What is craft services? What is it used for? How do you start a craft service business? These questions might not have answers that are black and white, but they are definitely important topics that every filmmaker should understand.

When you shoot a film, there are many different elements that go into creating a production.

Depending on the size and type of the film, there are details like catering, wardrobe, or even craft services that need to be taken into consideration.

In this article, we’ll explore exactly what craft services are in the film world, who hires these professionals to make sure everything runs smoothly on set, and how this service can improve your filming experience.

Popular Craft Services Companies In Los Angeles

What Are craft services companies?

Craft services are food and drink for film sets. Most productions use a craft services company to provide the food on set.

Craft services companies can also provide catering for smaller events. Craft services is also called caterers, caterers or caterer.

The catering crew is responsible for the preparation of meals and snacks that feed the cast and crew while they’re working on filming sets.



The benefit of using a craft service company is that you don’t have to hire additional staff for these duties.

Many of them offer full-scale catering services in case you need help with preparing large quantities of food for various events such as weddings or corporate functions.

There are many craft service companies that are available in the market at present, each providing their services at varying prices.

If you are looking to hire one, there are certain things that you need to know so that you get the best deal without compromising on quality and taste.

Read on to know more about what craft services companies do and how they can help you and your film.

What Is Craft Services In Filmmaking?

Craft services are the people in a film production whose responsibility is to provide food and drinks for the cast and crew involved. The craft service department also looks after the props used on the set.

This includes making sure they are in good working order and replenishing them when needed.

These prop people work behind the scenes; you won’t see this sort of work in the credits of the movie, so they really do get dismissed by some as just providing sweets, biscuits, and popcorn.

Craft Services Companies In Los Angeles

Craft Services Companies Los Angeles are full-service catering company specializing in on-set food and drink. 


“Not only do we build beautiful, delicious platters of food, we have an eye for detail and love to plan your production’s every need. One of the most important elements on any movie set is a reliable craft services company in Los Angeles.”

Craft services refers to the daily meals and snacks that are provided to cast, crew, production assistants and more. 

By providing near-endless supplies of food and drinks throughout the day, craft services companies in Los Angeles help the film’s cast, crew and others maintain focus required to finish the project on time.


“The ultimate craft services company in Los Angeles is itzbeen.com, where we specialize in providing the highest quality food and equipment for movie sets. 

Whether you are filming a feature-length film or a one-day commercial shoot, we will deliver the newest equipment, the best catering services, and an entire team of professional assistants to help make your production run smoothly!”

Craft services have become more and more important to directors, writers and actors as they can now stay on set for the duration of their shooting schedule. The best thing you can do for your film is provide amazing food.

Kit And Kaboodle Craft Services

“Kit And Kaboodle Craft Services is a full-service gourmet culinary production company serving the film and television industry. Through our catering division, our talented fine-dining chefs delight cast and crew with delicious, freshly prepared meals.

Kit And Kaboodle is your one stop shop for all things crafty. We have specially selected over 1000 craft supplies and craft kits for every occasion and budget. Our amazing range of products is sourced from over 25 suppliers in the UK, Europe and USA.

Serving the film industry through our full service Craft Food Program. KINDER, KABOODLE services support both Film and Television Productions. We do COMPS, Craft Food Catering and Set Refreshments.

We cater to Locations, Day/Night Shoots, Set Visits and Private Screenings. A Production Office liaison is assigned to each Film Production. Our CEO has been a Producer’s PA on more than fifty Commercial Campaigns since 1977.

As a professional craft services company serving the film industry in New York and Los Angeles, we provide craft service on major television shows and feature films. We are an experienced team of professionals with access to a huge variety of items that our clients require, everything from sandwiches to syringes.”

Grandma’s House Craft Services

“Grandma’s House Craft Services is one of the premiere craft services companies in Southern California. Grandma’s specializes in providing a wide range of craft services to production companies and commercial event vendors throughout all areas of Los Angeles.

Grandma’s House Craft Services offers The Original Craft Services™ and specialty catering services for filming and photography that enable special events to become more memorable. 

From the opulent glamour of Old Hollywood to the classically simple themes of the 1950s, Grandma’s House is ready with culinary offerings fit for filming, photo shoots, and all kinds of special events.

Open your door to the world of gourmet catering when you employ the fine chefs at Grandma’s House Craft Services. Grandma’s House is a new craft services company providing catering, craft services, and rentals including craft beer, wine, coffee and tea.

With our commitment to sustainability, we bring you down-home cooking with a focus on fresh seasonal produce. No matter if you’re shooting a video at a back yard BBQ or are looking for an industrial-strength sink truck of hot water for the perfect cup of tea, we have you covered!

Sunday Night Dinner Craft Services

Sunday Night Dinner Craft Services provides professional craft services for episodic film, scripted and unscripted television, commercials, and short films. 

Our staff is made up entirely of food-service trained, non-union crew members who are intimately familiar with all aspects of the production process.

We provide pre-production services for catering orders in order to streamline production and decrease costs for our clients. 

Our primary home base is located in Los Angeles, Ca., from which we serve a wide variety of productions throughout the Los Angeles area.

In addition, we have graciously served productions shooting on location in Hawaii, New York City, Miami and North Carolina. Contact us today to see how we can help you make your next production easier with Sunday Night Dinner Craft Services! 

Sunday Night Dinner Craft Services is a full-service packing, shipping and storage facility customized to the needs of today’s television, movie and theatrical producers. We provide an array of services including lifting, packing, shipping & storage for the moving needs of a project.

Thanks to our dedicated team of professionals who are uniquely trained for safety and security of your equipment or props.”

