Donate to Filmmaking Lifestyle

If you’d like to donate to the site, I’m opening up donations by Bitcoin and Ethereum.

I’m doing this for a couple of reasons:

  1. To help spread the word about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  2. To help with some of the running costs of Filmmaking Lifestyle.

So if you’ve found my work here at Filmmaking Lifestyle helpful and you’d like to send a donation, I’m now accepting donations in both Bitcoin and Ethereum to the following addresses:

Bitcoin: 1Df9G285hN53Me1pnyRBmzZLYSEGnQVPCe

Ethereum: 0x5581a92c08eebc1ba9897d5deb374103374369ae

I have put many hours into the creation and running of Filmmaking Lifestyle and it’s a great pleasure bringing educational and resource filled posts to you all. Any amount you’d like to donate to the running of the site (or as a tip) would certainly be appreciated.

Thoughts on Cryptocurrencies

As for cryptocurrencies, I strongly feel they’re the future of personal finance. By allowing donations via the two major cryptocurrencies, I’m hoping to do my bit towards getting them recognized more fully.

Mass adoption of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin becomes an ever-increasing likelihood in the near future. Some even predict a complete end to the fiscal banking system as we know it.

Whatever happens, I really believe cryptocurrencies are going to be a huge part of our future and they could even be a phenomenon that people will look back on as the Internet of our era. If you’d like to learn more about cryptocurrencies, here’s a great resource.

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