music to go along with it, so make sure to have plenty of light shining in from outside or open up all the lights inside if you are watching this alone.

For me personally, I enjoyed how the film dealt with family values and what happens when people don’t take care of their families as they should.

In their new home, a family begins to notice strange occurrences that are unexplainable. The father of the family is convinced that there is someone living in the house and devises a plan for his son to get them out.

When he discovers who they are, it turns out that the intruders were not at all what he had imagined they would be.

The People Under The Stairs [Collector's Edition] [Blu-ray]
  • Everett McGill, Wendy Robie, Ving Rhames (Actors)
  • Wes Craven (Director)
  • English, English (Subtitles)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • Audience Rating: R (Restricted)

The Platform (2019)

The Platform (Spanish: El hoyo, transl. The Hole) is a 2019 Spanish social science fiction-horror film directed by Galder GazteluUrrutia.

The film is set in a large, tower-style “Vertical Self-Management Center”.

Its residents, who are switched every 30 days between its many floors, are fed via a platform which, initially filled with food at the top floor, gradually descends through the tower’s levels, stopping for a fixed amount of time on each.

The system inevitably leads to conflict, as the residents at the top levels get to eat as much as they can, with each level getting only the leftovers from the previous ones.

Overlord (2018)

Overlord is a 2018 American action horror film directed by Julius Avery and written by Billy Ray and Mark L. Smith.

It stars Jovan Adepo, Wyatt Russell, Mathilde Ollivier, John Magaro, Gianny Taufer, Pilou Asbæk, Bokeem Woodbine and Iain De Caestecker.

The film was produced by J. J. Abrams, through his Bad Robot Productions banner, and Lindsey Weber.

The plot follows several American soldiers who are dropped behind enemy lines the day before D-Day and discover secret Nazi experiments.

Overlord was released in the United States on November 9, 2018, by Paramount Pictures. The film grossed $41 million against a budget of $38 million.

Overlord (The Criterion Collection) [DVD]
  • Brian Stirner, Davyd Harries, Nicholas Ball (Actors)
  • Stuart Cooper (Director) - Christopher Hudson (Writer)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • Audience Rating: Unrated (Not Rated)


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