The Best Camera for Filming YouTube Videos: 5 of the Best YouTube Cameras

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best camera for filming youtube videos

YouTube. Everyone’s favorite medium for getting your videos out there. Whether you’re a filmmaker, a videographer, a video blogger, or anything else, this is our detailed guide to the best camera for filming YouTube videos. The act of videography has been a way of life over the years, ranging from the novice who makes videos just for fun as a new … Read More

Filmmaking With Constraints: A How To on Last Minute Filmmaking

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filmmaking with constraints

As part of our long-running, From the Mouths of Filmmakers… feature, we’re giving a voice to two young filmmakers who have something to say. In this article, you’ll learn some methods for last minute filmmaking and what to do when filmmaking with constraints. Filmmaking is a constant process of problem solving. Sometimes, when you’re working with constraints and time pressures, … Read More

Royalty Free Music: 4 Steps to Customize Your Soundtrack with Soundwhich

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royalty free music

Roger Chen of Soundwhich, a custom royalty free music creation tool. In the article, he’ll cover the ins and outs of royalty free music, why it’s necessary and how you can create some yourself. Royalty free music You have created a wonderful video. Now you need a great soundtrack to bring the video to life. If you plan to upload … Read More

Team Building: Comprehensive 4 Step Method For Building a Rockstar Team

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team building

As a filmmaker, having a good team is absolutely essential to creating quality content. Good team building is, therefore, of paramount importance. Yet, especially in the world of low-budget filmmaking (when money isn’t always as available as you’d like), I see that many struggle to find reliable, skilled people that they can look to when it’s time to hit the … Read More

Video Content: An Ultimate Guide to Social Media Video Creation and Marketing

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video content

Social media and video marketing are getting more inseparable these days. Prominent social media are implementing new updates that revolve around improving video content on their platforms. In order to prepare your social media video marketing in 2018, you’ll need to keep a lookout for upcoming trends. In collaboration with Breadnbeyond, an explainer video company, Filmmaking Lifestyle rounded up data-backed … Read More

Live Streaming Equipment Gear Guide: What You Need to Go Live

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live streaming equipment

We’ve got an article today by Amanda Smith, focusing on live streaming equipment. She covers what you need to live stream and goes over some pointers on what you should consider before getting into live streaming. Here’s Amanda… Streaming live video connects you to an abundant gathering of people from all over the globe. A few online enterprises present to … Read More

The Filmmaker Career Roadmap: 6 Ways To Turn Your Passion For Filmmaking Into Reality

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filmmaker career

For today, we have an article by filmmaker Lewis Khan. He covers the best methods to solidify a passion for filmmaking and turn it into a filmmaker career. Take it away, Lewis! Film is incredibly democratic and accessible, it’s probably the best option if you actually want to change the world, not just re-decorate it. – Banksy The Filmmaking Career … Read More