Sassy Craft Services

“Sassy Craft Services is a full-service production company that offers custom costumes, props, and set pieces for your photo needs. 

We also provide: 

  • Custom Handmade Costumes to fit your characters. 
  • An expert Tailor/Costume designer by your side every step of the way. 
  • Creative Lighting for our photo shoots. 
  • Flexibility with scheduling!

Sassy Craft Services (Sassy) is a full-service craft supplies company from India.

We are a one stop online shopping platform for all your DIY crafting needs. With our wide range of products ranging from art and craft supplies to home decor, we have something for everyone. Choose from over 6000+ products on Sassy.com

Sassy Craft Services specializes in custom nail art designs that are created and applied directly on to your natural nails. To ensure the best experience possible, our nail artists arrive on time, fully stocked, and completely ready to work with you individually.

Each appointment is customized around your style or specific request; however we are available for any occasion you could possibly imagine. For the ultimate treatment, we offer a No Chip,  Smudge-Proof Gel Polish for an extended wear option.

City Palate Catering Craft Services

“City Palate Catering Craft Services provides full-service catering options for entertainment production, including: 

Craft Services – Full menu of snacks and beverages for our guests throughout the day. Our team prepares food items at the location. Larger production companies have their own food trucks and in some cases produce their own food because the menus can be extensive, the quality has to be top notch and it needs to be cost effective. 

City Palate Catering craft services is a locally owned and operated business that provides premium catering, craft services and facilities for film, television and commercial projects. 

We specialize in supporting Television, Film, Commercials and Corporate productions.

We would love to discuss how we can assist your production, large or small. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, or to schedule a meeting for consultation. We look forward to working with you.”

Rise and Shine‍ Craft Services

Rise and Shine‍ Craft Services is a food truck serving breakfast from 7:30 – 10:00am daily, lunch from 12:00pm – 2:45pm daily, and dinner from 5:30pm – 9:30pm. 

In addition to our main dish menu items, we also have dessert carts with 13 choices of desserts/baked goods, ice cream cart, coffee bar with 10 different coffees, specialty syrups and toppings ranging from fresh whip cream to gummies and chocolate syrup.

We also offer over twice the standard amount of condiments you would normally see on each table. All this while maintaining a safe and comfortable environment! Our team of talented craft services professionals are charged with the important task of keeping cast and crew nourished and energized throughout the shoot.

From making sure you have enough snacks to keeping a steady supply of coffee, there’s no task too big or too small for us. That’s why you’ll always see our brand new truck parked on set, ready to fill up your Crew Cab.

Composed of artisanal foods, craft beverages, wine and cheese tastings, Rise + Shine is a destination event each week that puts the spotlight on the best of the most original makers and purveyors in Los Angeles – like you!”

Camille’s Craft Services

“Camille’s Craft Services is an on set catering company, founded and owned by Camille McCue, that specializes in crafting fresh, seasonal foods for film and TV productions. Our talented cooking staff are dedicated to sourcing locally grown foods and organic ingredients wherever possible.

Hi there, I’m Camille from Camille’s Craft Services. I’d like to take a moment to tell you a bit about a few services I offer. My first priority is always the safety of your little ones, which lets us know that we only use non-toxic products in their meals and snacks.

Our menu is totally customizable to fit within any budget to best serve your needs.We’re making your crafts, easy as can be. Don’t stress out, step back, and let Camille’s do the work for you.

Our Camille’s crafters have been perfecting their craft for years and we are excited to share their recipes with you. From home décor to seasonal creations, you will find the tools and inspiration you need to create a masterpiece in no time at all!”

Bourg Crafts Service‍

“Since its founding in 1993, Bourg Crafts Service has built a steady foundation as an auction house to the stars. 

Our staff’s first-hand experience with collectors and dealers alike means we can offer you the most comprehensive understanding of contemporary fine art: what it is and how to sell it.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell, our curatorial team will keep you informed on all relevant market trends. 

Bourg Crafts is a family business with over 22 years of experience in manufacturing a wide range of precision products utilizing the latest CNC technology. We design, machine and assemble parts for many industries.

Our promise to you is dependable service, top quality products and continuous innovations. Christopher Bourg, professional maker and artist of wooden clocks and sculptures for three decades, is admittedly late to this social media thing.

Yet he’s confident that using the various tools at his disposal on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to show his work in progress and finished pieces, he can reach more people who love handmade items.”

The good part about being a newbie (on social media) is that I have no one to answer to but myself,” he says. “I’m starting fresh and open to experimentation.”

Dine with 9 Craft Services

“Dine with 9 Craft Services is Canada’s largest craft service company. We supply everything from tables and chairs, to disposable foods and utensils for the entertainment industry. Our unique service includes delivery, set-up and clean up. We provide on location consultation for your catering needs.

Whether it’s breakfast or dinner, you’ll always know that you have a delicious meal at the ready with our Dine with 9 Craft Services. Feed a group of 12 with breakfast or lunch, two dinners for 6, or six breakfasts for 4! With our 9 separate compartments, your food stays fresh, and easy to grab when you’re on the go.

Treat your cast and crew like royalty with craft services from Dine with 9. On-site tasting for all food, coffee, water and juice. Food can be plated or buffet style. Craft Services includes a menu consultation and menu to fit your budget. Fast turnover keeps everyone happy, money in your pocket, and hours on the clock.

In addition, we stock bottled water for hydration on set and for crafty, extras for really long day shoots and stocked craft carts for the talent between shoots or during the shoot; it’s a few dollars well spent when you’re trying to create magic under tight deadlines, tight budgets and other pressures of filmmaking.”