Notion is a productivity app that helps you organize your ideas, get things done and collaborate with others.

It’s the only tool you’ll need to create mind maps, write articles and notes, track tasks and more.

Notion is great for freelancers who want to improve their productivity by organizing their projects and ideas in one place.

You can use Notion as a free web app or download it for iOS or Android.


Notion App Review

What Are Notion App Review

Notion is a powerful, creative, and collaborative note-taking app. It combines the best features of Evernote, OneNote, and Google Keep into one powerful platform to help you be more productive.

Notion supports multiple types of notes: text, images, audio and video. These notes can be shared with others via a private or public folder in your account.
You can also share your notes with others by emailing them or linking them to social media accounts like Twitter or Facebook.



Notion App Features

Mind Mapping – Mind mapping is an effective way to brainstorm ideas and organize them into sections based on categories. You can use mind maps to plan out a project or even to visualize the structure of an essay.

Writing – Notion lets you write articles, long-form content or short notes in multiple styles. You can also upload images or videos from your computer with ease. 

Collaboration – Notion lets you invite other users to collaborate on documents with you so they can add comments, suggestions and edits without having to wait until you’re finished with the document.

Notion App – Key Takeaways            

 Notion is a powerful and flexible tool that can be used to manage your ideas, tasks and notes.

Its main features include:

–  A powerful note-taking app with support for Markdown

–  Team collaboration tools like document libraries, task lists and real-time chat rooms

–  Integration with Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and OneDrive

– A customizable interface that allows you to add your own widgets based on your needs

Notion is a great tool for organizing all of your projects in one place. It has many different built-in features that make it easy to use, but it also offers a lot of customizability so that you can use it however works best for you. It’s worth checking out if you want something more than just a simple notebook app!

Top Alternatives for Notion       

What Is Notion?

Notion is a task management app that helps users organize their thoughts and create visual representations of their tasks. It’s available on all major platforms and has been downloaded millions of times since its launch in 2016.


Notion was created by former Facebook engineers David Reiner and Denis Gorbachev as well as designer Daniel Burka (who also worked at Facebook). The goal was to create an easy-to-use tool that would make it easier for users to get organized and stay productive throughout the day.

Strengths & Weaknesses   

  1. It’s a great tool for organizing your projects and tasks.
  2. The interface is clean, simple, and easy to use.
  3. You can create custom views to make it easier to see the information you need at any given time (e.g., all of your tasks that need to be completed today).
  4. You can also add in other apps like Google Drive or Dropbox so that you can access files from anywhere without having to copy them over first (great if you have a lot of files).


Notion has many features that make your life easier. Here are some of the most useful ones:

  • Team Collaboration: Share notes and files with other people in your team or company. Create shared notebooks with different users in order to work together on a project.
  • Shared Calendars: Keep track of all your important dates in one place. You can also share them with other people so they know when you’re busy or available.
  • This feature is great for freelancers who need to coordinate their schedules with their clients’.
  • Task Management: Add tasks to your list whenever you need something done by someone else, or when something needs to be completed by a specific date (or time). You can also set due dates for tasks so that no one forgets about them until they’re finished (or at least started).

Notion as a Note-Taking App     

 Notion is a note-taking app that’s designed to help you get your thoughts down quickly and easily. It’s got a lot of features, but it’s not as complicated as something like Evernote.

Notion is still in its early stages and has room for improvement, but it could be the perfect tool for taking notes on the go. Notion works much like a traditional word processor. You create documents with headings and subheadings, and then add text under each heading.

The difference between Notion and other word processors is that you can add additional features such as checklists, graphs, tables, and images within your notes. Notion starts you off with three basic types of content: Text (for written notes), Tables (for organizing information), and Images (for adding pictures).

But you can also create checklists, charts, graphs and more using the Note editor. You can even embed files from Google Drive or other cloud storage services into your Notions so that you can access them from anywhere without having to download anything locally on your computer or device.

Notion as Project Management Software            

Notion is a project management software that helps you to organize your team and tasks. It has a lot of features that help you to manage your project, communicate with your team members, and even get feedback from the clients.

It’s an easy-to-use tool that can be used by both small teams and large companies. Notion is available as a desktop application (Windows and Mac) or as a web app.

