A crew deal memo is a document that provides information on company policies or other important info that needs to be communicated among employees.

They are usually given out at the beginning of each shift or when there is something new going on in the workplace such as a change in policy or procedure.



What Is The Crew Deal Memo?

The Crew Deal Memo is a list of instructions given to the crew by an employer on what type of service they are providing, how it should be provided, and how long it will take.

It also includes any other information that might be relevant to the specific task.



Crew deals memos allow companies to quickly communicate with their employees by providing important updates or communication about company policies. They can also be used as an effective way of communicating internally within the company.

Crew Deal Memos can be used for productions big and small because they help keep everyone in sync with each others’ responsibilities.

Before Filling Out Your Crew Deal Memo

Crew Deal Memo Templates are an important part of protecting your production company.

This free crew deal memo template is a great way for you to protect yourself and your production company from potential lawsuits.

The templates can be downloaded here!

If you’re a production company owner, and you have to be very careful with the way that you spend your money. You know that every dollar counts, and it can make or break your business.

Master The Crew Deal Memo

Crew Deal Memos are a necessary evil that every manager needs to know how to write.

This post will teach you the basics of how to create a Crew Deal memo, and all the dos and don’ts when it comes to writing one.

I’ll provide an in-depth guide for how to master the crew deal memo like a boss.

It’s a daunting task, and it doesn’t have to be!

The crew deal memo is a document that every company should have on hand.


It’s a great way to keep track of your company’s sales, inventory, and purchases.

But if you don’t know how to use it properly, then the whole process becomes tedious and confusing.

Manage Contacts And Crew Deal Memos More Efficiently

Let’s start with a life hack.

Without a central system for managing contacts and crew deal memos, your email inbox can quickly become cluttered with irrelevant messages.

One option is CrewDealer app, it’s a free app and it allows you to manage all of your contacts in one place and share them with others on the same platform.

It also lets you access important information about each person including their social media accounts so that you don’t have to send separate emails or look through all of your old chat logs.

This app allows you to create, store, sort, and share all of the important documents for each production.

It has a simple interface that’s easy to use and is available on both iPhone or Android devices!

Film Crew Contract Is In No Way Amendable

Many people think that a film crew contract is amendable, but this is not the case.

A film crew contract is a legally binding agreement that sets the terms between the crew, its members, and the producer of the show.

A lot of people have come to find out about these contracts due to their recent need for one.


It should cover things such as how many days are needed for filming, whether or not there will be any work done before or after shooting, and how much time will be given off between filming days.

Some other items that may also be included are transportation costs, meal allowances, accommodations, and more.