How To Make a Movie: 4 Essential Ingredients That Helped Me Make a No-Budget Feature Film

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how to make a movie

We have a special article today from Zander Weaver, which details his process for making a feature film. In the article, he covers how to make a movie and explains the reasoning behind each of his choices along the way. This is a must read. Take it away Zander! My name is Zander Weaver and alongside my brother, Elliot, I’ve … Read More

Going Solo Or As a Video Team? Building a Fantastic Video Company

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video team

When you’re starting out, or growing your video production company, one of the first questions you’ll ask yourself is: how big do I want this video team to be? Most people start out as a kind of ‘one-man-band,’ wearing all the hats and doing everything in their business. But, as you grow, you’ll want to add people to your team. … Read More

Ideas For Short Films: How to Concept a Short Film in 8 Steps

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ideas for short films

Concepting a short film can involve a cluster of feelings: excitement, stress, creative energy, and in some cases, a little pre-production dread. In this article, we’re going to discuss getting ideas for short films. If you’re making a short film — whether it’s for a class or for fun — you may be feeling some of that dread right about … Read More

How To Make a Vimeo Staff Pick Short Film

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vimeo staff pick

One of the latest Vimeo Staff Pick videos is docu-drama Drug Runner. This film blends documentary and fiction with the true story of a fifteen-year-old drug dealer. Portrayed as a short, this story is full of beautiful framing and colour – surprising for the subject matter – that pulls the viewer into the life of a character that should be … Read More

Succeed with an Email Newsletter for your Video Production Business

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email newsletter

Creating something that people would want to read in their email is difficult. However, if you want to take your business to the next level, having a regular email newsletter is a must. This article will take you through the steps and considerations when you’re looking to succeed with a newsletter. With the many emails a person goes through in … Read More

9 Steps to Systematize Your Business: Systematizing Your Video Business

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systematize your business

Today, we going to be looking to how to systematize your business. Systemizing aspects of your business is one of the first things you should do when starting your business. We’ll cover the reasons and practicalities of how to systematize your business and focus on video businesses specifically. So why would you want to systematize your video business? Let us … Read More

Writing Preparation – Writing Is The Easy Part: 6 Steps I Use to Prepare For Writing

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writing preparation

I’ve written quite a bit in the past about how to prepare for a shoot. Today, we’re going to explore preparing to write and the different methods of writing preparation. Now, writing is also a very essential part of a filmmaking. In fact, sometimes it comes even before the idea of the film. A good script builds a good framework … Read More