Notion App Review: Task-Tracking

Notion is a cloud-based task-tracking software that allows you to organize tasks, notes and ideas. The program has a simple interface that makes it easy to use.

The Notion app is compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 or later, as well as Windows XP or later editions. You can download the Notion app for free from the Notion website (see Resources).


Notion offers dozens of features, including:

Task management

Using this feature, you can create tasks and assign them to people or teams within your organization. Each task includes a description and its due date. You can add attachments and comments to each task entry as well.

Project management

With this feature, you can create projects that include tasks and other resources such as files and documents related to the project at hand. You can also add milestones associated with each project so you know when certain tasks are due or when a project is complete.

This allows you to manage your email inbox by creating an inbox for each person in your organization who uses email on a regular basis; all their emails are then stored in one place for easy access when needed for reference purposes when working on other projects or tasks at hand.

Notion App Features Overview

Here are some of the main features of Notion:


Collaboration – With a shared workspace for teams and individuals, you can communicate effectively with your team members and clients through comments, tasks and discussions.

Task Management – Create tasks from anywhere in the app and assign them to others. You can also use the built-in calendar to track deadlines and due dates.

Project Management – Create projects with multiple documents or files, add milestones, create tasks within the project tree structure, monitor progress and more.


 Notion is a subscription based application, with a free trial. The cost of the subscription depends on the number of users.

The pricing plans are as follows:

  • 1 user – $4/month
  • 2-5 users – $8/month
  • 6-10 users – $12/month
  • 11-25 users – $16/month
  • 26-50 users – $20/month
  • 51-100 users – $24/month
  • 101-200 users – $28/month
  • 201+ users – $32/month

Notion Mobile App        

 Notion Mobile App is a free app that allows you to access your Notion account on-the-go. It’s available for both Android and iOS devices.

If you already have an account, simply install the app and sign in with your username and password. You’ll be able to access all of your notes and lists from any device, even when you don’t have internet access!

If you don’t have an account yet, creating one is easy using the app. Just tap “Create Account” and enter your email address and a password for your new Notion account. Once you’ve created your account, you can start using it right away!

Security & Privacy   

Notion’s security measures include:

SSL Encryption – All data transmitted between our servers and your device will be encrypted using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology, which encrypts all information passing between your device and our servers, preventing it from being viewed by third parties.


Two-Factor Authentication – Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an added layer of security provided by the Notion app to prevent unauthorized access to your account. To log in, you’ll need both your password and a six-digit code generated by an authenticator app on your mobile device such as Google Authenticator or Authy.

To enable 2FA in the Notion app: 

  1. Open Settings from the top left menu bar
  2. Tap “Security”
  3. Slide “Two Factor Authentication”

Is the Notion App Safe?

 The Notion app is a secure application, but it’s not entirely safe. The app comes with some security features that make it difficult for hackers to access your personal data.

However, it’s still possible for hackers to get into your account if they are able to guess your password and username. Is the Notion App Safe?

Notion is one of the most popular note-taking apps available on the market today. It was originally released in 2017 and has since been updated several times for bug fixes and other improvements.

The app itself is fairly straightforward to use, but it does offer a lot of advanced features for those who want them. For example, users can create their own templates or use pre-made ones from the community library.

They can also choose from different colors and fonts for each note they create or import existing documents into Notion so that they don’t have to retype everything manually. For those who are looking for something more secure than Microsoft Word or Google Docs, Notion might be right up your alley!

Notion App Review – Verdict   

As we’ve covered, Notion is a new note-taking app that’s currently in beta. It’s designed to make it easy to organize your notes, keep track of your thoughts and share them with others.

The developers boast that their app is safe for work, which means you can use it for business purposes without having to worry about getting fired.

What Is Notion?

Notion is an online note-taking app that launched in April 2019. It was built by the same company that created another popular note-taking app called Bear, which is still available today.

Notion offers many features similar to Bear but also includes some unique features such as a built-in calendar and its own custom keyboard.

How Does Notion Work?

Notion is available on all major desktop operating systems (MacOS, Windows 10 and Linux) as well as mobile devices (iOS and Android).

You can sign up for a free account at then download the software from their website or directly from your device’s app store (such as Google Play Store or Apple App Store).

Once downloaded, you’ll need to create an account.